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The DNC Fiscal Irresponsibility Parade Comes to Charlotte
Illinois Review ^ | September 5, 2012 A.D. | John F. Di Leo

Posted on 09/06/2012 4:57:35 PM PDT by jfd1776

The Democrats know how to hold a party convention. They can give speeches, fire up the base, energize their key demographics, and hoodwink the willing news media.

What they can’t do is manage the government.

The 2012 Democratic National Convention presented the Democratic Party’s best face to the world, declaring support for American values while attacking them, championing the middle class while punishing it, pledging allegiance to “opportunities for the poor” while stripping those opportunities from the very fabric of American life.


Who are the Democrats’ faces in 2012?

Lily Ledbetter, a tire factory worker who sued her employer for discrimination because they didn’t pay her more. Barack Obama sponsored a bill in her name that helps lawyers file more lawsuits by pushing out the statute of limitations on employees filing suits against their employers.

Sandra Fluke, a 30-year-old college student who says she can afford to go to Georgetown Law School – among the most expensive and prestigious on earth, practically guaranteeing great earnings if she graduates and takes the right offer – but she says she cannot afford birth control while she’s there, so the rest of Americans, most of whom will never approach anything near a Georgetown Law alumna’s salary, should pay for her birth control for her.

Ted Strickland, former governor of Ohio, championed Barack Obama’s non-bankruptcy redesign of the American auto industry, cheering the positive results while conveniently forgetting the massive and illegal negatives that made them possible.

Kal Penn, the low-rent Ryan Reynolds sidekick from the lowbrow National Lampoon’s Van Wilder franchise, declared that the votes of the youth of America can be won by offering them free healthcare and free love, marriage without rules and politics without philosophy.

Julian Castro, mayor of San Antonio, Texas, rightly sung the praises of hard work by diligent immigrants, but then wrongly maintains that Republican policies will deny future generations those same opportunities.

These speakers have – as is common among the modern American Democrat – both a lack of economic understanding and a lack of any sense of proportion in political debate.


The Democrats of 2012 recollect the famous old story (probably apocryphal) about the great showman, P.T. Barnum. It seems the circus master was traveling through a rural area when he rode past a barn owned by a sharpshooter. The side of the barn was covered with perfect circles, each with a bullet hole in the dead center.

He rushed to the nearest house to ask how he could hire the young man for his circus, but the farmer shook his head. “No, sir, you don’t want him. He’s a little odd.”

“Of course I want him! You don’t understand, I don’t care how odd he is! He’s a wonderful marksman! Have you seen those targets on his barn?!”

The farmer continued to disagree. “No, you’re the one who doesn’t understand. FIRST, he shoots at the wall. THEN, he draws the circle.”

This is the Democrat program for 2012 in a nutshell. They know they cannot hit the real targets that the public has set for them, the establishment of sound fiscal policy, a vibrant private economy that will create opportunity for prosperity for all. So they gather together their side issues – the pet causes of their fringe interest groups, from the advocacy of “gay marriage” to the taxpayer funding of abortion on demand – and they pray to whatever god they serve that the public can be convinced that such sideshow panderings add up to a full-fledged and deserving ticket to reelection.

Here’s the problem:

Yes, Mayor Castro, we all want housekeepers like your grandmother to be able to move up from housekeeper to a better-paying job. Yes, Mrs. Ledbetter, we all hope that if you work hard, you’ll be compensated as well as your abilities merit, every bit as much as your fellow employees.

Yes, Governor Strickland, we all want the auto workers of America’s heartland – both those who work for “American” car companies like the one Obama sold to Fiat, and those who work for “foreign” car companies that do their manufacturing right here – to enjoy dependable and well-paying jobs. And we certainly want Sandra Fluke to be able to postpone reproduction for as long as she wants; nobody in either party wants to stand in the way of that worthy goal.

The problem is how. The difficulty in American politics is in three key discrepancies among different groups of our citizens: the vastly differing levels of economic understanding, of appreciation for the Founding principle of “limited government,” and perhaps most importantly, of common sense.

The Democrats insist on looking only at the most immediate issue, the symptom of a low-paying job, and advocate treating it by some federal mandate. If the housekeeper can’t afford to own a house, make her employer pay her the salary of an accountant so she can afford one. If the factory offers a woman a lower salary than she wants, force the factory to pay every employee the same salary that it pays to any other person in an arguably similar role, with no opportunity to factor in the individuality and desirability of different employees or jobs. Make every personnel decision by cookie cutter.

The right knows three fundamental truths that trump all these Democrat approaches.

Jobs must be compensated at the level that the market will bear. This is NOT the harsh oppression of the working class; in fact, it’s the working class’ only chance for prosperity. Only by setting low pay-scales for entry level jobs can any manufacturing environment thrive. If you set those pay-scales too high, then you price the jobs out of the range of the poor and the unconnected, especially the minorities.

This is the ultimate crime of Davis-Bacon, after all – the high mandated salary is a barrier to entry that starts out protecting the turf of the in crowd, but eventually turns on them as well. It is artificially high salaries for even the most basic jobs that have driven manufacturing out of the country. The right knows that reducing these barriers is the only way for people to have a chance, because then a plethora of entry level jobs gives people an entry, from which they can rise on their own talents.

If Lily Ledbetter was a great but undercompensated employee, she should have had the opportunity to be hired away by a competitor for twenty grand a year more in salary, rather than hiring a lawyer to sue her existing employer for 23 cents more per hour.

There must be limits on what government can do. Our muddled educational system tells children that they can correct all wrongs at the ballot box, so when those children grow up, they think that taking over the government will enable them to change the world.

Our Founders knew – and the right, at least, has adhered to their wise advice – that the larger a government gets, the more it mismanages, and the more it destroys. Even if the bureaucrats of a national health care system, a national pay equity board, or a national pharmaceutical distribution committee, were totally well-intentioned without the slightest unjust prejudice, such committees always end up as tyrannies. They may not mean to… but wage and price controls have been tried, minimum wages have been in place for decades, governments have done the bidding of union bosses, and what have they done? They’ve gradually caused manufacturers to shrink, to close, to move.

The Democrats and their philosophy of big government, over-regulation and the over-taxation that funds it, have succeeded only in driving opportunity off these shores. The Democrats blame Mitt Romney and the capitalists for the loss of job opportunities, but they ought instead to be looking in the mirror.

No businessman ever moved a factory to some miserable third world country because he wanted to. Outsourcing and plant relocations are always the result of various factors – taxes, regulations, crime, the hostility of union tactics and litigation parasitism – driving the businesses away.

Common sense is in short supply. The left dreams that it can abuse the job-creators without reducing the number of jobs; that it can take away the money with which an employer pays out salaries, and yet expect those salaries to grow. The right knows that only a responsible, smaller government can remove many of these barriers and create an environment that will enable businesses – and all the wonderful opportunities that they represent for every demographic, to move back in and thrive. It IS common sense, in the end, that will solve most of our nation’s problems.

Mrs. Ledbetter, if you don’t think your employer is paying you what you’re worth, look for a better job elsewhere. Governor Strickland, if you want to save the auto companies, don’t mess with the normal court-managed bankruptcy that shares the pain evenly, rather than coming up with a convoluted plan that makes the non-union employees of dealerships and parts vendors absorb 100% of the pain, and leaves the overpromised and unsustainable weight of the automakers’ benefit structures in place, quietly building to cause a repeat of the whole problem in a couple more years. And Ms. Fluke, if you want to avoid conception, please remember that no form of birth control is 100% certain, except for abstinence… and remember too that with the added time that abstinence provides, you might have been out of school by now, able to earn that top-dollar salary that would enable you to afford your birth control without begging your poorer fellow citizens to pay for it for you.

In the final analysis, the Democrats have assembled a week of diversionary tactics. Focus on the symptom, not on its cause… focus on minority demographics… appeal to emotion rather than logic. And it may work. For many, this appeal to the divisions of class and gender, age and ethnicity, does work at some primal level.

Real, responsible American citizens can and must rise above such venal approaches. For the good of the nation – for the good of all, even those who don’t realize they’ve been voting against their own interests not just since 2008 but since FDR or even earlier – let us hope that a solid majority is capable of better.

This nation is in trouble, and it needs capitalist economics, libertarian principles, and common sense to survive.

November can’t come soon enough.

Copyright 2012 John F. Di Leo

John F. Di Leo is a Customs broker and international trade compliance trainer. A former chairman of the Milwaukee County Republican Party and a past president of Chicago’s Ethnic American Council, he has now been a recovering politician for over fifteen years.

Permission is hereby granted to forward freely, provided it is uncut and the byline and URL are included. Follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn, or on Twitter at @johnfdileo.

TOPICS: Business/Economy; Government; Miscellaneous; Politics
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1 posted on 09/06/2012 4:57:36 PM PDT by jfd1776
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To: jfd1776
The 2012 Democratic National Convention presented the Democratic Party’s best face to the world...

Sorry John. These is absolutely nothing democratic about the Democrats Convention or their party.

Great article otherwise.

2 posted on 09/06/2012 5:26:26 PM PDT by upchuck ("Definition of 'racist:' someone that is winning an argument with a liberal." ~ Peter Brimelow)
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To: upchuck

Thanks much, Chuck! You’re too kind!

3 posted on 09/06/2012 6:25:52 PM PDT by jfd1776
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