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The Ugly Truth Of America’s Welfare Class
Flopping Aces ^ | 08-28-11 | Skookum

Posted on 08/28/2011 11:36:58 AM PDT by Starman417

Engraved at the base of the statue of Liberty

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Emma Lazarus, 1883

There is a group of people within America's Welfare Class that is metastasizing into a downward spiral of decadence and depravity. The nature of a Welfare System replicates itself and gains in power and funding by rewarding those who exist as parasites, fuels the cancer of degeneracy or an entitlement of the most useless.

Unfortunately, there are Americans who have factors in their life that predispose them to being wards of the state. This article is not meant to demean their plight or condition, but rather, this sense of victimhood that is building among ever increasing group of able bodied that see the Welfare System as means of existence to be manipulated in order to work their way up the ladder of life and success.

These are generations lost, their numbers are growing and the system is encouraging their sloth, laziness, and degeneracy. The Bouchards epitomize the darkest side of this entitlement system.

Alicia Bouchard Encouraged Sexual Relations Between Her Husband And A 12 YO To Gain Extra Government Money

A child of 12 years of age was placed in the care of the Bouchards and was encouraged to have sex with the "Man" of the house so that the couple could claim welfare money and benefit when she became pregnant.

The Carefree Husband And Playboy Was Willing To Work To Get Ahead

An investigation started when the girl was suspected of being sexually molested. Apparently the 41 year old Alicia Bouchard encouraged the sexual relations, but made sure the relations were within certain standards of decency by serving as a chaperone and observing the statutory rapes committed by her husband Mathew, 26 upon the 12 year old girl.

Normally, the case is filled with alleged and suspect phrases, but in this particular case, that has yet to go to trial, Ms Bouchard wrote the girl a letter apologizing for forcing the girl to watch she and her husband have sexual relations and that it was wrong for her to have watched the girl and her husband having sex. Ms Bouchard has also expressed regrets; she wrote, 'dang sure [she] should not have allowed [her] to have sex with Matt.”.

It is obvious that Ms Bouchard is overwhelmed with remorse as to the whether the incident was a wise decision; especially, now that she and her husband are in jail awaiting trial. Ms Bouchard has been booked on charges of being a principal to sexual battery, soliciting sexual activity with a child, and being a principal to child abuse, her bond has been set at $70,000.

If this were not a Liberal program, they would be asking whether Matt was at for committing the rapes or was it the circumstances that raped the girl for the purposes of getting welfare benefits.

(Excerpt)

TOPICS: Business/Economy; Government; Politics
KEYWORDS: blacktrashtoo; creeps; entitlement; moochers; morons; parasites; ugly; welfare; whitetrash

1 posted on 08/28/2011 11:37:03 AM PDT by Starman417
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To: Starman417
A downward spiral is what it is, the natural state of affairs is that the dysfunctional tend to die out over several generations, but are constantly being replaced by more dysfunctional people. Welfare tend to slow down the process but the self destructive will always take themselves down and everybody around them.
2 posted on 08/28/2011 11:49:19 AM PDT by dog breath
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To: Starman417

The language isn’t the ONLY thing obscene about this:

3 posted on 08/28/2011 11:55:35 AM PDT by Mortrey (Impeach President Soros)
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To: Starman417

I read the title and I thought that we were talking about bankers and the folks on Wall St.

4 posted on 08/28/2011 12:12:17 PM PDT by Tempest (Google: Rick perry bi-national healthcareii figur)
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To: Starman417
I am constantly confused by one issue and one issue alone. When the major welfare state was created in 1965 I thought it was an admirable thing for this great country to do. I was a young man with 4 children and was having difficult time, however, we did make it on our own. I was happy for people to have an opportunity to avoid some of the deprivations my family had to endure in making proper choices to exist.
My one issue arose almost immediately when I learned a basic fact of life from the results of this social experimentation. If you don't have any requirement to repay in some fashion that which you were allotted, you never will, and you will in fact carry the farce further to the point we are at today.
What incentive do these recipients have to better themselves? None? It is human character that determines what avenue most people take. If you are of the point of view that you don't have any obligation to society for the support afforded you, your a rather immoral person. In that case, bingo, here we are.
Now the most immoral part of this entire subject is the demagoguery that is being foisted on the political scene by politicians that kiss butt for votes.
What's next?? We're over the cliff now. We just haven't landed yet. I bet it's going to be pretty painful when we do.
5 posted on 08/28/2011 12:14:05 PM PDT by bramps
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To: Mortrey

That was so outrageous, I was sure it was satire.

Then I remembered that I knew better and that it was really an accurate depiction.

6 posted on 08/28/2011 12:35:41 PM PDT by Molon Labbie
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To: bramps

Well it’s just like people who put food out for stray cats.

Their heart is in the right place, but their brains ain’t workin fer chit!

Next thing you know, you WILL have wild cats overrunning the neighborhood, spreading damage and disease, and causing problems.

It’d natures law. That’s the way it works.

7 posted on 08/28/2011 12:41:26 PM PDT by djf (One of the few FReepers who NEVER clicked the "dead weasel" thread!! But may not last much longer...)
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To: Starman417

You usually get what you pay for.

8 posted on 08/28/2011 12:45:32 PM PDT by TASMANIANRED (We kneel to no prince but the Prince of Peace)
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To: bramps

Since the system is funded through taxes, it looks like the idea was that someone who got a “hand up” through the welfare system would end up being a tax payer and thus give back to the system.

BUT, this process is stultified when almost half of Americans pay no taxes at all.

9 posted on 08/28/2011 1:03:14 PM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (There's gonna be a Redneck Revolution! (See my freep page) [rednecks come in many colors])
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To: Starman417

My God, can you imagine having to WATCH Petunia Pig have sex with anyone? My skin crawls at that thought.

10 posted on 08/28/2011 1:09:33 PM PDT by arrogantsob (Why do They hate her so much?)
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To: HiTech RedNeck

I agree with what you’re saying. But I don’t think that was the intent of TANF and the welfare transition program. It gives a time limit of 48 monthsand an opportunity to better themselves. Unfortunately they move on to SSI and SSDI after the time limits are up.

11 posted on 08/28/2011 1:40:14 PM PDT by goseminoles
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To: Starman417

Bring us your tired, your poor, your emboldened masses infected with TB... The wretched refuse of all other shores... Send these, who work the system, no matter the cost to me... I empty my pockets and open my doors!”

12 posted on 08/28/2011 2:16:47 PM PDT by Captainpaintball
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To: Starman417

white trash.

13 posted on 08/30/2011 1:58:08 PM PDT by Coleus
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To: Coleus

Most gov’t giveaway programs “rubber stamp” robo-approve ethnicities even if they drive up in Escalades brandishing iphones. They don’t want any “trouble” from the local community actitivist.

I know this b/c I once worked for subsidized housing. On the other hand, they’ll put white families through a thousand flaming hoops and then disapprove their app on a technicality.

14 posted on 09/03/2011 3:49:08 AM PDT by AbolishCSEU (Percentage of Income in CS is inversely proportionate to Mother's parenting of children)
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To: AbolishCSEU

The two white folks in this account look incapable of leaping through hoops, flaming or otherwise.

15 posted on 09/03/2011 4:02:49 AM PDT by headsonpikes (Genocide is the highest sacrament of socialism - "Who-whom?")
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To: Starman417
I heard a co-worker offer a "solution" for welfare that I seemed to like:

Everyone who stays on welfare more than a year is subject to a lottery. The sole "winner" of the lottery is then publicly executed. Nothing else changes. Puts a little pressure on 'em.

16 posted on 09/03/2011 4:13:57 AM PDT by central_va ( I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn.)
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To: headsonpikes

True but dollars to donuts, they live in a total rural community. When there are ethincities in a community, whites take a back seat and are turned down more often than not for gov’t programs. I saw it in action.

17 posted on 09/03/2011 5:57:18 PM PDT by AbolishCSEU (Percentage of Income in CS is inversely proportionate to Mother's parenting of children)
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