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Homolatry: VIP victims in the pervasive violence in Brazil
Last Days Watchman ^ | Julio Severo

Posted on 11/24/2010 12:40:11 PM PST by juliosevero

Homolatry: VIP victims in the pervasive violence in Brazil

Homosexuality is increasingly becoming guarantee against impunity and police negligence

By Julio Severo

A murdered man in the street. Police did their investigative duty on the crime scene and report to their chief, who asks them, “Was the victim a homosexual?”

Because the answer is negative, the chief says, “So throw this case into the statistics of the over 50,000 Brazilians killed every year.”

This is so not because police is an impunity lover. With dozens of thousands murders happening, it is hard for a few ill-paid and ill-trained policemen to solve so many crimes. They are able to pay attention only to the cases in the media spotlight.

In 2007, Gabriel Kuhn, a 12-year-old Brazilian boy, was raped and, while he was still alive, had his legs torn away. He died from massive hemorrhage, but his case has never made headlines. A common crime — rape, live dismemberment and murder of a boy — does not draw so much media attention as the case of a gay suffering an assault.

The fad is, because of the pressures from the homolatrous movement, to remove from the black cloud of indifference only incidents where homosexuals suffer scratches, assaults and murders — or even, as it often happens, those that merely felt that they were insulted. The Brazilian anti-“homophobia” bill PLC 122/06, for example, punishes the author of a simples “insult” against homosexual acts with so a heavy penalty as a child rapist suffers.

In the crime ranking, homosexual acts entitle a victim not to be treated with the same disregard as all the other victims are treated.

The impunity hitting crimes against babies, boys, girls, men and women is losing its power when the victim is addicted to those shameless privileged acts, because lawgivers, journalists and human rights groups put homosexual adherents in the category of individuals deserving VIP attention.

If you are homosexual, there are now special “human rights” police stations, where you have a personalized reception. There is a gay emergency telephone number, for you to use and abuse, reporting as “homophobic” even the neighbor’s dog that annoys with its ceaseless barking. If you are not gay, you will have to join the populace and take your place in the line of public reception. After all, the gay profile is economically higher and this moneyed class cannot get involved with common people. An involvement only happens when a big rich gay pursues a big poor young man or boy to offer gifts in exchange of “that”.

Yet, homosexuals are not preferentially targeted for assassination. If they were, there would be dozens of thousands of them losing their lives every year. Those really losing their lives by thousands are common Brazilians that, from 1980 to 2005, suffered a shocking 800,000 murders. So you ask the question, “How have I never heard about it?” Simple answer: they were not gay.

In this same period of 25 years, 2,511 Brazilian homosexuals were murdered, according to information from the Gay Group of Bahia, founded by Luiz Mott. This small number may include also incidents where the main crime cause is the irrational passion of a lover of the victim. Besides, the murder of homosexuals that frequent, at 2 am, environments of drugs, prostitution and criminality is overvalued and over-made up.

Even though homosexual victims are not even 1% of the 800,000 murdered Brazilians, they have become the main stars in the “show”. It is as if homosexuals had a sum of 800,000 victims, and all the other Brazilians were not more than 2,000 murdered.

Yearly, 122 homosexuals are murdered, or one every three days, according to the claim of Mr. Luiz Mott. By contrast, yearly 50,000 Brazilians are murdered, 414 every three days, or 138 every day. It means that the number of Brazilians murdered daily is higher than the total sum of homosexuals murdered yearly, indicating, in the words of Solano Portela, that “the best way for one to escape alive in Brazil is by becoming gay”.

Murdered homosexuals are mostly transvestites, according to Oswaldo Braga, president of the Gay Movement of Minas, who declared, “They are homosexuals that are more involved in criminality, as prostitution and drug trafficking, being more exposed to violence”. (Tribuna de Minas, 09/03/2007, page 3.)

I don’t understand why transvestites and other homosexuals, who choose environments of criminality and prostitution, do not suffer a very larger proportion of murders. Could it be that now criminals are also afraid of being accused of “homophobic”?

Certain attitudes of the disturbed homosexual (our definition of homosexual is a man giving or receiving penis in his anus) are now an integral part of the propaganda that treats as “homocaust” (holocaust of homosexuals) the 122 homosexuals murdered yearly in Brazil. This homocaust actually adds up a very low proportion that comes into collision with the vast picture of all the other murdered Brazilians. But the biggest reality is prevailed by the smaller reality at the expense of those typical attitudes of a garish gay, as lies, intrigues, showing-off and gossip, sophistically masked in propaganda language.

With the pressure and oppression from the Gaystapo on the media, what chances do most victims (who are treated as fifth-class citizens) have before the “first-class victims”?

The homolatrine agenda throws truth out and exalts homolatry above all and any statistics and social reality, prevailing by the sheer stir.

Yet, if homosexuals are really 10% of the Brazilian population, as the gay groups in Brazil say, where are the 80,000 murdered in the period of 25 years? If they are 5%, where are the 40,000 murdered homosexuals? If they are only 1%, where are the 8,000 murdered?

With all the media holophotes in the small number of homosexual victims, impunity is bound to increase for all the Brazilians, because more attention and police protection for homosexuals means less attention and police protection for all citizens.

Crimes now will be protected from impunity according to the victim’s homolatry. Is the man assaulted a gay? The culprit will be found guilty and sent to jail, with no chance to escape. Is the victim not gay? Then police is too busy to investigate, giving the culprit the chance to breathe a sigh of relief. It is the ideologization and idiotization of the punitive system. It is the homolatry privileging those paying homage to anus.

Do you want an assault or murder case in your locality to receive attention from the press, politicians and police? In a society immersed in homolatrine, you are left only with the option to claim that the victim is gay. In the incident of the boy Gabriel Kuhn, who was raped and dismembered live, his case would be remembered regularly in all the TV channels and in the Congress — if the criminal were not a homosexual. And there are thousands of other cases of raped boys that do not make headlines, because the rapist is homosexual.

When the victim is homosexual, holophotes. The “cause” of the crime is “homophobia” and no more questions admitted. Each “homophobic” incident becomes reason for garish campaigns for bills to protect first-class perverts as if they were first-class victims.

When the offender is homosexual, manipulation, forgery and cover-up, protecting homosexual acts from dishonor. The “cause” of the crime is a mystery! Everything and everyone are to be blamed, except the so-called “sex orientation”.

The homolatrine agenda grants VIP attentions for homosexual victims and impunity for homosexuals that commit insanities. Luiz Mott, the most important leader in the Brazilian homosexual movement, has been under the accusation of defending pedophilia, while homosexual Denílson Lopes, a university professor, has brazenly defended sex with children. Besides, a Brazilian movie promoted openly homosexual sex among boys. In each of these cases, Brazilian authorities have never taken any measures. Yet, if a minister or priest had said just 10% of what Mott and Lopes said about sex with children, they would rightly be jailed and totally demoralized in the media.

In the pervasive violence ravaging everyone in Brazil, homolatry now makes all the difference when deciding which victims are to receive positive media attention or which offenders are to get impunity.
Portuguese version of this article: Homolatria: As vítimas VIP da violência no Brasil


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1 posted on 11/24/2010 12:40:14 PM PST by juliosevero
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To: juliosevero

Actually, if they were 4, 8, 10 or whatever percent of the population you probably do see the proper numbers of murder victims. It’s just that most don’t carry their official homosexual identification cards in their wallets. So when they drag in a corpse it’s male or female unless they happen to be in drag like the transvestites mentioned in the article. It’s the same reason the gay civil rights argument falls apart. You can instantly tell when someone is black. Homosexuals don’t stand out in a crowd unless they make a concerted effort to do so.

2 posted on 11/24/2010 2:20:02 PM PST by Oshkalaboomboom
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