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As Thou Hast Done to Israel
The Radio Patriot ^ | July 15, 2010 | Andrea Shea King

Posted on 07/15/2010 10:27:11 AM PDT by patriotgal1787

"As thou hast done to Israel, it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head." ~ Obadiah 1:15

The Great New England Hurricane of September 1938 and Nazism. The Oct. 30, 1991 Madrid Peace Process and Hurricane Andrew of 1992. Massive historic floods in Iowa as Secy of State Condi Rice insisted Jerusalem be separated.

America pressures Israel for peace in the region by relinquishing land and, within 24 hours, America is hit with catastrophe. Coincidence?

John McTernan doesn't think so. McTernan, a staunch defender of Israel in light of biblical prophecy, has spent a lifetime studying American history and sees distinct parallels between America's dealings in the Middle East and her disasters.

Showing documented proof of this, along with historical vignettes from both Israel and America, McTernan issues a bold warning to American Christians to stand with Israel, especially in these days when more and more biblical prophecy is being fulfilled.

America is unique in blessing the Jewish people, going back to George Washington who wrote to the Jewish communities in 1790 that he wanted America to be the messianic reign for Israel.

Tonight we'll talk with John McTernan, author of As America Has Done to Israel, who draws a striking connection with the worst disasters to hit the United States to what America has done with the nation Israel --every time America has pressured Israel to divide its land.

Skeptical? Tune in tonight to find out if John McTernan can convince you otherwise.


9p ET

TOPICS: Conspiracy; Government; Religion
KEYWORDS: america; catastrophe; israel

1 posted on 07/15/2010 10:27:14 AM PDT by patriotgal1787
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To: patriotgal1787


2 posted on 07/15/2010 10:38:59 AM PDT by US Navy Vet
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To: patriotgal1787

Very interesting book that makes clear the fact that God’s promise to bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse her, is very much intact and in force. I highly recommend the book to those interested in issues involving Israel.

MM (in TX)

3 posted on 07/15/2010 10:45:41 AM PDT by MississippiMan (
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To: patriotgal1787
Obama is playing with fire by turning against Israel.
4 posted on 07/15/2010 10:48:36 AM PDT by Armaggedon
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To: Armaggedon

They are God’s chosen people. You never mess with His chosen.God looks after His own. Obama stupidly doesn’t believe that.

5 posted on 07/15/2010 10:57:21 AM PDT by Disgusted in Texas
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To: patriotgal1787

Being a Jew who is very much supportive of Israel it is really touching when Christians express a pro Israel love and support.

But honestly, I would prefer if you came to that support not from some Biblical admonition but because you looked at all the objective history and facts and current news and clearly determined that Israel is in the right, on the side of justice and righteousness, and her enemies are wrong and barbaric.

And when the US does Israel an injustice, and sides with her enemies- who are also our enemies- you don’t wait for some retribution from God, but express your retribution in the American way, politically.

6 posted on 07/15/2010 11:14:32 AM PDT by HearMe
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To: HearMe

I’m one of those rabidly pro-Israel Christians that have come to support her for both the reasons you cite in your post.

My problem with Israel has been the same as the one that God has had, frankly - it forgets who its friends and protectors are. It sells military technology to the wrong folks. It can’t seem to educate its expatriots in the US to stop voting for the same people that are legitimizing the Palestinians.

I’m left here, as an Irish Christian, being more ‘zionist’ than the average American Jew, and I for the life of me don’t get it. I realize there’s an element of self-loathing that’s is the Jewish way, if you will, but it doesn’t completely explain it.

Do you realize that at Christmas and Easter, the Jews here in the Seattle area are actually afraid of some act of retribution here? I’ve heard that expressed by some Rabbis here. The average person never hears about those annual death threats that are apparently part of the Christmas and Easter season (Christmas especially).

One of my best memories was not being able to go home on Christmas, and spending Christmas at a friend of mine’s house in Brooklyn. They knew I was coming, so they got a cross, and put up a little tree, and I got to be a part of their extended family coming over that night and having Chinese food - massive feast! They had some presents and we sang Christmas carols, which blew me away. I ended up crying a little bit because they had gone to such lengths to accommodate a Christian in their home on Christmas.

The Jews are our big brothers in every respect, as Christians. I feel the same way about our historical relationship with England - they are our fathers, and we’re the kids that moved out. I know it is way more complicated than that, but at its base, these relationships have resonance with me. This is especially true culturally, regardless of our differences theologically.

God chose his ‘stiff-necked’ people for reason - and personally one can suffer many guesses as to why. As Christians, we are the adopted children of God. We share the Pentateuch. We are your little brothers, who were adopted well after the fact. We obtained our heritage, our courage, our obstinance, and our very blood from Abraham himself.

I wish we could take our cue on how to behave toward Israel more from American Jews living here in the US, than having to come by our objectivity on Israel on our own. Most Christians, as I said, are more pro-Israel than American Jews. At times, I’d say this true even of Jews living in Tel Aviv, for example.

7 posted on 07/15/2010 11:39:48 AM PDT by RinaseaofDs
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To: RinaseaofDs

Being Irish, even proud of the ancestral homeland, I’m sure you appreciate that the highly successful Irish in America are not the same as the Irish in Ireland. They have a different history and alliances, even where they share much.

American Jews may share the same religion as their coreligionists in Israel, but in so may ways they are very different.

For example, the predominate religious denomination of American Jews is Reform, where in Israel Reform is almost unheard of as a religious practice.

On the other hand those who practice most streams of Orthodox Judaism in America are very pro Israel.

8 posted on 07/15/2010 12:48:46 PM PDT by HearMe
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To: HearMe

I had not appreciated that. Ireland’s an apt simile for the situation, and we’ll leave it at that.

Where it ends, I would think - the similarities - I mean, is that the history of the Jewish people, and the history of the Irish people are so starkly different.

The Jews, recently, share the Holocaust, for example, and the recent one isn’t the ONLY one the Jews have suffered. I underestimated the effect of that shared history on American Jews. As a Gentile, I can’t even get my mind around assimilating an event like the Holocaust into my direct family history and experience. Some of the survivors of the camps are still alive today and living here in America.

There is nothing about Jews that makes them superhuman in this area of remembering history I guess. Jews are like the rest of us, meaningfully forgetting it within a generation or so. I’d say we have already effectively forgotten 9/11 for example.

9 posted on 07/15/2010 2:36:05 PM PDT by RinaseaofDs
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To: patriotgal1787; SJackson; yonif; Simcha7; American in Israel; Slings and Arrows; judicial meanz; ...

If you'd like to be on or off this
Christian Supporters of Israel ping list,
please FR mail me ~
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There failed not ought of any good thing which the LORD had
spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass. (Joshua 21:45)

Free Republic does not suffer criticism of Jewry ... Stormfront
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'Final Solution,' Phase 2 ~
Warnings ~
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Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem [FR]
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The Holocaust Chronicle ~
" ... It's time we recognized the nature of the conflict. It's total war and we are all involved. Nobody on our side is exempted because of age, gender, or handicap. The Islamofacists have stolen childhood from the world."—FReeper Retief
"Palestine is the wrong name for their State. It should be called Anarchy."—FReeper sgtbono2002
"Then let's wait and see what the Arabs do after they take Gaza. There's nothing like Arab reality to break up a Jewish fantasy."—FReeper Noachian
A student told his professor he was going to "Palestine" to "fight for freedom, peace and justice,"—Orwellian leftist code words that mean "murder Jews."

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10 posted on 07/15/2010 5:58:06 PM PDT by Salem (FREE REPUBLIC - Fighting to win within the Arena of the War of Ideas! So get in the fight!)
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To: patriotgal1787

Pray For The Peace of Jerusalem

Pray For the Peace of Jerusalem
They Shall Prosper That Love Thee.

There is a daily Thread that prays For The peace of Jerusalem, For Israel, For the Jewish People, and For Our Own Beloved USA, Right Here on FR, tucked away in the Religion Forum.
Although most of the folks who post here are Evangelicals, We have people of all faiths who are blessed daily by the Great Scripture Studies, Fine Art Inspired by the Bible, Pictures of the Holy land, Hebrew Word Studies, and PRAYER. Ping me if you would like to be on the list.

Hallelujah and Amen


11 posted on 07/15/2010 7:57:20 PM PDT by left that other site (Your Mi'KMaq Paddy Whacky Bass Playing Biker Buddy)
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To: left that other site
Hey, our pastor just got back from Israel leading a sizable tour, that, after a couple Sunday morning services broadcast live back home from an area of Jerusalem that looked just like that.

Neat-o!  !

12 posted on 07/15/2010 8:03:35 PM PDT by Salem (FREE REPUBLIC - Fighting to win within the Arena of the War of Ideas! So get in the fight!)
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To: Nightshift


13 posted on 07/15/2010 8:18:47 PM PDT by tutstar
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To: Salem

Thanks for the ping :)

Every American who loves freedom should support Israel even if they don’t believe what is written in scripture.

Israel is surrounded by a sea of homicidal savages that value nothing but their vendetta. (They value no ones life not even their own children)

Israel’s problems are our problems also.
Her enemies are our enemies.
No matter what we do they will not be appeased.
They hate us and our way of life just as they hate the Israelis and their way of life.
You can not reason with insanity.

Anyone having any doubt about the difference between Israel and her neighbors should watch this video by Brigitte Gabriel (an Arab who grew up in a bomb shelter in Lebanon ).

14 posted on 07/15/2010 8:23:19 PM PDT by Lera
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To: Lera

15 posted on 07/15/2010 8:45:08 PM PDT by Salem (FREE REPUBLIC - Fighting to win within the Arena of the War of Ideas! So get in the fight!)
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To: patriotgal1787

God’s Judgement on the Disciples of Mad Mo isn’t going to be pretty...

16 posted on 07/15/2010 9:11:25 PM PDT by wjcsux ("In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." - George Orwell)
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To: RinaseaofDs
Well I tend to think that we, as Christians, are expecting more of American Jews than they can give at this time. Based on your post I will assume you know the blindness of the Jewish people to Christ being the Messiah. That was for a reason as you also likely know. But I think that in voting matters, and other matters where they may not agree with us, God is both protecting the Jews and Us via that same blindness. I realize that might sound “strange” but He does work in mysterious ways on all our behalf.

He has given the American Jews just enough clout and political power to be identified as that...but not so much as to inter-fer with His work among nations as well as here. What the Jewish NATION does or does not do does indeed affect the balance of war in the world, as well many other areas they affect in a very positive way, but it is many times done without fanfare. There humanity efforts and work with the under privileged worldwide has out done any other nation when you consider their size. There army is a formidable force and yet they consistently show constraint where any other nation would have bombed their enemies to smithereens.

I think it's unfair to single out the Jewish vote because we have Americans equally as unwilling to side with the right and they are native to our country! fact far more Americans than Jewish people vote for the wrong side. It's Americans in general that need to be called out more than any other nationality including the Jews. IMO.

17 posted on 07/15/2010 9:44:19 PM PDT by caww
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To: Salem

I believe that is a street in the part of the Old City called the “Jewish Quarter”. Very NEAT, Very CLEAN, and Very NICE.

18 posted on 07/16/2010 6:59:56 AM PDT by left that other site (Your Mi'KMaq Paddy Whacky Bass Playing Biker Buddy)
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