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And what is Political Correctness?
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Posted on 04/21/2008 3:54:27 PM PDT by SO RIGHT

What Is Political Correctness?

Political Correctness (PC) is the communal tyranny that erupted in the 1980s. It was a spontaneous declaration that particular ideas, expressions and behaviour, which were then legal, should be forbidden by law, and people who transgressed should be punished. (see Newspeak) It started with a few voices but grew in popularity until it became unwritten and written law within the community. With those who were publicly declared as being not politically correct becoming the object of persecution by the mob, if not prosecution by the state.

The Odious Nature Of Political Correctness

To attempt to point out the odious nature of Political Correctness is to restate the crucial importance of plain speaking, freedom of choice and freedom of speech; these are the community's safe-guards against the imposition of tyranny, indeed their absence is tyranny (see "On Liberty", Chapter II, by J.S. Mill). Which is why any such restrictions on expression such as those invoked by the laws of libel, slander and public decency, are grave matters to be decided by common law methodology; not by the dictates of the mob.

Clear Inspiration For Political Correctness

The declared rational of this tyranny is to prevent people being offended; to compel everyone to avoid using words or behaviour that may upset homosexuals, women, non-whites, the crippled, the stupid, the fat or the ugly. This reveals not only its absurdity but its inspiration. The set of values that are detested are those held by the previous generation (those who fought the Second World War), which is why the terms niggers, coons, dagos, wogs, poofs, spastics and sheilas, have become heresy, for, in an act of infantile rebellion, their subject have become revered by the new generation. Political Correctness is merely the resentment of spoilt children directed against their parent's values.

The Origins Of Political Correctness

A community declines when the majority of its citizens become selfish, and under this influence it slowly dismantles all the restraints upon self-indulgence established by manners, customs, beliefs and law: tradition. (See the law of reverse civilization) As each subsequent generation of selfish citizens inherits control of the community, it takes its opportunity to abandon more of the irksome restraints that genius and wisdom had installed. The proponents of this social demolition achieve their irrational purpose by publicly embracing absurdity through slogans while vilifying any who do not support their stance. The purpose of the slogan is to enshrine irrational fears, or fancies, as truth through the use of presumptuous words, so public pronouncement:

Dissembles the real nature of the claim

Identifies any dissenters as enemies of the truth Acts as an excuse for any crimes committed in its name For example the slogan Australia is Multicultural is a claim that:

Different cultures are compatible. People who contradict this claim are blinded by prejudice against other cultures. People who contradict this claim are trouble-making bigots, which makes them enemies of the community, if not humanity, and deserving persecution. All of which is an attack upon truth, clear thinking and plain speaking.

From Bourgeois To Racist Naturally as the restraints shrink the rebellion grows ever more extreme in nature. When the author of Animal Farm wrote an article in 1946 about the pleasures of a rose garden, he was criticised for being bourgeois. George Orwell mentions this in his essay A Good Word For The Vicar Of Bray, published in the Tribune, 1946. The term bourgeois was then a popular slogan meaning having humdrum middle class ideas— The Oxford English Dictionary 3rd Edition, 1938 — which is just a blatant attack upon tradition.

Outright Assault Upon Tradition Now, in the late 1990s, the results of being bourgeois (retaining traditional notions), is being labelled racist, sexist etc. and risk losing your job, your reputation, being jostled in the street, being subject to judicial penalty and death threats. And it is this very extremity of reaction that has won media attention and the name Political Correctness, though the reaction will become even more unpleasant with the next generation.

Parental Values Always Attacked The inevitable scapegoat for people impatient of restraint must always be parents, because these are society's agents for teaching private restraint. So the cherished notions of the parents are always subject to attack by their maturing offspring. This resentment of tradition was observed in his own civilization by Polybius (c. 200-118 BC), the Greek historian, who said:

"For every democracy which has enjoyed prosperity for a considerable period first develops through its nature an attitude of discontent towards the existing order,.." Tyranny Grows Once a community embraces tyranny the penalties can only grow in severity. This gradual increase is easily seen by the example of Toastmasters. As the members of the club became more concerned about the delights of socializing and less concerned about the disciplines of public speaking, they became more intolerant of citizens who were earnest about learning the art of rhetoric. Once those members who did their duty by truthfully pointing out the shortcomings in another member's performance were just labeled as negative or discouraging; later this became a risk of being socially ostracized. Now (since 1998) unpopularity can result in being permanently ejected from the club by a majority vote.

Australian Experience Of PC Tyranny In my country the tyranny erupted with the persecution of public figures such as Arthur Tunstall for uttering truths that had become unpopular, either directly in a speech, or indirectly by telling jokes. The maiden speech of the Federal Member of Parliament for Ipswich contained so many disliked truths that

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1 posted on 04/21/2008 3:56:02 PM PDT by SO RIGHT
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What Is Political Correctness?

If you have to ask, you need an appointment in Rehab.

2 posted on 04/21/2008 4:18:25 PM PDT by Old Sarge (CTHULHU '08 - I won't settle for a lesser evil any longer!)
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Welcome to FR!

"Political Correctness" is nothing more than for those who would be tyrants in order to impose tyranny upon a peoples, for some real or imagined past slight, or no slight at all. The key word for this is *POWER*, the own power, by subjugating those who do not share their values by the imposition of "cultural safeguards" (ie: Political Correctness), legal or otherwise.

Our Founding Fathers knew well and understood these tactics for power very well, understood it as a human nature, which is why they constructed the Bill of Rights explicitly to guard against and counteract these cultural and political power grabs.

Sure, the US Constitution wasn't perfect at first, wasn't perfect in the middle, and still isn't perfect today ... but with its mechanisms for 'correction' (and I don't mean PC), its the most perfect cultural and political document ever witnessed in the history of civilization.

God Bless America! (yes, I am still allowed to say "God" :)


3 posted on 04/21/2008 4:28:34 PM PDT by Mr_Moonlight
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“Politically Correct” and “Politically Incorrect” were terms tossed around by college radicals at places like Berkeley in the 1970s and they often apparently meant it in all seriousness to describe things that agreed or disagreed with their politics. It was picked up by the Neocons in the 1980s, who used it mockingly, instead.

4 posted on 04/21/2008 8:11:38 PM PDT by Question_Assumptions
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To: Question_Assumptions
Political Correctness is simply another strand in the rope we bought for ourselves, with which to commit cultural suicide.

Intent is now more valuable than outcome. The results speak for themselves.

5 posted on 04/21/2008 11:04:34 PM PDT by Publius6961 (MSM: Israelis are killed by rockets; Lebanese are killed by Israelis.)
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To: Mr_Moonlight

Completely agree. It is all about power and control.

6 posted on 04/22/2008 8:21:50 AM PDT by starlifter
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