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The Global Warming Salesmen (braying) ^ | 4/11/12 | bray

Posted on 04/12/2012 4:47:31 AM PDT by bray

This is how we know that we LOVE the children of God: by LOVING God and carrying out his commands. 1 John 5:2

Last night was the first time I ever witnessed Phil Mote and his band of Merry Tricksters. How appropriate that the first thing the moderator did was to exaggerate the Warmist believers numbers at 95% when the hands looked closer to 80% which was low considering it was pretty obvious PSU was stuffing the room. Considering the Earth’s Magic Elixir show was at PSU it had to be a pretty disappointing turnout for the high priests of Global Warming. The main point you noticed from all the speakers was they never understood where their science began and their politics ended.

You couldn’t help but notice as people who made their living from speaking and teaching these professors had developed some very poor habits of talking to their crowd as hardcore liberals with snarky comment after snarky comment expecting a laugh. You knew that when they would make a comment like excess CO2 happened under “Maggie Thatcher’s reign” they expected the token laugh they get in the classroom since it is so universal that Conservatives are stupid troglodytes in their world.

Phil Mote began his speech with the statement we had to believe him since he was just a poor underpaid professor who didn’t do this for the money just barely subsisting on his $150K+ in salary and benefits. He went on how other professors made more money once they left those hallowed halls and sold out to private industry. He used the oldest cliché in the book claiming he has all these noble motivations when it was obvious his motivation was adoration, religion and being a liberal icon holding the holy grail of Global Warming not to mention the fat grants. Watching their tired and worn scare tactics using manipulated and massaged graphs reminded you of a Crosby, Stills & Nash concert watching some washed up has-beens clinging to their fame.

He even brought up the old greenhouse gas image of a glass greenhouse when there is no comparison but makes an exaggerated image to win the argument. After that image he brought out the hockey stick graph made famous by Professor Mann of the Climategate fame. He minimized the last five years of no warming and the entire night tried to ignore that 600 pound guerilla left in the room. His final desperate explanation was the lack of El Nino and less Sun Spots. He missed the obvious contradiction of the skeptics have been saying those are the real reasons of Global Warming all along.

Professor Huble was even worse when she showed her massive bias as a worshiper of the cult of GW when she made the comment how glaciers was a subject “close to her heart.” How objective can you be when you are passionately involved with trying to prove something you want to exist exists? Her even more obvious comment was when she showed the graph of increasing CO2 showed the oscillating rise of a yearly increase looked like the heartbeat of Mother Earth. You could tell by the way she explained that graph that it was a religious experience to her rather than a simple graph showing the annual increase and decrease of the natural fluctuations of CO2 production. You could tell from her demonstration she is a hardcore earth cultist doing her part for the church.

Her other major bias was her hatred of Republicans. When she saw a question asking about how our wars in the Middle East were causing more Global Warming she made a joke how she knew who wrote the question. Obviously one of her students getting extra credit for making another snarky comment about George Bush’ war. It was another example how these so called professional speakers have developed some bad habits of believing the entire Country is a bunch of liberals like they are since they are never around people who doubt or question everything she says. She didn’t mind twisting and massaging her data as she showed graphs of shrinking sea ice that seemed to stop two years ago and acted like the increase of ice in the South Pole was the same as shrinkage in the North Pole. She used her graph to hide the fact the South Pole has multiple times the ice as the North Pole but made it appear as less.

The German Professor Schmittner made you believe you were listening to a scientist with his thick German accent. Other than that his demonstration was nothing more than an extended version of algore’s movie Incoherent Lies. It was nothing more than some very basic diagrams showing how evaporation takes place and how clouds and the atmosphere keep the temperature in. Some might even wonder if God created the perfect system, unless of course you are a scientist. His part of the show was really unimpressive other than just saying the same thing over and pretending the 600 lb guerilla wasn’t staring him in the face.

Phil Mote comes back out and makes a statement if you were arguing a court case you would simply throw more information than the people could absorb to confuse them after they spent ninety minutes doing just that. During the question and answer session the Skeptics dominated the interaction as repeatedly the believers stated they had no idea what was being asked. He tried over and over to make excuses why the Warming had taken a hiatus repeating the El Nino which they predicted would become more severe.

When asked why the public should believe agenda driven science like GW when they had been wrong about the Ozone Hole, Acid Rain and DDT he had no idea what the question was about. First he said the Ozone Hole was real ignoring the fact it stopped growing and then stated, “If your doctor says you need a heart surgery won’t you get one?” Talk about an example that has no comparison, would you get that surgery without a second opinion or if your podiatrist recommended it? To pretend something as finite as a heart blockage is as simple as something as infinite as the earth atmosphere is absurd. The rest of their answers were equally evasive and detached. It was a really sad demonstration by the so called experts of our state as they were hammered time and time again with no satisfactory answers.

The scientists in the group of skeptics although only representing around 20% were able to destroy their arguments and graphs on statistical grounds. They never could explain why the earth is cooling when all of their models predicted raising with the levels of CO2 they see today. You could tell they had never been challenged in their thinking as the destruction of their beliefs was so easy and the Earth Elixir salesmen were exposed for the frauds they were for anybody who had the courage to look. They really made a perfect example of how politics corrupts everything it touches and has now destroyed science turning it into a politically agenda driven junk science that was demonstrated by these three hacks.

Pray for America

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1 posted on 04/12/2012 4:47:35 AM PDT by bray
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