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The Profound Problem of Muslim Immigration
Right Side News ^ | December 27, 2010

Posted on 12/27/2010 8:58:21 AM PST by La Lydia

As the West has accepted extensive immigration from Islamic countries, unexpected social and political problems have followed. While rising crime rates, rampant unemployment and a heavy load on our much-appreciated welfare systems are severe problems in itself, a distinct and dramatically more significant problem is the subtle subversion of our free and democratic societies, also known as "Stealth Jihad."

The retired Islamic scholar Sam Solomon, in this compact book "Al-Hijra, The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration", connects the dots and explains why seemingly unrelated incidents are in fact rooted in Islamic tradition and are steps on the path to create a fully Islamized society.

To demonstrate how this functions, Sam Solomon dives into his exhaustive knowledge of Islamic history and law. As Islamic scholars everywhere, he derives his conclusions from Islamic scripture, the life of Muhammad in particular, and shows how historically immigration has slowly but steadily lead to formerly Jewish or Christian societies submitting to Islam....

By pointing out the scriptural justifications and inner logic of seemingly benign and unrelated Muslim demands, it provides an invaluable tool for identifying and countering the stealth jihad destabilizing our societies. ...

Retaining faith in Islam and Islamic scholars will lead the immigrants to tacitly support the subversive aims of Islamists who have also come to the West, initially as a relatively small fraction of millions of Islamic immigrants. These Islamic leaders and scholars use the Islamic teachings to destroy confidence in Western democracies, and they are astonishingly effective in achieving that aim....

However, more important than the flagship violent jihad is the so-called 'Stealth Jihad', where Islamic law (Shariah) is quietly being implemented in our societies, usually in seemingly benign aspects of life, but leading to a constant affirmation of Islamic identity being more important to Muslims than honest integration in the host societies. Sam Solomon quotes extensively from scripture and interpretation, pointing out how Islam in itself constitutes a barrier to integration....

Later, when the Islamic community feels strong enough, cases are seen where Muslim shop workers start protesting having to handle these 'unclean' items, and demand an exception due to their 'religious needs'. Demands for gender segregated swimming halls, prayer breaks, prayer rooms and eventually mosques follow similar patterns, where items that were initially not a concern suddenly become demands voiced with strong conviction of their necessities. Employers and public institutions tend to yield to such Islamic demands, not noticing that this is a slippery slope towards implementation of Shariah....

KEYWORDS: conquest; izlam; terror; violence
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Izlam is anti-freedom, anti-liberty and untrustworthy. Trojan horse of the first magnitude.
1 posted on 12/27/2010 8:58:26 AM PST by La Lydia
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To: La Lydia

Exactly correct. If our country accepts Islam as a norm, we will revert back to the 14th century by default. All we have to do is look at Islamic nations that exist today. They have no freedoms and are run by dictators.

2 posted on 12/27/2010 9:02:26 AM PST by RC2
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To: RC2

Islam in the west is an infestation problem.

3 posted on 12/27/2010 9:05:20 AM PST by Overwatcher
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To: RC2
If our country accepts Islam as a norm,

Maybe the country hasn't accepted it yet, but more and more it looks like the Regime has. .. just sayin'

4 posted on 12/27/2010 9:06:05 AM PST by YankeeReb
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To: La Lydia

At some point we need to say “if you can not accept western ways, we totally understand and will be willing to help pay your way back to your home country.”

5 posted on 12/27/2010 9:08:40 AM PST by McGavin999 ("I was there when we had the numbers, but didn't have the principles"-Jim DeMint)
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To: La Lydia

The USA has about 0.06% muslim population and our problems are already beginning.

None of us would want to live in a majority muslim country.
49% would also be unacceptable, as would 25%, 10%.

At what percent would we find acceptable?

I say that if we don’t want substantial numbers of muslims, I question why we want or accept any.

6 posted on 12/27/2010 9:11:08 AM PST by umgud
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To: McGavin999

Yeh Islam claims persecution while killing millions around the world. These scum need to be eliminated.

7 posted on 12/27/2010 9:12:03 AM PST by jimpick
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To: La Lydia

Ask those living in the Balkans what they think of islamic immigration.

8 posted on 12/27/2010 9:13:30 AM PST by montyspython
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To: La Lydia

Islam is terror elevated to a social system. Tbe Muslims who are civil are cultural Christians. It’s that simple.

9 posted on 12/27/2010 9:13:53 AM PST by the invisib1e hand ("Three hostile newspapers are more to be feared than 200 swords" - Napoleon Bonapart)
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To: umgud

“I say that if we don’t want substantial numbers of muslims, I question why we want or accept any.”

Sorry I don’t want to accept any. Zero zip zilch.

10 posted on 12/27/2010 9:14:39 AM PST by jimpick
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To: Overwatcher

Islam has no place in the United States. It goes against everything we believe in. The bad part is they don’t care.

11 posted on 12/27/2010 9:15:00 AM PST by RC2
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To: McGavin999

“...we would be willing to help you sell your belongings so you can pay your way back to your home” hell hole.

12 posted on 12/27/2010 9:19:17 AM PST by La Lydia
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To: La Lydia

Deserts and camel dung were created for those who kill in the name of God.

13 posted on 12/27/2010 9:22:31 AM PST by 2nd Amendment
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To: La Lydia
I am SO SICK of hearing the “All Moslem's are not terrorists”

That is not the point. All Catholics are not terrorists. All Girl Scouts are not terrorists. All Shriners are not terrorists. All bunny rabbits are not terrorists. All Nuns are not terrorists.

All of the above comments are 100% true. And all are equally stupid in that they miss the point.

The point is that all terrorists ARE MOSLEMS.

14 posted on 12/27/2010 9:41:12 AM PST by Mr. K ('Profiling' you is worse than grabbing your balls)
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To: Mr. K

And while I am thinking about it- it is NOT true that “all muslems are not terrorists”

SOME of them are so it is false that “all” of them are not

The only factually correct statement would be “SOME moslemsn are not terrorists”

15 posted on 12/27/2010 9:47:41 AM PST by Mr. K ('Profiling' you is worse than grabbing your balls)
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To: RC2

The Infestation Grows
The Muslim infestation of America is growing, spreading with epidemic quickness and proportions, almost unchecked. This is a time to know and understand the problem, not to ignore it and hope it will go away. The creeping cancer simply cannot and will not simply “coexist” alongside the American way of life, the American culture, the American greatness.
First of all, Islam does not mean “peace.” Salaam means “peace.” Islam means “Submit!” Furthermore, there are only three permissible ways for a non-believer, that is, an infidel, to submit: 1.) Convert to Islam. 2.) Continue as a second class citizen subject to the whims of Muslims, and paying protection money (Jizzya) on demand. 3.) Die. I don’t like any of those choices. Do you?

A Muslim is an adherent of Islam, one who embraces its teachings and doctrines. There is no such thing as a “moderate” Muslim – it is a myth, made up to placate stupid, politically correct wannabes, that is to say, “multicultural” imbeciles. Is there such a thing as being just a little bit pregnant? Either you are, or you are not. It’s the same thing – either you are a Muslim or you are not.

A Muslim’s supreme governing law is Sharia’ Law, Islamic Law. In America the supreme law of the land is the United States Constitution. Sharia’ Law is at odds with our Constitution. Muslims are here not to embrace and adopt the supreme law of this land; they are here to supplant it with their own supreme law - pure and simple. Andrew Whitehead, courageous patriot, on his website,, has posted a quote by the Co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Omar Ahmad: “Those who stay in America should be open to society without melting, keeping Mosques open so anyone can come and learn about Islam. If you choose to live here, you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam ... Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” What further need have we of witnesses?

The United States Constitution and Sharia’ Law are mutually exclusive. They cannot both exist in the same place at the same time. One or the other must go. Make no mistake about it, Muslims in America are actively working to ensure their system is the one that becomes and remains operational in this great land of the (formerly?) brave and free. Perhaps, still brave, but will we remain free of this plague that seeks to overrun this land? No, we will be overcome if we do not recognize what is going on, face up to what is going on, and deal with it decisively. No matter what our delusional “leaders” may say in our overbloated federal government (as Ted Nugent calls it, “Fedzilla”), this is a warfare. Maybe not a shooting one yet ...

America has always welcomed legal immigration. People have come here from every country on earth, and they have embraced and adopted their new land where they are free to be all they can be. They have become Americans and have contributed marvelously to this nation’s greatness. However, Muslims come here not to assimilate, (see Omar’s quote again) but to infect and infest. As Andrew McCarthy has explained in his book, The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America, Muslims have adopted a “voluntary apartheid,” whereby they purposely do not integrate into American society. They adroitly exploit our system of laws in order to thwart us and to gain advantage after “politically correct” advantage, after every “multicultural” nonsensical advantage they can dream up. It is truly an infestation we are witnessing. But, is it not astounding that we are allowing it to happen right here and right under our very noses? This is especially disturbing after watching it happen all throughout Europe, (soon becoming Eurabia), especially in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, and France. There are numerous “no go” areas in those lands where the police and fire personnel are afraid to venture, because control there is in the hands of the immigrant “youths.”

According to a comment made on the Atlas Shrugs website at “It looks like the French government may have to update their official websites to include more than the following: French in France can’t go to 751 areas designated Muslim-Only areas. Note: The French are kind enough to list the areas, as well as provide detailed maps, of where non-Muslims mustn’t go in France.” I guess France truly doesn’t belong to the French any longer, as it appears the French have surrendered once again. Unfortunately, similar areas are presently developing and festering throughout the United States. Armed Muslim enclaves exist in many localities across the country. One example is “Islam(a)berg,” near Buffalo, New York. There are many, many more compounds strategically developing across the land. (Nay, I wear not the hat of tinfoil. I just have eyes to see, and ears to hear.).

This terribly dangerous condition I am trying to describe is rapidly approaching “super nova” status. Let me preface the danger with a few facts. Saul Alinsky wrote the infamous Rules for Radicals in 1971. Alinsky was a communist through and through, and much worse. He taught his armies of community organizers to go forth into the various neighborhoods across America and to organize the people in order to divide them and cause them to serve “the greater good.” Unfortunately one of Saul’s greatest disciples is the “present” President of the United States, Barak Hussein Obama. This is the one who most frequently voted “present” as a United States Senator from Illinois, which essentially meant that he was not doing his job. As a U.S. Senator he also, quite probably in violation of the Logan Act, (as McCarthy also mentions in his book on jihad), spent quite a bit of time “in his native Kenya,” actively and aggressively working on behalf of Obinga Odinga, (Ramma Lamma Dinga). He was actively organizing the Kenyan communities, but clearly along the lines of and consistent with an anti-United States agenda. This was not lawful activity for an official of the United States government. Of course, the Obama-worshipping incompetents who call themselves mainstream media journalists gave “the One” a free pass, and didn’t deem it newsworthy enough to report his shenanigans dutifully to the American people. To do so would have been contrary to their constant practice of slobbering all over him, gushing forth with his greatness. “Hope and Change.”

I truly do not know if Barak Hussein Obama is a Muslim, and a non-natural born United States citizen who is illegally occupying the Oval Office. His own wife, Michelle, has stated publicly that Barak’s native country is Kenya. Why would she make a statement like that if it weren’t true? I don’t know. We have seen pictures of him outfitted in his native Muslim dress. He attended Muslim schools in Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country on earth. He stated to an Egyptian official in a one-on-one meeting that he is indeed a Muslim. His father was unquestionably a Muslim, which according to Islamic Law meant the male child was also a Muslim. His school records from Indonesia indicate his religion as Muslim. Obama has publicly stated that the most beautiful sound on earth is the Muslim call to prayer. Why did he bow down to Saudi Arabian royalty? Question after question. What is the truth in this matter?

This might possibly explain why it is now the official policy of the United States government, and all its far reaching, ever-expanding bureaucratic tentacles, not to mention the term Islamic terror or Islamic terrorists or Islamic terrorism. It is no longer the War on Terror – it is the war on “man-caused disasters.” We must not speak ill of Islam, but we must praise its numerous cultural and scientific achievements and accomplishments. Why, even our own NASA has been charged with bringing a space program to the Muslim world and to extol the wondrous virtues of Islam.

This president treats our stated enemies much better than he treats our all-time greatest ally, the Nation of Israel. He bows to our enemies and betrays our friends. No wonder it looks hopeless. The willful, deliberate failure of our federal government to protect our borders is a disgrace – and a “clear and present danger” to our security and well-being. It appears that Hezbollah is now assisting the Mexican drug cartels in their latest string of car bombings in Juarez. This is a direct dereliction of duty on the part of the United States Chief Executive Officer, the Commander in Chief. It is a violation of his oath of office by which he swore to uphold and to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. This blatant failure is an impeachable offense, and should be brought to bear immediately. If you are not even allowed to name the name of the enemy, you are doomed. You have lost. This is the terrible danger I fear. “The One” who loves Muslims so much won’t allow us to name Islam as the enemy. What does that tell you about him?

It’s time to call in the exterminator. (We can’t call in the terminator – we see how much help he has been to the troubled state of “Kaleefohniya”). Make these vermin leave voluntarily, or involuntarily. But, leave they must. Of course, a “bleeding heart” liberal type would probably try and argue that we should allow them to remain if they swear allegiance to the United States Constitution (not that a liberal gives a damn about the U.S. Constitution). But, there are two problems with this approach: 1.) A true Muslim cannot subject or subordinate Islamic Law, Sharia’ Law, to anything else on earth. So, this would therefore require a Muslim to renounce Islam. We know what the penalty for that is (it rhymes with, “I will cut your head off”). 2.) The widespread, common Islamic practice of Al Taqqiyyah, which is lying or swearing falsely, just to further the cause of Islam. So, if a true Muslim were to swear allegiance to the United States and its Constitution, it would be, ipso facto, a lie! Remember the principle of mutual exclusivity. Muslims don’t assimilate. They encroach. They are encroachers. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim except in the eye of an uninformed, wishful-thinking, politically correct, multicultural liberal-minded public. The moderate Muslim exists in the land of the tooth fairy and assorted other fairies.

The danger I am trying to emphasize can be illustrated by a line from an old Bella Lugosi “Dracula” movie from the late 1930s. In the film, Professor Von Helsing stated that, “The greatest strength of the vampire lies in the fact that so few people believe he exists.” (No, I don’t believe in vampires; I’m just trying to illustrate a point). The greatest strength of the “moderate” Muslim is that so many people want to believe he exists. He doesn’t exist. Believe me. Your life is at stake! Wake up. Let us put out the evil from among us!

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman wrote that there are sheep – and it’s okay to be a sheep; just recognize that you are a sheep. Then there are wolves that come to tear and destroy the sheep. And, there are sheepdogs who seek to warn and protect the sheep. The sheepdog is always on the lookout for wolves. He is not afraid to defend the sheep. From his website, an article “On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs,” (From the book, On Combat, by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman).

It’s okay to be a sheep, but remember that wolves love sheep. Also keep in mind that the sheepdog can’t be everywhere.

In the case of another Islamic attack upon these United States of America,
apply “Insecticide” liberally at: 21 25’14.14”N 39 49’45.23”E elev.318m

16 posted on 12/27/2010 10:00:30 AM PST by Overwatcher
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To: Overwatcher

Being sheep is “NOT” Ok. Sheep cannot protect themselves and wolves know it. The more sheep back down from their attackers, the hard the attackers will attack. The more you show fear, the more in danger we are. Just look at nature and dogs. If a dog is a coward, a pack of dogs will attack it much more than if it stood up for itself. Nature, in general, doesn’t like cowards and will take advantage of them whenever they can.

17 posted on 12/27/2010 10:11:03 AM PST by RC2
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To: jimpick
The reason that we are at war in Iraq and Afghanistan!
18 posted on 12/27/2010 10:25:14 AM PST by Coldwater Creek (He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty Psalm 91:)
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To: La Lydia

islam is an evil cult oppression murder and terrorism.
Its goal is the destruction of civilization. Why would we even think about allowing this evil into our Country!

19 posted on 12/27/2010 10:35:26 AM PST by SECURE AMERICA
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To: La Lydia
More than a decade ago, I spent about a week or so on a business trip in Saudi Arabia and got an education I will never forget. This was shortly after the first gulf war, when Americans weren't prime targets for Islamofacist violence.

Thus, as the day's work ended, I made it a point to get out and about to experience as much of the area as possible.

What weirded me out more than anything else was the near total lack of Saudis actually working in Saudi Arabia.

From the cab drivers, to the people in the hotels, to the staffs in the restaurants and shops to the companies we were doing business with, native Saudis were nowhere to be seen and, if they were, it was as token window dressing.

Even weirder was that the people doing the actual work largely came from non-Islamic or Islamic minority countries. The favored employees for dealing with the public seemed to come from the Philippines or India. They were polite, diligent and efficient.

The few from Islamic countries were, with a handful of exceptions, surly, nearly impossible to understand or downright creepy. Since Saudi Arabia, as the center of Islam, was apparently not fond of allowing large numbers of people from other Islamic countries to move there, I've wondered why in the hell Americans should not feel the same way.

20 posted on 12/27/2010 10:35:46 AM PST by Vigilanteman (Obama: Fake black man. Fake Messiah. Fake American. How many fakes can you fit in one Zer0?)
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