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The Fall of Jim Robinsonís Free Republic Website [A festering case of epic butt-hurt (Whaaaa-mulance
Publis' Forum ^ | April 28, 2011 | Marc Schenker

Posted on 04/28/2011 7:11:50 AM PDT by Bean Counter

The Fall of Jim Robinson’s Free Republic Website

I want to report and expose a devious and vicious campaign that is currently underway on the so-called “premier” site on the Internet for conservatives, Free Republic. Ironically, the target of this campaign is fellow…conservatives, especially conservative bloggers, completely removing any justification from Free Republic for promoting this kind of action.

I moonlight as a conservative blogger, though I write for Examiner, which is a news website run by the Clarity Media Group. I have been familiar with Free Republic for several years, and I had been lurking there since about 2003 or 2004. In 2008, after being horrified and shocked by the media-assisted victory of Barack Obama, I decided to register on Free Republic in order to do my fair share as a conservative activist, working to expose his disreputable actions as POTUS. This consisted of me posting columns from my blog along with posting an equal amount of news articles from a wide variety of news sites around the Internet on Free Republic.

I only started regularly posting columns from my blog on the Free Republic website in October of 2010, and this process went fine and uninterrupted until very early March of 2011. At that point, without warning and completely abruptly, a cowardly and anonymous user by the name of “humblegunner” began stalking me by harassing me and spam-posting slanderous accusations without fail in the thread of each column from my blog that I’d post on Free Republic. Apparently, “humblegunner” is extremely slow on the uptake because it took him five months to figure out that I was posting my blog columns on Free Republic.

The harassment from “humblegunner” was characterized by an ultra-basic modus operandi. The anonymous coward “humblegunner” would work himself into a frenzy by showing his obsession with the term “blog pimp.” Apparently his favorite word in the whole universe (which shows his immaturity and lack of any taste), “blog pimp” is the all-purpose false accusation that Free Republic operatives use when they want to condemn fellow conservatives in order to establish the basis for permanent banishment from the site. In this way, Free Republic also uses a strategy that is sinisterly similar to the Saul Alinksy strategy of demonizing and ridiculing one’s enemies in order to take away their credibility.

For several days in a row, this anonymous coward called “humblegunner” was always one of the first to post on the thread to my blog columns on Free Republic. Besides harassing me and other Free Republic members who were interested in reading news and analysis, he would also resort to making up demonstrable lies as part of Free Repulic’s policy of attacking and destroying conservative bloggers. For instance, he would relentlessly spread the libel that the site I write for,, is full of viruses. He would also issue blatantly illegitimate challenges, such as childishly demanding that I post my whole blog column on Free Republic instead of just an excerpt. He did this despite knowing 100% for certain that Free Republic was already threatened in 2009 with legal action by a lawyer from In September 2009, General Counsel Deborah Shinbein wrote a threatening communication to Jim Robinson. The lawyer was upset that Free Republic members were posting entire Examiner articles on the website, with the clear instruction being to only post Examiner excerpts in order to avoid lawsuits.

So, in effect, “humblegunner”—who I suppose is actually on owner Jim Robinson’s side, even though his actions are self-defeating and make no sense whatsoever—was actually insisting that I help get Free Republic into legal trouble by posting my whole columns from instead of just excerpts from them. “humblegunner” was actually insisting that I post copyright violations of on FreeRepublic, showing the absolute stupidity of that website. This clearly verifies how he would just post any type of fraud in the threads of all my blog posts in order to destroy the ability of interested readers to absorb the information in peace.

As if this permitted conservative-blogger sabotage that’s endorsed by Robinson isn’t enough, the sheer viciousness from several other anonymous cowards just like “humblegunner” should convince you just how extreme the self-defeating, intra-conservative hostility on Free Republic really is. Based on the mistreatment I experienced from “humblegunner,” I can say that he’s the sort of unofficial ringleader (more like an anonymous coward who thinks he’s a legend in his own mind, actually) of a band of equally anonymous cowards on Free Republic. This band of anonymous cowards works in the same manner that “humblegunner” does: They all excitedly throw the libelous phrase “blog pimp” around and start viciously assaulting whomever conservative blogger they target, like a pack of wild dogs (hiding cowardly behind Free Republic anonymity, of course) suffering from herd mentality syndrome. It’s just that they are such sheeple who can’t think for themselves that they actually need “humblegunner” to stir them up into a frenzy before they jump into action and join him in his destruction of conservative bloggers.

Their screen names on Free Republic are “TheOldLady,” “JoeProBono,” “Daffynition,” “Allegra,” “DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis,” “paulycy,” “Bean Counter,” “50mm,” and Salamander.” This list is by no means complete, but these anonymous cowards—most of whose profiles are empty and don’t feature their real names—are the most vicious offenders, all sanctioned by Robinson, of course.

There also needs to be something said about the idiosyncratic manner this band of anonymous cowards goes about their mission to destroy and libel conservative bloggers on Free Republic. Their modus operandi, as a group, can only be described as equally insane, immature, and absolutely hateful to the extreme. Without fail, the intra-conservative hostility and sabotage begins with “humblegunner” making the first libelous and hateful comment; then he puts out a ping to alert his fellow anonymous cowards to join in the attack by posting countless, libelous comments that subtract from the topic of the blog post. These conservative traitors even have a childish name (which gives them endless pleasure) for this sabotage: They arrogantly call it a “thread hijack.” This involves them spamming the thread of any conservative blogger’s blog post with dozens and dozens of hateful comments that have nothing to do with the topic of the post. The perverse and devious intention is obvious: to discourage any interested conservative from leaving a thoughtful comment…hence, a “thread hijack.”

In my case, I was victimized by this vicious mistreatment from this pack of Free Republic anonymous cowards over a course of a few days in the first week of March, 2011. When I didn’t back down and defended myself against their hate and libel—as I had every right to do because I was faithfully following the blog-posting rules on the site, which demand that columns are excerpted—that just bitterly angered them more and caused them to beg the moderators to ban me, which they did. Clearly, the expectation on Free Republic is that all conservative bloggers, who are viciously libeled and mistreated by the band of anonymous cowards (the “blog police,” as Warner Todd Huston so appropriately calls them), surrender and let themselves be personally attacked in the most vicious way imaginable…by so-called fellow conservatives. Apparently, conservative bloggers have to endure this dehumanizing mistreatment just to have the “privilege” of posting on Free Republic. I was not going to lay down for a bunch of conservative traitors who wanted to treat me worse than garbage, which is why I defended myself against their hateful and libelous attacks—which is what ended up getting me banned, of course.

Some of the posts by this “blog police” against me included “You seem obsessed with the sex and men. Strange, unless you’re a queer”; “ROTFLMAF at your dumb ass! Is your face turning blue or red ‘lil feller?”; “He seems very angry. That’s quite understandable for a postpubescent boy under 5′ 4″. From his keyword spam, he seems to be suffering from delusions of grandeur as well”; “Lol. You are one crazy blog pimp”; “Cut back on the retard pills. You’re starting to drool again.” Thus, anyone can see why I chose to defend myself in the face of that vicious assault by those cowards.

It also has to be pointed out that these traitor-conservatives are pitiful in what they do. Their modus operandi is to gang up on a conservative blogger and then, like a pack of wild animals, take turns verbally insulting and provoking him, again, all sanctioned by Robinson. That produces the kinds of extremely hostile comments such as the ones above. However, in my case, after I started defending myself, they began to back off, just like with all bullies when you start fighting back against them. And then, like the cowards they are, they actually petitioned and begged one of the Free Republic moderators (another nameless coward) to ban me because I had gotten too “uppity.” After I was banned, their lowlife attitude came to the forefront again, as they only felt confident enough to start attacking me again at that point—when I was already banned and couldn’t even defend myself!!! Truly, that is the mark of absolute lowlife cowards.

After this expose against Free Republic, which is already backed up by the experiences of Mr. Huston and Anthony Martin, a fellow Examiner writer, I’m calling on all conservatives to boycott that screwball website. Robinson’s website is a poor operation that has no funding and desperately relies on the contributions of members (suckers?) to keep financing more intra-conservative hatred and personal attacks. In fact, it is downright hilarious that, currently, Free Republic is trying to raise money in their Freepathon (read: asking for a handout), but they are struggling to get anywhere!! Their existence can’t be justified in any way, shape, or form since there are other conservative websites who do activism a whole lot better than Free Republic and don’t feature the same kind of hateful and low-minded savagery from the aforementioned cowards on that website. So I’m urging all conservatives who thought about wasting their hard-earned money to finance Robinson and Free Republic to think twice. Before my experience on that good-for-nothing website, I thought only the liberals at websites like DailyKos and Democratic Underground were the epitome of raw, unadulterated viciousness and off-the-chart hatred. Now, I know better. I have the proof that Robinson’s Free Republic is every bit as hateful and savage as those leftist fanatics. Except in Robinson’s case, he’s actually condoning traitorous, intra-conservative destruction in what I can only opine is a mentally ill policy. ______

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To: Bean Counter

Holy cow that looks like a screed from the unabomber.

21 posted on 04/28/2011 7:31:25 AM PDT by soupbone1
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To: All
What makes this one even worse is that he is Canuckistani, living in Victoria, BC; (as opposed to living in America's Vancouver, like I do...) It is not possible to live up there and retain any vestige of true Conservative thought...

22 posted on 04/28/2011 7:31:49 AM PDT by Bean Counter (AdMinnMod says your breath stinks...)
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To: Bean Counter; 50mm; Suvroc10; DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis
An example of Marc Shenker and his lovely mind: "You undersexed Internet geeks with your retarded lingo sure are sad."
And here he is claiming that threadjacking is not effective: "That’s right, Deo. 50mm’s brains were sucked out, which explains his utter ineffectiveness in hijacking this thread."

Mister Shenker, you made the last claim about threadjacking being ineffective, yet in your recent whining article you complain about threadjacking.
Are you a pathological liar or do you just live in a purple sky fantasy world normally?

23 posted on 04/28/2011 7:32:56 AM PDT by Darksheare (You will never defeat Bok Choy!)
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"Without me, FR will sink in quality in on time." -the ever full of himself Marc Shenker.
24 posted on 04/28/2011 7:35:38 AM PDT by Darksheare (You will never defeat Bok Choy!)
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To: Darksheare
"You undersexed Internet geeks with your retarded lingo sure are sad."

I've raised three sons of my own, each of whom can kick your @ss if you keep talking like that. Is that language plain enough?


25 posted on 04/28/2011 7:37:42 AM PDT by paulycy (Islamo-Marxism is Evil.)
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To: Mark Schenker

26 posted on 04/28/2011 7:37:46 AM PDT by Semper Mark (Vlad Tepes was a piker.)
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To: humblegunner
Yes, everybody knows that you're anonymous and mysterious. No one anywhere knows anything at all about you, where you live, what your real name is, etc., etc.

The only information anyone has is that you are:


27 posted on 04/28/2011 7:38:28 AM PDT by TheOldLady
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To: humblegunner; Tijeras_Slim

The Coffee drinking game?

28 posted on 04/28/2011 7:38:51 AM PDT by Darksheare (You will never defeat Bok Choy!)
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To: Darksheare

Drinking that stuff is no game.

29 posted on 04/28/2011 7:40:41 AM PDT by humblegunner (Blogger Overlord)
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To: paulycy

Marc did give us a good laugh.

30 posted on 04/28/2011 7:41:24 AM PDT by Darksheare (You will never defeat Bok Choy!)
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To: Larry Lucido; Darksheare; Allegra

Somebody has to go over to that blog and let them know about you guys too. ‘Course you have to sign up to do that. Maybe Allegra would; she’s on Moldy Vulgar’s site.

31 posted on 04/28/2011 7:43:28 AM PDT by TheOldLady
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To: Larry Lucido
And what am I, chopped liver? Sheesh!


32 posted on 04/28/2011 7:43:56 AM PDT by Eaker (The problem with the internet, you're never sure of the accuracy of the quotes. Abraham Lincoln '65)
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To: humblegunner

It is when the other person is unsuspecting.

33 posted on 04/28/2011 7:45:18 AM PDT by Darksheare (You will never defeat Bok Choy!)
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To: Bean Counter
"...thinks he’s a legend in his own mind"

I'm no programmer, but is that like a nested loop?

34 posted on 04/28/2011 7:45:18 AM PDT by Mich Patriot (Today, if you build a better mousetrap, the government comes along with a better mouse. RReagan)
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To: Bean Counter

35 posted on 04/28/2011 7:46:56 AM PDT by RabidBartender
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To: humblegunner; Eaker

Well everybody knows if it wasn’t for Eaker you wouldn’t be such a bitter coward.

36 posted on 04/28/2011 7:48:28 AM PDT by eastforker
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To: Darksheare

A good time was had by all. (Except him, apparently.)

37 posted on 04/28/2011 7:49:15 AM PDT by paulycy (Islamo-Marxism is Evil.)
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To: paulycy; humblegunner

38 posted on 04/28/2011 7:49:49 AM PDT by Daffynition ("Don't just live your life, but witness it also.")
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To: eastforker; Eaker
Well everybody knows if it wasn’t for Eaker you wouldn’t be such a bitter coward.


39 posted on 04/28/2011 7:52:18 AM PDT by humblegunner (Blogger Overlord)
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To: Darksheare

Hey, I want to write my own 6000 word treatise on the buttheart I’ve endured!

40 posted on 04/28/2011 7:54:29 AM PDT by DaxtonBrown (HARRY: Money Mob & Influence (See my Expose on Reid on written by me!))
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