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Time to turn on the lights and scatter the cockroaches.
Constitutional Guardian ^ | 11/22/2009 | Nancy Tengler

Posted on 11/22/2009 7:06:58 AM PST by timesthattrymenssouls

Well they did it. Not out in the open, of course. Under cover of a Saturday night "procedural vote." After the $100 million according to the press, $300 million according to her ("I am not going to be defensive. And it's not a $100 million fix. It is a $300 million fix,") Louisiana Purchase of Senator Mary Landrieu. Hundreds of millions of OUR dollars used to pay off the wavering Louisiana Senator in order to secure her vote. I don't have words for this. None that won't get me in trouble.

I worked with a guy who once said to me, "What did you expect? You turned the lights on and the cockroaches are scattering." I thought of that this morning after sleeping off the news that the Senate passed along party lines the "procedural" vote to begin debate of the $1.2-2.4 trillion (I believe the latter number since it came from The Heritage Foundation), gigantic tax- increasing, abortion funding, health care monstrosity. It's time to turn on the lights and scatter the cockroaches.

Trillions of dollars to fund the 12 million people who actually need and cannot afford health care. The polar opposite of President Lincoln's a rising tide lifts all boats, rather, this is a dike-breaking disaster that will flood and destroy our current health care system in a New York nano second.

Reading in the Federalist Papers recently I came across the following passages. Bear with me for a moment. There is great wisdom in these dense commentaries.

Federalist 25: "For it is a truth, which the experience of ages has attested, that the people are always most in danger when the means of injuring their rights are in the possession of those of whom they entertain the least suspicion. "

Federalist 26: "...we may travel from one chimerical project to another; we may try change after change; but we shall never be likely to make any material change for the better." Change. Not for me, thank you. I'll stick with our Constitution. And as the bumper sticker wisdom goes: They can keep the CHANGE.

TOPICS: Conspiracy; Government; Health/Medicine; Politics
KEYWORDS: 111th; bhohealthcare; cockroaches; democrats; healthcare; liberalfascism; louisianapurchase; obama; obamacare; pelosi; reid; senate

1 posted on 11/22/2009 7:07:01 AM PST by timesthattrymenssouls
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To: timesthattrymenssouls

If you plug in the Medicare cuts that won’t really happen and then ADD the increases to Medicare that most likely WILL happen, I believe it’s more like 3 or 4 maybe FIVE trillion if the economy lasted that long (which I don’t think is possible)

2 posted on 11/22/2009 7:18:34 AM PST by No!
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To: timesthattrymenssouls
T Jefferson at least got real estate for his purchase.

This is the Dims new millennium version of 40 acres and a mule.

How'd that turn out for folks? Hmmmm?

3 posted on 11/22/2009 7:22:53 AM PST by rawcatslyentist (Jeremiah 50:31 Behold, I am against you," O " you most proud, said the said the Lord GOD of hosts)
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To: timesthattrymenssouls

My hope is that the abyss toward which we are heading will be preceded by a tipping point that will spark the renewal of the America envisioned by the founders, and every generation up to the this one. I can imagine that Health Care deform might be that tipping point; or, the next socialist building block...amnesty for illegals to secure the DhimmiRat voter roles.

We simply must take back the country.

4 posted on 11/22/2009 7:38:50 AM PST by PubliusMM (RKBA; a matter of fact, not opinion. 01-20-2013: Change we can look forward to.)
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To: PubliusMM

make that “rolls”...not roles. Multitasking...

5 posted on 11/22/2009 7:39:46 AM PST by PubliusMM (RKBA; a matter of fact, not opinion. 01-20-2013: Change we can look forward to.)
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To: timesthattrymenssouls

I find it interesting that Cao (R) in the House and now Landrieu (D) in the Senate both received bribes for their votes and they both took them. Louisiannians should be shaking their hands and those who have morales and dignity should be ashamed and work VERY hard to get rid of these two that sold their souls and the American peoplel for pieces of worthless paper...not even gold nor silver.

6 posted on 11/22/2009 7:45:20 AM PST by imfrmdixie
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To: timesthattrymenssouls
Congress critters know full well that with billion and billions, trillions of dollars being authorized there is no way in hell anyone can keep track of where the money goes. It's already in full swing with billions being sent to non-existent districts. Just imagine how much worse it will be when an additional trillion or more is dumped in on top of what's already in the mill.

My suggestion is that we flood with DC with so many conservative citizens that it's absolutely shut down. Grid lock on every street, total capacity in the halls of Congress. If the bastards can't get to work they can't be passing these damnable laws. The millions would be peaceful and non-threatening, cleaning up after themselves day and night. Their strength would be the simple number of them, so many that nothing can move or operate in DC.

Hopefully, if the storming of DC is sufficiently publicized the Left will rise to the occasion and send as many as they can to have counter demonstrations. That's how they think. It will never occur to them that the beauty of our plan is to shut down Congress and anyone they send in to counter us will be that many more people to clog the works.

I would divide the district into discrete areas, perhaps a quarter mile square. Then I would have organizations, agencies, businesses, charities, individuals, etc. take responsibility for each area. When a bus, or buses, left middle America headed for DC those on board would know where they are going. The buses could serve as their HQ in each section. They could take a couple of days worth of food and water, etc. The group in charge of the area would be responsible for getting toilet setups etc. for the area. Maybe even an RV or two, or more, in each section to let people have someplace to clean up, etc.

Just an idea. But if they leave us no choice then we will have to do whatever it takes to show them we are not going to take anymore of their ignoring us and doing what they want, thinking we are powerless to stop them!

7 posted on 11/22/2009 7:45:44 AM PST by jwparkerjr
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To: No!
Just sent my Senator the following email:


I can barely keep the anger, frustration and disgust under control over the late night vote on Obamacare. What part of "NO" do you not understand? The majority of Americans do not want this bill, they don't need this bill and to shove it down our throats is utterly unconscionable.

We have the greatest healthcare in the world, why would it need to be "fixed"? Poor people have access to healthcare . . .it is my understanding that NO ONE is turned away from emergency rooms. So the spin needs to stop. Congress needs to start listening to the people they swore to represent.

If they do not, I feel enormous hope of change in 2010.

Next up? To put a huge homemade sign on my equally huge shed railing against this vote.

(Unfortunately it went to the Zero Acolyte McCaskill, but I still have to do SOMETHING!)

8 posted on 11/22/2009 8:03:39 AM PST by misharu (Zero, even your family agrees . . .YOU STINK!!!)
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To: timesthattrymenssouls
Within the course of human events there are inflection points that indicate major shifts in perceptions that affect reality.

I was watching a old episode of a British sitcom last night that depicted the introduction of surveillance camera's that were put in under the guise of protecting assets when in actuality they used them to observe the employees at a retail store.

Most of us old guys lived through this change with major concerns over privacy rights, yet today we accept this like nothing ever occurred.

After the 2008 debacle we call democracy, the government protectors are in full battle mode. They have destroyed the private sector to the extent they could and the rewards for them are that 51% of the working stiffs in this country are now employed by and totally dependent on the government in some form or fashion. They have numerical control for the first time.

They can do pretty much what fancies them to increase the size and scope of government and they don't require the majority support to do it.

The government has become a tyranny and is no longer a Republic or even a Democracy.

This event was anticipated as a potential threat to our republic at it's inception, and we all know what the cure is.

The question then follows.....Are we prepared to do what is necessary to return our government to it's charter. By and of the people, for the people. To be limited in scope and power to those things given to it by the people. To be in fear of the people and never the reverse.

Are we capable of doing the things necessary to reverse this long trend of the usurpment of individual rights, or do we require more of the same before anger and resentment finally cause the long awaited public display of outrage that is large enough to change our direction and return to a Constitutionally weak central government.

I don't know if we have the balls..........I just don't see it yet. I see the beginning stirrings and some evidence, but I fear that more damage will have to be done to this country before the vast majority has had enough of this.

For example, should the financial ratings agencies drop our AAA bond rating to junk, this country will fall like the third world dictatorship. Efforts are now underway by the government to regulate these agencies to prevent this. They see this as a threat to them and it is. It's a big one.

How much are we going to take before we say "NO"!

How much more..............?

9 posted on 11/22/2009 8:13:06 AM PST by Cold Heat
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To: timesthattrymenssouls
Thomas Jefferson said that the Founders' intent was to "bind them ("the People's" representatives) down by the chains of the Constitution." It is time for "We, the People" to do that by bringing home every representative who votes for any form of this Trojan Horse called a "health care bill." Its promoters are using it to gain more power and control over the people's lives and the earnings of this and future generations.

Cartoon - Spending

10 posted on 11/22/2009 8:25:20 AM PST by loveliberty2
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To: timesthattrymenssouls
"It's time to turn on the lights and scatter the cockroaches."

Um, until we are willing to openly call them what they are and to their filthy faces, they will continue to believe enough voters are unaware of what they are and what they are building. These democrat power-brokers are socialist filth. They're not cockroaches. That's too benign, as if they're merely insects, mindless insects scurrying about. They're far more pernicious and deadly than mere insects.

The obama administration and democrap party have an agenda, to end the Old Republic and sweep it away in a crash of the economic system, to install their already structured federal oligarchy. These Democrat scum are enemies of we the people. They are more dangerous than an army at the gate clamoring for entry. The debt load already in place is impossible to sustain. The promisory notes Democrats and Republicans have stuffed into the record is now joined by trillions of borrowed debt, borrowed from ofreign sources who do not have our survival at heart.

Confiscating the entire gross product of the fortune five-hundred companies for the next one-hundred and forty years would be required just to pay off the debt incurred BEFORE this usurpation bill is passed into law! With our union salaries so high and a significant share of our manufacturing outsourced, with the locations of vast fields of resources placed off limits by legislative acts, there is no way this nation can repay the debt we already have in anything less than three generations ... and the demcorat fascist bastards want to add huge new debt to that load.

The Democrats, all of the lying bastards, are using a stratgey which will crash the eceonomic system of the United States so the democrats can 'save the people' by entering U.S. into anew world ordered along socialist lines, funded with a new money of global empowerment, reducing the earnings of ALL Americans, including the fools int he unions now paying the democrats to destroy this nation.

These democrats in the Senate and House and Oval Office are enemies of we the people. They are as deadly to the republic as any Soviet army marching up from Mexico and down from Canada. In fact, since these socialist liars are already ensconced in Washignton DC, they are more deadly. These enemies of We The People do not fear our outrage. They exploiut it to distract us! The sham trials of KSM and company in New York are not aimed at Justice, they're a tool to distract our ire away fromt he final destruction the obamacare and cap&tax bills will do.

Barry told his kneepad sycophancy he would fundamentally transform America, and he's doing it with the equal aid of bastards like Reid and Pelosi and their company of democrat liars faster than we could even have imagined:

Obama promises:
To fundamentally change America:
Post election, to ACORN and SEIU: Obama/ACORN to shape his agenda even before inauguration

11 posted on 11/22/2009 8:37:37 AM PST by MHGinTN (Obots, believing they cannot be deceived, it is impossible to convince them when they are deceived.)
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To: timesthattrymenssouls; All

this will cost from $1-3 trillion dollars... over a 10 year period. let’s say that’s $2 trillion on average. that means $200b per year.

how will it be paid for?

considering that households making less than $88,000/year will get subsidies, let’s say it’s similar to today’s tax laws.

310m in the US, 140m people filing returns. of the 140m people, the bottom 50% pay less then 3% of all taxes (and decreasing). that means 240m Americans basically pay no income taxes.

that leaves 70m people to pay the bill. considering the top 10% of tax payers pay about 88% of all taxes now... that would mean 7m people would be stuck with paying 88% of the $200b every year... or $176 billion.

this would require each of the top 10% of earners to pay an ADDITIONAL $25,143 EACH YEAR

12 posted on 11/22/2009 9:25:12 AM PST by sten
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To: PubliusMM

If they pass this, they may well trigger something.

Lately, the voters remind me of the Eloi and the Democrats in Congress and the White House remind me of the Morlocks in the movie Time Machine.

This Obama monstrosity may well be the thing that wakes them up. Look what happened in the 1994 election.

13 posted on 11/22/2009 9:39:00 AM PST by maxwellsmart_agent
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