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Ann (Barnhardt) Schools Cardinal Dolan (Sentinel/MFG Related) ^ | August 16, AD 2012 7:19 PM MST | Ann Barnhardt

Posted on 08/18/2012 2:30:24 PM PDT by E. Pluribus Unum

Ann Schools Cardinal Dolan (Sentinel/MFG Related)
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - August 16, AD 2012 7:19 PM MST

I've held off on writing about Cardinal Timmy Dolan and his inviting of his buddy Obama to the big Al Smith Catholic Charity white-tie dinner because I didn't have any sort of angle. If I had written about it before today, it would have been nothing but a name-calling diatribe. It would have been exquisite, and extremely cathartic as name-calling diatribes go, but it would have lacked gravitas and any sort of authority. All the nicey-nice Catholics would pitch a fit saying, "You have no idea what it is like to be in Cardinal Dolan's shoes! You're in no position to judge him!"

Well, if you'll just be patient, God will always provide, kids.

So this morning, what lands in my email box but an interview request from the second-largest foreign news channel in the United States, second only to the BBC: RT. RT's viewer base in the U.S. alone is 50 million, and their global viewer base is over 400 million.

They saw my interview with Warren Pollock and REALLY wanted me to do a similar interview about Sentinel, MF Global, Corzine and the disintegrating financial system with them.

Wow. What an opportunity, eh? What an incredible chance to reach not just tens-of thousands or even hundreds-of-thousands of people, but literally millions! What an incredible opportunity to warn as many people as possible all over the world about the danger in the financial markets! What an incredible opportunity to publicly destroy what little credibility and legitimacy the National Futures Association has left.

You know I give a compelling interview and that I could drive literally millions of eyes to this website. Heck, I could even put up a PayPal donations widget, and might just be able to offset the massive financial hit I have taken over the last nine months.

If I played my cards right, this could possibly lead to some sort of a permanent gig where I could not only dramatically expand my audience and do all kinds of "good", but also make some seriously fat coin in the process.

Mmmmm. Yesssss. YESSSSSS.

Oh, wait. Except for one thing.

RT stands for "RUSSIA TODAY" and is fully funded by the Vladimir Putin regime. It is Putin's propaganda arm to the English-speaking world.

And so, after a nano-second's thought, the answer is NOPETY, NOPETY NO.

See, Vladimir Putin is the enemy. He is a very, very evil man and is the enemy of freedom. Those Russians are very, very clever and have essentially checkmated the western world, and the United States. They infiltrated the government, the academia, the media and the Church in the 20th century and put in place and set rolling the Marxist policies that are now in full bloom and have destroyed us. At the same time, Putin's propaganda news outlet, RT, is the only news outlet that is reporting on what a massive, unfixable clusterbungle the Western economies are. I'll grant RT that - their reportage on financial and economic matters IS INDEED ACCURATE, but their motives are not to help save the system or even to warn people of the looming disaster. The motive of the RT ownership is to bring about the collapse of the West that Russian Communists designed and executed over the last 70+ years, and thus set the stage for a Russian-backed and Russian-controlled currency and global economy.

So, no, I won't be appearing on RT, no matter what. Even if the show anchors aren't explicitly Communists and are merely people who think that the ends justify the means, the fact that RT is a Putin property and operational arm means that there is no possible way that I could ever, ever appear on that network.

Christians do not treat, parley, negotiate, compromise or converse with the enemy - even through intermediaries. The ends do not justify the means. If it is indeed the will of God Almighty that I have an audience of tens of millions of people, then I trust that He, in His omnipotence, can make that happen without my having to crawl into bed with VLADIMIR FLIPPING PUTIN.

And that brings us to Timmy Cardinal Dolan, who I am now solidly in a position to call out for being the despicable treasonous jackass of a bootlicking sell-out pagan that he is. Yeah, if I can tell Putin to go violate the Sixth Commandment with himself, then Timmy, as a Cardinal and Prince of the Church, you DAMN SURE ought to be able to MERELY REFRAIN from attaching your kisser to Barack Obama's left butt cheek and sucking until your skull implodes.

Remember, RT extended the invitation TO ME. Dolan extended the invitation to Obama. Also remember that Dolan doesn't lay awake at night strategizing about potentially living out of his car and staring down the IRS on felony tax evasion charges. Oh, no. Dolan, being the miserable chickenshit faithless politicking whore that he is isn't remotely man enough to actually LIVE THE GOSPEL and fight evil. Why? Brace yourselves, Catholics.

Cardinal Dolan, along with the majority of the bishops and priests in the western world today DON'T ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST, HIS CHURCH, OR THE EUCHARIST. Some of them, like Dolan, can talk a good talk, not unlike the guys who sell cheap Chinese cutlery sets at drag strips and county fairs, but their actions clearly betray that it is all exactly that: TALK. Dolan worships power, prestige, personal fame and glory. Dolan invited Obama to that dinner because Dolan, at the end of the day, is just a narcissistic politician who gets off on having his picture taken sitting next to the president of the United States, and being cheered and "liked" by as many people as possible, and he will sell Our Lord and His Church out for a tinker's damn because he doesn't actually believe in Our Lord or His Church, he only believes in the corrupted political matrix and cult of celebrity that has invaded and infested The Church. Dolan is a man completely focused and centered on THIS WORLD and HIS POSITION IN IT. In order to maintain his position, he will glad-hand and kiss the ass of an antichrist. He will happily preside over "gay masses", he will sell out the laity and "compromise" on abortion, contraception and sterilization. I predict that Dolan will eventually tell Catholics that they should "comply under duress" with the HHS mandate, and that it will be "morally acceptable" to pay for abortion, contraception and sterilization, so long as the Catholic "doesn't like it" and does it only "under protest". That cowardly chickenshit meme was floated just this week by Bishop James Conley of Denver IN HIS COLUMN in the archdiocesan newspaper. There is nothing more disgusting than watching so-called "conservative" bishops in the United States literally shit all over the Roman Martyrology - every single one of them, both known and unknown.

Oh, St. Polycarp. You didn't have to burn alive, you fool. You could have offered that pinch of incense to Caesar, just as long as you were "complying under duress" and only did it "under protest".

You know, the Church is in pretty damn poor shape when a reprobate like me who schlepps up to the communion rail a few times per week to unworthily receive the Eucharist "gets it", and the princes of the Church, who lean onto the altar and call Our Lord's Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity down into their hands on a daily basis wouldn't know what "LIVING THE GOSPEL" meant if the Gospel was a baseball bat and Our Lord was beating them over the head with it.

Dolan, with every shred of Christian Charity I can muster, you're a complete jackass.

Oh, what the heck. Let's all relive Dolan's "Yay For Sodomy! Yay for Witchcraft!" Mass at St. Francis Xavier parish in NYC:

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KEYWORDS: catholics; dylan
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1 posted on 08/18/2012 2:30:29 PM PDT by E. Pluribus Unum
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To: E. Pluribus Unum

Oh, my.

2 posted on 08/18/2012 2:39:14 PM PDT by WashingtonSource
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To: E. Pluribus Unum

St FX used to be my parish - I lived across the street.

3 posted on 08/18/2012 2:45:53 PM PDT by kabumpo (Kabumpo)
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To: E. Pluribus Unum
Cardinal Dolan, along with the majority of the bishops and priests in the western world today DON'T ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST, HIS CHURCH, OR THE EUCHARIST.

You're an idiot and the devil's advocate if you believe that Ann. Show me the proof you dolt.

4 posted on 08/18/2012 2:47:36 PM PDT by mtg
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To: WashingtonSource

That is an understatement : |

Dear Lord, guide our course.

5 posted on 08/18/2012 2:50:16 PM PDT by thesearethetimes... ("Courage, is fear that has said its prayers." Dorothy Bernard)
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To: E. Pluribus Unum

Pretty frightening.

Who would have ever thought the Catholic Church would have an LGBT ministry?

Haven’t the queers and Pedophiles done enough to destroy our Church already?

What is happening to the world today that we put the false god of homosexuality in our Church.

6 posted on 08/18/2012 2:54:26 PM PDT by Venturer
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To: Venturer

The Catholic Church DOES NOT have an LGBT ministry.
They are an illegal group that goes against the magistirium of the Catholic Church.

“New Ways Ministry has received controversy and criticism from numerous sources. Most notably, the organization has been condemned by the Vatican”.

U.S. Bishops Condemn Homosexual Activist ‘New Ways Ministry’

7 posted on 08/18/2012 3:11:46 PM PDT by NKP_Vet
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To: NKP_Vet

I only know what they were saying in the video, and the Cardinal was there to hear it.

8 posted on 08/18/2012 3:37:47 PM PDT by Venturer
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To: E. Pluribus Unum

Oh my. I stopped at the word “chickenshit”. One may disagree w Dilan, for sure, but the name calling & swearing in reference to a cardinal is more than I can take.

9 posted on 08/18/2012 3:45:47 PM PDT by surroundedbyblue (Live the message of Fatima - pray & do penance!)
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To: E. Pluribus Unum

Geez Ann. This is Cardinal’s Dolan’s response to the criticism.

10 posted on 08/18/2012 3:51:59 PM PDT by NoKoolAidforMe (I'm clinging to my God and my guns. You can keep the change.)
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To: E. Pluribus Unum

“Oh, Lord, I thank You that I am not like other people, robbers, evildoers, adulterers, or even like this cardinal. I go to Latin Mass a couple of times a week, and I blew off a sweet gig with RT.”

11 posted on 08/18/2012 3:55:18 PM PDT by RichInOC (Palin 2012: The Perfect Storm.)
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To: mtg

Just look in a mirror. It will hit you in the face.

12 posted on 08/18/2012 4:11:30 PM PDT by Doc Savage ("I've shot people I like a lot more,...for a lot less!" Raylan Givins)
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To: surroundedbyblue

That cardinal is a turd first class. Sat there shaking his head affirmatively as a sodomite defiles the altar discussing lbtxq catholics. (or whatever their current acronym is)
He had an obligation to direct them straight to the truth about their sinful lifestyle,, he voted present. And that other gold robed ass sat there smiling and clearly gleeful.
There’s nothing special about a cardinal the instant he forsakes the path of Christ. At that instant, nobody need defer to him.

13 posted on 08/18/2012 4:16:02 PM PDT by DesertRhino (I was standing with a rifle, waiting for soviet paratroopers, but communists just ran for office.)
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To: NKP_Vet

They must have an lbgt ministry. That sodomite speaking referenced it, , the Cardinal clearly heard him, and the Cardinal did not correct him.

14 posted on 08/18/2012 4:18:19 PM PDT by DesertRhino (I was standing with a rifle, waiting for soviet paratroopers, but communists just ran for office.)
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To: mtg
I'm not Ann. I thought her comments were a bit extreme and then I watched the above video. It speaks for itself, Cardinal Dolan has accepted homosexuals into the Church. He has invited satan into God's Church so I don't know what you would call it other than mortal sin!
15 posted on 08/18/2012 4:44:35 PM PDT by TsonicTsunami08
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To: NoKoolAidforMe

I was reared as a Roman Catholic but haven’t set foot in a church for quite a while. My reasons are personal but mostly revolve around the lack of access to Tridentine mass in my area. We Catholics are drifting away from the principles that make us Catholic. Ann Barnhardt does a good job of explaining why, and I agree with her positions.

The following is a true story: my grandmother was three-years old when she was given, along with money, to the church as a gift from her family c.1890. They were Irish/Scottish and wealthy, owned a shipping company, lived in New York City, and the Convent they chose was operated by French nuns.

The nuns, so my grandmother told my mom, would beat her and belittled her so she would not be proud. Since she was destined for a life of poverty, prayer and subordination as a wife of Christ, it was the norm. My grandmother while there was well trained as a cook in all manner of French cuisine.

Then her older sister died and her family pulled their youngest daughter out of the convent. She was to be married to the family’s friend who had been promised a marriage with the beautiful sister, now dead.

My grandmother was no beauty. She was pudgy and had a pug nose all topped by carrot-orange hair.

Being trained to obedience, she dutifully married a complete stranger when sixteen-years old. Her wedding night was a shock.

My grandmother related how her husband beat her repeatedly, and as he owned restaurants, put her to work in the kitchens. Eventually she birthed a child, a boy, but was still expected to work. She became a suffragette, and that movement had its affect on her thinking.

She sought an annulment from the Roman Catholic diocese of New York, where her arranged marriage had been performed.

Her husband gave the church money, lots of it, to reject the requested annulment. The annulment was dutifully rejected.

My grnadmother sought a divorce and won.

Over sixty years later when my grandmother died in California, the church she had attended for decades and for which she had volunteered her services and donated much money, refused her funeral services because she was a divorced woman. THIS single last action by the church I felt was correct.

Divorce is not accepted in the Roman Catholic Church, so that action by her parish was the norm. My grandmother never ceased being a Catholic and it was her choice to still attend services and be a Catholic.

Arranged marriages happen frequently in the Roman Catholic Church and in the Orthodox Catholic Churches. But in my grandmother’s situation it was obvious she was coerced and this marriage wasn’t ‘legal’, and should have been annulled. Shame on the Archdiocese of New York!

My opinion is thus: corruption has existed in the Catholic Church for a long time. In this case, money was centrally involved while principles were steamrolled. There is nothing modern about that. But what is happening today in the Church is very different while enormously evil, and you don’t treat with evil!

Ann Barnhardt’s position on present-day church activities revolves around Marxism and homosexualism in the Roman Catholic Church heirarchy. She strictly interprets what should be the church’s actions and finds them grossly in error. I agree with her.

16 posted on 08/18/2012 5:21:01 PM PDT by SatinDoll (NATURAL BORN CITZEN: BORN IN THE USA OF CITIZEN PARENTS.)
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To: DesertRhino

These sodomites didn’t get the message that Dolan is their new buddy.

Sodomite quits Catholic charity over Dolan’s hardline stance over homosexuality.

17 posted on 08/18/2012 5:40:33 PM PDT by NKP_Vet
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To: Venturer

Infiltration——just like the Marxists did with Liberation Theology-—the Catholic Church had to be infiltrated like everything else, to destroy it from within.

This infiltration actually has always existed-—it is just that Satan is winning control now-—in America. Very Sickening!!!!!!! There are good priests, but they are becoming vastly outnumbered by the sodomite/Satanists/Jesuits.

I was praying for Dolan and following him and giving him the benefit of the doubt until this invitation to the antichrist. Just SICK!

The Church HAS TO CONDEMN SIN-—and NOT BE WISHY WASHY about it and glorify sinners who don’t condemn sin!!!!! Shame on Cardinal Dolan. SHAME!!!
What an EVIL leader.

18 posted on 08/18/2012 5:45:24 PM PDT by savagesusie (Right Reason According to Nature = Just Law)
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To: NKP_Vet

But the point is-—he is backing down from his previous stances. You CAN”T DO THAT-—SIN has to be CONDEMNED, ALWAYS! SIN NO MORE!!!!

He needs to be PATTON!!! YOU DON”T compromise with the DEVIL!!!!!!!!

WHat he is doing in inviting the antichrist to meet with him-—is EVIL and gives a Catholic platform to GREAT EVIL Marxism. The Pope has written about the great EVIL of Marxist ideology-—and this “social justice” cr*p which is socialism without a regard to subsidiarity and charity.

And in a disgusting “Catholic’ service with a shoeless women acting like a goddess in some pagan ritual??????????WHAT WAS THAT??????????

Women acting like “men”-—where is the ROLE MODELS for the YOUNG BOYS_—trying to confuse them and make sodomy “good” and women handing out the Eurcharist -—and girl “altar boys”-—

How sick is that for the Church built on the the Wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas-—who is the FATHER of Catholic Theology-—and LOVED the NATURE of both Women and Men. This BLURRING of the SEXES is intentional Marxist ideology of radical egalitarianism. It is dehumanizing.

This should be an affront to all Catholics. ALL. Ann Barnhart is absolutely right-—her words are harsh-—but the rage is absolutely justified.

We have Satan taking the reigns of the Catholic Church. We are witnessing this.

19 posted on 08/18/2012 5:57:36 PM PDT by savagesusie (Right Reason According to Nature = Just Law)
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To: SatinDoll

What an interesting story. Thanks for sharing it. My interest has always been in childhood development and the European/World idea of treating children harshly was really always the norm. Germans and Russians were even more cruel to children than the French from the studies I have read. English were horrid also. Arranged marriages and no rights for women was the norm throughout history—and still exists in non-Christian cultures.

The worldview of Right and Wrong-—has always been evolving and the New Testament was really the cornerstone to enlightenment. Child psychology was really not available—a little glimmer by Rousseau-—but really not highly developed until after Dickens saturated the cultures with revelation of the plight of children. Other organizations had been working with orphanages, etc., for years but the worldview that the “innocence” of children had to be respected took not only thousands of years to become “normal”, but it took Freud to really make a difference in all cultures.

But now-—we are in the process of reverting back to the ideology of those whom sexualize and dehumanize-—not just the children—but women. Sodomy—of course, and feminism—are really to destroy the dignity of both the women and children-—which was the norm in most societies until Christianity became the dominant worldview mixed with Freud, Piaget, etc.
Christ always loved the little children—and women—and gave both dignity. The Church lags behind, of course, as all human bureaucracies do, but the doctrines are pretty sound. Just-—as Dolan shows above—power corrupts and great evil will occur. It is the members of the Church who have to hold them accountable. We are the Church.

Looks like Satan has taken the reigns of the Catholic Church in America—Dolan is dancing with the Devil, by his own choice. Disgusting. Promotion of sodomy and feminist marxism. Evil!!!!!

20 posted on 08/18/2012 6:31:20 PM PDT by savagesusie (Right Reason According to Nature = Just Law)
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