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The New Imposters: J Street
Arutz Sheva ^ | July 17, 2009 | Moshe Kempinski

Posted on 07/21/2009 6:43:20 AM PDT by MestaMachine

Throughout Jewish history the embattled people of Israel have developed conditions and neuroses very similar to They have eschewed uniqueness and national identity. victims of abuse. At times, they have begun to blame themselves for the hatred that they have experienced hurled against them. At other times, they have begun to assume that if they would adopt more universal ideals and become more connected to the greater whole they would cease to be persecuted. As a result of such a desire they have eschewed uniqueness and national identity for the safe anonymity of "sameness".

There is nothing inherently wrong in looking for commonality and initiating bridge building. In fact, the building of bridges of understanding between peoples is one of the critical goals of mankind's destiny and purpose. Yet, the collapse of identity and the slipping into the morass of blandness and anonymity has become a disaster, and an ever-present danger for the Jewish people.

There is an even darker side to the phenomenon. Throughout history, some of the greatest enemies of the Jewish people have been Jews who so wanted to identify with the world that the result was a deep hatred within themselves for Judaism and Jewish destiny. Some of the greatest persecutors of the Jewish people have been people of Jewish descent.

The road into such lethal and dangerous thinking can even begin with well-meaning and pure thinking. It usually begins with the desire to ensure that the Jewish people remain within the constraints of safe political correctness. Such groups in the past have taken it upon themselves, in the name of the Jewish people, to represent views and opinions that were in line with the interests of the ruling monarchy, even if they were antithetical to the needs of their people.

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TOPICS: History; Miscellaneous; Politics; Religion
KEYWORDS: arsonfires; discovery; israel; jews; opinion
J Street. Blood traitors, self haters. More below.
1 posted on 07/21/2009 6:43:21 AM PDT by MestaMachine
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To: MestaMachine
(More from above:)
It is usually easy to spot them. They use Jewish concepts and ideals liberally, while showing no connection to any of these ideals in their private lives. The will usually speak on behalf of the Jewish people as a group and yet as individuals have very little to do with their local Jewish community. They will declare ideas and beliefs that will endear them to their politically correct environment, but will deny the unique character and survival needs of their own people.

In our days, they will demand full rights for all Arabs living inside Israel, while denying them for Jews living in areas of Biblical and historic import. They exhibit great concern for Arab pain and suffering, while barely offering lip service for Jewish pain. They will advocate Israeli territorial concessions, regardless of the security dangers such withdrawals have produced in the past. They will argue that any serious criticism of the preaching and teaching of hatred towards the Jews of Israel and the world in Arab schools and mosques is somehow disloyal to American interests. For them, support for Israel's security needs is viewed as tantamount to a betrayal of American concerns.
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'The Temple Will Never be Rebuilt', Islamist Movement Says

Excerpt: The deputy chief of the Islamist movement in Israel Kimal Al-Khatib told thousands of children in a Saturday Islamist protest on the Temple Mount that the Jewish Temple will never be rebuilt. His speech was published in the Jerusalem-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper Monday morning.

“If the Jews think that their mourning will end and they will rejoice by destroying the Al-Aqsa mosque and building their Temple, we say to them that their dream will not be fulfilled and they will continue to mourn. Al-Aqsa is for Muslims only,” he said.
End excerpt

And for anyone interested in Biblical History:

David and Goliath

Excerpt; Yishai was invited by Foundation Stone, a Jewish education group that focuses on archaeology as a link between the Bible and Israel. They are eager to showcase the recent findings and highlight the historical and spiritual significance of the fortress where they are using science, once considered the antithesis of religion, to confirm Biblical accounts.

The Elah Fortress has been an archaeological mystery for over 150 years. However, recent findings indicate archaeologists have found the 10th century biblical city of Sha'arayim, Hebrew for "Two Gates.” Archaeologists believe this discovery of a fortress city provides evidence that King David ruled a kingdom from his capital of Jerusalem.

The Bible says that Sha'arayim was located near the clash between David and Goliath. Discovery of a second gate to the Fortress confirms archaeologists’ beliefs that the site mentioned in the David and Goliath story has been discovered. Archaeologists hope the findings at the fortress will draw scientific and historical links to the story of David and Goliath.
End excerpt

2 posted on 07/21/2009 6:46:04 AM PDT by MestaMachine (OREO, Milk's favorite cookie. At least that's what my TV said.)
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To: MestaMachine

They are, indeed, traitors.

The line of self-hating Jews (generally secular, who rebel, IMHO against a spiritual calling for which they were chosen, and did not volunteer, and thus they resent it) is, indeed, long:

Tomás de Torquemada
Various communists
George Soros (a literal kapo)
Rahm Emmanuel (who has daddy issues Frued could write a book about)

The Book of Jonah is “cannonical” for a reason; it’s a warning of what happens to Jewish people who turn away from their job.

These J-street Jews are overwhelmingly secular to the point of atheism, and are, accordingly torn up and eaten up by their very soul, which cries out for G-d and Israel. They react in a self-destructive, Israel-destructive, manner.

3 posted on 07/21/2009 6:55:33 AM PDT by Jewbacca (The residents of Iroquois territory may not determine whether Jews may live in Jerusalem.)
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To: Jewbacca

Many times I have been asked to explain to conservatives why liberal Jews in the US support democrats when democrats are so clearly biased against Israel. The truth is, I can’t explain them any more than I can explain why women who have children and would never abort their own babies, nevertheless support and defend abortion rights for others even unto infanticide.
The “Jews” are not a monolith and I suspect it is just as exasperating for practicing Catholics to explain...Oh, wait. They are NOT asked to explain. Skip that one.
Okay, then it must be just as exasperating for black people to explain their rejection of conservative blacks as....Oh. Wait. THEY aren’t asked to explain either.
I could give other examples, but it’s kind of pointless considering that Jews seem to be quite set apart in the ‘splainin’ department.
Liberalism is truly a mental disorder and those who are liberals first come in all shapes, sizes, ethnic groups, and religions.
Most liberal Jews shudder at outward support for Israel because they think they will somehow be more accepted into the American liberal mainstream since that is their bent. only to find the dreaded J word keeps them separate whether they like it or not. I have no earthly idea why they opt to continue to call themselves Jews, because they ain’t. Thy’re liberals. THEM, I have NO respect for, J or NO J.
Just as liberal Jews are not fully accepted as part of the liberal mainstream, neither are conservative Jews fully accepted among conservatives and we are constantly being taken to task for what the other half does. We are suspect for our open support of Israel and are often accused of putting Israel’s interests above America’s interests though I don’t hear the left or the right taking Christians who openly support Israel to task for their brethren who don’t. I don’t hear Christians who openly support Israel being accused of putting Israel’s interests above America’s.
I am a conservative. I am staunchly against abortion for any reason. I absolutely believe abortion is murder.
I am a strict constructionist where it comes to the Constitution.
I absolutely believe that it is the right of the People to keep and bear arms. If you come for my guns, you will get the bullet first.
I am absolutely for the death penalty.
I absolutely despise judicial activism and/or the creation of phony “rights” for special groups of people when the rights granted by our Creator are already inalienable.
I absolutely abhor big government and now fear the government more than I ever thought possible. I will fight it at every turn.
I place a very high value on freedom, mine, my children’s, and everyone else’s as well. That doesn’t give anyone the right to diminish my freedom if I don’t think the way they do.
I support freedom of speech even when it is hateful. I don’t support pornography because it exploits human beings and shouldn’t be catagorized as freedom of speech or expression, or anything but what it is, a crime against humanity.
The list goes on, but here is the kicker. I absolutely support Israel because I believe in G-d and ISRAEL is the land of my ancestors. I believe it is Holy, and I denounce the left in Israel in the same terms I do in America.
How does that make me different from those who proudly proclaim their forefathers came over on the Mayflower? Who celebrate being Italian, irish, Polish, or whatever?
It’s the “J” thing.
Yes. It is.

4 posted on 07/21/2009 7:18:31 AM PDT by MestaMachine (OREO, Milk's favorite cookie. At least that's what my TV said.)
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