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To: combat_boots; Fishtalk

I posted to fishtalk the other day, that I think Christine is going to shock and awe on election night and I’ve not been to Deleware since age five! That Coons is a snooty, pompous arse and unless a person is just like him, I cannot imagine voting for the likes of that slimebag.

This election promises to be like no other.

32 posted on 10/26/2010 3:59:20 PM PDT by onyx (If you truly support Sarah and want on her Ping List, let me know!)
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To: onyx

Hiya Onyx,

The local talk show guy was going on today about the lack of polls in this race. Come on, all week we’ve been hearing about polls from West Va,Ca, Ill, Rand Paul....even a poll just tonight on Fox for a supreme court judge running somewhere.

I got a theory about why this is so which I’ll share in a minute.

First, let me state that Palin is definitely due to come to Delaware this Sunday. COD just got the endorsement of former Gov. Dupont which is a big deal.

Next, you really need to get to Delaware more. Except I don’t know what to tell you to visit except maybe me.

Another tidbit which means i don’t know what, let me remind y’all that Delaware currently has another big, big race going on...that of Delaware’s ONLY Rep in America’s House, to replace Mike Castle’s old job. So this week Coons and the Democrat running for Castle’s old seat, former loot-gov John Carney, have BOTH refused to participate in any more debates. In fact, Carney didn’t show up for a scheduled debate with his pub opponent, Urquhart. Urquhart is greatly outpublicized by COD but he’s okay with it. I love the guy and hey, there’s no polls on this race either, now that I think of it.

Don’t know what to make of all these refusal to come out in public with the Dems Coons/Carney AND, as an aside, there’s another guy, Pete might remember his Dad, General in Desert Storm. Well Pete is a Dem, the ONLY Dem in Sussex county and we can’t stand the man. He’s running and let me tell you the Sussex pubs are out beating the hell out of Pete cause he’s a tax and spend Dem of the highest order. and this ain’t Wilmington here in Sussex county Delaware.

Anyway, Schwartzkopf TOO didn’t show up for a scheduled debate recently! Remember, these are not possible or suggested debates, they are debates all scheduled with audiences showing up and boom, the Dems...they ain’t showing up! Now Coons just refusing to go public this week.

What this means I don’t know but throwing it out there.

Now as for polling for either COD and poor ole forgotten Urquhart, just the nicest are the demographics in Delaware. Up north, in the Wilmington area, which is 2.5 hours from my house in this little state just to give you an idea...Wilmington also being kind of an extended suburb of Philadelphia....fully 3/4 of the population leaves in that area. Most of them are Democrat, heavily union, a lot of the welfare class, some blue collar. Few pubs or even Independents.

In Kent and Sussex county, both of these counties have 1/4 of the population, VERY conservative, more conservative than most of your red states....very conservative. I love Sussex county, it’s a bit of heaven on earth.

Now that 3/4 of the population up around Wilmington, they might vote Democrat but they don’t wake up election morn all full of zest and smiles ready to go to the polls and cast their vote.

In the past Delaware has had reliable Mike Castle of RINO fame. So the beleaguered Kent and Sussex countians went and voted for Castle just so whatever nut case the Dems might have come up with doesn’t win. It was no mind if the 3/4 up north bothered to vote because the Dems were quite happy with Castle and they figured let the more reliable and probably not hung-over voters of Kent and Sussex vote him in.

THIS year they’ve got to get out those Philly surround voters and I do think they’ve taken polls and I suspect the polls are over the place.

I think the welfare Wilmington voters probably tell the pollsters that hell yeah they’ll vote for Coons, sho nuff. So right there you’ve got 75% of the sample...well maybe 60% to get logical...all saying they’ll vote for Coons, hell yeah.

Then they poll the Kent/Sussex voters and maybe right there you get 95% saying they’re going for COD. Do the math on it and I’m thinking you got maybe Coons up by 20-25 points.


If you’re a Freeper you probably figgered it out. The Coons voters are quite likely to sleep in come election day so what the pollsters are hearing ain’t likely close to the outcome.

Bearing in mind, thanks for indulging me for my length, that I’m sure that a check of voting outcomes in the past likely revealed the turnout of voters to be something like 35% of the welfare folks with the rest being the Indies/pubs from downstate.

I am, understand here, pulling numbers outta the air but I’m working on my finely hones political hunch from what I learned in Delaware.

So much, so very, very much, depends on who comes out to vote this upcoming Tuesday. I know the turnout will affect races across the fruited plains but seriously, it is a drop dead huge point here in Delaware.

I’ll end with the thought that more than anything that this is why Obamer came to Delaware last week. I’m thinking they’ve got the unions working on picking up the wilmington voters, supply them with a pack of cigs, bus them to the polls...that kind of thing.

In short, but why should I be short now?...I think the COD/Coons race will be a squeaker/nail-biter.

60 posted on 10/26/2010 4:39:04 PM PDT by Fishtalk
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