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Judge Napolitano: 'The President Is Dangerously Close to Totalitarianism'
Reaganite Republican ^ | April 7, 2012 | Reaganite Republican

Posted on 04/07/2012 5:13:47 AM PDT by Reaganite Republican

Says power-mad Obama harbors 'extreme view' 
on role of the Supreme Court and Constitution...

Appearing on Fox the other night, Judge Andrew Napolitano told Neil Cavuto that Barack Obama's flippant disregard
for all other branches but the Executive is getting downright scary 
(and that's just going by what he says in public):

"I think the President is dangerously close to totalitarianism. A few months ago he was saying, the Congress doesn’t count. The Congress doesn’t mean anything. I’m going to rule by decree and administrative regulation. 

Now he’s basically saying the Supreme Court doesn’t count. It doesn’t matter what they think. They can’t review our legislation. That would leave just him as the only branch of government standing, so I think he has some problems with understanding the Constitution or accepting limitations on his power. 

Look, they are equal branches of government, but with respect to what the law means, or the Constitution means, the Court is superior to the President… 

No President in modern times has questioned their authority. They’ve questioned the way the authority has been exercised – not their right to make the decision. 

This is an extreme view of the Supreme Court and the Constitution, one that has not been articulated since Andrew Jackson was in the White House...."

If you don't think it could get any worse just re-elect this nut and see what happens next- Obama had Homeland Security order-up 650M bullets and bulletproof checkpoint booths for a reason.

Video/more at Reaganite Republican

Maggie's Notebook   NJ Conservative   LibertyNews   BluegrassPundit

TOPICS: Conspiracy; Government; History; Politics
KEYWORDS: constitution; dictator; emperorbaraq; napolitano; obama; scotus; supremecourt; totalitarianism
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To: FlyingEagle
The history I am expecting to see unfold is written in this book right here.
21 posted on 04/07/2012 6:32:54 AM PDT by .30Carbine (God bless you with the spirit of wisdom and understanding)
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To: Reaganite Republican

Well, I think the Executive doesn’t count, and I’d like to see him not counting right to jail! s/off

22 posted on 04/07/2012 6:34:56 AM PDT by afraidfortherepublic
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To: GoldenPup

They have not said a word yet and I doubt they will.

23 posted on 04/07/2012 6:41:24 AM PDT by Sequoyah101 (Half the people are below average.)
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To: Reaganite Republican

“A drum. A drum.
Macbeth doth come.”

24 posted on 04/07/2012 6:44:28 AM PDT by onedoug
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To: Reaganite Republican

Zer0 will take as much power as we (the people, Congress) allow him to take.

25 posted on 04/07/2012 6:52:14 AM PDT by Vinnie (A)
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To: Reaganite Republican

“Dangerously Close”

Hey Judge baby, you are 20 years too freakin late with your warning.

It was guys like you and Rush, and Glenn, and etc, etc, who Pooh Poohed guys like me even as recently as the late ‘90s.

How many times I was told to go put on my tin foil hat and to watch out for black helicopters. Now, all of a sudden, when the jaws have closed around us, now you see the light.


Sorry, I do not believe that we will have elections this year. There is a “crisis” (pick your flavor) brewing in the background that will explode this summer and a state of emergency will be declared.

Oh Well, time to go buy more canned fruit and veggies while my ‘foldin’ money still works....

26 posted on 04/07/2012 7:07:38 AM PDT by ConradofMontferrat (According to mudslimze, my handle is a Hate Crime. Hope you don't like it.)
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To: Reaganite Republican

27 posted on 04/07/2012 7:21:57 AM PDT by Yosemitest (It's simple, fight or die!)
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To: Yosemitest

In November we MUST close the door on the shadow communist behind Obama like, Bill Ayers, George Soros, Cass Sunstein, Van Jones, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and the rest of the radicals he surrounds himself with and admires.

28 posted on 04/07/2012 7:30:41 AM PDT by NavyCanDo
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To: NavyCanDo
Well we can't do it with "Trojan Horse" Romney!
If we nominate Romney, Romney will lose, intentionally!

On another thread, WhiskeyX's analysis is very good on

Very well described!
Maybe it's time we got some DINOs to copy this evil plan against Democrats.
But who would soil their name and credibility, to do such an evil thing against the real evildoers? "

Communists hacks pouring out of Mitt, taking over the GOP.
Let me add this article:

The only way Conservatives will lose to the Kenyan Turd is IF the "Establishment Republicans" REFUSE to support the Republican Nominee.
Now the "Republican Establishment's" hatred for conservatives is well known.
Jon Bershad wrote about Rush's analysis of their PANIC.

How many times has the "Republican Establishment" treated us to one lecture after the other on the need for “compromise” and “patience.”?
After we elect and RE-elect the "Republican Establishment", they conduct themselves with none of the confidence and enthusiasm with which they expressed themselves on the campaign trail.
It may be worth it for the GOP to lose some elections - if it means that conservatives—and the country—will ultimately win.

If we didn’t know it before, WE ... the Tea Partiers, now knows that accepting short-term loss in exchange for long-term gain is the essence of compromise, the essence of politics.

Ironically, we can thank the "Republican Establishment" for impressing this so indelibly upon us!!!
I'm fresh out of "patience", and I'm not in the mood for "compromise".
"COMPROMISE" to me is a dirty word.
Let the RINO's compromise their values, with the conservatives, for a change.

My dislike for the Democratic Party is second to none.
But my ... LOATHING ... for the "Establishment Republicans" ... is even stronger!
The "Establishment Republicans" can go to hell!
29 posted on 04/07/2012 7:37:51 AM PDT by Yosemitest (It's simple, fight or die!)
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To: gogogodzilla

Members of the military swear an oath to the constitution, not a person.

30 posted on 04/07/2012 7:50:41 AM PDT by Hulka
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To: Reaganite Republican

I hope every Freeper is emailing this video to their friends and posting it on Facebook.

31 posted on 04/07/2012 7:58:01 AM PDT by LZ_Bayonet ( I AM THE TEA PARTY LEADER !)
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To: Reaganite Republican

If we go back to the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798, the states have the power to nullify and interpose on unconstitutional acts or actions of the three branches of the federal government.
The states formed a compact(constitution) that formed the federal government and as parties to the compact, they have the power to nullify what is not made “in pursuance thereof”.

The state legislatures need to do this and it is up to each of the citizens in each state to educate our state legislators of the states power to do this.
Our country’s history has many examples of state nullification ie. Kelo v New London, Obamacare, gun laws, alien and sedition acts, etc.
The people at the grass root levels need to take this power back and enforce it at the state levels. It’s a fact that the Republican establishment is not going to do anything and we the people need to say “to hell with you” and take charge of our own destiny.

32 posted on 04/07/2012 7:58:17 AM PDT by nmrancher
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To: AdmSmith; AnonymousConservative; Berosus; bigheadfred; Bockscar; ColdOne; Convert from ECUSA; ...

Thanks Reaganite Republican.

Stop Comparing Me With Obama!

33 posted on 04/07/2012 8:06:15 AM PDT by SunkenCiv (FReepathon 2Q time --
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To: Reaganite Republican
Let's assume that the Court throws out Obamacare as unconstitutional! What does that really mean to Obama, I respectfully suggest it means nothing, all of the ongoing regulations, expendatures, and planning will in-fact continue unabated right through election time, the states that side with Obama will continue to prepare and receive government largess, the state who are a party to the action will debate whether they may simply withdraw there plans and ignore Obama’s mandates. The only thing that can kill Obamacare is his defeat at the ballot box.
34 posted on 04/07/2012 8:36:17 AM PDT by qman
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To: John123

FDR’s attempt to enlarge the Supreme Court so that he could appoint enough new justices to have a majority failed—but the Court suddenly became friendlier to New Deal legislation, and by the time of FDR’s death 7 of the 9 justices were men he had originally put on the Court. (The 8th man was the Chief Justice, whom he had promoted from Associate Justice.)

35 posted on 04/07/2012 8:41:26 AM PDT by Verginius Rufus
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To: Reaganite Republican

Obama never studied law he mastered in loop holes.

36 posted on 04/07/2012 9:05:41 AM PDT by Vaduz
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To: Reaganite Republican

Obama is contradicting himself. First he says that Congress doesn’t count, so he rules by executive order. Then he says the Supreme Court doesn’t count and doesn’t have the right to overturn a law passed by Congress. So which is it, 0? Does Congress matter or not?

37 posted on 04/07/2012 10:33:16 AM PDT by murron (Proud Mom of a Marine Vet)
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To: ConradofMontferrat

Cased in point: Ann Coulter the other night on Hannity commenting on Obama’s Supreme Court statements said that she doubted those who were asking for 0s school records and transcripts. Now, she told Hannity, she wants to see his records because she now has doubts about his educational background. It’s amazing how we are made fun of and ridiculed until the others have this sudden epiphany that, hey, we may be right! Next, the birth certificate issue will be proven and we right wing nuts will again have the last laugh.

38 posted on 04/07/2012 10:40:00 AM PDT by murron (Proud Mom of a Marine Vet)
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To: Reaganite Republican

He’s there! Read the health insurance bill. We are there if the Supreme Court doesn’t overturn it.

39 posted on 04/07/2012 12:31:52 PM PDT by maxwellsmart_agent
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