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Is Your Favorite Charity Infiltrated? ^ | March 8, 2011 | Cassandra Anderson

Posted on 03/12/2011 10:20:44 PM PST by bronxville

Is Your Favorite Charity Infiltrated?

Before you write a check, sign a petition or declare your unwavering support for foundations or "nonprofit" organizations (NPOs), you may wish to investigate their agendas by using this step-by-step guide. Many large foundations and nonprofit organizations have destructive agendas in opposition to public interest or they receive funding from dubious sources and may be unduly influenced.   Lawyer and former tax expert, Michael Shaw now President of says,

"Foundations, Non Governmental Organizations (NPOs) and non-profits are generally exempt from income taxes. They have been arranged from the beginning to promote globalism and today this is accomplished through the implementation of Agenda 21. The creation of the FEDERAL RESERVE coupled with the adoption of the income tax in 1913 provided the one world elite opportunity to avoid taxes through the formation of Foundations and other tax exempts. This was key to creating the financing system that has promoted globalism and which now threatens us all with world tyranny."

There are 1.6 million so-called nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations in the US. Nonprofits are misnamed and are anything but not-for-profit; a more accurate description is that they are TAX EXEMPT organizations.

This article will explore two major types of tax exempt organizations:

Foundations- these are the grantors and they are required to donate 5% of their assets each year to charitable organizations. They enjoy enormous tax breaks from the federal government and pay no income tax, no corporate tax and no capital gains tax. States and local governments may also exempt them from property and sales taxation. Some powerful foundations are extremely influential in setting political policies and making laws that benefit their enterprises and pass the cost onto taxpayers.

Nonprofit Organizations or NPOs also enjoy the same tax exemptions as foundations (no income, corporate or capital gains taxes). NPOs are structured like a business and seek grants from foundations, government subsidies and corporate and private donations. They do pursue profits.

For instance, PLANNED PARENTHOOD is a NPO with deep roots in eugenics and they seek to have employees promote abortions to boost profits, according to a former employee whistleblower.  Planned Parenthood showed a $112 million profit in 2006 and received over $300 million in tax funded support.   Whether someone is pro-life or pro-choice, most would agree that pursuing abortion for profit and population control is very negative.

Because tax exempt 501(c)3 organizations get a free ride on taxes but enjoy publicly funded benefits, they should be required to make their full financial documents available to the public. Furthermore, tax exempt organizations may also receive tax funded government subsidies, so it is simply wrong that there is little or no transparency.  This is important because many organizations that receive tax exempt status influence political policy that works against the public.

G. Edward Griffin described controlled opposition as a strategy to defeat one's opponent by placing an agent in the enemy camp who will provide false leadership.  The agent's mission is to fail while looking sincere.  Mr. Griffin gave an example of a boxer who throws a fight.  Imagine a scenario with a prizefighter who stands to win $1 million in prize money if he wins a match, but then is offered $3 million to take a dive.  If he chooses to throw the fight for the bigger paycheck, he will have to battle in the ring to make it look convincing before failing.  This is why it can be difficult to detect controlled opposition.

Here are some tips on how to spot whether a tax-exempt entity may be controlled opposition or may have been infiltrated or influenced by agents working against the public's interest:

1.  Check the website for their stated goals and compare what they actually support to what they claim to support.

An example is the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WHEAT GROWERS who say that they are working toward a better future for wheat growers, the industry and the public.  However, most of their partners are the biotech giants who have damaged farmers and put public health in jeopardy.

2. Does the tax exempt organization support phony global warming? 

This is a huge red flag because the man made GLOBAL WARMING MYTH is used to promote depopulation and create draconian regulations.  'Endangered species' has the same objective (one single species has yet to be saved by any rules imposed by the restrictive Endangered Species Act!).

3.  Does the NPO have a large staff?  This costs money and grassroots efforts are usually low on funds. 

The NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL (NRDC), for instance, has an enormous staff.  The financials that they post on their website reveal that they received over $90 million in donations in 2009.  The Board of Trustees lists Laurence Rockefeller (this family is a primary source of America's troubles), Leonardo DiCaprio, James Taylor and Robert Redford.  Remember Redford's Sundance channel constantly trumpeted phony environmentalism.  The NRDC was founded by the Ford Foundation.

4.  Is financial data listed on the website?  If so, check for a donor list.

It is uncommon to find financial information on these types of websites, but some are documented.  The ETC Group portrays an interest in stopping geoengineering (chemtrails, et al), but then insisted the UN control it.  Remember that the UN is a supranational organization that answers to no one.  ETC is partially funded by the FORD FOUNDATION that was partnered with the ROCKEFELLERS in the Population Council eugenics movement and has many ties to the UN.

5.  You can cross reference the name of the organization and board and staff members' names with the UN, Rockefellers and Bill Gates for intriguing reading.

6.  Wealthy foundations may have obtained their investment money from reprehensible sources that can be investigated.

A possible example of this is the JOHN MERCK FUND that was founded by the Merck family, in memory of a son who died at a young age.  Merck & Company is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and produces dangerous drugs.  George W. Merck, the father of the dead son, was responsible for developing patentable synthetic drugs and leading the War Research Service that initiated the US biological weapons program.  The Merck Foundation has provided grants to the ABORTION ACCESS PROJECT, the CENTER FOR FOOD SAFETY, the NRDC, the ORGANIC CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION, the ROCKERFELLER FAMILY FUND, the TIDES FOUNDATION and many others.

7. is a great website to look into financial data for foundations.  A free membership is offered to independent researchers and allows access to IRS 990 information that usually includes grant recipients.  Some of the foundations' IRS 990 forms include donor lists and amounts.  It may also contain information on how the foundation invests its vast fortune and increases its wealth (tax exempt) to support its agenda.'s free membership allows investigation into many NPOs, but only the aggregate amount of the donations are listed and donor names are generally not available. More complete information can be obtained for foundations.

According to tax forms provided by, the Center for Food Safety, a NPO whose lawyers have represented farmers against Monsanto, is a recipient of a grant from the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors foundation for $75,000 in 2008 and the Center for Food Safety's sister agency, the International Center for Technology Assessment, received $147,000 from the Rockefeller Family Fund in 2008.  This would appear to be a deep conflict of interest because the Rockefellers have been primary funders for advancing the genetically modified food revolution  and agricultural manipulation as chronicled in F. William Engdahl's book 'Seeds of Destruction'.

Not all tax exempt organizations are corrupt, but the powerful ones that influence public policy deserve close scrutiny. 

Find out more about foundations here.

Now that you are armed with some good research tools, there are thousands of tax exempt organizations and foundations that need to be exposed, so please help investigate these entities and report on your findings in order to awaken the slumbering masses.

Michael Shaw, President of,has been active in ending Agenda 21 for over a decade and his website provides a wealth of information on this topic.

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KEYWORDS: abortionproject; alfredploetz; averyharriman; billgates; centerfoodsafety; charlesbdavenport; coldspringsharbor; dullesbrothers; eugenics; globalwarmingmyth; harriman; jdrockerfeller; johnmerckfund; nonprofitorgs; nrdc; plannedparenthood; robertredford; rockefeller; un; wheatgrowers

1904: German Alfred Ploetz founds the Archive for Racial and Social Biology, which becomes the chief journal of the German eugenics or race hygiene movement. Ernst Haeckel popularized eugenics in Germany.

- John D. Rockefeller issues "Occasional Letter No.1" detailing plans to mold the people, reduce national intelligence to the lowest common denominator, destroy parental influence, traditional and customs, and eliminate science and real learning, "in order to perfect human nature". - Eugenics laboratory established at Cold Springs Harbor on Long Island constructed by Charles B. Davenport. Cold Springs Harbor was also the location of the estates of both Dulles brothers. Cold Springs facility is funded in excess of $11 million by the Harrimans and the Rockefellers. -

1 posted on 03/12/2011 10:20:48 PM PST by bronxville
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To: bronxville
Republicans have been sending their children to college to be brain washed for decades..
With not a whimper of outrage.. or even recognition..
2 posted on 03/12/2011 10:29:04 PM PST by hosepipe (This propaganda has been edited to include some fully orbed hyperbole....)
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To: bronxville
I have sponsored children for decades at Christian Children's Fund....they dropped Christian from the name and when you see ad's on TV for Childs Fund, its those that must have been offended at Christian in the name...It had been CCF for 72 years....I emailed back and forth with the new head of the company and dropped the 2 children I was supporting. Sorry but if the name Christian is offensive, giving to that organization is offensive....I wished the woman good luck and hope she would get sponsors to pick up when good Christians left.....

Felt bad dropping out but it was necessary... GG

3 posted on 03/12/2011 10:32:32 PM PST by goat granny
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To: bronxville

These dried up raisins of men have no knowledge of their inevitable eternity in hell...

I hope they enjoyed their “riches” while on earth, because they will pay the ultimate price.

Unfortunately, they have “spawned”...their “spawn” will probably suffer the same fate as their fathers.

Prepare them another cracker with caviar, to be washed down with champagne- with which all will “go down” more easily.

4 posted on 03/12/2011 10:45:16 PM PST by Mortrey (Impeach President Soros)
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To: Mortrey; hosepipe; goat granny

Here’s one...


They say it’s a non-partisan – non-profit news organization founded for the Public Good!

Founded by Charles Lewis, a television reporter for 11 years who also worked with CBS’s News Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes. He left...

Next run by Roberta Baskin, who worked for ABC News 20/20, and served as a Washington correspondent for PBS and now with Bill Moyers (extreme left). She left...

Now directed by William Buzenberg, formerly in charge of news for National Public Radio from 1990-1997, and head of news for American Public Media/Minnesota Public Radio from 1998-2006.

A few board members:

Hodding Carter III is a reporter for this organization. He also served as assistant secretary of state for public affairs under President Jimmy Carter, a role in which he most notably became the administration’s spokesman during the Iran hostage crisis.

Bruce A. Finzen is a partner in the law firm of Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, in Washington. As a mass-tort litigator, Finzen is recognized as a highly successful manager of cases involving multistate, class-action issues.

Marianne Szegedy-Maszak is a senior writer for U.S. News & World Report and a contributing writer for the Los Angeles Times.

BILL KOVACH - former reported for the New York Times and Atlanta Journal Constitution.

There are other board members, even one who appears to be a successful businessman.

From Wiki:

Funding from Bill Moyers and the Schumann Foundation. A 1999 report in the Seattle Times raised questions about the ethical behavior of PBS journalist Bill Moyers by documenting examples of his work that featured sources whose organizations have been funded by the Schumann Foundation, a philanthropic group he heads[42]. Among the recipients of Schumann grants featured in Moyers’ journalism has been the Center’s founder Charles Lewis[42].

In 2004, Moyers and the Center were further criticized by Cliff Kinkaid of Accuracy in Media[24], who emphasized that Moyers has also served on the board of the Open Society Institute[43], a foundation started by a George Soros that has itself also funded projects at the Center.

A great organization run by CBS, ABC, NYT, NPR, PBS journalists and a really good trial lawyer who pay journalists doing their bidding.

Again, this is a non-partisan, non-profit organization for the Public Good!!!

5 posted on 03/12/2011 11:25:24 PM PST by bronxville (NPR- xenophobic..white, middle America,'s scary. Racist, Racist, people.)
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