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Lamestream Media Lets Norwegian Terrorist Define Christianity, then Link Him to Sarah Palin!
Californians4Palin ^ | July 25, 2011 | Joel Schwartz

Posted on 07/25/2011 9:03:10 PM PDT by GodGunsGuts

The lamestream media is tripping all over itself to pin "Christian fundamentalist" on Anders Breivik's murderous terror spree in Norway. Of course to do so, the lamestream media had to make a decision to ignore the terrorist's own manifesto...

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Government; Politics; Religion; Society
KEYWORDS: andersbreivik; breivik; freepressforpalin; lamestreammedia; media; norway; norwegian; sarah; sarahpalin; terror; terrorism

1 posted on 07/25/2011 9:03:19 PM PDT by GodGunsGuts
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To: GodGunsGuts

The guy is a classic Nazi. He is for Europe for the Europeans.
He hates the muslims because they threaten the social, political, economic, and eventually, the racial order.
People say, “b-b-b-but, he is pro Israel.”
A true euroNazi is not against Israel any more, nor even Jews so much; because the immediate and obvious threat against Europe is the muslim invasion and proliferation. And, since Israel also has a present issue with muslims, it becomes the “enemy of my enemy”...
He, like Hitler, harks back to heroic knights who did battle with those who threatened Europe.
Hitler was a pagan, not a Christian.
Brevik, likewise, is a pagan, not a Christian. And he is a Nazi if there ever was one, right down to his philosophical core.

2 posted on 07/25/2011 9:14:32 PM PDT by Migraine (Diversity is great... ...until it happens to YOU.)
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To: GodGunsGuts
The MSM is having a Hot-Damn!-a-white-Christian-terrorist-man moment and they will not be denied.

MSM: Palin tied to white Christian conservative shooter

Hey! that's my line. :)

3 posted on 07/25/2011 9:16:28 PM PDT by WilliamofCarmichael (If modern America's Man on Horseback is out there, Get on the damn horse already!)
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To: GodGunsGuts

Of course when it is an Islamic terrorist such as Fort Hood we can’t rush to judgement. What a buch of b@st@rds.

4 posted on 07/25/2011 9:25:49 PM PDT by Parley Baer
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To: Migraine

If you read through his manifesto, his line on the Nazis is that they might have been bad, but not all bad. Just what the world needs, politically correct Nazis! Kind of reminds me of that vegetarian shark in Finding Nemo. What does a guilt-ridden vegetarian shark say after eating a bunch of humans? Ooops?

5 posted on 07/25/2011 9:31:37 PM PDT by GodGunsGuts
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To: WilliamofCarmichael

That Nazi Anders Breivik has done more to aid the Muslim invation of Europe than anybody in resent times,
if the lame street media was pro the religon of pease
just watch them now, from now on practising christianety
equate suporting terroism

6 posted on 07/25/2011 9:34:14 PM PDT by munin ( So, which of these winners called the cops and generated public costs?)
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To: Migraine; little jeremiah; Fred Nerks; Beckwith; mojitojoe; null and void; melancholy; ...

Breivik is no Nazi. If you think so, you are using the false leftist theory of history that conservatives became the Nazis of Europe. Nothing could be further from the truth. To come to power , the fascists of Europe had to destroy the conservatives where they stood.

You need to read some history. Start later with Jonah Goldbergs “Liberal Fascism” after reading this article:

The Socio political matrix which gave birth to men like Hitler, Mussolini and Obama is essentially the same.Each one of them came from a liberal socialist background which espoused a form of unthinking lock step community ideology over individual initiative ideology, certain classes of people were villified because they did not fit the fascist definition which is now happening to Breivik and his fellow conservatives who are “Christians” and Traditionalists, and it will soon be said they do not deserve the material benefits of community,community dictating over the individual as a principle. They also were nationalists , each demanding a form of historic justice from people who were dead, and so they demanded it from their decendants.

The modern brand of liberal fascism uses multiculturalism as its icon, and its brand of historic justice is to make those alive today pay in blood and treasure, for the alleged sins of modern mens ancestors during the colonial era.Obama is such a one. So are the leaders of Norway.

Breivik is a mere conservative, an insane canary in a cage, who felt pushed by the ideology of the Norwegian Socialist Government to do what he insanely did.The fact that he was Christian, belonged to various traditional social orders does not a Nazi make.He is neither a national multiculturalist seeking justice for colonialism, nor a person who believes in a socialist economy. Breivik is a mere conservative traditionalist, an insane one at that. But there are millions of sane ones, and they are not Nazis.
And there will be a reckoning with the nationalist socialists who run Norway.

In 2005 and 2006 85 rapes were reported in NOrway and in Sweden, 83 of them were committed by Muslims who were immigrants under governmental programs. One can imagine the myriad other agressions the people of Sweden and Norway were suffering under in other parallel social areas. Not wanting your women to be raped does not make one a Nazi either.Both giovernments ignored the rape data and its significance.It was not politically correct to acknowledge it.

You want to see the fascists that run Norway?

Read this report, and if that doesn’t convince you, well you are beyond help:


The Quislings of Norway

Posted by Joseph Klein on Jul 20th, 2011

The infamous Norwegian Vidkun Quisling, who assisted Nazi Germany as it conquered his own country, must be applauding in his grave.

In the latest example of Norwegian collaboration with the enemies of the Jews, Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere declared during a press conference this week, alongside Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, that “Norway believes it is perfectly legitimate for the Palestinian president to turn to the United Nations” to seek recognition of an independent Palestinian state.

Despite Abbas’s decision to throw his lot in with the Hamas terrorists as part of some sort of “unity” government, Stoere signed an agreement with Abbas on upgrading Palestinian representation in Norway. Under the agreement, which effectively rewards Abbas for joining forces with Hamas, the Palestinian representative will have the full diplomatic rank of ambassador.

The foreign minister of Norway, which chairs a group of Palestinian donor nations, also used the occasion to hold the tin cup out for Abbas. Foreign Minister Stoere chided those who have decided to hold back on their contributions. “All donors should make an extra effort to support the Palestinians this summer and autumn,” he said.

None of this should come as a surprise. Let’s not forget, for example, that Foreign Minister Stoere is in charge of the same Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in which Socialist Ingrid Fiskaa — who said in April 2008 that she sometimes wished the United Nations would send “precision-guided missiles against selected Israeli targets” — so proudly serves as a state secretary.

During the Nazi occupation of Norway, nearly all Jews were either deported to death camps or fled to Sweden and beyond. Today, Norway is effectively under the occupation of anti-Semitic leftists and radical Muslims, and appears willing to help enable the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.

For example, one of Norway’s leading intellectuals, Jostein Gaarder, published an op-ed article in a major Norwegian daily newspaper in 2006 arguing against recognizing the state of Israel in its current form and claiming that Judaism is “an archaic national and warlike religion.”

Gaarder equated the Jewish state of Israel’s attempts to defend itself against Islamic terrorists with apartheid and ethnic cleansing:

We no longer recognize the State of Israel. We could not recognize the apartheid regime of South Africa, nor did we recognize the Afghani Taliban regime. Then there were many who did not recognize Saddam Hussein’s Iraq or the Serbs’ ethnic cleansing. We need to get used to the idea: The State of Israel, in its current form, is history.

The State of Israel has raped the recognition of the world and shall have no peace until it lays down its arms.

Norway’s Labor Party lawmaker Anders Mathisen has gone even further and publicly denied the Holocaust. He said that Jews “exaggerated their stories” and “there is no evidence the gas chambers and or mass graves existed.” While the Norwegian political establishment and opinion-maker elite may not have reached that point of lunacy just yet, they do tend to treat Muslims as the victims of Israeli oppression – as if today’s Muslims are filling the shoes of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust and today’s Nazis are the Israelis.

Thorbjørn Jagland, former prime minister of Norway, the president of the Norwegian Parliament, and the head of the Nobel Prize committee that gave President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, sided with Turkey and condemned Israel for the defensive actions it took last year against the so-called Free Gaza flotilla.

Socialist leader Kristin Halvorsen has been leading the boycott Israel campaign. While serving as Norway’s finance minister, she was amongst the demonstrators at an anti-Israel protest, in which a poster read (translated): “The greatest axis of evil: USA and Israel.” Among the slogans repeatedly shouted at the demonstration was (as translated) “Death to the Jews!”

Halvorsen has recently supported a measure calling for military action against Israel if it decides to act against Hamas in Gaza, based on the reasoning that the world community’s credibility in confronting the Qaddafi regime would be undermined if it does nothing to help Hamas repel Israeli air attacks in Gaza.

Last year, the Norwegian government decided to divest from two Israeli entities working in the West Bank. Norway’s sovereign wealth fund divested from the Israeli company Elbit, because it has worked on the Israeli security fence that keeps out Palestinian suicide bombers. Israel has also been blocked from bidding for Norwegian defense contracts.

The state-owned TV NRK aired the one-sided movie “Tears over Gaza,” photographed by several Palestinian cameramen during and after Israel’s Operation Cast Lead. Its film director Vibeke Løkkeberg had the gall to compare Israel’s defensive military actions in Gaza, which protect Israeli civilians from Hamas bombs, to “the massacres Qaddafi is conducting against Libyan insurgents.”

As explained by Bruce Bawer, an American literary critic, writer and poet who lives in Norway and has criticized European anti-Semitism and radical Islam, in an interview with the Jerusalem Post, contemporary Norwegian anti-Semitism is alive and well in Norway especially amongst “the cultural elite – the academics, intellectuals, writers, journalists, politicians, and technocrats.”

It is such anti-Semitic tripe and moral equivalency that embolden the Muslims living in Norway to legitimize their own anti-Semitic conduct, which Norwegian officials have been tolerating in the name of multiculturalism.

As Bawer explained:

Part of the motivation for this anti-Semitism is the influx into Norway in recent decades of masses of Muslims from Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia and elsewhere. Multiculturalism has taught Norway’s cultural elite to take an uncritical, even obsequious, posture toward every aspect of Muslim culture and belief. When Muslim leaders rant against Israel and the Jews, the reflexive response of the multiculturalist elite is to join them in their rantings. This is called solidarity.

In 2009, when Muslims rioted violently in downtown Oslo to protest Israel’s actions against Hamas, resulting in extensive damage, there were few consequences for those responsible.

Teachers at schools with large shares of Muslims reported that Muslim students often “praise or admire Adolf Hitler for his killing of Jews,” that “Jew-hate is legitimate within vast groups of Muslim students” and that “Muslims laugh or command [teachers] to stop when trying to educate about the Holocaust.”

Norway is repeating its Quisling treachery of the Nazi era, this time in league with a growing radical Muslim population. And once again the Jews are the victims.

Joseph Klein is the author of a recent book entitled Lethal Engagement: Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations and Radical Islam.


7 posted on 07/25/2011 9:50:24 PM PDT by Candor7 (Obama fascist info..
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To: Candor7

He, he, the Norwegian wealth fund has divested from Israel, one of the few national economies that is doing well these days, and instead invested in.......Greek national bonds. What is it they say; a fool and his money are soon parted.

8 posted on 07/25/2011 10:48:43 PM PDT by ScaniaBoy (Part of the Right Wing Research & Attack Machine)
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To: GodGunsGuts
There is no evidence this guy has ever aligned himself with Christianity.
He's more affiliated with the Uni-bomber and Jared Loughner rather than others. He has no contacts with anyone here in the U.S.
9 posted on 07/25/2011 10:54:37 PM PDT by Doc91678 (Doc91678)
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To: Candor7
Breivik is no Nazi. If you think so, you are using the false leftist theory of history that conservatives became the Nazis of Europe.

And I say that he is a Nazi. Time will tell. I agree with you that there has been a dismal confusion of terminology with respect to the left-right political spectrum in Europe.

You imply that I lean left because of my use of the term "Nazi" to refer to Breivik. What a crock! If I am any sort of leftist, what the heck am I doing on FRee Republic for 13 years?

Instead, you are falling into the same disconnect you accuse me of when you seem to conflate Euro-style conservatism with the kind we cherish here in America. The former is more about old social and political styles (and even ethnic mythologies), while the latter is more about a relatively new, more philosophical polity, as embodied by the Constitution and its provocative, formative documents. The former has often manifested itself in pogroms of one kind or another; the latter is better known for its consistent accommodation for ethnic, racial and religious differences.

And so, conservatism European style and conservatism American style are not as much alike as you seem to imply. In my humble opinion, Nazism is aptly so called. It has proven to be nationalist first, and then socialist. But it is indeed both. From our vantage point in America, Nazism is clearly and objectively leftist. In that respect I agree with you. I have since college been stricken with the utter similarity of Nazism with communism. There may be nuances of difference in terms of emphases to be found in what can be discerned in their seminal ideologies, and their authors; but in fact, on the ground, in practice, they are chillingly the same: confining, controlling and murderously neurotic. Hmmm. Sounds a lot like Breivik.

You also call him a Christian. You and I may differ on the definition of what a Christian is; but I would assert this: while 95% of Norwegians tacitly belong (by birth) to the (state run) Lutheran Church, and thus might be called Christians of a sort, only 5% of them go to church, and of those 5%, only about half believe the Bible. Norway, like the rest of Europe, is a Christian ghost-town: there are still some of the trappings lying around, but the Spirit has vanished from its tabernacle. Hitler is often referred to as having been a Christian, too. But I would call them both CHRINOs. By their fruits ye shall know them. Mainly, they are both pagans -- with their strange symbols, talismans and mythologies.

You need to read some history.

I have, and do each day. I know that the religious underpinnings of both the Knights Templar, the Cathars, the Rosicrucians, and their modern-day iteration, the Masons, are decidedly pagan, not Christian. And these seem to underlie much of Breivik's own personal ethos. We'll undoubtedly learn more along these lines as days go by -- and I may have to adjust my thinking. In that sense, I may not be quite as smug as you are in my analysis; but I do have some rational basis.

Read this report, and if that doesn’t convince you, well you are beyond help:

Again, your rarefied smugness lends nothing to any sort of dialogue.

10 posted on 07/25/2011 11:22:20 PM PDT by Migraine (Diversity is great... ...until it happens to YOU.)
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To: Doc91678
He's more affiliated with the Uni-bomber and Jared Loughner rather than others. He has no contacts with anyone here in the U.S.

Although his manifesto was written in remarkably good American english.

11 posted on 07/26/2011 2:23:32 AM PDT by fso301
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To: fso301
As you saw on TV, most Norwegians speak English fluently and undoubtedly write it just as well.
12 posted on 07/26/2011 2:20:23 PM PDT by Doc91678 (Doc91678)
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To: GodGunsGuts
Simultaneously dumber than Trig and smarter and more evil than Lucrezia Borgia. Is there anything Sarah Palin can’t do?
13 posted on 07/26/2011 2:58:11 PM PDT by RichInOC (Palin 2012: The Perfect Storm.)
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To: Migraine

Good luck with it. In a while you will take a look around and find yiourself surrounded by leftists, calling yourfriends Nazis. What will you do then? LOL.

14 posted on 07/26/2011 7:34:45 PM PDT by Candor7 (Obama fascist info..
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To: ScaniaBoy

I noticed that. Made me laugh quite hard, Scania.The socialist government in Norway are a collection of blivets.Soon hopefully, Norwegians will turf the whole lot of them, just as we must here.

15 posted on 07/26/2011 7:37:04 PM PDT by Candor7 (Obama fascist info..
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