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Lies, Disgrace, & The Obama Campaign Of Hate!
Self | 7/19/12 | Self

Posted on 07/19/2012 6:57:50 PM PDT by xuberalles

Do you smell that? That’s the stench of desperation permeating from the ashes of dignity and poisoning any hope of honoring the promise that was once America: liberty, accountability, self reliance, duty, God. Instead of fleeing from one of the worst presidential tenures in American history – or better yet, taking responsibility for their failures - Obama and his liberal minions are waging a scorched earth campaign to not only attack and discredit Mitt Romney in any implausible manner possible, but to singe any last vestiges of respect, decorum and vigor that once breathed the same air and wisdom as our Forefathers. Then again, our Forefathers were patriots, they were statesmen, they were adults!

Now, in this cantankerous political era where rabid activists double as objective, informed journalists, no lie is too big, no manipulation too shameful, no association too infantile. From blatantly manipulating economic data – eliminating millions of jobless Americans from the unemployment equation – to claiming they personally resolved “The Great Recession” by declaring themselves “fiscally responsible”, the Obama administration has unequivocally abandoned the tenets of logic and reason to forge a campaign predicated upon fear, envy, hate, and above all, disinformation. In this new age of good will and totalitarian tidings, any soul who opposes Barack Obama’s unapologetic progressivism is branded a racist, any successful businessman or woman stereotyped as a tax evading, profiteer of the poor, any Christian who faithfully defends the unborn mocked as a religious extremist. Sound anything like the America you grew up in?

Supposedly, and unbeknownst to the Constitution, or God, the federal government is now the sole genesis for everyone’s hard work, their blessings, their very life. Ironically, this supposedly ethereal, benevolent wonder is the same leviathan that wants to tell you what to eat and drink, what to believe via censored news and erased internet freedom, and that paying higher taxes – trillions of dollars routinely squandered by government waste, incompetence and redistribution – is the ultimate form of patriotism. And now, after 236 years of struggle, triumph and sacrifice – from the American Revolution to the Industrial Revolution and winning the Cold War – we stand on the precipice of systemic poverty, apathy, and subjugation. How, in the name of Thomas Paine and Common Sense, has it come to this?

The problem with the 2012 election is that someone forgot to tell Barack Obama that he, not Mitt Romney, was elected in 2008 and that HE ultimately bears the burden for spewing years of empty rhetoric and leaving a mountain of broken promises in his wake. It was Obama who repeatedly pledged hope, economic vitality, cultural unity, government transparency, and a reinvigorated America. It was Obama’s socialist dream that FED the worst American economy since the Great Depression: record deficits and welfare recipients, a worthless currency, anemic growth, and an unemployment rate that was, on average, 4 points higher than under George Bush: 5.3% - 9.3%. And last but not least, it was Obama who personally ordered the DOJ & DHS not to enforce our immigration laws – to ignore the sovereignty and safety of our nation and citizens, in a post 9/11 world no less – in hopes of bribing and cajoling millions of illegal voters who could careless about the Constitution or the fact their indigent families are bankrupting entire cities. Real Americans aren't against immigration..quite the contrary...they're merely opposed to ignorant politicians who ecourage and support illegal immigration. Why is it again non-racist Mexico has stricter immigration laws than the U.S.?

Naturally, Obama conveniently forget to tell these immigrants that by supporting his leftist utopia, America will more and more resemble the corrupt, bankrupt, third world regimes they are fleeing, than the beacon of vitality and opportunity they are so desperately seeking. The fact that more immigrants are now leaving, than entering the US, speaks to this immutable truth. Truly, there is no greater gift than opportunity, upward mobility, rather than the inescapable dependency and glass ceiling of a paltry, government check.

Yes, regardless of your skin color, there is but one man in this race who has absolutely zero accomplishments to tout. There is but one man who has resorted to absurd declarations and inane accusations designed solely to incite ideological/cultural divides and to stain Mitt Romney with any imagined hint of scandal or maleficence. Democrats have even resorted to asinine associations, claiming Bain Capital – a successful, private equity firm once ran by Mitt Romney that has created countless jobs (unlike our President) – is as nefarious as the villain “Bane” from Batman. If that’s not the epitome of stupidity and desperation, I don’t know what is! This, my friends, in no way resembles the behavior of an adult, a sane and responsible political philosophy. It is the calling card of a radical, irreverent, egomaniacal movement that is devoid of value or boundaries. It is nothing less than fascism, twisted in a fortune cookie state for your brainwashed entertainment. Sadly, when did America’s survival become a punch line? Better yet, when did we start believing it?

When the propaganda clears and you step into that voting booth on November 6, 2012, your choice will reverberate far beyond any party or a candidate, ideology or issue. It will literally set the standard for what “We The People” demand from our Government, ourselves, our children. Do you believe in accountability; that every man and woman is held responsible for their actions, especially those whom we elect to represent our greatest hopes and dreams? Do you believe that honesty, integrity, and dignity are fundamental and irreplaceable components of democracy, a prerequisite of a conscientious and responsive government? Would you trust someone who refused to admit to his mistakes, to tell the truth, solely to further his own career; even if it meant jeopardizing your livelihood, your family, your very freedoms? Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent, that’s what you risk if you believe Barack Obama.

It is not that I believe Mitt Romney is without fault or misgivings; no, not at all. I freely admit I disagree with a number of his positions and/or past decisions. However, I simply realize, beyond the finger pointing, demagoguery and surly deflection of the left, he is not the one who bares the burden of four years of historic failure and broken trust. Mitt Romney has not waged war on small business owners and corporate America – those entities which have made America what it is today – in hopes of fueling class warfare to inflame voters and institute socialism by blackmailing an ever dependent working class. It is not Mitt Romney – a leader who has successfully headed a government, corporations, and numerous private ventures – who is horribly unqualified to run this country, let alone manage a convenience store. Mitt Romney never required all Americans to show proof of insurance - their freedoms usurped by a federal mandate - only not to require everyone show proof of citizenship. And lastly, it is not Mitt Romney who refused to agree to a balanced budget amendment as the country suffocates beneath the fiscal fallout of a first term deficit that is greater than that of the first 40 presidents combined.

No, it is Barack Hussein Obama - a one-term senator, community organizer, and self-confessed Marxist - who has showed no regard for the office he holds, the Constitution he swore to defend, or the people he brashly promised “Hope” and “Change”. I’ve never been one for glittering generalities, malleable facts, or pretentiously blaming others for my shortcomings when it comes to forming insightful conclusions and making sound decisions that will impact my life for years to come. Therefore, I will leave you with one, final, thought-provoking question…

Do you trust Barack Obama more than you love America?

The choice is still yours.

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money!" ~Alexis De Tocqueville

TOPICS: Business/Economy; Government; History; Politics
KEYWORDS: economy; election; kenyanbornmuzzie; obama; roanoke; romney; webuiltthat; youdidntbuildthat

1 posted on 07/19/2012 6:58:00 PM PDT by xuberalles
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