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The Plan for 21st Century American Resurgence
Tea Party Tribune ^ | 2012-05-23 03:40:40 | TPTsubmissions

Posted on 05/23/2012 5:08:02 AM PDT by tselatysr

The most crucial Presidential election, in a lifetime, nears.  Please read
what I authored.  Is this the proper direction for America, now? It is
Romney, his baggage and his ideology, vs. Obama, his baggage and his
ideology. What else could the election represent? It represents the future
for America and our families, now and forever.  -Lance


By: S. Lance Silver

How are we going to pay now and in the future for our American lifestyle?
It's so simple.

We create money for American expenditures currently in two methods:

1. by Taxation;

2. by Printing;

There is a smarter, easily accessible, environmentally safe and more
profitable 3rd method to generate, now, "Trillions" of dollars to finance
our American lifestyles, reduce our balance of payments and restore America
as the vanguard to the world; and that is by simply obtaining energy/fuel
form our Outer Continental Shelf and in the USA mainland by producing and
utilizing natural gas and diesel fuels from our American natural resources
in quantities abundant enough for our American consumption; and refining and
marketing the remainder to the rest of the world for their consumption; and
receiving Trillions of dollars into our Treasury instead of vice-versa; read
on and ask why our leaders aren't doing this?

Are the Mexicans, Venezuelans, Canadians, Algerians, Saudi Arabians, Iraqis,
British, Libyans, Iranians, Brazilians, Nigerians, Russians etc....smarter
than we Americans?

Imagine if, President J.F. Kennedy, President L.B. Johnson, President R.M.
Nixon, President G. Ford, President James Carter, President Ronald Reagan,
President H.W. Bush, President W.J. Clinton, President G.W. Bush or our
current President Barack Hussein Obama, or any of the prior Congresses, had
created the following strategic program over the past 40+ years, what our
economic position in the world and the political, social, military, security
implications of being energy independent would mean to Americans; especially
now in 2009, (2012), when we seek ways to pay for Health Care, Cleaner Air
and to further the American dream here and abroad ?

The economic downturn we face in America and globally must be addressed in a
manner that provides America with an economic and political leadership role
in the world, and presents United States leadership as the solution to the
current malaise. Congressional elections will be in two years and in four
the Presidency; and we must create the concept internationally and
nationally that will enable the United States of America to be victorious.

The dramatic transfer of wealth and influence from America and the West to
Asia, the Pan Muslim world, Iran, Venezuela and Russia is not only an
economic existential concern, it is a major national security issue and

We raise and collect the majority of our money for our USA Treasury by
taxation, by selling treasury notes/bills-bonds, and by printing money. We
are missing the real source for cash for the USA by not marketing our
natural resources.

The vast under estimated Outer Continental Shelf,(OCS), the under estimated
Bakken fields in the Dakotas, Oil Shale, natural gas and all of our other
natural resources in the U.S. A., which belong to the American People, are
assets we must immediately monetize. Once started, we will begin to reverse
the staggering outflow of American cash that is slowly bankrupting America,
the West and lessening our political and economic influence in the world
along with our security.

The fact that,  un-vetted, "Barak Hussein Obama"  was just elected the
President of the United States of America and that we landed a man on the
moon, sent spacecraft to the outer regions of space, etc., makes this
strategy possible.

We recognize that the USA is a Democratic Republic and is the economic
entity that must be treated more business-like and intelligently permitted
to flourish in America.

If the United States of America is ready to monetize its' natural resources,
now, by converting our natural capital into currency, we as the American
people will be the masters of our own destiny politically, socially,
militarily and economically in the world. Additional billions and perhaps
trillions of fresh dollars are accessible to us annually as a country
resulting in less of a tax burden upon all of the citizens of the USA . Who
does not want this?

Under President FDR and ultimately under President Richard M. Nixon the USA
went off the "Gold Standard" and we were all propelled into the "Petroleum
Standard", Black Gold Standard. The United States of America has been
loosing the economic battle ever since; which is obvious by our insolvency,
which is debt driven. It is time to recreate the Gold Standard with our
Black Gold; until we eliminate petroleum from our western culture and
ultimately the world and welcome with open arms, energy that is
environmentally and humanly friendly.

We can enjoy all of the benefits of a better quality of life with well
financed programs for security, housing, medical care, transportation,
infrastructure, education, entitlements etc., by utilizing the OCS , the
Bakken fields and our natural resources . All of which translates into
millions of new jobs annually, continually creating new technology with less
of a tax bite for all citizens and tax rebates available annually to all
citizens, as in the Alaska energy experience; after all it's our natural

Again, why should Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, U.A.E, Mexico, Canada, Iran, Iraq,
Russia, Norway, Venezuela, Brazil, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Algeria and
countless other countries enjoy this economic-security privilege and not the
United States of America? Are we that myopic? Are we that stupid !

The American people under the next administration or under the current Obama
administration, that claims to be for Hope and Change , must implement this
economic strategy program from state to state and region to region;
regardless of the whining fits of anger, the road blocks, the fears, the
tales of destruction, etc., that the well intentioned environmentalists will
throw in the way. We will ask, and find the answer a little later, who
finances the environmental groups and why they consistently impeded United
States energy sovereignty?  Behind
>  the environmental lobby: it may seem
stranger than fiction ... right click open hyperlink..; Environmental
<>  Funding
...right click open hyperlink...;
>  Climategate:the
final nail in the coffin of 'Anthropogenic Global ...right click open

It's time for our President to make executive decisions, Executive Orders,
that affect us as a society long term; that aren't subject to a, naive,
either I'm for or I'm against; because no American is not for energy
independence for the USA...

America currently creates approximately 14 trillion dollars in GNP annually.
Approximately 1 trillion dollars is expended for petroleum based products,(
7% + of our money and growing). The majority of which ends up in the
treasuries of countries, or the pockets in Dictatorships, with leadership
and cultures that do not believe in our American Constitution, our Laws and
our governance system; and frankly they are striving and want our American
governance concept and western society subordinated to theirs, ASAP.

We must realize, recognize and continually teach Americans that we are, as
in our founding fathers intent, a Constitutional and Economic reality and
all of our life issues revolve around us being able to responsibly afford
our American lifestyles and our unalienable rights. We are the major
petroleum consumer in the world. We can supply 100% of our own energy needs.
We will sell our surplus to the rest of the world, as our customers. The
Chinese, Indians and others will become our energy trading partners; and we
will convert our trading deficits into trading surpluses and eliminate
tremendous debts. The balance of payments will shift dramatically and all
happening very simply because of OCS, Bakken fields, oil shale and natural
gas utilization, while the dollar strengthens; with a President and policy
that's understands , digests and lives daily under and subject to our
cherished and blood soaked history that produced our American values.
Freedom is not free.

We need to set up a Government Sponsored Industry, GSI; in this current day
is not an unusual happening.  Ownership will be 75% by private industry and
25% by, "We the People". It is, initially, necessary for the GSI format for
ownership because all permitting and all approvals must be mandated by
executive, congressional and court action ASAP. If approvals and permitting
were left to the traditional bureaucratic approval and permitting processes,
we will never be energy independent. Inspired leadership must step forward.
It is a matter of life and death for us. The Army Corps of Engineers, the
USA Environmental Protection Agency and all states Departments of
Environmental Protections etc., are all formidable bureaucratic entities
that exist to place roadblocks, sometimes necessary and other times
superfluously in the path of real progress.  The program will consist of
three sections:

Section 1.

The immediate-term, as if we were on the battlefield and the oil/petroleum
products, we need and use is plasma. This program is approximately from
now-15 years. It consists of the establishment of regional developments
initially utilizing the OCS, the Bakken fields and its abundant natural gas
to produce environmentally friendly petroleum products and morphing into
different energy production and sources in the future; so that dollars
expended are investments in energy infrastructure and just not stop gap
measures. We need to recognize the economic reality that we just can't stop
airlines, truck fleets, etc., for not being powered by geothermal, solar or
atomic energy now.

In section one a transcontinental pipeline from coast to coast, east to west
and from north to south, will be planned and constructed; many lines exist
now that need to be rehabilitated to be able to receive the energy source.
The construction of this pipeline will create thousands of real jobs, now.
During this phase, we will begin the planning and begin the construction of
new refineries in the east, west, north, south and central areas of the USA.
These new, environmentally secure, natural gas and petroleum refineries will
receive the OCS, etc., production. We haven't built any new refineries in
the USA for many years. Why not build some that aren't subject to flooding
from hurricanes and destruction from earthquakes in geologically more stable
areas of the USA; talk about new jobs being created. Way to go stimulus
bill? This phase needs executive power and congressional muscle; the money
is available in stimulus dollars. And the current President does what?

Section 2.

The mid-term. This program is developmentally co-terminus with the
immediate-term and long term. During this time period will be weaning
ourselves more stridently from petroleum products, with government sponsored
auto mandated requirements for 35-40 mpg vehicles or more and manufacturing
intelligent-environmentally sound energy saving machinery and providing
private and public infrastructure for our airline fleets, truck fleets, auto
fleets, bus fleets and the plastics industries retooling, etc. . This period
is approximately 25 years in duration. The continuation of the pipeline and
refineries will continue during this period.  And the government, lead by
the President, does what?

Section 3.

The long-term program. After 25 years, with intense governmental and
regulatory influence along with the sensible economic policy that is steeped
in reality, we should have created the energy sources necessary to be
virtually petroleum free for manufacturing and all transportation needs; the
pipeline and new refineries will remain as a back up energy source and a
public asset until congressional and executive orders say its time has come
to cease operating.

During sections one, two and three we will inventing new technologies which
create jobs, jobs and more jobs and which will enable the United States of
America, without apologies to anyone, to be energy independent and secure in
our homeland free from any man made overseas contingencies, a.k.a. Islamic
Fundamentalist terrorists attacks.

Why hasn't the USA provided a technologically correct reassessment of our
petroleum and natural gas reserves for over 25 years? We must keep
reassessing our petroleum and natural gas reserves, because we find that
with new technological sourcing techniques, we all of a sudden realize that
the quantities we are currently using are plain wrong and inaccurate;
leading us into erroneous directions to follow. A NY Times article states
that , "the biggest problem is that much of the coastal United States,
subject to a drilling ban since the early 1980s, has not been thoroughly
explored for oil. Neither the industry nor the government has any definitive
idea how much could be recovered. In order to hazard a guess for some areas
of the Eastern Seaboard, the government has had to inspect geological maps
from Morocco, which was connected to North America more than 100 million
years ago..." estimates range to the many tens of billions of gallons or

Ultimately, we will retool our auto fleets, trucking, bus, rail lines,
airline fleets and plastics industries as we wean ourselves away from
petroleum based energy towards solar, electric, turbine, geo-thermal usages. Millions of American jobs will be created as we move
from a petroleum-based economy to alternative energy/fuel sources. The jobs
created by this alone will keep unemployment very low and appease the

Thru Presidential Executive Orders and legislative acts, The Department of
Energy will establish operational jurisdiction over American natural
resources namely natural gases and all crude petroleum deposits.

Each region, below, will immediately, (with monitored and supportive
governmental environmental sensitivity), by auction/sealed bid, lease to the
USA energy companies and industries, areas within which to develop our USA
resources of natural gas and drilling for petroleum production. Each region
will also have governmentally backed refineries, which will be newly
constructed and created; all with regional transportation accessibility.
Approvals for construction and permitting will come from congressional fiat
and "Executive Order". Each region is to be connected to an energy grid
system; a new natural gas and oil pipeline from the east coast to the west
coast and from north to south.

The USA is to be divided into regional, geographical and geological Outer
Continental Shelf sections including the Bakken fields , Oil Shale, natural
gas etc:

The New England region composed of the states that will share in the annual
tax rebates;

The Mid-Atlantic region composed of the states that will share in the annual
tax rebates;

The Southern region composed of the states that will share in the annual tax

The Gulf region composed of the states that will share in the annual tax

The West coast region composed of the states that will share in the annual
tax rebates;

The Western region composed of the states that will share in the annual tax

The Alaskan region, which already shares in the annual tax rebates;

The Central states region composed of the states that will share in the
annual tax rebates;

The Northern sates region composed of the states that will share in the
annual tax rebates;

Each citizen of each state will receive some form of energy subsidy or
rebate for fuel purchases for vehicular travel, home heating or other energy
uses in the form of very inexpensive pricing or outright rebates annually
and less expensive pricing for plastics etc., .....

The income derived form our, we Citizens, 25 % ownership, the peoples, will
provide us nationally with a most substantial annual income source;
approximating Trillions of fresh dollars. This will be the economic basis
for our quality of life issues, such as health care, housing, fresh air,
security etc. This continual income and the annual taxes received by our
government from our natural resources and reserves will make us the
responsible economic and political power we must be, the Vanguard of the
world; as long as we follow the basic intent for America, as in the
Declaration of Independence and in our Constitution, of our founding

If it is objectionable that the government maintain an equity position in
these ventures, it is easy to structure buy-outs of the USA governmental
interests; while maintaining the taxing-revenue sharing income thru the
leases. Initially the 25%-75% partnership is necessary for permits and
approvals. There is no entity can turn down the USA government in these dire
times; especially in its quest for energy independence and all of the
benefits resulting there from. It's form verses function for the GSI
involvement; first it's ownership to permit the program to happen and then
it's a sale of government interest to the private sector while maintaining
the income flow forever to the USA Treasury thru the leasing and taxation.
And our current President does what?

2010",(2012).  All programs flow from this concept, including obviously the
energy policy. Let's go Congress.

The business of America is to insure for generations of Americans and
centuries to come that we will maintain the American representative form of
democratic governance and our way of life, which must be economically

Bipartisanship is essential now. Let's intelligently discuss this concept
with the American people and the Democratic and Republican leadership.
Americans and Republicans need a new hook upon which to hang our National
hat. And is our President inclusive?

Perhaps even President Barack Hussein Obama may wish to be re-elected and if
he implements this scenario, he just may create the opportunity to be
re-elected; although I doubt it.

Our Energy Policy is our Economy.  Think educate yourself and vote as if
your life depended upon the choice; because it does.

Lance Silver,

Article shared using the Free Republish tool on Tea Party Tribune.

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1 posted on 05/23/2012 5:08:21 AM PDT by tselatysr
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To: tselatysr

This needs to be shouted from the rooftops. The US Geological Survey just released a new report that there are 300 trillion barrels of oil in the Green River formation shale. About a third of this is concentrated in reletively small area on Federal land. At 100 dollars a bbl, about $30-60 trillion would be recoverable. And that’s just one small portion of the real energy wealth available. Only the lies of the eco-Nazis prevent us from using that wealth to turn our country back into the economic powerhouse of the world.

2 posted on 05/23/2012 5:25:25 AM PDT by Hugin ("Most times a man'll tell you his bad intentions, if you listen and let yourself hear."---Open Range)
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To: tselatysr
Had only a minor disagreement with this long read. No opinion will satisfy every reader in all facets. Did read it all. Did think the author (everyone is a critic, thus my apology to the author) should have been more forceful to pointing out the names of people standing in the way of America's energy policy renewal and independence. Being there are many wanting to nationalize the energy sector to be under complete government control may have been a direction which (imho) should have been pursued. All in all, (imho) a great idea which should have been implemented (as the author points out) decades ago. My compliments Mr. Lance Silver ... Well Done! And Mr. Silver, am not an author, therefore my criticism is worthless.
3 posted on 05/23/2012 5:51:08 AM PDT by no-to-illegals (Please God, Protect and Bless Our Men and Women in Uniform with Victory. Amen.)
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To: AdmSmith; AnonymousConservative; Berosus; bigheadfred; Bockscar; ColdOne; Convert from ECUSA; ...

Thanks tselatysr.

Drill, Baby, Drill!

4 posted on 05/23/2012 5:56:55 AM PDT by SunkenCiv (FReepathon 2Q time --
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To: tselatysr

Yes use the unlimited energy Resources that democrats are stopping us the U.S. from using. AND start making things in America again.

5 posted on 05/23/2012 6:02:09 AM PDT by rurgan (Sunset all laws at 4 years.China is destroying U.S. ability to manufacture,makes everything)
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6 posted on 05/23/2012 8:34:20 AM PDT by TheOldLady
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