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Mitt Romney Central Chat (Spying Thread)
Mitt Romney Central Chat ^ | 2/8/2012 | Mitt Romney Central Chat

Posted on 02/08/2012 6:13:24 PM PST by JediJones

I thought it'd be fun to spy on this Mitt Romney live chat room to see what they're saying in the wake of his defeats. Below is your window into the mind of the Romneybots via some excerpts. They're somewhat depressed over the loss and going into attack mode on Santorum like good like Romneybots. Feel free to monitor the chat room and post any interesting tidbits here. Note all the insulting remarks towards evangelicals, "crackers," and right-wingers. Also, I was surprised to see a fair amount of them are semi-supporting Ron Paul or want him as V.P.

They posted these oppo files on Newt and Rick they're trading around. Check them out to arm yourself for the defense...

TOPICS: Chit/Chat; Conspiracy; Government; Politics
KEYWORDS: backstabberromney; backstabbingmittbots; campaign; election; mittromney; nastyromney; primary; romneybotcentral; romneydirtytricks; smellslikemitt
02/08/12 07:35 PM Carmen: I agree, santy needs to reales his tax records

02/08/12 07:35 PM Daniel: I'm one of the people who caucused for Rick Santorum yesterday in Colorado. I can't speak for all, but I think most of the people I was around switched from Romney to Santorum because of the Obama administration's war on religion and saw Santorum as a greater champion of their cause.

02/08/12 07:35 PM JohnAZ: @Nevada Nikki is right... If people only hear the garbage from Limbaugh/Hannity/Palin & Co. it doesn't help we need to get out there on Twitter, Facebook

02/08/12 07:36 PM Stargold10: canda: LOL Mitt is so cool. I didn't spend time and money in those caucus I was busy in Nevada. They told lies and I wasn't there to respond. @canda, the pundits are already saying that Mitt is making excuses for his lose by saying that. So I think Mitt should focus on those issues that RS is accusing him of. Mitt is in defensive corner right now. Either to admitt he stand for what he believe in. Can't keep on changing his stance on abortion, "poor comment" or any other issues.

02/08/12 07:36 PM Saxton: I hope Romney will win his home state

02/08/12 07:37 PM CharlesTN: Nikki--all will be right--ROmney will probably win Maine Saturday--do well in the debate on 2/22 and win Michigan and Arizona in 2/28--smile

02/08/12 07:38 PM jlformitt: Shouldn't people be upset with Santy for furthering begotry? He is associating himself with the Evangelical begots? someone should spy on their conversations.

02/08/12 07:38 PM tinaofutah: I'm lds and my husband works as a mechanic. So swearing happens...I cant stand it...but when people are pretty normal.

02/08/12 07:38 PM JohnAZ: Post lots of favorable Romney articles. We need an army of Matt Drudge

02/08/12 07:39 PM murtleg: JohnAZ IMO Mitt has a better chance to win AZ than MI. Do you agree

02/08/12 07:39 PM MikeS: murt, i think mitt's gonna win both AZ and MI....especially now that mitt has gone on the offensive against santorum

02/08/12 07:40 PM Merci: Ive been on twiter and facebook leaving messages to sean for giving him so much free air time to Newt and his supporters. Im tired of listening to them

02/08/12 07:40 PM LH in TN: @Charles - Hannity is Newt supporter. Don't let him fool you. They go way back.

02/08/12 07:40 PM Shauna: Oh Mike S... you can probably get away with all swearing EXCEPT using the Saviors name disrepectfully. We are very very sentivie to the name of Jesus Christ as a swear word... it is the most offensive of all.

02/08/12 07:42 PM Paula: afterwards saw three Newt supporters outside holding signs saying GA is Newt country and I said to them - New country my butt!

02/08/12 07:42 PM Daniel: CNN is bogus.

02/08/12 07:42 PM Shauna: Fox is worse.

02/08/12 07:42 PM MikeS: belle i'm not watching any news for a few days, because i know it's gonna rehash all the crap over what already happened

02/08/12 07:42 PM carmen: cnn has been ok today

02/08/12 07:43 PM DianaRae_FL: I refused to listen to the news at all today. Well, excpet Jay Severin talk radio 1200 Boston from 3-6 who is a Mitt supporter. He said grats to Santorum, but Mitt is still going to win

02/08/12 07:43 PM Paula: Now is at a fundraiser at a downtown hotel - he looked great and sounded great

02/08/12 07:43 PM jlformitt: Paula did mitt said anything about Santy?

02/08/12 07:43 PM VIVnj: Well one thing for sure I don't ever watch MSNBC.

02/08/12 07:43 PM tinaofutah: It hurt to see how happy the media.was to see mitt fail.

02/08/12 07:44 PM Daniel: Santorum is consistently leading Obama in nation polls. I think that's another reason why many of us went for Santorum over Romney.

02/08/12 07:44 PM Paula: He just said if you want to change WA you can send the same people back to WA - he said Santorum likes Earmarks

02/08/12 07:44 PM Shauna: The article someone posted about the unlucky timing for Santorum is a good point and one I had not thought of... the momentum will be lessened by the long time inbetween and then a debate before the next voting... so while it isn't great for Mitt to sit on the loss Santorum won't be able to ride it to the next vote.

02/08/12 07:44 PM MikeS: diana gotta say, i've been fairly disappointed with fox news in some respects....i really think they r trying to appease their core cracker audience, if u know what i mean

02/08/12 07:44 PM NY REPUB: daniel-santorum has never led Obama in any national poll.

02/08/12 07:44 PM VIVnj: Well Daniel those polls are skewered. Why go for the guy who willl ultmately lose to Obama?

02/08/12 07:44 PM Merci: EDaniel did you go for santy over Mitt???

02/08/12 07:45 PM Hispana: The media is pretending to be ignorant that several of these states, the fundamentalist religious ones would give the vote to someone like Santorum. Sorry, but these folks lack education and we have always known how they will vote. The fact is that these states do not represent the majority of our country. The Republican leaders need to wisen up to the reality of this election. Choosing an ideolog would be fatal. Running to endorse Santorum because it is against Mitt is a fatal mistake.

02/08/12 07:45 PM JohnAZ: The othes in Pima county tend to be more moderate, so I see the two largest counties going for Mitt

02/08/12 07:45 PM Bill Foster NH: Take the time you would spend watching the news and research Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul and share what you find here, on Facebook, and on Twitter!

02/08/12 07:45 PM Merci: @ daniel, what r u doing here then??? if you voted for santy???

02/08/12 07:45 PM MT IL: Does mitt have talking points on his MA signing and existing law on contraception vs the new obama requirement?

02/08/12 07:45 PM Shauna: Fox has two of their employees still in the race they are trying to shove them down our throats becasue then they have more power. It is disgusingly unethical for Fox to cover anything with their own people running.

02/08/12 07:45 PM MikeS: hispana couldn't agree more....especially if they opt to just sit home and not vote, if mitt wins...that crap REALLY pisses me off when i hear/see ppl threatening to do that

02/08/12 07:46 PM DianaRae_FL: Daniel - it's not consistent. Mitt has consistently been above or equal to Obama in the past 8 months. It only has been the past week that santorum went ahead and that is 1 time

02/08/12 07:46 PM DontTreadOnMe: While Grinch is down, he should be kicked and kicked hard, This santorum rise can be and has been already implemented with Newt and while likely happen again, the sooner, Santy and the Grinch are out the Better!

02/08/12 07:46 PM Mitt Romney Supporter2012: Kicks NEWT hard lol

02/08/12 07:46 PM DianaRae_FL: >>> <<< stuff for Santorum for twitter

02/08/12 07:46 PM Merci: I dont care daniel, the fact is that you voted for santy

02/08/12 07:47 PM Paula: SS guys were all over Mitt , there were 6 or more - they had handed out american flags to us on stage but SS almost before Mitt came on asked everybody to remove the sticks from the flag

02/08/12 07:47 PM Jennifer_Michigan: Why did you not vote for him this time Daniel? You have the right to do what you want, but there is a TERRIBLE MISINFORMATION about Mitt! He's a great person!

02/08/12 07:47 PM Paula: Mitt is back on campaign mode - last night he seemed tired to me but not in ATL today, boy he's all fired up! and the crowd loved it!

02/08/12 07:47 PM murtleg: Jennifer what does it look like in Michigan do you have any idea?

02/08/12 07:47 PM Shauna: Paula did you get the feeling that they are reacting to threats... I haven't seen SS so visible before... I never notice them around Obama... but they really are front and center for MItt.

02/08/12 07:48 PM DianaRae_FL: 2/8/12: Most GOP Voters Still Think Romney Will Be The Nominee - Rasmussen Reports™ 75% Romney, 11% Gingrich, 3% Santorum, 1% Paul

02/08/12 07:48 PM DianaRae_FL: My heart has been a lot better since I stopped watching Faux

02/08/12 07:49 PM Joey: I got a feeling that Mitt is gonna win BIGGG in arizona

02/08/12 07:49 PM murtleg: Diana I can't get my mom to stop watching Faux

02/08/12 07:50 PM Ed in GA: What a great rally today in ATL! Mitt looked great and refreshed. He is going to take the fight to the liars Santorum and Newty.

02/08/12 07:50 PM DontTreadOnMe: Why does mitt support the NDAA, it makes him look bad, with the stories of helping people making him look good, the NDAA stuff makes him look bad.

02/08/12 07:50 PM Joey: I hear that Newt is campaigning in OHIO and GEORGIA. these two states are the one he's gonna try to win that's his aim. We got to stop him

02/08/12 07:51 PM VIVnj: Newtie also wants to win TX. His buddy Perry has endorsed him there.

02/08/12 07:51 PM murtleg: a couple of guys last night made some real good points about Mitt's camp has fallen into the relaxed state on both Newt and now Santorum. It seems like that with last night

02/08/12 07:52 PM pcn: Michael Savage is still backing Mitt!

02/08/12 07:52 PM VIVnj: Mitt needs to be in MI earlier than Valentine's Day. We don't want InSANITY to win there.

02/08/12 07:53 PM JohnAZ: I feel like a lot of Romney supporters deflected to the Paul camp. Anyone get that sense. If I had a nickel for every time someone has said I like Mitt and I would vote for him in the primary, but I am supporting "Doctor Paul..."

02/08/12 07:53 PM DontTreadOnMe: Maybe Mitt can be pauls VP lol

02/08/12 07:54 PM DontTreadOnMe: Paul is a good guy though, alot, I mean ALOT better than THe Grinch and Santypants

02/08/12 07:54 PM Joey: the mormon population is huge in Arizona

02/08/12 07:54 PM DontTreadOnMe: Still amazes me those two are in the race

02/08/12 07:55 PM Bill Foster NH: Ross I am putting together a web page which will allow everyone to Mail all the Media hosts and talkhosw hosts at the same time. The email generator will send them as individual emails rather than a mas mailing and will auto insert the hosts names. This way we write one email and can send it to hundereds with the click of a button. Hope to have it up soon!

02/08/12 07:55 PM Phil_UT: Joey do not take the Mormon pop as a given - there was a huge pop in Co and the ones I talked with said thye just did not go out

02/08/12 07:55 PM IndyBooyaah: This is what Gingrich is spreading in Ohio ... at every stop ... Gingrich also pounced on Romney's stance Tuesday, telling an Ohio crowd: "The fact is Governor Romney insisted that Catholic hospitals give out abortion pills against their religious belief when he was governor. So you have a very similar pattern again. Over and over you get the same pattern. And I think a Massachusetts moderate finds it very hard to draw a sharp contrast with someone who is an Illinois radical."

02/08/12 07:55 PM VIVnj: Me too Ed. Newtie and Snooty should have been out before Perry and Bachmann.

02/08/12 07:55 PM Stargold10: There were no entrance or exit polls in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri to determine whether there was a backlash against Romney's strategy or whether it was simply a matter of ideology, with Santorum viewed as more conservative than Romney.

02/08/12 07:56 PM Merci: Carmen you're latina, so am I

02/08/12 07:56 PM JohnAZ: Mitt's stance on illegals will bring alot of the Tea Party types to the Polls for Mitt!

02/08/12 07:56 PM Kylie in MI: CNN interviewing a Baptist leader right now regarding Santorum's wins last night. He said that he attended that big meeting in Texas with Evangelical leaders and the consensus in that meeting was to rally around Santorum and get a grassroots organization going to get the vote out for him in the primaries and this is proof that the Santorum movement has been orchestrated by Evangelical leaders.

02/08/12 07:56 PM IndyBooyaah: Now Gingrich is lying but it must be answered and have to deal with it sharply

02/08/12 07:56 PM Chris: Stargold, I think it just boiled down to voter turnout. Our side got complacent. They expected everyone else to show up.

02/08/12 07:56 PM JBOYUT: Santorum campaigning in a church again on the 6:00pm News,here in Utah NICE HA,REAL NICE,what a dope!

02/08/12 07:56 PM MN4Mitt: Mitt is getting reamed on talk shows and by Newt on Fox and he never responds dire toy, he needs to respo d to this Liar" charge from Newt

02/08/12 07:56 PM carmen: i am legal very much

02/08/12 07:57 PM VIVnj: Saniman campaigning in UTAH??? That is Mormon country!!!

02/08/12 07:57 PM canda: Mitt is doing just fine. He's way smarter than me so I defer to him

02/08/12 07:57 PM Chris: Jboyut. I have a formal complait for the FEC waiting for tomorrow. I have to get it notoraized. (weird rules). I plan on filing a formal complaint each time Snotty santy steps into a church to politic and not worship.l

02/08/12 07:57 PM MikeS: romney clearly stated he wanted to have the option of contnraception for rape victims, which i can totally understand....i suspect newt and/or santorum will try to hit mitt on that, and he should counter by asking, "do you want a female to have to go through with a pregnancy if it's from INCEST?" that'll shut them both up, imo

02/08/12 07:58 PM Chris: Mike, they've actually been asked that. and these INSENTIVE MEN said yes. They should go through the pregnancy.

02/08/12 07:59 PM Chris: The far right thinks it's the right answer. Until it happens to their sisters, that is.

02/08/12 07:59 PM MN4Mitt: We can't rely onjust theMormonvote to win AZ, Mitt needs to talk more about this Catholic vs Obama issue like RS Isis doing

02/08/12 07:59 PM Paula: Karl Rover on Hannity tonight

02/08/12 08:00 PM Chris: Just like Mrs. Santroum had to abort a baby because her life actually depended on it. But heaven forbid another woman and her husband can't make that decision.

02/08/12 08:06 PM Chris: We have several peruvian/asian cafe's here in Utah.

02/08/12 08:06 PM Juztin: Romney has to close the deal with the conservative vote.

02/08/12 08:07 PM jlformitt: I don't think government fund should be used for abortion. I someone wants to have an abortion pay for it out of pocket. that's what I call pro-choice. and there should be a legal term limit to when someone should abort a fetus. Anyone who gets raped should be helped with counseling and put the baby for adoption.

02/08/12 08:07 PM MN4Mitt: mitt doesn't have conservative talk radio...big problem,co serva gives liste

02/08/12 08:07 PM MN4Mitt: Conservatives listen to talk radio

02/08/12 08:08 PM Paula: Morris saying wins will bring money into Santy

02/08/12 08:08 PM Paula: Also that Mitt needs to win Michigan or he will be in trouble

02/08/12 08:08 PM Chris: MN4. no they don't. They listen only for their daily orders. There is no thought involved in any of those shows.

02/08/12 08:08 PM Paula: Morris saying Mitt go complacent

02/08/12 08:08 PM JBOYUT: Paula these wins will bring vetting and Santee has Skeletons!

02/08/12 08:10 PM MN4Mitt: It is 8 hours nonstop of saying Mitt isn't conservative enough - radio matters, the airways here in MN were all against Mitt for weeks

02/08/12 08:10 PM Carolyn: Bill O Reilly is the only one onFox that likes Mitt

02/08/12 08:10 PM Merci: im worried about the debate bc Mitt will have both newt and santy attacking him

02/08/12 08:10 PM Paula: GA radio has anti Mitt ads by Newt and Mitt needs to respond - I haven't seen a single Mitt ad here in ATL - this is a large city with a LOT of people

02/08/12 08:11 PM MN4Mitt: The comment of we have more money so we will win was not smart by the campaign

02/08/12 08:11 PM phyllis: @Paula..seriously? Newt is running ads already in NC...only one..and we don't vote until May

02/08/12 08:11 PM DontTreadOnMe: What? Really did they say that MN4

02/08/12 08:12 PM MikeS: merci i dunno how, but someone needs to tell mitt to be ready about the contraception attacks, and that mitt needs to counter it by asking them about what happens if the woman is pregnant due to rape, or especially INCEST....then it will immediately put both newt and santorum on the defensive, and that'll be the end of that issue ;)

02/08/12 08:13 PM Juztin: voter turnout has been disappointing so far, need to get big turnouts in Arizona and Michigan.

02/08/12 08:14 PM phyllis: lol...I love Rove....I love his nasty politics.. ;)

02/08/12 08:14 PM MT IL: santorum does not support the use of the day after pill or treatment even with rape. i'd like him to be very vocal on that about the media rant

02/08/12 08:14 PM pcn: I read Rove as great.

02/08/12 08:15 PM MikeS: i was an ann coulter fan before she defended mitt, but now i'm a REALLY big fan of hers :)

02/08/12 08:15 PM canda: Pass this on it's heavy:

02/08/12 08:15 PM Money on Romney: Cable news now the primary source for Campaign news! Not good for Romney cause all the cable channels are pro Santy and Newt the Gingrich who stole Christmas!

02/08/12 08:15 PM berkeleybob: ann is great. I have all her books.

02/08/12 08:15 PM Cheryl4Mitt: Santorum has a Separation of Church and State Issue that could be addressed towards him. What was this all about him appearing in some church this morning and then about 25 guys praying over him? I'm sorry that seemed very weird.

02/08/12 08:16 PM Money on Romney: Romney is still the frontrunner. Santy's big night only hurts gangri

02/08/12 08:16 PM DontTreadOnMe: Yeah get santy on a rant about abortion, see if he is against the day after abortion or first month, and if he says yes, ask about circumstance involving, like already mentioned, Rape and Incest, and see him tangle himslef in his own web. Someone should do this, an informal, RECORDED, interview as he is leaving or arriving somewhere.

02/08/12 08:18 PM DontTreadOnMe: Exactly, its a silly argument to make. Everyone would, well 90% of ppl would agree with Mitt

02/08/12 08:19 PM jlformitt: I think Mit did not have enough boots on the ground for Colorado. He should not rely on past performance anymore. I think he will rethink how he campaigns going forward.

02/08/12 08:20 PM berkeleybob: rebel ross. Why doesn't Mitt get specific on the economy with solutions

02/08/12 08:21 PM dave tn: maybe santi is product of it?

02/08/12 08:21 PM DontTreadOnMe: Rick santourum was born when the devil had an Incestual relationship with Hitler (they were brothers dont you know)

02/08/12 08:21 PM Gfyhimr: Romney can't get too specific on what he will do to fix the economy because Obama always copies him....haven't you noticed that? Crazy

02/08/12 08:22 PM MikeS: one thing that has always perplexed me is HOW much christians fight among one another vs embracing their mormon relative in utah was lamenting that very thing

02/08/12 08:22 PM Paula: Wow Mitt Newt tied in poll in NC... interesting

02/08/12 08:23 PM MikeS: paula nice news there! that'd be a mild shock if mitt can pull NC out as a win

02/08/12 08:24 PM MikeS: paula strange dynamic though...NC is said to not be nearly as hardcore with that cracker/evangelical mentality as SC is

02/08/12 08:24 PM jlformitt: I should not dismiss the Evangelical begotry, He should find a way to subtly outsmart them. Because the are working secret.

02/08/12 08:25 PM Merci: Mike, there are always exceptions. i used to live there, but you are right they arent as close minded as in SC

02/08/12 08:25 PM NYPatriot: Could it be possible that the Romney learned from 2008 that winning CO MN and MO are not that big a deal in getting the nomination and purposefully is focusing on AZ & MI and Super Tuseday - or am i just grasping at straws to explain the terrible defeats last nights? There were no delegates awarded right?

02/08/12 08:25 PM DianaRae_FL: MittRomneySupporter2010: That is NewsMax - That is ABR rag

02/08/12 08:25 PM Becky in GA: Forget about newsmax. It is newt's news service....

02/08/12 08:25 PM Chief Loki: NEWSMAX IS DEMENTED!

02/08/12 08:25 PM Paula: I don't bother with Newsmax, they are so anti Mitt

02/08/12 08:25 PM Mitt Romney Supporter2012: Yes newsmax is stupid

02/08/12 08:25 PM JBOYUT: Cathartic thought of the day with Santee's wins comes attention and Vetting and he has a grave yard also!

02/08/12 08:27 PM carmen: very concern about mitt conservative base going to support him

02/08/12 08:28 PM MikeS: carmen, i'm not so concerned about the cracker/evangelical types voting for mitt in the GE....obama's sooooooooo horrid, i think many wont like it, but they'll vote for mitt because they fear another 4 yrs from our idiot-in-chief

02/08/12 08:28 PM patrick in westrn mass.: Mitt seemed a little off today, my opinion...

02/08/12 08:28 PM JBOYUT: Do you know why Santee lost his seat in Penn.?

02/08/12 08:29 PM VIVnj: I was polled by Gallup a few months ago. Said I would vote only if Mitt was the nomination. They ask a lot of questions.

02/08/12 08:29 PM carmen: @Nike S but in the general election we need them, and i am not sure they will be for mitt

02/08/12 08:29 PM NYPatriot: Santy lost his seat in PA because people wer sick of his right wing crap!

02/08/12 08:30 PM dave tn: i just found out who started the communist party Mr, bernakies predicessors yes the world banking association

02/08/12 08:31 PM carmen: there is no presence of mitt on tv today, he should be all over, but maybe mitt is rethinking his next move

02/08/12 08:31 PM Hispana: Look at and you will see the story in PA. Got a little too radical on some issues and turned to campaign for Arlan Specter!

02/08/12 08:31 PM phyllis: I agree Patrick....campaign was shocked last night....more troubling was turnout...

02/08/12 08:31 PM MikeS: carmen, if there is one thing that REALLY pisses me off now, with politics, it's this crybaby attitude that i've heard from many "conservatives" who say they'll stay home of mitt's the nominee...hell, i'd even vote for newt if he were the nominee, and i haaaaaaate newt, but he's still better than obama

02/08/12 08:32 PM Boston for MITT 1616: EVERYONE needs to step up for MITT now more than ever!!

02/08/12 08:32 PM MT IL: JBOY Santy did not get re=elected lost by 18%. It was a tough year with everyone unhappy with Bush but the electorate in PA thought he had moved too right on many issues for that population. PA is moderate repubs and dems

02/08/12 08:32 PM Chief Loki: Grinch on Fox now trying to reply why he didn't congratulate Mitt on FL

02/08/12 08:32 PM Chief Loki: What a huge jackass

02/08/12 08:33 PM patrick in westrn mass.: I'm so sick of Anybody but Romney label .... Mitt should say I encourage all Republicans in this race to drop out and join me....

02/08/12 08:34 PM Boston for MITT 1616: screw RUSH and palin etc...

02/08/12 08:34 PM saralee: I have noticed that Santorum has difficulties with the truth.

02/08/12 08:34 PM MikeS: hispana i'll tell u, this past year or so has REALLY opened my eyes to a LOT of duplicity from many so-called "conservatives"...i knew there would still be some prejudice out there, but i hope i'm wroing that it's gonna be much more pronounced, if/when mitt is the nominee...just makes me glad i'm a registered independent

02/08/12 08:34 PM Chief Loki: Social issues arent gonna with this election, let Newt and Santy make that mistake. It's the economy stupid!!!!!

02/08/12 08:35 PM carmen: we need to know more about santo, i don't dislike him, but maybe a comment he made on latinos, made me fell bad about him

02/08/12 08:35 PM donna: yes, but notice the dems are trying and succeeding in keeping everyone on social issues

02/08/12 08:35 PM VIVnj: MikeS, my eyes were opened this year too. I can't believe how the republicans went again Mitt,one fo there own. I know that the left did it to Hillary but the right did it as well to one of their own.

02/08/12 08:36 PM Merci: @carmen hahaha, i dont know if he made a comment about latinos, but he did about blacks.

02/08/12 08:36 PM carmen: We ALL are down today, I can feel the energy is not the same. We need some cheers

02/08/12 08:36 PM DontTreadOnMe: It was a blow, but . . .we'll kick on, Its attack time! Santy and the Grinch can be knocked out so easily

02/08/12 08:36 PM Gfyhimr: There is a video of Santorum getting testy when asked about the paying for his kids education by a school teacher in PA. It is on Santorum exposed. He looks like a jerk!!!!

02/08/12 08:36 PM Hispana: Chief Loki, you are soo right! The Republican Party is its worst enemy! Getting too close to lose an election for these stupidities!

02/08/12 08:36 PM VIVnj: SANTORUM is a JERK!! He will get roasted in no time for all of his lies.

02/08/12 08:37 PM Chief Loki: Hispana- after November we'll be transitioning to 3 parties instead of 2

02/08/12 08:38 PM VIVnj: Yeah Mike, I have lost all faith in all the right wing media stations now. Not lisenting to their diatribe as they are as bad as CNN and MSNBC.

02/08/12 08:38 PM Chief Loki: Social Conseratives on the right, Centrist/moderates that are fiscal conservatives in the middle and Progressives on the left. R and D Parties are about to both be dissected!!!!!

02/08/12 08:38 PM carmen: i think that is, people don't dislike santo, and that is why he is a treat

02/08/12 08:38 PM Cheryl4Mitt: If you are voting for "anyone but Romney," you are "Nutz."

02/08/12 08:39 PM Gfyhimr: I didn't dislike Santorum either....but vet him yourself and you will be sick to your stomach!

02/08/12 08:40 PM Chief Loki: Merci- agree. people have no idea about Mitt's accomplishments because he is so modest. Someone has to brag about him, I say we need to have Ann introduce the real Mitt and his achievements to America. Who is better than she to do this??????

02/08/12 08:40 PM JT HUNT: "anybody but Romney" is just a media hype that non-Euclidian thinker repeat like parrots

02/08/12 08:41 PM Merci: Ive been talking about his record on FB, but all people know is the abortion isse and they repeat flip flopper and whatever, but they dont know anything else

02/08/12 08:41 PM donna: he didn't flip! only position he changed was as to government involvement

02/08/12 08:41 PM patrick in westrn mass.: It's going to be percieved as Gingrich and Santorum beating up on Romney.... that's going to backfire.. nobody likes bullies...

02/08/12 08:43 PM MikeS: patrick, what part of MA u from? dont worry, i'm hardly a stalker, and as the room is full of mormons, pretty sure they arent either :P

02/08/12 08:44 PM murtleg: why is it when Mitt wins he doesn't get a bounce but when someone else does they do?

02/08/12 08:45 PM SARA: Media down plays Mitt's wins always

02/08/12 08:45 PM Hispana: Do you mean a woman like Sarah Palin?????? We already lost an election due to her!!!

02/08/12 08:45 PM donna: NO PALIN UGH

02/08/12 08:46 PM VIVnj: Yes, media acts like it is yesterday's news when Mitt wins. His NV win was big yet they treated it as nothing. But when this jerk wins non-binding states they are throwing roses at him.

02/08/12 08:46 PM Merci: Not palin, she would make anyone lose

02/08/12 08:46 PM Carolyn: I'd like Sununu for VP

02/08/12 08:46 PM MikeS: u can tell that palin doesnt care for mitt...but if u knwo mitt's record, she's telling flat out lies about his record too...i've lost a LOT of respect for sarah over that fact alone

02/08/12 08:46 PM DontTreadOnMe: Absolutly. If the Republican Party really wanted to win they would not be ostracizing Mitt and Paul supporters, because they will have nothing but a crazy evangelical War mongering party left. Its like they wont the Dems to Win, they want abother 4 more years of Obama

02/08/12 08:46 PM MikeS: carolyn LOOOOVE sununu!!!

02/08/12 08:46 PM donna: i don't think the nation is ready for a woman

02/08/12 08:47 PM Hispana: Donna: Not after Sarah Palin!!!!

02/08/12 08:47 PM Cheryl4Mitt: Isn't Palin one of those evangelist's?

02/08/12 08:47 PM donna: GOOD LUCK, don't think a woman on ticket is an asset

02/08/12 08:47 PM donna: and I am one of course haha

02/08/12 08:48 PM donna: so am I ! can't stand her

02/08/12 08:48 PM VIVnj: Sara Palin is an idiot and needs to go back to Wasilla and do some moose hunting. She is a disgrace.

02/08/12 08:48 PM MikeS: i have no problem with a woman vp or president, but just dont think they can get a majority of voters....not meant ot sound chauvenistic, but if/when the crap hits the fan, that's when many would be nervous about having a woman

02/08/12 08:49 PM NYPatriot: Rubio is the best pick!= politically. He would help to lock up Fl and also New Mexicio 2 very important states in the General. Takes the race card off the table! Rubio speaks fluent conservative

02/08/12 08:50 PM carmen: or mitt get a women for vp or RP for vp, that will be the final saying

02/08/12 08:51 PM Hispana: Sorry to say but Nicky Haley is having trouble in her crazy state!

02/08/12 08:51 PM Lisa: Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., says that the No. 1 health care crisis in his state is medical lawsuit abuse and in the past he's called for a $250,000 cap on non-economic damage awards or awards for pain and suffering. But Santorum's wife sued a doctor for $500,000 in 1999.

02/08/12 08:51 PM VIVnj: I would love for Mitt to pick Daniels.

02/08/12 08:52 PM Tim G: mitt will need a strong conservative on the ticket

02/08/12 08:52 PM Chief Loki: Don't think for a second it wasn't already thought about... Daniels that is. why do you think he gave the GOP rebuttal to Obama's state of the Union address???? DANIELS IS A TOP CHOICE

02/08/12 08:54 PM patrick in westrn mass.: Santorum is too extreme to be nominated....

02/08/12 08:54 PM Hispana: The best Hispanic and most prepared is Marco Rubio. He will consolidate the cuban and puerto rican vote in Florida, NY, NJ, Chicago and all other states with major Hispanic populations. Remember folks that Hispanics are now the largest minority group in our country, we surpassed the black population and it will the biggest emerging population for years to come!

02/08/12 08:54 PM donna: record doesn't seem to matter so many will go for santy

02/08/12 08:55 PM donna: and we loose the race

02/08/12 08:55 PM Suzanne in Spokane: Mitt is the most qualified and experienced man running. He has what we need right now and that is the expertise to get job creation going strong in the country! He has my vote!

02/08/12 08:56 PM patrick in westrn mass.: Romney's the present... Rubio's the future....

02/08/12 08:56 PM MikeS: suzanne yep, EASILY the best all-around...that is what has been so perplexing to me, that ppl either cant see it, or just have ulterior motives (eg mormon, being rich/successful, being from the northeast, etc) for not wanting mitt

02/08/12 08:58 PM patrick in westrn mass.: Allen West is a hot head...

02/08/12 08:58 PM MikeS: but u know if romney tapped allen west, the "uncle tom" calls would be a dime a dozen

02/08/12 08:58 PM Hispana: Love Christie and Daniels also but the VP spot is all about the numbers!

1 posted on 02/08/2012 6:13:31 PM PST by JediJones
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To: JediJones

Oh my, those people are delusional. LOL.

I have to wonder if any of them post on FR and pretend to be for another candidate. It seems like the kind of thing a Romney supporter would do.

2 posted on 02/08/2012 6:50:18 PM PST by Shelayne (NO ROMNEY--NOT NOW--NOT EVER!)
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To: JediJones

Wow. This is truly bizarre stuff. I just don’t even know where to begin. Seems as though Romney has a cult of personality all his own.

“02/08/12 07:38 PM jlformitt: Shouldn’t people be upset with Santy for furthering begotry? He is associating himself with the Evangelical begots? someone should spy on their conversations. “

The only thing worse than us dumb Christians being bigots is being ‘begots.’

“Hispana: ...the fundamentalist religious ones would give the vote to someone like Santorum. Sorry, but these folks lack education and we have always known how they will vote.”

Yup yup, nobody hear but us dum reddneks BEGOTS klingin tuh awr gunz and religion!

“pcn: Michael Savage is still backing Mitt!”

Did you hear that? It’s Weiner Nation’s career whistling past the graveyard.

“DontTreadOnMe: Rick santourum was born when the devil had an Incestual relationship with Hitler (they were brothers dont you know)”

Gee, what’s a Paulie doing in Club Romney?

“MikeS: carmen, i’m not so concerned about the cracker/evangelical types voting for mitt in the GE....”

Remind me again: is this a group for Romney or Obama? It’s so easy to get them confused.

“VIVnj: SANTORUM is a JERK!! He will get roasted in no time for all of his lies.”

God will roast his stomach in hell at the hands of the Romnies! There are no American infidels in Baghdad! Never!

“Tim G: mitt will need a strong conservative on the ticket “

Wait, I thought Mitt WAS the strong conservative? You mean Ann Coulter lied to me?

3 posted on 02/08/2012 6:54:17 PM PST by Cato in PA (1/26/12: Bloody Thursday)
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To: Shelayne

Yeah, it is pretty entertaining to look at all the stupid things they say. Demographically, they seem to be a mix of conservative Mormons, socially liberal fiscal conservatives, and Paulestinians who have resigned themselves to the fact that Paul is unelectable and think Mitt’s the next best thing. They also seem to be pretty heavily weighted towards women who actually comment about how good Mitt looks. The surprising thing was how they’re just as mad at FOX as we are...although they do love Mitt’s Lapdog Karl Rover.

4 posted on 02/08/2012 6:57:18 PM PST by JediJones (Newt-er Romney in 2012!)
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To: Cato in PA

The most amazing one was the guy who said that Rick and Newt attacking Mitt would backfire because no one likes a bully. How delusional do they have to be to not see the bullying Mitt did to Newt in Iowa and especially Florida? Their comments attacking Rick also far outnumber anything positive they have to say about Mitt.

I got banned from posting after my second comment critical of Mitt, but managed to work in a “NEWT 2012” IBTZ. ;) The ban doesn’t stop me from viewing the chat room though.

5 posted on 02/08/2012 7:04:15 PM PST by JediJones (Newt-er Romney in 2012!)
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To: Cato in PA
God will roast his stomach in hell at the hands of the Romnies! There are no American infidels in Baghdad! Never!

6 posted on 02/08/2012 7:04:16 PM PST by cripplecreek (What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?)
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To: Cato in PA

“Hispana: ...the fundamentalist religious ones would give the vote to someone like Santorum. Sorry, but these folks lack education and we have always known how they will vote.”

Sounds like something an obama supporter would say. Those bitter clingers!

7 posted on 02/08/2012 7:04:39 PM PST by ari-freedom
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To: All

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8 posted on 02/08/2012 8:01:25 PM PST by musicman (Until I see the REAL Long Form Vault BC, he's just "PRES__ENT" Obama = Without "ID")
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To: JediJones
Wow, we get to see how Mormons really behave. What a bunch of catty bitches.
9 posted on 02/08/2012 11:08:11 PM PST by dragonblustar (Allah Ain't So Akbar!)
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