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Seriously Ill Newbors Likely in Danger
February 12, 2009 | John Leland 1789

Posted on 02/12/2009 7:46:40 PM PST by John Leland 1789

There are very dangerous economic implications.

More dangerous still in this so-called stimulus package are the socialized health care provisions that have been placed in the legislation by stealth.

It appears that under these provisions, a federal government office will determine for physicians nation wide which procedures and treatments are cost-effective and which ones are not.

The focus has been on patients over 50 years of age, and especially the more elderly. But these provisions appear to affect the very young as well.

In 1979 we had a daughter born with very severe hydrocephalus (water head), and if these provisions had been law in 1979, it would likely have been ruled that our daughter was not viable because she had about enough brain matter to fill a match box. It likely would have been determined for our daughter's doctors that treating her and keeping her alive was not "cost-effective." We may assume according to the measures passed in this "stimulus" package that our child should have been allowed to perish.

Today, that girl (woman) is 29 years old. She teaches in a Christian school in [a southern state]. She is s musician and a poet. She has very high math and language skills.

But she likely would have been allowed to die without treatment in her first weeks after birth because it did not appear that she would be anything but a severely retarded vegetable. If the government uses charts and figures to determine which treatments are "cost-effective," millions will die every year who might be productive citizens.

We now have a granddaughter with NKH (Non-ketonic Hyperglycemia). This is an amino acid defect that allows the body to develop too much glycine which is destructive to muscles and organs. It is a rather rare genetic condition.

If a government office determines the "cost-effectiveness" of treatments and procedures, how many of these children will be allowed to perish because we will now have politically-correct people telling doctors what conditions they may treat and which ones they may not, and for whom, and at what cost, and for how long.

This mentality of controlling health care is a further consequence of the pro-abortion movement. It used to be that first-trimester pregnancies could be terminated. Then later pregnancies. Then partial-birth abortions, then live-birth abortions (infanticide). Under the stealth health care provisions in the stimulus package, it appears that the elderly will be denied life-saving treatments. Further, it is likely that very ill children will fall under the same condemnation.

For these and other reasons, Bible-believing Christians should actively appose these kinds of legislation. The mind set, or should we say, heart-set, of these provisions do not represent what Americans have been as a people. We are not killers. We are preservers of life and hope.

The United States Senate obviously knew that there would be deep-rooted and wide-spread objective to the health care provisions in this stimulus package, and that is why they snuck it in without publicizing it. Health care should be debated as an entirely separate issue, and discussed in the light of day before the American people.

Our home in the United States is Indiana. I have already been telephoning and writing to Senators Evan Bayh (D) and Richard Lugar (R), Indiana 9th Congressional District Representative Barron Hill (D), as well as our representatives in the Indiana State Legislature. I have voiced these dangers to all of them.

Rep. Barron Hill's office told me that these stealthily included health care provisions were not in the legislation when it left the House of Representatives. So we know that the Senate is primarily to blame for this subterfuge. But I have asked Rep. Hill to go back into the House and sponsor legislation to have the health care provisions expunged.

We are in a fight now for what America ought to be. We have served in two communist countries as well as in a third country that has a very strong communist movement that affects the national government. I can tell you that in the Obama Administration we are staring at Vladimir Lenin's Communist Internationalle. The Christian preachers in the 1950s and 1960s who preached anti-communist messages were largely ridiculed and shunned. We are now face-to-face with communism in America. I intend to continue to preach the Gospel. But I will expose communism at every turn because I have seen first hand its terrors against truth.

For Christ, and for preserving a Christian Heritage in America.

TOPICS: Health/Medicine; Politics; Society
KEYWORDS: children; healthcare; ill; stimulus

1 posted on 02/12/2009 7:46:40 PM PST by John Leland 1789
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To: John Leland 1789
Doctor Mengele. Paging Dr. Joseph Mengele... we need you in maternity. Paging Dr. Mengele...
2 posted on 02/12/2009 8:40:17 PM PST by April Lexington (Study the constitution so you know what they are taking away!)
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To: April Lexington

Now is the time for all good people to invest in FUNERAL HOMES!!!

3 posted on 02/12/2009 8:43:40 PM PST by Semperfiwife (Common sense is in short supply in Washington)
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To: John Leland 1789

A sad few days we live in. Glad your daughter made it in spite of tremendous odds. You are blessed! Will pray for your grandchild.

Who would think in our days of technological advances politicians would be seeking to limit the advances in medicine and human life as they increasingly are doing.

Above all trust in God our Father, He is sovereign and trust worthy!

4 posted on 02/12/2009 10:48:49 PM PST by 4Godsoloved..Hegave
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To: 4Godsoloved..Hegave
Thank you for your prayers for our granddaughter.

I spelled her condition incorrectly. It is Non-Ketonic hyperglycemia's.

Our daughter and son-in-law are rightfully very concerned as to how this legislation will impact her care, as she is only about 1-1/2 years old and will be in need of very aggressive treatment for some years to come.

The child was normal in the womb all the way to delivery. Shortly after birth her glycine level began to climb rapidly - - her little body began to shut itself down. It was a very difficult, painstaking, and expensive testing procedure over several weeks that finally determined her condition.

A lot of damage was done in the time it took several laboratories to pinpoint the cause. Since it is a rare condition, there could be no guess work.

We thank God that the family was not abroad on the mission field at the time because the technology required to properly diagnose the problem would not have been available at all.

But now there is this concern that our granddaughter's treatment and the treatment of other such children will be hindered, slowed, and/or halted altogether by bureaucrats dictating the terms of health care to physicians.

The pro-abortion people have always cried out, “Personal health decisions are between a woman and her physician only.” But now what will they cry? With whom will they stand?

Will the level and quality of care for severely ill newborns be determined by the physician and the parents? Or will the physician have to wait for word from a bureaucrat?

Abortionists will not likely side with sick infants, will they. After all, they will defend the killing of infants in “live abortions” and partial-birth abortions. These people have no normal regard for life. What care do they have if a very ill newborn dies without care; “just another burden gone.”

When our own daughter, at birth to two weeks old, lay in a children's hospital in south Florida in 1979, with a head the size of a two year-old’s, she was not alone there.

There were about 15 other newborns in that neonatal section born with serious, heartrending birth defects. A few of them had actually been abandoned by the parents entirely, according to the nurses there. We suspect that some were abandoned at the advice of physicians. Why do we suspect such? Keep reading.

My wife and I, and others, spent time at each bed or incubator praying for those children. Some would certainly perish. How do we know that?

When our daughter was three weeks old, a neurosurgeon in Coral Gables, Florida, by the name of Purlmutter, told us, “Your daughter is USELESS; she will be nothing but a severely retarded vegetable.”

He tried to get us to put the child back in the hospital, abandon her to the State of Florida to be institutionalized, and “ . . . go home, raise your son (then two years old), and FORGET THAT SHE HAD EVEN BEEN BORN.”

Yes, the heartless surgeon told us that our daughter was “USELESS.” He used that very word.

When we later told this to his associate, a man named Morrison, Dr. Morrison told us that it simply cannot be determined what progress our daughter might make or whether she will be a “vegetable.”

We can now imagine that surgeons like Purlmutter would gladly go along with bureaucrats who might suggest that it is not “cost-effective” to care for such newborns, and they should just be allowed to die.

We are very sure now, putting 2 and 2 together, that had we institutionalized our daughter, she would have been allowed to die.

I believe that we can look for a big increase of this kind of thing when health care is rationed by bureaucrats.

I don't believe that God can continue to bless or preserve a society that murders its unborn and denies care to the elderly or the very young.

Rationing of health care will mean the denial of health care to very many!

We are in the fight! We phone lines and computers will remain red hot in this cause regardless of the final votes on this DE-stimulus legislation.

And I will repeat that we are in fact fighting communism in this effort. Make no mistake about that!

Thanks again for your kindness in spending time in prayer for our granddaughter. That is still the greatest weapon of all.

5 posted on 02/13/2009 5:49:58 AM PST by John Leland 1789
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To: John Leland 1789

I know first hand of what you are speaking of. I don’t have the time right now to recant the story but it is written in my history here at FR. I saw first hand the evilness of the “medical” team at St. Mary’s Hospital in West Palm Beach in 2000. Their term for people like us was “pathetic”.

Reminds me of the scripture: Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Tighten your seat belt, look to heaven for that is our true home. And we pray without ceasing.

6 posted on 02/13/2009 2:35:27 PM PST by 4Godsoloved..Hegave
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