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"The List": Obama's One Hundred and Eighty-Second Week in Office ^ | 7/20/12 | Nachum

Posted on 07/20/2012 10:50:35 AM PDT by Nachum

President Obama's One Hundred and Eighty-Second Week in Office


Obama and TARP

Special IG: Geithner dropped 'f-bombs' when I said he wasn’t transparent enough

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Sessions: USDA gets secretive about Mexican food stamp partnership

Obama's Kenyan Birth Records Discovered In British National Archives

CBS Journalist caught suppressing Obama Birth Certificate investigation facts (audio)

Obama's White House jobs council fraud

Obama fundraiser gets Energy Department post


Obama tries to explain entrepreneurs comments---“I was saying the other day, we take pride in individual initiative and … we don’t like handouts,”

White House: Obama Not Gutting Welfare Reform, GOP Criticism 'Hypocrisy'

Sebelius defends welfare changes

GM 'turnaround' reports rely on 'overbuilding', jam-packed dealer lots

 Senator says food stamp partnership with Mexico 'pressuring' immigrants to enroll

USDA partnering with Mexico to boost food stamp participation

Report: Obama spends as much time on economy as walking dog

Report: Obama Spends More Time on Golf Than Economy

Bank of America Has One Million Customers Who Missed at Least Two Payments

June Existing Home Sales Fell 5.4 Percent, but Prices Rose

Mid-Atlantic Factory Activity Contracts Again in July

Foreclosure Crisis Hits Older Americans Hard

Obama labor agency nominee sent her kids to Communist-rooted summer camp

Obama administration stalls economic engine of new free-trade pacts

Jobless Claims Jump Back Up to 386,000

Weekly Claims Post Rebound; Jobs Market Still in Doldrums

House Report: Obama, the regulator- in-chief, is hurting the economy

CA Gov. Authorizes Funding For High Speed Rail

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: "I Tried To Only Make Promises That I Could Keep"(video)


Express Scripts lays off 258 in Jersey

Attaaaaaack Waaaaatch

Obama Tells Supporters To Press "Mute" When Ads Targeting Him Air (video)

New Obama Ad Tries to Prove Romney Misquoted President…by Playing the Exact Quote Romney Used

Obama camp denies POTUS said ‘if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that’

Newt Gingrich Schools Jay Leno: 'I'd Love to See Obama’s Columbia University Undergraduate Work'

Obama fundraising with "ruthless" off-shorer in Austin?  ..Former Dell executive Tom Meredith

Charles Blow: Rubio Likened Obama To A Dictator Because He's Black


Grassley, Issa criticize ATF message; editorial nails Issa critic

Memo: reminding ATF management of “Rights and Duties Under the Whistleblower Protection Act”  

ATF damage control on whistleblowers raising new concerns

ATF Acting Director Todd Jones delivers video warning to whistle-blowers... (video)

"ATF chief warns of 'consequences' to outside whistleblowing."

It's 3am and noboby's there

Pentagon to allow service members to march in uniform in gay pride parade for first time

House bars Obama from sharing secrets with Russia

Napolitano: 'We Took Steps in 2010'-- 9 Yrs After 9/11--to Vet Foreign Flight-School Students

King to Napolitano: Change immigration policy or I'll see you in court

Russian failure to notify U.S. of bomber exercises violated New START arms treaty

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama to Launch Voter Turnout Initiative

More Street Closings and Subsidized Food Mark the 'Next Chapter' of Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move' Initiative

Mass governor requests road repairs for Obama reelection fundraiser, first lady visit

Obama and Israel

Burgas suicide bomber identified by media as Guantanamo jihadist (VIDEO)

Suicide bomber had fake Michigan ID.... 'Caucasian' suspect in attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Fort Hood report shows FBI ignored warning signs on Hasan, lawmaker says

Bachmann Hits Back at Critics Regarding Her Letter About Muslim Brotherhood and Its U.S. Tentacles

Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood: Bachmann vs. McCain

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

The Odd Theology of Van Jones: 'God Doesn’t Know Who You Are'



There Have Never Been as Many Poor People in Our Country as There Are Now

Can President Obama Name ONE Clean Energy Success?  22 failed or failing ... so far

Amonix: Another Obama-Subsidized Solar Company Fails

Bernanke: Fed Predicts Post-WWII Record 73 Months of 7%+ Unemployment

Carney On Why Jobs Council Hasn't Met In Six Months: Obama Has "A Lot On His Plate"

Obama Jobs Council Hasn’t Met in Six Months

For the First Time, Canadians Now Richer Than Americans

Rising Corn Prices and Your Grocery Bill

Obama proposes $1B for science, math teachers

Obama plan to lift top tax rates would plague millions of small businesses, study warns

City of Compton may declare bankruptcy by September: officials

Obama Ethics, Year 4

The Communist. Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor

Another doctored image deepens Obama mystery Filmmaker claims black man removed from 2012 campaign Facebook image: His real father?.. Communist Frank Marshall Davis

New Obama Birth Certificate Forgery Proof in the Layers

DOJ sues to open Tenn. mosque

Like My 'Compressed' Ex-Girlfriend, Obama Was 'An Ardent Marxist Socialist' in College: The real "Regina" was Caroline Boss

Dept. Of Energy Official Can't Answer Why Abound Solar Got Loan Despite Warnings  (video)

Obama campaign sues over Ohio’s cutoff date for early voting

A sneaky way to control guns: The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty

O’Keefe exposes Union bosses admitting green jobs are just “bullsh-t”


Obama Spokesman on Solyndra: 'Widely Praised as Successful and Innovative'

Attaaaaaack Waaaaatch

White House: Obama Not Gutting Welfare Reform, GOP Criticism 'Hypocrisy'

Dem bill would require 10 years of tax disclosures by presidential candidates

Obama’s Top Bundler Jonathan Lavine Was In Charge of Bain During GST Steel Layoffs

Michelle Obama praised Bain Capital-backed child care company

Obama Official Was Like “A Hooker Dropped Into A Prison Exercise Yard” ... Emails show an investor's ties to White House officials Valerie Jarrett and Jim Messina. With Romney taking fire, the RNC shoots back with allegations that the White House allowed donors to feed at the green energy trough.

Casino magnate and conservative philanthropist Sheldon Adelson has threatened the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee with a lawsuit over false statements

Cronyism Built That; Dem donors rake in billions under Obama administration

LA Times Won’t Release Obama-Khalidi Tape But Posts 24,000 Sarah Palin Emails

Obama and TARP

Libor rate manipulation scandal addressed quickly, says Geithner

Your Guide to Sleazy Democratic Party-Backed Banks


Reward offered for White House Fast & Furious info

It's 3am and noboby's there

TSA Let 25 Illegal Aliens Attend Flight School Owned by Illegal Alien

Queen Michelle

 Michelle Obama’s ‘luxury’ weekend ski trip cost taxpayers at least $83,000

Obama and Israel

Obama vows to 'bring to justice' those behind attack in Bulgaria



Memo shows ATF recognized red flag of F&F whistleblowers

Copy of Memo

DOJ withheld 'Fast and Furious' whistleblower memo

Obama and Israel

MI chief: Over 10 recent Sinai attacks thwarted... Aviv Kochavi tells Knesset c'tee that Muslim Brotherhood's ascendance in Egypt strengthens Hamas, weakens PA.

'Here in Israel': In Jerusalem, Clinton Breaches U.S. Policy: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton... identified Jerusalem’s location at least three times as being in Israel

DNC Head Gets Heckled At Synagogue Rally

Mideast peace slips to second billing for US

Clinton: I do not expect Pollard to be released

Clinton leans on Netanyahu for more concessions, hails Abbas as peacemaker

Where Obama failed on forging peace in the Middle East

The Coming War with Iran

'US bolsters ME missile defense to counter Iran'

Pentagon Bulks Up Defenses in the Gulf


Obama Economy: Food Prices Skyrocketed in 2011

White House blasts study critical of Obama’s tax-plan

Only 23% of US Companies Plan to Hire in Next 6 Months; "Lights Out" Moment Coming Up

The war over coal is personal

'Green' Policies Depriving CA Cities of Energy Industry Jobs

Americans Joining Disability Now Outpacing Americans Finding Jobs

U.S. Tightens Security for Economic Data

How Close Are We to New Great Depression?

Bernanke delivers gloomy report on economy

Energy Dept. 'Unable to Locate' $500,000 in Equipment Bought With Stimulus Money

Obama cites a "nonpartisan economist" - who also happens to be a campaign donor

Media Fail: Chevy Volt Makes NO Money, Costs Taxpayers Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Per Car

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Arpaio Reveals findings from Hawaiian investigation - Concludes Obama’s BC is "Undoubtedly Fraudulent"(Video)

Arpaio: Obama birth record 'definitely fraudulent'

Big-Time Obama Fundraiser in Mortgage Seizure Scheme: Steven Gluckstern

TSA hasn’t yet complied with order to start public discussion on body scanners


 Judge Dismisses Major Lawsuit Against Obama HHS Mandate: ...A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit filed by attorneys general of several states against the Obama HHS mandate that requires to religious employers to pay for or refer women for abortion-causing drugs and birth control in violation of their religious liberties.  U.S. District Judge Warren Urbom of Lincoln, Nebraska .... said the states did not have standing in court to bring the lawsuit against the Obamacare HHS mandate.

Obama extends health coverage to temporary firefighters

Obamacare Imposes De Facto Tax Increase on High Medical Bills in 2013

Obama spokesman falsely claims Americans against repeal of Obamacare


Speaking of Felonies: The White House and the Sestak 'Bribe'

Van Jones Laugh-A-Thon

New Playbook: Van Jones admits progressives are manipulating the American public

ALEC Shakedown Shows Danger of DISCLOSE

Van Jones Calls Obama‘s 'You Didn‘t Build Your Business' Comments the 'Deepest Form of Patriotism'

It's 3am and nobody's there

Syria Moving Troops from Golan to Damascus: Israel......'We can see an ongoing flow of Al-Qaeda and global jihad activists into Syria'

How the Navy’s Incompetence Sank the 'Green Fleet'

Jet-setting Hillary Clinton breaks travel record

Attaaaaaack Waaaaatch

Star of Pro-Obama Super PAC Ad Unleashed: 'Obama Is a Jerk, a Pantywaist, a Lightweight, a Blowhard'

Wasserman Schultz Has Unreported Second Home in NH, Lives Large on the High Seas

Obama Suggests Romney Wouldn't Take Proper Care of Veterans

Media Shields Obama from... Small Business Owners

Sununu: I’m apologizing for using those words

Chris Matthews: Obama 'Is the Perfect Father, the Perfect Husband, the Perfect American'

Sununu: Obama Is An Un-American Pot-Smoker

 Sununu: 'I wish this president would learn how to be an American'

Obama has investments in companies that ship jobs overseas

One-Third of Obama’s Earnings 2009-2011 From Foreign Sources

Ad: Obama Still Doesn't Get It

Obama has investments in companies that ship jobs overseas

 New Obama ad: Did Romney pay any taxes in earlier years?

Community Organizer to the World

All Three Networks Fawn Over Obama Kiss: 'Woohoo! Hot in Here!'

The First Kiss: President and Michelle show off on the Kiss Cam at Team USA basketball game

Obama and TARP

 Tim Geithner “Aided and Abetted” LIBOR Crimes: Jim Rickards

 'Where Is the Press With the Outrage?' This Major Financial Scandal Has Santelli Up in Arms

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama to Philly for mayors' conference


Obama and Agenda 21

GOP senators effectively kill UN sea takeover

EPA could thwart mineral mother lode and sets dangerous precedent

New Ethanol-Blend Fuel Approved by EPA Can Damage Car Engines, Group Warns

The Coming War with Iran

US uses most forceful language yet to oppose Iran nukes

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama tells 21 supporters who passed out at campaign event to seek medical attention from 'paralegals'

Some of the deadliest weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan - improvised explosive devices, or IED's - are heading to U.S. shores,

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

In Egypt, Clinton Fends Off Allegations of U.S. Support for Muslim Brotherhood

Hillary Clinton Blesses the Brotherhood

Obama and Egypt

Sec. of State Clinton Chooses Sides in Egypt: Islamists

Obama and Israel

Clinton: U.S., Israel on the same page regarding Iran

 Egypt Attaches Strings to Peace with Israel..... Clinton silent as Egyptian officials reinterpret Camp David Accords

Debbie Wasserman-Shultz cites abortion as the reason Jewish voters should support Obama

Obama's 'Arab-First' Approach to Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process is a Bust

Clinton in Israel: A Time for Pleasantries.... Other than "It's a beautiful day" and other pleasantries, Hillary Clinton’s remarks had little content – four months before US elections

Marvin Hier: 'Israel being excluded from counterterrorism parley'

Joltin' Joe Biden

Biden jokes about getting a pay raise when becoming vice president (Video)

Queen Michelle

Michelle Obama: 'Hope doesn’t get actualized in three and a half years' (video)

Attaaaaaack Waaaaatch

Stephanie Cutter Clarifies Her Comment For Wolf Blitzer: Romney Is A Liar, Not A Felon

Romney says Obama cronyism "stinks" as campaign gets uglier

NBC and NYT Employees Caught Contributing to Obama Campaign

YouTube Pulls Romney Ad With Obama Singing Al Green, Ignores Videos of President Singing Same Song

DNC Chair Doubles Down on 'Felony' Charge Against Romney

'And what do you know?': Business leaders hit back at Obama after he says the wealthy AREN'T responsible for their own success

Barack Obama says government invented the internet and the American Dream is a fantasy

Obama's Budget Director a Bain Guy, Married a Bain Gal

Obama Flew Air Force One for 90-Mile Campaign Trip

President To Attack Romney Tax Proposal Also Supported by Members of His Own Jobs and Export Councils

Obama defends attack ads, highlights ‘sharp contrast’ with Romney.........-Obama Wants To Restore ‘Decency’ To US Politics

Romney hits back with his own singing video

Romney Says He Won't Give Obama Team 'More Things to Pick Through' and 'Distort'

Axelrod: We Never Called Romney A Felon, Just Said He Might Have Committed A Felony

Obama says he expected more cooperation from GOP

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Issa: DHS gives 'criminal illegal aliens' privacy rights even Americans don’t have

Geithner yawned at epic fraud (Libor)

Employees of NY Times, HuffPo, other news outlets dish out money to re-elect Obama

Do Obama's Executive Orders Reveal A Pattern?


Retaliation fears keeping more ATF whistleblowers from coming forward


Obama Vows More Money for Green Energy: 'When I Try Something That Doesn’t Work, Then I Don’t Try It Again'

(Jay Carney) WH: Stimulus 'Widely Recognized to Have Broken the Back of Recession'

GM Stock continues to tank

CBO: Social Security Disability Insurance spending to jump 71 percent in ten years

U.S. retail sales sink 0.5% in June

U.S. Air Force tests biofuel at $59 per gallon

Fewer U.S. companies planning to hire

Community Organizer to the World

Obama Imposes Sex Quota on Townhall Questions

Obama Administration Broadens Gender Quotas in Higher Ed

Obama wedding registry fund-raising strategy not a hit with brides

Book: Obama’s Communist mentor influenced his political beliefs

Dead Pool

Eva Rausing: Found dead with no cause of death yet established.  Her husband has been suspected as the killer.  Rausing's family says she was at Occidental College at the same time as Obama.  "Family of tragic Tetra Pak wife Eva Rausing reveal she began dabbling with 'hard drugs' while at the same college as Barack Obama as husband is arrested for murder"

Victoria Windsor:  Blogger, researcher into ancestry:  .. .reported that.she had "found evidence that the records of Madelyn Payne Dunham and Stanley Armour Dunham had been “tampered with."  Cause of death not yet revealed.  Said to have died from a "sudden illness".


Obama "Dead Pool"

Alex Okrent: -Apparently found deat at Obama’s campaign headquarters in Chicago. Witnesses say he collapsed, found dead after.  Okrent had long been a staffer back the Obama 2004 U.S. senate campaign, on staff for eight years.  Parents immediately say the cause of death was "heart attack", but no autopsy was yet  performed.  Medical examiner said the cause of death was  "inconclusive".  Internet recornds have been scrubbed. Twitter account timeline also makes no mention of his work for Obama. - Speculation as to whether he was a witness to an Obama gay connection: Who Is Dead Obama Staffer Alex Okrent?  Youtube video: Who is Dead Obama Staffer Alex Okrent? Part 1 .........-Part 2 ;   Autopsy Inconclusive for Obama Campaign Worker Who Collapsed at Chicago Campaign HQ ;  Gay opinion piece...-Alex Okrent: Equality is a Moral Equivalent

Obama and Israel

US tells Egypt okay to break treaty if Israel doesn't withdraw to 1949 armistice lines?

Ahead of Romney, Hillary Clinton Visits Israel; Obama Still a No-Show

The Washington Post: Where Obama failed on forging peace in the Middle East

 Pollard's Prosecutor: No Chance Obama Will Pardon Him ....-Joseph de Genova, Jonathan Pollard's prosecutor, believes there is no chance that "double-talk" Obama will pardon Pollard.

Obama and Egypt

Sinai becomes latest hotbed for extremist militant training camps

Christians snub Cairo meeting with Clinton, claim US (Obama) backs Islamists

Egyptians pelt Clinton motorcade with tomatoes

'Monica, Monica' chants taunt Clinton in Egypt

Protests as Clinton holds meetings in Egypt

It's 3am and nobody's there

Next American woman heads for space -- on this Russian rocket

Obama headed out at midday today to play golf. Its his tenth time playing this year and the 102nd outing of his presidency

Obama: 'Washington feels as broken as it did four years ago'

'They’ve Been Given Tea and a Traditional Bedouin Meal': Two More Americans Kidnapped in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

Attaaaaaack Waaaaatch

Axelrod Backs Away From Claim Romney Committed A Felony

Rahm Emanuel to Mitt Romney: 'Stop Whining'

Obama and campaign offer no apology to Romney

Obama Campaign: 'Impossible to Know' If Romney Violated Tax Law

New Romney ad blasts Obama for dishonest negative attacks

Obama Unloads Vicious Attack Ad: Romney 'The Problem' with America

Admitted failure: Obama writes Romney ad: 'If I was in his shoes, I’d be making the same argument'

Outsourced: Obama Campaign Raises Money in China--Again

July panic for Obama - for good reason

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama notified Congress on Friday that he was suspending for six months a measure that would let any American whose property was seized in the Cuban Revolution of 1959 sue anyone of any nationality using the property today

Busy Month for Obama Campaign with Fundraisers in Switzerland, Sweden, Paris and Communist China

Political Strategist: Obama's Buddies Get Money While the Middle Class Faces Layoffs


Holder bar complaint called ‘specious, frivolous’ as Issa ethics charge is filed

Obama and Agenda 21

Another new EPA regulation making things more expensive: the U.S. Coast Guard, is set to begin enforcing a new rule on August 1st that will require all large marine vessels (like cargo and cruise ships) sailing in southern Alaska waters to use low-sulfur fuel.

Solar Cells 23,000 Times Worse for Environment Than Carbon Dioxide

The United Mineworkers talk to IrishCentral and put a face on the war on coal


 In Vast Effort, F.D.A. Spied on E-Mails of Its Own Scientists

GAO Is 'Concerned' about the Legality of Obama's Senior Swindle


Tens of thousands of Americans are fleeing the Obama economy to find work in Canada. "Skilled U.S. workers are coming to Canada in ever greater numbers, driven out by high unemployment at home, and tempted in by job shortages in key sectors like Alberta’s growing energy sector..."

Obama Admin: Journaling, Motivational Reading Count As Work for Welfare

Space Workers Struggle a Year After Last Shuttle:  NASA jobs killed after shuttle program killed

2010 flashback: Obama, Biden declare 'Recovery Summer'

History destroys claims for Obama jobs plan

Obamanomics outsourced: How the Obama shipped the recovery overseas

Obama Insults Small Business Owners

Obama on Track For 4th Straight Year of Trillion Dollar Deficit

Worst. Recession. Jobs. Recovery. Ever. Updated.

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: Not enough change in first term

Black Pro-Lifer Tells Obama to 'Get Out' in New Ad


Louisiana cuts Medicaid program to the bone


Obama Ethics, Year 4

DHS Agrees to Let Fla. Access Database to Purge Non-Citizens from Voting Rolls

Texas Demolishes USDOJ's Case Against Voter I.D.

Philadelphia-area synagogue’s plans to host DNC chairman draw scrutiny

New Details About Geithner’s Ties to Libor

Senator Harry Reid’s Part in Green-Energy Crony-Corruption

It's 3am and nobody's there

ICE unit in Phoenix area reducing its staff

Chavez, Obama Agree: Chavez Not a Threat to US


Obama: "If You've Got Health Insurance, You're Not Getting Hit By A Tax"

The 'Pre-Existing Condition' Hoax in ObamaTax

Attaaaaaack Waaaaatch

Obama Bundler Jeffrey Katzenberg Shipped DreamWorks Animation Jobs to India

Obama attacks on outsourcing but doesn't mention Bain

New Obama ad featuring singing Romney slams candidate on Bain, offshore accounts

White House wants 'high-brow debate,' defends Bain attacks

Obama Took Cash From Bain Outsourcing Execs

Unrelenting Obama jabs at Romney's job record

Obama...lamented the heavy spending and largely negative nature of the ongoing presidential campaign (video)

Obama spending on attack ads soars

John Rogers, CEO of investment Giant Arieal Capital Management: Obama’s second-largest fundraiser

Frnklin Haney: Obama Super PAC mega-donor has record of indictments, court-ordered fines

Obama and Israel

Team Obama Invites Jews to Big Synagogue Campaign Stop – Misspells Israel

Obama and Egypt

Clinton to Egypt's Morsi: Find way out of crisis

Obama and Israel

State Dept. Doubles Down on Palestinian Aid


RNC: Obama hasn’t answered for Fast and Furious 'scandal'


Obama Mocks Rich: 'You Didn't Get There On Your Own' (video)

During the 2008 Rick Warren debate, Obama sounded different on welfare reform (video)

Senators Aim to Repeal and Replace Obama's 5-Year Offshore Drilling Plan

Community Organizer to the World

Obama: 'I've been talking with folks across the country'

Obama May Impose New Title IX Quota on Math and Science Students

Obama Campaign Commits Five Gaffes in One Week


Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama, Democrats Push DISCLOSE Act to Intimidate Romney Donors (US Senate vote Sunday)

Top Ten Felons, Fugitives, and Shady Characters in Obama's Life

Cuba gets first maritime shipment from Miami in 50 years

Obama's Omerta keeps public in dark on auto bailout

DHS emergency power extended, including control of private telecom systems

Socialists & Communists: We Operate Through the Democrat Party


Obama, after gutting welfare reform: 'Americans can't be looking for handouts'

White House approved reversal of welfare reform

Under Obama, More Lucrative For Single Mom To Earn $29K Than $69K

USDA moves to end questionable food stamp ads after criticism

Number of foreclosure proceedings rose in June

The Ripple Effect of California's Bankruptcies

Obama’s Imperial Presidency Guts Welfare Reform

Community Organizer to the World

Obama "Forward" is Back


DOJ Censoring Reporters?

Terry Family: Reports ATF Never Intended to Walk Guns "Bologna"

Feds admitted in 2011 that Terry was only armed with bean bag rounds--- > 2011- "Forced to face down bullets with bean bag rounds"...-> 2011- agents fired beanbags in fatal border gunfight

Obama and Agenda 21

DOE Official: Loan guarantee program has been an 'enormous success'

Attaaaaaack Waaaaatch

Mitt Romney Demands Obama Apology, Says He's Not Responsible for Post-1999 Bain Activity

U.S. Olympic Uniforms: Made in China by Democratic Donor’s company

Obama Says People Who Watch Fox News Are "Stubborn" (video)

Axelrod: "There’s this reign of terror going on in the Republican Party"

John Sununu Rips Juan Williams For Defending Obama: 'Don’t Let Your Blind Loyalty… Make You So Foolish'

Bill Clinton 'perplexed' Romney not releasing more tax returns

Obama: Romney Not Qualified on 'Economy as a Whole'

CNN: Obama's Bain Push 'Doesn't Appear To Be True'

Obama Says It’s 'Appropriate' to Question Romney’s Bain Record

TIME: Obama Campaign Says Mitt Romney Is Either A Crook Or A Liar


Obama mocks GOP health law repeal votes

GAO: Obamacare Timeline Based on Election

Study: Obama's health law to bring US more in line with Europe

Mississippi defers installing insurance exchange... waits for election results

It's 3am and nobody's there

U.S. piles more sanctions on Iran

State Department Official Defends Decision Not to Designate Boko Haram a Terrorist Organization

Pentagon reverses policy on short reports after House chairman threatens to hold up defense funding requests

Obama and Israel

Hamas says Egypt's Mursi will defy Israel, end Gaza blockade

Hamas leader: Egypt will protect Gaza from Israeli attack Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh says he is confident that Egypt's new president, Mohamed Mursi, will fully open Egypt's borders with Gaza.

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The week that was. Week 182.

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To: Nachum

Nachum - thanks for your tireless efforts in keeping the encyclopedia of the radical, lying and inept Obama up to date; it is a treasure trove and will be for years to come

2 posted on 07/20/2012 11:18:47 AM PDT by Wuli
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To: Wuli


3 posted on 07/20/2012 11:54:57 AM PDT by Nachum (The complete Obama list at
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