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Avoiding a Millennial Era Massacre
Self | Aug. 21, 2012 | Rob Cunningham

Posted on 08/21/2012 6:57:02 AM PDT by RobaWho

This message, crafted with malice towards none, is an impassioned plea written solely to focus the thinking of my beloved fellow Americans on our impending national crisis. Specifically, my unconventional writing technique serves but one purpose; to encourage the estimated 80 million voting age millennials (citizens born between the years 1980 and 2005), to stop, think and honestly consider the gravity of the upcoming Presidential election: how might one or two decades of continued economic misery and arrested national development impact your life? Please, examine facts and ignore the typical media. If Barack Obama and the mainstream media are successful in their efforts to win your vote, will the American concept, an idea "craft brewed" with the inalienable principles of life, liberty and the personal freedoms essential to each individual's pursuit of happiness, continue?

First, let's begin with a brief review of the life of Hope & Change's principal salesman. Hypothetically, let's assume a prominent Hollywood producer was offered the following movie script sometime prior to 2007.

Begin script: "In 1961, a bi-racial baby boy was abandoned shortly after his birth by his alcoholic, polygamist, Kenyan father. He was raised and educated in both Hawaii and Indonesia, shepherded variously throughout his formative years by his atheist mother, Muslim stepfather, maternal grandparents and one notorious communist mentor, well-documented by the FBI to be openly hostile to the very existence of America. After this young man comes of age, he publishes two autobiographical books prior to his 45th birthday, wherein he clearly and pejoratively describes America, Israel and Great Britain as the most racist, colonial superpower nations in the world. His autobiographies frankly admit his disaffected attitude toward his studies and his repeated history of illegal drug use.

Amazingly, this young boy never lived in the continental United States until after his eighteenth birthday, yet less than thirty years after moving stateside he is elected the 44th President of the United States. Three and half years after assuming the office of the Presidency, this bi-racial man of humble Pacific and third world origins still refuses to recognize anything uniquely exceptional about the very country that made him the most powerful politician in the world."

This absurdly hypothetical movie script continues; "One month after assuming residency in the White House, America's first bi-racial President fast-tracks an $800 billon, pork-filled 'stimulus' package crammed full of labor union kickbacks, green energy scams and outsourced jobs to dozens of foreign companies while promising millions of so-called 'shovel ready' American jobs. In reality, his first major piece of legislation failed to bring the nation's dismal unemployment rate below 8% as promised – but it turns out to have been extremely effective at paying off his political cronies who benefitted overwhelmingly from the legislation. Shortly after the fast track passage of his grossly misnamed "Stimulus" bill, Newsweek magazine gleefully proclaimed on one of their covers, "We're all Socialists, Now!" With his partisan, controversial spending bill safely enacted into law, this newly elected President shockingly, confidently proclaims, "America is no longer a Christian nation." By flippantly and antagonistically uttering this revealing quip, he agitated a nation that has deeply revered and respected the central role Christianity served in framing the longest enduring constitution on earth, and demonstrating once again that he is not truly interested in uniting Americans of all backgrounds but in advancing his radical ideology."

End of script.

Friends, I personally know of no other way to illustrate absurdity than with absurdity. Only the most free, open, generous and liberty based nation on earth could possibly allow this "hypothetical movie script" to become an actual reality. With all our nation's prior transgressions, the improbable election of Barack Obama in 2008 offers overwhelming proof of America's inherently exceptional nature and the inherent opportunity that exists for all citizens.

Yet today, the "reward" Obama offers the Millennial generation, in exchange for their 66% support during the 2008 election, is to accelerate his "fundamental transformation" of the very system that allowed him to rise from humble means, a broken family, admittedly below average academic performance and heavy drug use, to become the President of the United States. Having exploited to the fullest all the opportunities afforded him, he has pursued a regimen of unsustainable and wasteful spending, untenable and unreasonable job-crushing regulations, and insane monetary policy that will ultimately succeed in destroying opportunities for millions of millennials.

Failure is Colorblind

One of the first steps in Obama's transformation of the world's previously most admired healthcare system is to hire 16,000 new IRS Agents. Makes logical sense, right? Arming tax collectors with machine guns and the ability to seize every citizen's personal property and freedoms makes it much easier to "spread the healthcare around."

According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, 75% of ObamaCare's $2.7 trillion in tax increases over the next 10 years, (recently validated as a tax increase by the US Supreme Court) will fall upon middle class families earning less than $120,000 per year, via twenty brand new fees, penalties, fines and tariffs. As for Obama's bold, loud, and oft-repeated 2008 campaign promise to never raise taxes by one single penny on any American family earning less than $250,000 per year - oops again.

He promised to reduce our nation's crushing budget deficits by 50% before the end of his first term, yet Obama actually missed his 2008 deficit reduction pledge by $1 trillion in every one of his four years in office, adding more than $5 trillion in brand new debt during his four years in office. Millennials, all this brand new, unnecessary debt now lives on your tab. With $16 trillion in total debt straining our terribly stagnant economy, Obama's has accumulated new public debt at more than double the rate of President George W. Bush.

Obama believes the best manner to address both our crushing national deficits and the estimated 20% unemployment rate among millennials is to add more than one million brand new non-citizen job seekers into the labor force by issuing backdoor amnesty via Presidential executive order. To further "help matters" Obama is aggressively encouraging each of these newly "legitimized" non-citizens to immediately begin collecting food stamps, unemployment benefits, college tuition subsidies (often with tuition rates below that of "regular citizens") and many other public entitlements, affordability be damned.

More Americans than at anytime in our nation's history are unemployed, financially bankrupt, homeless and depressed, and you are being asked to believe that a combination of eloquent speeches and executive orders issued from a man with absolutely no business experience, leadership skills or respect for free markets, can solve our complex unemployment, budget, national defense, international trade, exploding entitlement and healthcare ills. Obama's published and spoken words, along with his legislative actions, demonstrate his total disdain for the proven economic principles of supply and demand. In fact, he closely associates with spiritual mentors and political advisors that loudly proclaim their belief that free market capitalism is nothing more than an evil economic system designed by our racist, slave owning, Founding Fathers who intentionally engineered "white privilege" into our nation's DNA.

Before voting in 2012, I pray that you carefully consider your future. Personal rights are inextricably linked with personal responsibilities, an unbreakable founding principle we may choose to embrace or ignore, with enormous consequences based on the decision we ultimately make. Inalienably endowed with a free will to choose, it is vitally important that we all acknowledge what is perhaps the most essential ingredient of America's exceptional nature: our individual rights come from nature and from God, not from any man or government.

Our nation's Constitutional Architects understood that the best form of government was a very limited form of government. Our Founding Fathers were essentially libertarians, or independent men of strong faith. Not ones with an "institutionalized" faith they sought to impose, but a personal faith they believed we each could rely upon for self-governing wisdom. Having just escaped the ruthless tyranny and onerous taxation of King George, America's brilliant Founding Fathers understood all too well that human nature, left unchecked, is naturally inclined towards the vices of power, control and greed. They believed a form of government limited by an intricate system of checks and balances would prevent our freedoms and inalienable rights from being eroded by politically motivated, power-hungry control freaks with unlimited desires to gain control over every aspect of society and individual behavior.

For any US citizen to willfully surrender their individual freedoms to any group, politician, political party or government agency, is an act tantamount to willful enslavement. Once a person abdicates their personal responsibilities, their dignity and spirit slowly and surely, over time, will diminish.

Regardless of all rhetoric to the contrary, no politician can fundamentally transform the nature of man.

Here You Stand

Will you cast your 2012 vote for a politician so audacious as to claim he will lower global sea levels and create millions of new jobs through executive orders, one who is willing to enrich his supporters by redistributing the hard earned property and taxes of others, all the while acting as if his personal popularity is all the protection America needs against ruthless, brutal dictators and tyrants; ones that proudly and repeatedly announce their intent to destroy our way of life?

I beg of you to consider the famous quote "Give me Liberty or Give me Death." The author of this historically significant phrase, Patrick Henry, understood that a life of bondage to any king, politician or government was simply not a life worth living. Today's promise of "fundamental transformation" has already led tens of millions into a new life of government dependency and personal despair - one we were clearly forewarned of by Henry in 1775.

Will you vote in support of millions more, possibly even yourself, moving into a post-American world where our individual liberties are greatly diminished? A world dreamed of by Barack Obama's father? Or will you vote to move closer to the idealism that gave birth to America, a nation where equal opportunities, not guaranteed outcomes, exist for all?

TOPICS: Education; Government; Politics; Society
KEYWORDS: america; destiny; election; obama
As Labor Day approaches, we are almost 80 days from the most critical presidential election in modern American history. We must all awaken our voting youth and inform them with FACTS, bypass the deceptive media, and do so without assuming "they already know what we know" - they simply don't. Please share, print, post, and discuss the information summarized above and help as many as you possibly can to not "stay homet" this November, but understand why it is CRITICAL for them to actually vote FOR America, and against Obama's Euro-Socialist, anti-free market, United Nations worldview and "transformation."
1 posted on 08/21/2012 6:57:13 AM PDT by RobaWho
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To: RobaWho
encourage the estimated 80 million voting age millennials (citizens born between the years 1980 and 2005)

I stopped reading your screed at this point. I take HIGH offense to being called a millenial. I was born in 1980, and I am proud to associate myself with Generation X. Generation Y (post-1981) might also take offense.

Millenials, as you call them, are "kids" who were generally born after 2000 or as early as 1996 and are often associated with the malaise and sloth for which so many of today's youth are known.

Also, unless voting illegally, anyone born after 1994 can't vote and are likely incapable of grasping the enormity of the upcoming election. Those of us who are in our late-20s and early-30s are very much attuned to what's going on, and I can tell you that the thrill is gone with Obama.

2 posted on 08/21/2012 7:05:49 AM PDT by rarestia (It's time to water the Tree of Liberty.)
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To: rarestia

Check your definition of Millenial. You are just a bit off.

3 posted on 08/21/2012 7:09:36 AM PDT by RobaWho (I Love the U.S. Constitution, as written.)
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To: RobaWho

Also, check your definition of voting age.

4 posted on 08/21/2012 7:10:52 AM PDT by snowrip (Liberal? You are a socialist idiot with no rational argument.)
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To: rarestia

But thank you, I did mistype the dates - 1980 to 1995 (not 2005). Screed, really?

5 posted on 08/21/2012 7:12:16 AM PDT by RobaWho (I Love the U.S. Constitution, as written.)
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To: RobaWho
...shepherded variously throughout his formative years by his atheist mother, Muslim stepfather, progressive maternal grandparents and one notorious communist mentor, well-documented by the FBI to be openly hostile to the very existence of America.

One word added, for clarity.

6 posted on 08/21/2012 7:21:54 AM PDT by JimRed (Excise the cancer before it kills us; feed &water the Tree of Liberty! TERM LIMITS, NOW & FOREVER!)
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To: RobaWho

I’ve calmed down a bit, but I’m still rubbed raw over being called a Millenial.

That being said, what definition are you using? Even the definition of Generation X is much disputed. Some interchange Gen Y with Millenial.

In my mind, a Millenial is anyone who was born from 1995/95 - present.

7 posted on 08/21/2012 7:26:27 AM PDT by rarestia (It's time to water the Tree of Liberty.)
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To: rarestia
Here's my reference -

To quote: "Generation Y, also known as the Millennials, Generation We, Global Generation[1], the Millennial Generation[2][3] Generation Next,[4] the Net Generation[5], the Echo Boomers are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates for when Generation Y starts and ends. Commentators use beginning birth dates ranging somewhere from the later '70s[6] or the early 1980s to the early 2000s.[7] Members of this generation are sometimes called Echo Boomers, due to the significant increase in birth rates through the 1980s and into the 1990s. Millennials are mostly the children of baby boomers or Gen Xers. [8][9][10][11] The 20th century trend toward smaller families in developed countries continued,[12][13] however, so the relative impact of the "baby boom echo" was generally less pronounced than the original boom."
8 posted on 08/21/2012 9:46:42 AM PDT by RobaWho (I Love the U.S. Constitution, as written.)
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To: RobaWho
Also to note from that Wiki entry:

The phrase Generation Y first appeared in an August 1993 Ad Age editorial to describe teenagers of the day, which they defined as different from Generation X, and then aged 12 or younger (born after 1981), as well as the teenagers of the upcoming ten years.[17] Since then, the company has sometimes used 1982 as the starting birth year for this generation.[18] "Generation Y" alludes to a succession from "Generation X."

I still define myself as a Gen-Xer. I believe we are the last generation that truly thinks outside of their own self-interest.

9 posted on 08/21/2012 9:57:24 AM PDT by rarestia (It's time to water the Tree of Liberty.)
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