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Communism in Hawaii and the Obama Connection (Special Report)
America's Survival ^ | May 22, 2008 | Cliff Kinkaid and Herbert Romerstein

Posted on 05/23/2008 12:19:10 PM PDT by GodGunsGuts

Of Barack Obama’s contacts and associations with anti-American political figures, none is more controversial than Frank Marshall Davis, a writer an poet identified as a member of the Communist Party USA by several sources, including some sources sympatheitic to him. Obama and Davis met in Hawaii, at a time when a young Obama was in need of a black role model and mentor.

Obama’s relationship with Davis, including subsequent associations with radical, communist and socialist figures in Chicago, should be investigated for the benefit of promoting the public interest and the public’s right to know. Indeed, America’s Survival, Inc. believes that any public figure with links to foreign and hostile interests should be asked to explain those associations.

In the case of Obama, a new figure on the national scene, the facts suggest that he could have serious difficulty getting a security clearance in the U.S. Government [1]. An FBI background check was once used to examine one’s character, loyalty to the United States, and associations.

All the evidence shows that Obama’s friends chose him. But he chose his friends carefully as well.

All of the evidence, summarized by veteran investigator and researcher Herbert Romerstein in the special report that follows, suggest that Davis was a key member of a Moscow-sponsored International communist network.

First, a word about Herbert Romestein. He retired from the United States government after 25 years of service, including Investigator for the House Committee on Un-American Activities, Minority Chief Investigator for the House Committee on Internal Security, Professional Staff Member for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and head of the Office of Counter Soviet Disinformation for the United States Information Agency...

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: GodGunsGuts
[ Ever hear of the phrase “useful idiots”? That's how Communists view socialists. ]

Thats why wherever you have socialists you have communists.. and vice versa.. They are the same thing grasshoppper.. They feed on each other.. One of them is the Farmer and the other is the Mule.. Capitalist wealth is the plow.. They together plant WEEDS...

Capitalism creates wealth, socialism uses that wealth up.. like a parasite..

21 posted on 05/23/2008 8:49:56 PM PDT by hosepipe (CAUTION: This propaganda is laced with hyperbole....)
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Check out this awesome video:

The same kind of terrorists who support Obama did this:
Never apologize for them.
Never appease them.
Never forget.

22 posted on 05/23/2008 8:55:25 PM PDT by cyberella
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To: hosepipe
Look, this is not the thread to quibble over the differences between Communism and socialism. My purpose here is to draw attention to these EXCELLENT reports re: BHO. Suffice it to say that many socialists broke with the Communists over religion, freedom of speech, party discipline, etc. If you'd like to start another thread on the subject, I'd be glad to participate. In the meantime, I'd be very curious to get your thoughts on the Hawaii report AND the Chicago report. I think they constitute the most important information to come out on Obama so far. What are your thoughts????
23 posted on 05/23/2008 8:55:48 PM PDT by GodGunsGuts
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To: GodGunsGuts
I can’t believe they moved this to bloggers and personal.

Perhaps they don't realize that Cliff Kincaid is the lead writer for Accuracy in Media. Perhaps they don't understand that these reports are both newsworthy and important.

Perhaps they just flip a coin.

24 posted on 05/23/2008 9:01:50 PM PDT by Interesting Times (Swiftboating, you say? Check out
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To: hosepipe

Perhaps this might help clarify what I’m talking about. Israel is run by socialists, but it is quite clear that the vast majority of them ARE NOT Communists:

The goals and methods of Communism

Yet it seems almost incredible that any ideology could lead to well-coordinated deception on such a huge scale. Whenever the word “Communism” is mentioned, most people think of a philosophy, a political theory, an economic system, or perhaps a political party. But Communism is none of these. Before we can understand the Communist role in strategic deception and terrorist warfare, we must answer one critical question: What is Communism?

Karl Marx and V.I. Lenin are widely known as the founders of Communism. However, not everyone who professes the ideology of Marx and Lenin is a true Communist. Lenin himself defined Communism as an international organization, akin to the Mafia, whose members would constitute an elite corps of professional revolutionaries.[40] As he described it in 1902, “In form such a strong revolutionary organization in an autocratic country may also be described as a ‘conspiratorial’ organization... such an organization must have the utmost secrecy.”[41] Shortly after seizing control of Russia in 1917, Lenin revealed the secret of Communist success in a booklet, declaring that “The Bolsheviks could not have maintained themselves in power... unless the strictest, truly iron discipline prevailed in our Party.”[42] Naive believers in Marxist ideology are constantly purged from the Party, for the organization can rely only on those people blindly willing to obey orders.[43] Communism explicitly disavows all moral rules, and its members must constantly shift tactics, sometimes even carry out seemingly anti-Marxist actions, as its leadership adapts the revolution to changing circumstances.[44] Thus Communists possess the fanatic discipline needed to carry out deception on a scale beyond the imagination of most outsiders, including staging their own alleged “collapse.”

The ultimate goal has been stated openly by every major Communist leader since Karl Marx: a world government dominated by the Communists.[45] Lenin described how, to overthrow existing governments, the Communists organize parallel revolutions in each country. Most of the Communist Party structure must operate underground, invisible to the larger population, while it uses both legal and illegal methods, including deception and, in Lenin’s own words, “terrorism.”[46] Its secret members, operating under strict orders, infiltrate the highest levels of the target government and its military, as well as the labor unions and other popular movements, the communications media, and even the anti-Communist opposition itself.[47] From these positions, the Communists can orchestrate an apparently spontaneous, violent revolution, while paralyzing the efforts of the target government to respond effectively. The confused population, unaware of the well-organized forces behind the crisis, negotiates a series of compromises leading to further instability and finally to the victory of Communism.

As growing numbers of nations fall to the revolution, it becomes possible to reunite them under a Communist world regime.[48] This is being carried out in a two-stage process. The transition step to this “new world social order,” as American Communist William Z. Foster called it,[49] involves merging the newly captive nations into regional governments.[50] The Communists have explicitly worked toward creating a united Europe,[51] a united American hemisphere,[52] a pan-African regional entity,[53] and, for the Middle East, a pan-Arab regime.[54]

Marxism-Leninism, then, is not an ideology, but a strategy for achieving world revolution. Communists are the disciplined members of an international organization that uses Marxist-Leninist techniques. And terrorism is a key ingredient in the success of such revolution. To see how the entire strategy works, we now turn to an overview of Communist revolutions in action.

Wars of national liberation

Because open warfare against target governments would simply lead to defeat, the Communists always disguise their revolutions as civil wars. They camouflage their intentions by pretending to fight for the liberation of one class of people from another, using a divide-and-conquer technique against a nation’s social structure. This method is referred to as a “war of national liberation,” and it adapts its tactics to the unique circumstances of each country. Such a war can pit industrial workers against capitalists, as in Russia, Catholics against Protestants, as in Northern Ireland, blacks against whites, as in South Africa—or Arabs against Jews, as in Israel. The Communists do not openly identify themselves, acting instead as representatives of the supposedly “oppressed” class of people.

By painting their revolution as a spontaneous uprising of “oppressed masses,” the Communists hope to convince the target population that it faces an unwinnable war rooted in fundamental social tensions. If the government is also paralyzed and cannot stop the terrorism, public morale quickly drops and the weakening government loses popular support. Believing that the revolution must eventually win, the population abandons active opposition to the terrorists and instead sues for peace at any cost. The perception ultimately becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as the government collapses altogether.

Any “war of national liberation” can be divided into seven steps:

Step 1) To establish themselves in the minds of the target population as a force to be reckoned with, the revolutionaries must first force a heavy-handed reaction by the government. Their tactics are based on a 1969 book by Brazilian Communist Carlos Marighella, the Mini-Manual for Urban Guerrillas, which has been translated and distributed to terrorists throughout the world. Marighella explained how to use such frightening violence that “the government has no alternative except to intensify repression. The police roundups, house searches, arrests of innocent people, make life in the city unbearable... The political situation is transformed into a military situation, in which the militarists appear more and more responsible for errors and violence... The urban guerrilla must become more aggressive and violent, resorting without letup to sabotage, terrorism, expropriations, assaults, kidnappings and executions, heightening the disastrous situation in which the government must act.”[55]

Step 2) Having provoked a harsh reaction by the target government, the Communists now flood the Western news media with stories of government atrocities, real or fabricated. The goal is to begin isolating the government from Western, primarily American, support. The revolutionaries label convicted terrorists as “political prisoners”; they invent elaborate stories of secret prisons and “death squads”; and they hide among civilians during fighting, causing the government to kill innocent people accidentally. Such heads of state as Chiang Kai-shek of China, Anastasio Somoza of Nicaragua, and the Shah of Iran have been portrayed as corrupt and repressive. The South African government has been painted as being violently racist, while the French colonial administration in Algeria and the British rule in Northern Ireland have been labeled as undemocratic. Similar publicity attacks have been used against South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Rhodesia, El Salvador, Argentina, and dozens of other nations. The news media has always cooperated in these smear campaigns, never allowing the target regime a fair chance to respond to the charges.

Step 3) The Communists can now count on the U.S. State Department to pressure the target government to begin giving in to the revolutionaries, supposedly for the sake of “human rights.” The regime offers compromises, including political reforms, the release of captured terrorists, and military cease-fires, which allow the terrorists to regroup and seize territory. But the revolutionaries also increase their demands, taking advantage of the government’s weakened image.

Step 4) As the government loses prestige, the Communists escalate the revolutionary violence and general unrest. They organize mass demonstrations, which agitators turn into riots. Labor unions go on strike, building toward a general labor strike that cripples the entire economy. Marxist professors in the universities indoctrinate and recruit naive youth, who join the growing ranks of Communists and terrorists. And some Communist agents even infiltrate local religious organizations, masquerading as priests or other clergy so as to neutralize opposition and recruit more people into the revolution. This can be seen, for example, in the Liberation Theology movement in the Catholic and Protestant churches, which teaches that Jesus was a Marxist revolutionary. Liberation Theology is active today in many parts of Latin America, Africa, and the far East.

Step 5) Since the Communists are only a tiny minority of the population, they must create the illusion of popular support. By waging terrorist warfare against the very people they claim to be liberating, the revolutionaries can frighten the people into passive or even active support of the revolution. In China and Nicaragua, the Communists murdered peasant farmers in rural villages; in Algeria, they maimed and killed Arab muslims; in Northern Ireland, they have killed thousands of Catholics while “kneecapping” thousands more with guns and electric drills;[56] in South Africa, they have burned to death many hundreds of blacks with “necklaces”—tires soaked in gasoline, placed around the victim’s neck, and lit on fire.[57] The revolutionaries accuse the victims of “collaborating” with the government, sending a powerful message to the rest of the population not to resist.

Step 6) Now the Communists are ready to enter the final phase of their revolution. With the target government steadily losing control over the country, the revolutionaries step up general terrorist violence while simultaneously negotiating for a new government. To accomplish this, the Communists often must split their revolutionary movement into two wings: an extremely violent faction pretending to oppose any peace agreement, and a more political faction that projects an image of pragmatism. The two factions secretly coordinate their activities, carrying out a “good cop/bad cop” scenario. Frightened by the escalating terrorism of the revolutionaries, the government makes concessions to the seemingly moderate faction, hoping to discourage the forces of violence. As the Communists tighten the vise, the government bargains away its remaining strength.

Step 7) Finally, in the name of democracy and “human rights,” the U.S. State Department withdraws its support from the embattled regime, using diplomatic pressure to force out the old government entirely and replace it with another. The Communists have by this time maneuvered themselves into position to join the new coalition government. Because this new regime is weak and divided, the Communists quickly move to consolidate total power for themselves. Their naive liberal allies are executed, followed by systematic mass terror against the whole population. A Communist regime has been imposed.


When Karl Marx wrote his book, A World Without Jews, he permanently set the tone for Communist anti-Semitism. He called for “the emancipation of mankind from Judaism” and for the end of all religious faith.[59] V. I. Lenin applied this principle against the Jewish longing for Israel in 1903, declaring that “this Zionist idea is absolutely false and essentially reactionary.”[60]

The Communist drive to abolish Judaism took on a special urgency after World War I, when Jewish settlement in Palestine began interfering with Communist plans for a socialist, pan-Arab government. Over the next few decades, the Communists instigated Arab riots against Jews and organized anti-Zionist movements.[61] These tactics failed, and the nation of Israel was reborn in 1948.

But in 1964 the Soviet KGB made a decision to escalate wars of national liberation around the world. Its spending on terrorism grew ten-fold, and training centers were set up throughout the Communist Bloc. In less than two years, Cuba hosted the Tricontinental Conference—a meeting of 513 representatives from 83 terrorist groups. The Cuban Communist regime thus became a coordinating center for this growing international terrorist network.[62]

Israel was vaulted to the top of the list of target countries. The pro-Soviet dictator of Egypt, Gamel Abdel Nasser, launched a new revolutionary group in 1964—the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).[63] Declaring the palestinian Arabs an “oppressed class” who needed to be “liberated” from Israeli rule, the PLO announced that it would destroy the nation of Israel altogether and replace it with a socialist government of Palestine.

From the beginning, the PLO has been a thoroughly Communist organization under the direct control of the Soviet KGB. Among its founding leaders was Ahmed Jibril, a Syrian army officer who founded the Palestinian Liberation Front in the 1950s. A self-proclaimed Marxist, Jibril was recruited into the KGB, trained in the Soviet Union, and supported by East Germany and Bulgaria as his group carried out bombings of airplanes, schoolbuses, and other Israeli targets. The PLO was organized around Jibril’s group, and today he continues his terrorist attacks as head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine—General Command, one of the several groups under the PLO umbrella.[64]

George Habash, another PLO founder, is an open Marxist-Leninist who started the Arab Nationalist Movement in the 1950s that imposed a Communist regime in South Yemen. Supported by the Communist governments of Cuba, North Vietnam, and China, Habash has since founded the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, another PLO group.[65]

Abu Iyad also helped found the PLO, and has headed its Intelligence and Security Apparatus, making him the number two man in the organization. He has publicly admitted his allegiance to the teachings of Chinese dictator Mao Zedong and other leading Communists.[66]

But the most famous PLO figure is its leader, Yasir Ararat. As a student at Cairo University in 1952, he became head of the General Union of Palestine Students, and in 1956 represented that leftist organization at the Communist World Festival of Youth, held in Czechoslovakia.[67] Arafat has studied the works of Mao Zedong and Che Guevara, and when he visits Moscow he meets with top Soviet Communists.[68] He is the head of Fatah, the largest and most powerful group in the PLO.

The Revolutionary Palestinian Communist Party, directly funded by the Soviet Union, sits on the Executive Committee and all other ruling bodies of the PLO.[69] The Soviet Union lavishes the PLO with weapons ranging from machine guns to heavy artillery and tanks.[70] PLO terrorists are trained and recruited by the KGB in the Soviet Union and other Communist nations.[71] And, according to one PLO defector, all key PLO decisions are made only on Soviet approval.[72] As a result, the PLO has become the largest and most important terrorist group in existence. It has carried out bombings, hijackings, tortures, and assassinations against civilian targets on six continents. It has served as a conduit for weapons, training, and other support from the Communist Bloc to hundreds of terrorist groups worldwide.[73] And Yasir Arafat has openly called for terrorist attacks on the United States.[74] As already noted, one of the conspirators in the bombing of New York’s World Trade Center was a PLO member.

The fact that the PLO is not merely an enemy of Israel, but is a cornerstone of the global Communist offensive, has been admitted by Arafat himself. For example, he has declared the United States, not Israel, to be the PLO’s ultimate enemy.[75] .PLO official George Habash likewise revealed in a 1972 interview that “our enemy is not just Israel, period... We must recognize that our revolution is a phase of world revolution: it is not limited to reconquering Palestine. To be honest, what we want is a war like Vietnam’s. We want another Vietnam, and not just in Palestine but throughout the Arab world.”[76] On another occasion, Habash revealed the PLO goal more completely: “Palestine has joined the European Revolution; we have forged organic links with the revolution of the whole world.”[77]

The Communists have already seized control of several nations of the Middle East since the 1950s, including Algeria, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, North and South Yemen, and Iraq, often referred to as the “radical Arab states.” Each of these countries was conquered through some combination of military coup d’etat, revolution, and invasion. Although some of these governments do not call themselves “Communist,” their leaders are all Marxist socialists whose militaries and secret police have been built, and are directly supervised, by the Soviet Union, and whose governments often include overt Communists at the highest levels.[78]

The PLO has become a new vehicle for supporting Communist revolutions almost anywhere. The so-called “Islamic” revolution of the Ayatollah Khomeini, for example, was organized by KGB agents and the Communist Party in Iran.[79] It was also backed by the PLO, which conducted terrorist attacks against Iran, trained Khomeini’s followers in military and terror tactics, and provided a steady supply of guns.[80] Since coming to power, Khomeini’s regime has been armed by the Soviet Union and Communist China.[81] Having delivered Iran to the Communists, the PLO announced that it would next turn its attention to Turkey. For years, the PLO had already been training and arming terrorists of the Turkish People’s Liberation Army, creating anarchy in that nation. In 1980, PLO terrorists infiltrated Turkey, disguised themselves as Armenian and Kurdish people, and founded the Armenian Secret Army of Liberation and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.[82] These Communist groups are now stepping up the revolution in Turkey. The PLO has also helped the Communist takeovers in Lebanon, Nicaragua, and Angola, and has carried out or supported similar revolutions against Jordan, El Salvador, South Africa, and many other nations of Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.[83]

In recent years the PLO and its Communist bosses have created yet another international revolutionary movement: the network of terrorists known as “Islamic fundamentalists.” Like their Liberation Theology counterparts in Christian churches, the muslim fundamentalist leaders are actually atheists and Marxist-Leninists disguised as religious fanatics. Indeed, they are opposed by the traditional muslim leaders for violating the precepts of Islam.[84] This radical movement, also known as “Islamic Marxism,” originated in the Russian Bolshevik Party in the 1910s.[85] Since the 1970s, the Communist Parties of Afghanistan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia have officially promoted this new ideology.[86] To hide their Communist backing, however, pan-Islamic revolutionaries frequently pretend to be anti-Communist.

Several terrorist groups. have been founded on variations of “Islamic Marxism.” In Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeini revived Hezballah (the Party of G-d), which soon collaborated with Iranian Communists, Syria, Libya, and the PLO in extending terrorism beyond the borders of Iran.[87] When Hezballah established training camps, the instructors came from such Communist nations as North Korea and Syria, or were Iranians trained by the PLO or the Communist government of Iraq.[88] Abbas Zamani, who organized branches of Hezballah in Lebanon and Pakistan, was himsclf trained by the PLO and has been identified as a probable KGB agent.[89] The PLO has provided money, weapons, and intelligence to Hezballah, and has even placed Yasir Arafat’s elite terrorist units under Hezballah command; Hezballah, in return, collaborates with the PLO.[90] In Lebanon, meanwhile, members of the Amal Militia have been trained in PLO camps, and the group has been financed by Syria, Libya, and Iran.[91] Islamic Jihad, the terrorist group involved in bombing the New York World Trade Center, is armed and coordinated by several top PLO commanders.[92] And in the West Bank and Gaza Strip of Israel, Hamas, meaning “Islamic Resistance Movement,” receives aid from Iran as well as financing from the PLO on the personal orders of Arafat.[93]

As we can see, the PLO is truly the central organization in the world terrorist network. But now we must turn our attention to its role in the Communist war to destroy Israel.

The PLO’s war of national liberation

The West Bank of the Jordan River lies on Israel’s eastern side, but is so large that it extends well into the middle of Israel itself. At its closest point, the West Bank’s border is only nine miles from the Mediterranean Sea. Half the city of Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, lies inside this territory. If a hostile military force were to occupy the West Bank, it would control strategic air space that now buffers against air and missile attacks, and it could position troops near the heart of Israel. A lightning invasion launched from the West Bank would easily cut the tiny nation of Israel into northern and southern halves within minutes, giving an enemy an enormous military advantage during a war.

Following the 1973 Yom Kippur War against Israel, the Communists could see that a People’s Republic of Palestine would never replace Israel without first taking control of the West Bank, as well as of the Gaza Strip and Golan Heights, two other territories under Israeli control. Thus in 1974 the ruling council of the PLO officially adopted a two-phase strategy for destroying Israel, in which an armed state of Palestine would be established in the West Bank and Gaza Strip before attacking the rest of Israel. PLO official Abu Iyad boasted in 1988 that “According to the Phased Plan, we will establish a Palestinian state on any part of Palestine that the enemy will retreat from. The Palestinian state will be a stage in our prolonged struggle for the liberation of Palestine on all of its territory.”[94]

Because of the Phased Plan, the PLO claimed that it was willing to allow Israel to exist—if only temporarily—and that it only wished to create Palestine in the West Bank and Gaza. In other words, the PLO could now pretend to be moderate, while actually stepping up the revolution. But to gain control of the territories in the first place, the PLO had to turn to the time-tested Communist strategy of a war of national liberation. This has, in fact, been the PLO’s master plan since the 1960s, and has recently taken the form of the intifada, Arabic for the “uprising,” now seen in the riots of the West Bank and Gaza. A careful analysis of the intifada reveals that it is indeed part of a classic, seven-step Communist revolution:

Step 1) At a secret 1983 meeting of the PLO, Yasir Arafat explained that the PLO had followed the Communist tactic of provoking a reaction by the target government, in this case Israel. As summarized by authors Neil Livingstone and David Halevy, “The first phase, from 1967 to 1974, said Arafat, involved shocking the world by means of brutal terrorist acts into recognizing the Palestinian issue and placing it at the front of world concerns.”[95] Using the methods outlined by Brazilian Communist Carlos Marighella, the PLO has forced Israel to invade Lebanon several times to stop artillery and missile attacks. By hiding its military installations in residential areas, the PLO has caused civilian deaths during Israeli retaliation, which the PLO has then blamed on Israel.[96]

Step 2) The PLO owns or operates dozens of newspapers and other publications in the Middle East, some of them written in English. It produces films labeled as documentaries, operates news services, and broadcasts numerous radio programs. It is known to bribe or threaten journalists covering the Middle East.[97] It also maintains influence through organizations not widely known as PLO front groups; for example, Arafat’s brother runs the Palestinian Red Crescent Society,[98] while PLO-affiliated organizations calling themselves “charities” or “educational” groups are active in the United States.[99] And leftist groups ranging from the National Lawyers Guild to various civil rights, feminist, and anti-nuclear groups also work with the PLO.[100] As a result, the PLO and its allies have been able to plant stories in our news media about alleged Israeli atrocities against civilians, and have created the widespread impression that Israel systematically violates human rights of Palestinians. By painting the revolution as a “spontaneous” uprising of Palestinians, the PLO has also convinced many Americans that Israel cannot hope to win the interminable conflict with the PLO. Such disinformation has eroded sympathy for Israel, setting the stage for further revolution.

Step 3) With the Israeli reputation having come under fire, the U.S. State Department has pressured Israel to begin making concessions to the PLO. When Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982, President Reagan rescued the PLO and forced Israel to abandon Beirut. The Bush and Clinton administrations have supported several United Nations resolutions against Israel,[101] and President Clinton forced Israel to take back 400 Hamas terrorists after they had been expelled.[102] Most importantly, the 26th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, held in 1982, began the call for an international Middle East peace conference, where foreign powers could pressure Israel to yield the West Bank to the PLO.[103] The United Nations adopted an identical plan the following year,[104] and by 1987 the PLO and the Communist Parties of the United States, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Syria, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, and India had also adopted this plan.[105] Now the U.S. government has followed suit, with the Bush and Clinton administrations having forced Israel to change its mind and participate in a series of such international conferences.

Step 4) The intifada was born from an extensive network of PLO front groups in the West Bank and Gaza, including medical, agricultural, and women’s associations as well as labor unions and student groups.[106] The violence itself was sparked by the Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Communist Party in 1986 and 1987,[107] and soon a Unified National Leadership of the PLO was formed to coordinate the protests and riots.[108] The revolution is now being accelerated through religious institutions, schools, and labor unions. Hamas, the so-called “Islamic” group of terrorists, organizes actions through the mosques.[109] Many PLO members work as professors at the universities, where they indoctrinate palestinian students.[110] Schools and universities in the West Bank and Gaza have become such focal points for violence that Israeli authorities have been periodically forced to shut them down; stores of knives and clubs have been found in the schools, used by radicalized students during riots,[111] and guns and hand grenades are now becoming more common.[112] Palestinian labor strikes are also on the rise.[113] One pro-PLO professor noted that the PLO-dominated labor unions are “a critical weapon in the hand of the Palestinian national movement: at a decisive moment they could paralyze the Israeli economy.”[114]

Step 5) As in any Communist revolution, the PLO must use terrorism against the very people it claims to be liberating, in order to create an illusion of popular support for the intifada. For many years, the PLO had already been directing many of its terrorist attacks against palestinians and Arabs in general.[115] In the intifada, this violence is now used against palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. Terror squads receiving money and orders from the PLO, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas attack people they accuse of collaborating with Israel, although the PLO itself admits the majority of such accusations are false.[116] As one journalist has described it, the purpose is purely to intimidate: “Palestinians live in daily terror of these squads. Some common murder techniques are beheading, mutilation, gouging out eyes, cutting off ears or limbs, and pouring molten plastic or acid on a victim’s face.”[117] Often the victim is shot or stabbed in broad daylight, in full view of palestinian bystanders.[118] Merchants who fail to close their shops when a strike is called, or who do not pay taxes to the PLO, have their shops burned to the ground;[119] buses that carry palestinians to work in Israel are also burned, keeping the workers from earning the money to feed their families.[120] Some one thousand palestinians have been killed by the terror squads, and many others injured.[121]

Step 6) As the PLO moves into the final stages of the revolution, it must begin negotiating for Israel’s surrender of the territories while simultaneously escalating the violence. The PLO itself, and particularly Arafat’s group, Fatah, is playing the role of the moderate, sending delegations to the peace conference and asking only for the West Bank and Gaza. Islamic Jihad and Hamas, products of the “Islamic Marxist” movement, angrily condemn the peace meetings. The “good cop/bad cop” strategy was spelled out by a PLO official: “[Hamas says] all of Palestine is ours, and we want to liberate it from the river to the sea in one blow. Butx the PLO feels that a Phased Plan must be pursued. Both sides agree on the final objective.”[122] Both sides also cooperate closely. The PLO has funded Hamas, for example,[123] and some terror squads in the West Bank and Gaza are operated jointly by the PLO’s Fatah with Islamic Jihad and Hamas.[124]

Step 7) The final step involves betrayal by the U.S. State Department, which pulls the rug out from under the target government and forces it to capitulate to the revolution. Under the Bush administration, the State Department issued a report whitewashing Yasir Arafat and Fatah of involvement in terrorism,[125] while the administration itself showed open hostility to the conservative Shamir government, causing nervous Israelis to elect the far-left Labor Party under Yitzhak Rabin.[126] The Clinton administration, likewise, exerted direct pressure on Israel to surrender territory to the PLO,[127] although Clinton carefully avoided taking credit when the Rabin government finally agreed to give up the Gaza Strip and part of the West Bank.[128] Although Arafat simultaneously boasted that the PLO flag “will soon fly over Jerusalem”—Israel’s capital—the Rabin government has since made more concessions to Communist Syria, promising to withdraw from southern Lebanon and the Golan Heights.[129] The Clinton administration has meanwhile pressured Israel to disarm the Jewish settlers living in the territories, and to allow United Nations troops to protect incoming PLO forces.[130] Naturally, the PLO-orchestrated violence will only accelerate as Israel surrenders more and more strategic land.

The solution: attacking the Achilles’ Heel

If the PLO is allowed to consolidate a new Communist state, it will surely destroy Israel and launch an unlimited global war of terrorism. On the other hand, the PLO’s revolution is not an Arabic or Muslim war. It is a Communist war of national liberation, and it depends entirely on Israeli and American cooperation for its victory. Unless we voluntarily surrender to the PLO, it will never have the strength to conquer Israel. Its support, after all, does not come from the Arabs. So who is really funding the PLO?

The surprising but widely ignored truth is that the United States taxpayer pays virtually the entire bill for PLO terrorism. This has been accomplished through a variety of avenues. The most direct example can be seen in our foreign aid program; the U.S. Agency for International Development has given over $100 million to PLO front groups in the West Bank and Gaza since 1975.[131] With the new Israeli agreement to allow a PLO state in the territories, the U.S. has now promised at least $250 million more in such direct financing.[132] Indirectly, the U.S. has given the PLO tens of millions of dollars per year through its foreign aid program to Arab nations, which have received as much American aid as Israel since 1948.[133] The Arab nations, responding to PLO blackmail and U.S. diplomatic influence, have forwarded some of this American aid to the PLO.[134] Saudi Arabia, for example, has been pressured by the Clinton administration to restore its PLO funding.[135] Furthermore, U.S. aid to the Soviet Bloc, in the form of industry, technology, and tens of billions of dollars per year, translates into the weapons found in PLO arsenals.[136]

But by far the largest aid program for the PLO can be found in the United Nations, which is funded primarily by the United States. During the 1948 war that established the nation of Israel, some half a million palestinian Arabs panicked and fled to surrounding areas.[137] Rather than allow them to resettle, the United Nations set up its Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to maintain these refugees in special camps as welfare dependents. These dozens of camps, in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and the West Bank and Gaza, remain under UNRWA administration to this very day. The UNRWA has spent billions of dollars, mostly from the United States, supposedly on such humanitarian projects as education, medicine, welfare, and other basic services, as well as to hire some 17,000 local palestinians to operate the program.[138]

In reality, the palestinians on staff have largely been PLO members who have seized control of the UNRWA. Much of this was discovered when the Israelis drove the PLO out of Lebanon in 1982. The refugee camps, and the schools and hospitals in particular, had been transformed into military bases containing vast stores of weapons. All U.N. schools indoctrinated palestinian youth in revolutionary PLO ideology, and some had even become terrorist training centers complete with weapons, uniforms, and modern technology. The UNRWA published various propaganda materials on behalf of the PLO, and some evidence indicated that the agency had secretly funneled money directly into PLO terrorist operations.[139] In 1977, one PLO official told an undercover reporter that the UNRWA budget, then about $200 million per year, constituted almost the entire income for the PLO.[140] Although estimates of the PLO budget vary widely, UNRWA spending may now pay for about half of all PLO activities.[141]

Since the 1970s, other U.N. agencies have also provided their resources to the PLO or its front groups in the West Bank and Gaza. These include the International Labor Organization, the World Health Organization, UNESCO, the U.N. Development Program, and about a dozen other agencies. The PLO helps direct the spending of these programs, and its members are trained on U.N. grants. Many U.N. agencies produce PLO propaganda materials, or host forums for PLO spokesmen. But most importantly, these agencies have been funding the growing PLO infrastructure in the West Bank and Gaza, which now organizes and sustains the intifada.[142]

The United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon (UNIFIL), a peacekeeping force that operated from 1978 to 1982, was a spectacular example of U.N. collaboration with the PLO. UNIFIL ignored the formation of PLO military and terrorist bases in the “demilitarized” zone, allowed armed PLO units nearly unhindered movement, and refused to stop brazen terrorist attacks. UNIFIL provided supplies, including sophisticated communications equipment, to the PLO, and gave the PLO intelligence reports on Israeli military positions. Some UNIFIL troops were even caught smuggling explosives into Israel for terrorist purposes. Israel was finally forced to invade when the PLO began conducting attacks from within UNIFIL territory, sometimes even under the U.N. flag.[143]

It is little wonder that Yasir Arafat and other PLO leaders, and the Soviet Union, have since 1990 called for U.N. peacekeeping troops to protect a new PLO state in the West Bank and Gaza.[144] The Clinton administration has recently joined this chorus, and the Rabin government of Israel is preparing to give in.[145]

The war to destroy Israel is waged against Jews and Arabs alike by a relatively small handful of Communists. However, it is not only the Holy Land that is in danger, for the PLO sees itself as part of a world revolution. If the PLO succeeds, the Communists will unleash global terrorism on an unprecedented scale. The hijackings of airplanes, kidnappings of Americans in Iran and Lebanon, and bombing of the World Trade Center are mere hints of the firestorm to come.

But at the same time, the Communist revolution and the PLO depend almost entirely on U.S. aid, and thus can easily be stopped. The American public would never approve such aid to Communists or terrorists, but most people have no idea that this is happening. The national news media simply buries the story. And therein lies the solution to stop the terrorists. We must educate our fellow Americans about the betrayal of Israel, and we must join together to withdraw the United States from the United Nations—not just from the UNRWA or some other agency, but from the entire U.N. The PLO and its Marxist allies have permeated that organization, guaranteeing that the war against Israel will always receive U.N. support until the United States leaves altogether.

This is easier to accomplish than it sounds. The U.S. House of Representatives, the lower house of Congress, is composed of 435 representatives, each elected from a district of about half a million citizens. The Constitution grants the House the sole power to initiate funding bills for all federal programs. This means that the House, by a simple majority vote, can override the Senate and even the President by cutting off the funding to any program it chooses, effectively abolishing that program. By voting to stop financing the United Nations, and to withhold foreign aid from countries backing the PLO, the House could destroy the PLO and assure Israel’s security. We need only 218 votes in the House—a majority by one—to achieve this goal.

25 posted on 05/23/2008 9:03:11 PM PDT by GodGunsGuts
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To: Interesting Times

I don’t think they just flip a coin. I think they were thrown by the organization, “America’s Survival.” On a different day, I’m sure it would have gone through just fine. I just picked the wrong day to post it. I will take it up with the mods tomorrow and see what happens.

26 posted on 05/23/2008 9:05:41 PM PDT by GodGunsGuts
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To: GodGunsGuts


27 posted on 05/23/2008 9:08:12 PM PDT by Dajjal
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To: Dajjal

Thank you! Did you see the Chicago report? Talk about frightening!!! We need to get this stuff out. Inquiring minds will want to know...

28 posted on 05/23/2008 9:10:08 PM PDT by GodGunsGuts
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To: GodGunsGuts; hosepipe
" I'd be very curious to get your thoughts "

I'd just be curious for an answer to the simple question, "Who ran the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics? Commies or Socialists?

Who gets to define all these "socialism" terms, anyway? Commies, that's who.

As to Marx quote: "Democracy is the road to socialism." The founding fathers knew this as do all commies. That's why they establish "republics".

When commies take over, they take immediate steps to disenfranchise everyone. When republicans take over, they establish a system that takes the socialists longer to take over.


29 posted on 05/23/2008 9:11:07 PM PDT by bruinbirdman ("Those who control language control minds." - Ayn Rand)
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To: bruinbirdman
Like I said to hosepipe...I'd be glad to debate this subject on another thread. To argue about this stuff on this thread is like straining at gnats while swallowing camels.
30 posted on 05/23/2008 9:13:09 PM PDT by GodGunsGuts
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To: GodGunsGuts
"Israel is run by socialists, but it is quite clear that the vast majority of them ARE NOT Communists:"

What is a Kibbutz? A Commune.

If someone prefers to use the euphemism "socialism" for "communism", the commies have won that argument.


31 posted on 05/23/2008 9:14:51 PM PDT by bruinbirdman ("Those who control language control minds." - Ayn Rand)
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To: bruinbirdman

PS see #25. If you disagree, start another thread on the subject and I’d be glad to show up and debate the difference between Communism and socialism.

32 posted on 05/23/2008 9:15:17 PM PDT by GodGunsGuts
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To: GodGunsGuts

I was interviewed more than once by the MIB about past workers and associates seeking sensitive jobs. They called me directly regardless of how they knew where the nearest phone was. I don’t believe Obama would pass.

33 posted on 05/23/2008 9:15:51 PM PDT by eyedigress
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To: bruinbirdman

A Kibbutz is voluntary. So were the communes referenced in the New Testament. Communism creates vast country/continent-sized prison camps. This is qualitatively different than what socialists create. If your point is that socialism makes it easy for Communists to take over, you will get no argument from me. Again, start another thread, I’d be glad to debate the subject at length.

34 posted on 05/23/2008 9:19:42 PM PDT by GodGunsGuts
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To: bruinbirdman other words, I’m saying that Obama could very well be FAR WORSE than a mere socialist...and the sooner we wake up to that fact the better!

35 posted on 05/23/2008 9:27:16 PM PDT by GodGunsGuts
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To: bruinbirdman
[ As to Marx quote: "Democracy is the road to socialism." The founding fathers knew this as do all commies. That's why they establish "republics". ]

The US Republic ceased after the civil war.. the government was morphed into a democracy..

A democracy is MOB RULE by mobsters.. tribal law.. a consortium of tribes.. Call then "groups" but they are still "tribes",,, When the individial vote is grouped you have a tribe.. and also a democracy whatever name you CALL it.. The only group the Constitution recognizes are STATES.. In a democracy the States become Provinces or merely "areas".. to the central government.. NOT soverign governments of thier own.. In the US the States should be the client and the federal govt the slave.. The reverse is true NOW.. VOILA!.. a democracy..

All republics on this planet are Banana Republics aka.. Democracys.. The USA USED to be a real Republic though.. at one time.. And could be AGAIN IF we could see that it is NOT A REPUBLIC ANYMORE... a fact 99% of the people are BLIND TO.. virtually BLIND.. "WE" would rather believe it is a republic when it ISN'T.... Faced with reality THEN something may be done..

36 posted on 05/23/2008 9:47:25 PM PDT by hosepipe (CAUTION: This propaganda is laced with hyperbole....)
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To: GodGunsGuts
[ Look, this is not the thread to quibble over the differences between Communism and socialism. ]

O.K. but I have a different agenda.. If you cannot see the import that communisnm and socialism is two sides of the same coin.. You're missing Isreals and this planets greatest political problem..Isreals greatest problem is Isreal.. Isreals socialism.. The Muzzies are just rented donkeys in global socialisms agenda.. The Muzzies and Isreal have the SAME PROBLEM... as well as America..

The coming global socialist nighmare.. Socialists have proved liquidating a few BILLION inhabitants would be no problem.. They could sleep very well at night.. Liberalism is a mental disorder..

YOU..... might be throwing dust in the air and tearing your clothing over the WRONG things.. Just a thought..

37 posted on 05/23/2008 10:00:58 PM PDT by hosepipe (CAUTION: This propaganda is laced with hyperbole....)
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To: GodGunsGuts

Just glancing at the stuff that’s here, and on the related thread, it doesn’t appear to be anything new, compared to what Beckwith has had for some time. It’s worth trumpeting from all possible sources, though.

38 posted on 05/23/2008 10:41:28 PM PDT by FreedomPoster (<===Non-bitter, Gun-totin', Typical White American)
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To: All

Quote from Barack Obama’s book, Dreams Of My Father:
“The person who made me proudest of all, though, was [half brother] Roy .. He converted to Islam.”

From ‘Dreams of my Father’, “In Indonesia, I had spent two years at a Muslim school”
“I studied the Koran..”

From ‘Audacity of Hope: “Lolo (Obama’s step father) followed a brand of Islam ....”I looked to Lolo for guidance”.

From ‘The Audacity Of Hope, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

From The Audacity Of Hope, “We are no longer just a Christian nation,” “We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers.”

39 posted on 05/24/2008 3:26:15 PM PDT by cyberella
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To: GodGunsGuts
Here's another Commie "friend of B. Hussein."
Obama's On-the-Wall Endorsement ["Obey Obama"]

Shepard Fairey is the artist who designed the official fund-raising set of Obama : Hope / Change / Progress posters, like this one:

Fairey has a company ("Obey") that produces his own artwork, such as these.
See Fairey's website:

Obama has written Fairey that he admires "the political messages involved in your work."

If Obama does win in November, I wouldn't be surprised if this guy becomes his administration's "Artist Laureate." Can you imagine him as the Artistic Director for the Inauguration ceremonies?

40 posted on 05/24/2008 4:05:55 PM PDT by Dajjal
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