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To: honestabe010

How the Church Has Failed to Equip Their Flock With a Ready Defense

I was raised in a Christian family, consistently went to church, and attended Christian school for a good portion of my life. Having familiarized myself with the religion in these ways, I have become appalled with the apathy of many of these believers in relation to their actual knowledge of their cherished faith. What shocks me the most about Christians is their willingness to forego the verification process in determining whether the religion they subscribe to is legitimate.

I find the most ludicrous part of many Christians’ belief to be their inability to adequately defend their faith. They cite their parents, Pastor, and the Bible as the authority needed to legitimize their beliefs. What an incendiary belief and an affront to God that simply believing what your parents and church tell you because you “trust” them are the main premise for your belief.

Maybe you claim to have felt the “presence of god”, received “answers to prayer”, or had “spiritual experiences”. In regards to having felt the presence of god or having had a spiritual experience, it is prudent to understand that every tenant of every other faith has also had similar experiences. What makes your encounter so special? As for answered prayer – How many prayers have you had that were not answered? If you pray enough for things, inevitably some of them will be “answered” in some form or another, maybe you should chalk it up to sheer chance rather than divine intervention.

It is incredibly imprudent to place your entire eternity at risk without fully exploring alternative solutions. Most Christians that I know, and I know quite a few, have an air of cockiness about them and are completely sure that they are right and everyone else is wrong. This certainty rarely comes with any tangible evidence.

Even if it is determined that God and His son Jesus are the masters of the universe, I think it is quite reasonable to realize that God gave man the gift of logic and it should be used to determine the legitimacy of one’s faith.

However, I dare say that the vast majority of believers are not equipped with the knowledge to even come close to being able to defend their faith. Can you tell me why I should believe all of the things in the Bible? Why is it reliable? What exactly was the canonization process? How is it fair, since most people subscribe to a religion based on environment (family, geography, school, etc.) that those who grew up in a Christian environment are able to spend eternity in Heaven and those who were born in Mecca will rot in Hell? There are over 2 billion Muslims and Jews who according to Christians are headed to Hell. However, realize that these groups assert quite the same thing about Christians.

These are not questions for theological giants or pastors; these are questions for each and every Christian. If you are not vigorously seeking the answer to these questions, which are only a small sample of questions of which beg to be asked regarding the religion, than I dare say that you are quite a disgraceful excuse for a believer.

I must remind you, as I touched on earlier, that this is you’re an entire eternity that you are dealing with. You have no excuse to not vigorously seek the answers surrounding your faith. There is nothing more important than the question of life after death, for according to the great religions of the world, if you choose wrong you are sentenced to an eternity of suffering.

Your wife or husband, your kids, your family, your work, all of these things pale in comparison to the God issue. It is time you start living like it. It has always been preached to me that God must be first in one’s life. However, it is extremely rare to see an individual actually put this into practice.

The prevailing theme of this article should not be understood as an attack on Christianity but as an attack of most Christians. The apathy that is exercised by Christians toward their understanding of their belief is a complete disgrace. It is not enough to just read the Bible and to understand the message within, which many Christians are quite unknowledgeable of, but it is necessary to explore evidence outside of the good book.

One must seek the answer as to why such a book is reliable; one must read apologetics as espoused by the likes of Origen, Augustine, Aquinas, Schaeffer, Lewis and countless more. But even more important one must read and become familiar with the arguments against religion, in particular Christianity. It is most likely implausible to ever reach a point of complete certainty through logic. However, simply because Christianity requires faith does not mean it does not require a large amount of logic and fact as well.

Christianity is in need of reformation. The Church needs to not only preach what is in the Bible, but it is time they equip their flock with the knowledge to defend their faith in secular teams. Christians have failed miserably to equip themselves with a full understanding of their religion. It is time they do, it happens to be a matter of eternal life or death.

7 posted on 07/18/2010 12:15:54 PM PDT by Larry Lucido (A woman is like an artichoke; you have to do a bit of work to get to her heart ~Insp. Clouseau)
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To: Larry Lucido

Well, God must love average, luke-warm Christians....’cause he made so many of ‘em!!

9 posted on 07/18/2010 12:35:12 PM PDT by me1og
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