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The Internal Destruction of America’s Independence and National Sovereignty
Dr. Carl S. Parnell

Posted on 01/23/2008 8:54:35 AM PST by Dr. Carl S. Parnell

American politicians are elected periodically to make sure that America remains a free and independent nation. But, based on recent national television reports and recent magazine articles, apparently some of America’s elected officials are attempting to destroy the greatest nation in the world from inside its own borders. If they succeed, the citizens of the United States will lose some of their rights, freedoms, and, of course, their national sovereignty.

What is the rationale for doing away with the national sovereignty of the United States? Basically, it is to form a North American Union similar to the European Union. According to some members of the executive and legislative departments of the United States government, America must unite with Mexico and Canada to insure trade and economic growth in the Americas region. But, in actuality, the North American Union is just the second of many regional governments that will be set up for trade purposes throughout the world. The problem is that trade might increase, but the rights of American, Mexican, and Canadian citizens would most likely decrease.

What were the initial steps involved with the formation of the North American Union? The first meeting took place in Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005. The participants were President Bush, President Vicente Fox of Mexico, and former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. This North American Union is guised under the title “Security and Prosperity Partnership (SSP), which was basically spearheaded by Professor Robert Pastor of American University. As a direct result of the SPP agreement, each participating country would lose their individual borders; national sovereignty would be a thing of the past. Also, since the North American Union is already an official United States policy, one regional government would be created to encompass the territories of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Therefore, it is extremely understandable now why the United States government is not “really” promoting a workable immigration policy. (1)

However, why is the executive department shirking its Constitutional obligation to enforce laws enacted by Congress? According to Duncan Hunter, Republican Congressman from California who is running for the Presidency, this is exactly what our current administration is doing. In an interview on the Glenn Beck Show, he stated that the construction of 854 miles of double-fence on the border of Mexico and the southwestern part of the United States should have been completed by now. He stated that over $800 million dollars has already been appropriated by Congress, but the Department of Homeland Safety apparently is in no hurry to complete the requirements of the law. Apparently the formation of a North American Union is more important than the safety of the American people.

Also, in regard to immigration, the Security and Prosperity Partnership will insure that immigrants from the former nations of the United States, Mexico, and Canada will be able to move about freely in the new North American Union. Of course, this will lead to the creation of a “North American” ID card. According to Steven Yates in his article “Your New North American ID Card” in The New American Magazine, “the citizens of states who have not been issued a national ID card by May 2008 will not be permitted to enter federal buildings, board planes, collect Social Security payments, or establish accounts with national banks.” (2) Eventually, these ID cards will set the stage for the ultimate creation of a North American Union and a NAU ID Card. Thereby, only people who have a North American Union ID Card will be able to travel freely. It sounds like “Big Brother” will be spying on you, just like George Orwell wrote in his book 1984.

Another rationale for the new ID cards will be to monitor all the immigrants that the United States gives amnesty to as part of their weak immigration policy. Since there will basically be no borders between the NAU countries, it would be necessary to create some form of monitoring device. In this case, a North American Union ID Card would meet that regional governmental need. However, as everyone knows, illegal immigrants with the expertise would be able to travel about freely with fraudulent cards. However, according to Mr. Yates, “For honest people, the cards will likely be used to track them throughout the day-when their card is scanned at supermarkets and gas stations to verify ID for credit card use, at banks when depositing and withdrawing money, and at airports, car rentals, and workplaces again to verify ID.” (2) It sounds like the “mark of the beast” is just around the corner, just as the Bible prophesized over two thousand years ago.

Prior to the North American Union being finalized and prior to the issuing of a NAU ID Card to all people in the region, what will be the catalyst that speeds up the uniting of United States, Mexico, and Canada? The NAFTA Super Highway will effectively become that catalyst. This highway, also nicknamed “Super Slab,” will be constructed from Mexico through the middle part of the United States to Canada. According to Kelly Taylor in a his article “Super Slab Paves the Way” in The New American Magazine, “the Super Highway will be a complex system of parallel multimodal transportation lines accommodating passenger and freight lanes; rail lines and depots: gas, oil, and water pipelines; and cabling for electronic information transmission-running north from Mexico to Canada. These corridors are designed for the purpose of speeding goods and people across our dissolving borders into America’s heartland.” (3) It will also speed up the demise of many more American jobs as they go south of the “old” border.

Also, the “Super Slab” will require thousands of acres of private property. In Texas alone, the highway will be 1200 feet wide and 4,000 miles long. Of course, it was very convenient that in 2006 the Supreme Court ruling in Kelo v. City of New London made it extremely easy for the right of eminent domain to possibly be used to take land from private citizens for the NAFTA Super Highway. Also, since many, if not all, of the present highways will be made into toll roads, it will be a costly expense to all Americans. But, of course, taxes will most likely be increased to help finance the Super Highway, too. (3)

There is another fact that all Americans need to know about the Super Highway. A Mexican customs facility will be built on United States soil in Kansas City, Missouri. However, it will mainly be financed by the federal government of the United States. But, even more upsetting, the land that this customs facility is located on will be under the auspices of the Mexican government. Therefore, a Mexican building in a major city in the United States will be under the sovereignty of the Mexican government. Is something wrong with this picture? Yes, there is definitely something wrong with this picture. America’s leaders are selling the national sovereignty of the United States on the auction block of anti-Americanism. It appears to be just another form of terrorism that the American people must fight and must fight it now. Tomorrow might be too late. (4)

There is one final concept about the North American Union that must be considered. What currency will be used if such a union of the United States, Mexico, and Canada does become a reality? According to Dr. Jerome Corsi, a professor, journalist and author of the book Minutemen, “the new currency will be called the Amero, which sounds very similar to the Euro used by the European Union. In fact, President Vicente Fox of Mexico openly declared that he wanted the North American Union to be a carbon copy of the European Union. (5)

Ultimately, when all phases of the North American Union are finalized, the United States will not be functioning as its forefathers intended when they wrote the U.S. Constitution. Instead, the newly formed North American Union will just be one of several regional governments in the world, just like the European Union. Guess what might happen next. Logically, the next step will be the unification of all the regional governments into a one world government. However, does the American public really want to belong to a one world government that usurps the authority of the United States Constitution? The answer would be a resounding “no.” In fact, most Americans would rebel at such a governmental entity. But, there are some key Americans who do favor such an entity. Entrepreneur David Rockefeller is one such person. In his own book Memoirs (2002), he said:

For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure-one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.

Therefore, the ongoing and secretive efforts of key political leaders and business giants to include the United States in the North American Union must be stopped immediately. In fact, all the people of the United States must be made aware of these un-American activities. The news must be spread throughout the nation, just as Paul Revere did during the War for American Independence. If not, the United States, as it is known today, will no longer exist. Instead, America will become part of the futuristic “One World Government.”


1. Behreandt, Dennis. “Creating the North American Union” The New American. October 2, 2006.

2. Yates, Steven. “Your New North American ID Card” The New American. October 2, 2006.

3. Taylor, Kelly. “SuperSlab Paves the Way” The New American. October 2, 2006.

4. Mucci, Joyce. “Green Light From the Border to K.C.” The New American. October 2, 2006.

5. Corsi, Dr. James. “Expert Analysis of the NAU” The New American. October 2, 2006.


KEYWORDS: aliens; independence; nau; realid; sovereignty; spp; ssp

1 posted on 01/23/2008 8:54:39 AM PST by Dr. Carl S. Parnell
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To: Wings-n-Wind

PING = 4 Later refs

2 posted on 01/23/2008 8:56:29 AM PST by Wings-n-Wind (The main things are the plain things!)
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To: Dr. Carl S. Parnell

3 posted on 01/23/2008 9:00:03 AM PST by genefromjersey (So much to flame;so little time !)
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To: Dr. Carl S. Parnell


4 posted on 01/23/2008 9:22:02 AM PST by Ben Ficklin
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To: Dr. Carl S. Parnell

Are you able to add a TOPIC such as “news” or “extended” to this article you posted so more people on this site will see it?

Only by looking for article under “All of the above” will this article come up if you do not add anything and I don’t know what percentage scroll through under that.

5 posted on 01/23/2008 9:22:09 AM PST by Esther Ruth
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To: Esther Ruth; Sidebar Moderator
Are you able to add a TOPIC such as “news” or “extended” to this article you posted so more people on this site will see it? Only by looking for article under “All of the above” will this article come up if you do not add anything and I don’t know what percentage scroll through under that.

What about it? Front Page News?

6 posted on 01/23/2008 9:30:57 AM PST by 300magnum (God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it. D.Webster)
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To: Dr. Carl S. Parnell

This does strike me as a bit of paranoia, yes we are actively seeking a closer relationship with Canada and Mexico…so what? Why is that a bad thing?

But for the sake of argument lets say you’re right, this begs the question if you’re against a NAU on it’s premise or just the way it’s being handled? If it’s the latter then you’re absolutely right however if done correctly, the American citizen could benefit from a limited political union with the rest of North America.

First thing we would need to do however is put our foot down and emphasize on the federal structure of such a union. No NA ID card, that’s up to each state/provience. Next, not only will English be the sole national language…it has to be the only language used with any organization/state apparatus that receives federal money (maybe exempt training programs to teach English, I wouldn’t have that though). Exempt any non-citizen from receiving any federal money though a welfare program and finally repel that stupid rule that forces hospitals to provide emergency care (leave it up to the hospitals).

With regards to criminal justice, make supra-federal law that forces extradition of criminals to states where they committed their crimes, no Mexican state should be able to hold onto a criminal because their afraid he might get life in prison or the death penalty. Next make the dollar the North American currency, each country can print their own heroes on the face like the Euro but otherwise the currency will be controlled by the fed. (I’d back it by gold but that’s just me).

State owned companies from any country won’t be able to do business in another unless they are deregulated, private or publicly traded companies cannot be barred from entering any market they choose. (buh bye PEMEX…and bye USPS since they won’t be able to have a monopoly on 1st class mail anymore.)

I think that’s a start on how we could do a NAU right. We can have the free movement of people but immigrants won’t be a problem since they won’t be able to receive federal payouts (until they become citizens of course).

7 posted on 01/23/2008 9:32:48 AM PST by Raymann
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To: Dr. Carl S. Parnell

There is only a small group of us here on FR that understand what the dangers are. The rest are in denial.

8 posted on 01/23/2008 9:34:10 AM PST by B4Ranch (( "Freedom is not free, but don't worry the U.S. Marine Corps will pay most of your share." ))
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To: Dr. Carl S. Parnell

Thanks for posting.

It is a tragedy that the ONLY presidential candidate who acknowledged and has already begun taking steps to defeat this ridiculous CFR agenda was Duncan Hunter.

I say....Bring back Hunter!! The sovereignty and security of our country depend on it!

9 posted on 01/23/2008 9:37:57 AM PST by Kimberly GG (God Bless our true conservative patriots..... Duncan Hunter & Family!!)
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To: Dr. Carl S. Parnell
Welcome to FR. Hope you will post regularly concerning the SPP = NAU movement. So many Americans are really clueless.
10 posted on 01/23/2008 9:50:30 AM PST by ImpBill (Greg Adams - Tee time already made for 11/4/08 - pssst I am a conservative but not a Republican)
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To: B4Ranch

Amen to that brother!

11 posted on 01/23/2008 9:51:14 AM PST by ImpBill (Greg Adams - Tee time already made for 11/4/08 - pssst I am a conservative but not a Republican)
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To: Dr. Carl S. Parnell

Glad to see the reference to Hunter & the fence as an example in this article.

Re-draft Duncan Hunter into the Presidential Race

12 posted on 01/23/2008 11:26:36 AM PST by Kevmo (We need to get rid of the Kennedy Wing of the Republican Party. ~Duncan Hunter)
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