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Political Correctness: The Last Refuge of a 'Retard'
Tea Party Tribune ^ | 2012-10-29 10:02:19 | mrcurmudgeon

Posted on 10/29/2012 12:52:25 PM PDT by tselatysr

Mr Curmudgeon:

During the third and final presidential debate held in Boca Raton, Florida, conservative columnist Ann Coulter Tweeted, "I highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard." Many among the media elite were highly offended that Coulter would use 'retard' to describe the man they consider the savior of America - President Barack Hussein Obama.

Mitt Romney, who bested the president in the three-game series - as evidenced by his post-debate rise in the polls - proved to the American people, if not the media, he is knowledgeable and, more importantly, the only serious candidate of the two men running for the highest office in the land.

Many conservative pundits thought Romney went easy on the president regarding the cover-up surrounding the deaths of four American diplomatic personnel in Libya. This explains Coulter's reference to Romney being "kind and gentle" in the last debate. But it was the "retard" reference that a week later still rings in the ears of the president's dwindling media followers.

"Why call President Obama a 'retard'?" asked CNN's outraged Piers Morgan.

"Because it's a synonym for looser ... I am angry at the word police. I need an Encyclopedia Britannica to see what words are appropriate and which ones aren't."

"No you don't," insisted Morgan, "No you don't."

"Okay," said Coulter, "explain to me why retard is inappropriate."

"I heard you say ... 'What if I said imbecile, idiot, cretin or moron." Any of those four words, as you know, has not become in the last decade or so a word that is synonymously offensive to people with disabilities, and is used in a offensive way about them by people. That is the difference."

"No one would call a child with Down Syndrome a retard. It is synonymous with loser. You know perfectly well no one would use that ... I was not referring to someone with Down Syndrome. I was referring to the President of the United States ... everyone is fed up with the language police."

Coulter's Tweet unwittingly hit a collective raw nerve lying near the surface of the mainstream media's (read "the left's") very thin skin. The moral arbiters of the "mainstream" have lost all credibility. The reason is simple - they have overplayed Political Correctness. People are tired of being handled, of being told what is "extreme" and what is "acceptable," of what can or cannot be said, of the left's endless agenda to redefine American society, whether it pertains to the definition of marriage or government-funded abortion and contraception as the highest secular sacraments.

That role was once the soul domain of America's "mainstream" religious institutions and the conscience of the individual. But people are losing faith in the religion of big government and, more importantly, its media high priests - what Coulter calls the "thought police."

According to the George Soros-funded Media Matters, "The stigma attached to the word prompted Congress to pass 'Rosa's Law' in 2010, banning the use of the words 'retarded' and 'retardation' in all health, education and labor laws, and replacing the terms with 'intellectual disability.'" It's worth noting that this occurred under the Pelosi P.C. Congress.

As Coulter noted, the left - and the media who represent them - use the mentally challenged as "human shields" to defend their wrongheaded policies and their chief advocate - President Obama.

That's a disservice to the mentally handicapped whose medical condition is the result of nature's cruel verdict.

As Coulter clearly illustrates, in the case of the mainstream media and the president they serve, they are self-made men.

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1 posted on 10/29/2012 12:52:25 PM PDT by tselatysr
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To: tselatysr

“Because it’s a synonym for looser “


2 posted on 10/29/2012 12:58:32 PM PDT by AppyPappy (If you really want to annoy someone, point out something obvious that they are trying hard to ignore)
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To: tselatysr

Its not unreasonable to assume a retard that can say Marine Corpse with a straight face totally serious..

Can create 4 marine Corpses in Bangazi.. or Iraq or Afghanistan..

The Special Olympics has nothing on the “Special Presidency”.. the man is a harvard trained idiot..

3 posted on 10/29/2012 1:03:49 PM PDT by hosepipe (This propaganda has been edited to include some fully orbed hyperbole..)
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To: tselatysr

4 posted on 10/29/2012 1:08:22 PM PDT by Impala64ssa (You call me an islamophobe like it's a bad thing.)
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To: tselatysr

5 posted on 10/29/2012 1:10:29 PM PDT by Iron Munro (Psalm 109:8 "Let his days be few, and let another take his office.")
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To: tselatysr
Coulter was wrong to use that label. It does not help the conservative cause. She didn't ask anyone's permission to use the label -- she shouldn't expect anyone to come to her aid on this. Coulter is not a leader of the conservative movement. She's a pot-stirrer, a polemicist, and an entertainer -- nothing more.
6 posted on 10/29/2012 1:16:18 PM PDT by USFRIENDINVICTORIA
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To: tselatysr
If CNN weren't such Jews they would would shell out enough of a salary to hire a good host for their show. Maybe then they would conduct a fair interview.

Those dumb Pollocks at CNN don't understand what the viewers want.

We want to see a good, reasoned debate.

We aren't a bunch of porch monkeys or greasy wops who just want to watch a verbal brawl.

Piers needs to give Ann a break already. Who can keep up with which terms are appropriate to use? It is about as difficult to grasp as tits on a breast cancer victim.

We Conservatives don't really need to worry about how our words come across to others. Do we?

7 posted on 10/29/2012 1:27:13 PM PDT by nitzy (A just law will neither punish virtue nor reward vice.)
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To: Impala64ssa
Your ideological grouping is correct. Of course, Obama is little better than a "want-to-be," as yet. It remains to be seen if he is going to try to take the next step. He has the same philosophy as Stalin & Hitler, but not the intelligence. (That does not mean that he cannot do an immense amount of damage to our people, even if he fails to complete the quest for Socialist uniformity in America.)

For more on the common compulsion that drives Socialist movements, Compulsion For Uniformity.

William Flax

8 posted on 10/29/2012 1:31:26 PM PDT by Ohioan
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To: tselatysr; humblegunner

You have posted well over 70 articles on Free Republic without ever making a comment. That’s considered blog pimping.

9 posted on 10/29/2012 1:38:49 PM PDT by Jean S
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“permission”??? We don’t and hopefully never will need “permission” to exercise our right to free speech. BTW “retard” means slow, which is an apt characterization of Obama. Even the oh-so-horrible disparaging slang definition #2 sums up Obama perfectly. /p

Slang: Disparaging.
1. a mentally retarded person.
2. a person who is stupid, obtuse, or ineffective in some way.

10 posted on 10/29/2012 1:51:55 PM PDT by The Good Doctor (Democracy is the only system where you can vote for a tax that you can avoid the obligation to pay.)
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I would defend Coulter's RIGHT to call 0bama a "retard", but I would not defend her CHOICE to say it.

11 posted on 10/29/2012 2:03:57 PM PDT by generally (Don't be stupid. We have politicians for that.)
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To: The Good Doctor

I agree with USFRIENDINVICTORIA that this was not helpful to conservatives. It makes us look boorish and mean.

I also agree that she does not speak for conservatives.

On the other hand, I am sick to death of political correctness.

‘Rosa’s Law’ is another piece of ridiculous and useless legislation. I’ll bet it was pushed by someone who got their feelings hurt and now they feel all smugly superior and vindicated because they “fixed” this problem which is crucial to survival of the Republic. /s

12 posted on 10/29/2012 2:07:19 PM PDT by generally (Don't be stupid. We have politicians for that.)
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To: tselatysr

Political correctness killed America quicker and more thorough than the old Bolshies and their domestic collaborators ever imagined.

Alinsky genius

FR is groaning thru the uptick of Sandy..I mean please

someone fix this place

13 posted on 10/29/2012 2:08:46 PM PDT by wardaddy (my wife prays in the tanning bed....guess what region i live in...ya'll?)
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To: Jean S; tselatysr

You know.. you’re right.
This mook looks like a pimp to me.;brevity=full;options=no-change

The majority of articles are from a single source:

I reckon this person is just here for purposes of self-promotion.

14 posted on 10/29/2012 2:24:13 PM PDT by humblegunner
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To: nitzy

“Why call President Obama a ‘retard’?”

Let’s be fair about this. Barak Obama, the Scourge of the Saracens, and Leon Panetta, the Butcher of Benghazi, are just waiting for more information to come in before they act.

15 posted on 10/29/2012 2:37:20 PM PDT by haroldeveryman
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To: AppyPappy

Scoundrel. Biden’s the retard.

16 posted on 10/29/2012 2:40:03 PM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (cat dog, cat dog, alone in the world is a little cat dog)
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To: tselatysr

“Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred.” Jacques Barzun

17 posted on 10/29/2012 2:52:03 PM PDT by RingerSIX (My wife and I took an AIDS vaccine that they offer down at our Church.)
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To: wardaddy; HiTech RedNeck
I agree with you guys. Obama is just like some stupid person who was born with a developmental disability. What a piece of trash he is.

...and Biden that jerk with his hair plugs looks like some gross cancer kid.

...not to mention Hillary. She makes decisions like some idiot soldier who got blown up by an IED and now has brain damage.

I am totally on board with the message here and which Ann Coulter espouses. It is perfectly fine to compare your political enemies to people with disabilities or illnesses or any other weakness for that matter. Because both the politician and the stupid person with disabilities deserves it.

Political correctness can go to hell! Right on!

18 posted on 10/29/2012 3:19:12 PM PDT by nitzy (A just law will neither punish virtue nor reward vice.)
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To: nitzy

And such remarks would be rightly viewed as shallow and irrelevant.

Obama is not a problem of can’t; he’s a problem of won’t.

19 posted on 10/29/2012 3:28:24 PM PDT by HiTech RedNeck (cat dog, cat dog, alone in the world is a little cat dog)
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To: The Good Doctor; generally
Allow me to clarify my comment about "permission".

Coulter appeared on a nationally-broadcast program, in the middle of a crucial election campaign, and deliberately used inflammatory language. That's her right.

However, she did so without having consulted with anyone. Not the GOP, nor Romney, nor any other Republican candidate, nor the rank and file of the GOP, nor any Freeper. She did it on her own -- with no regard whatsoever as to the consequences.

Fair enough -- she was exercising her right of free speech. In return, she should also face the consequences, and defend herself.

She made a stupid comment -- deliberately. The comment was calculated to improve her lot (more publicity for her = more money for her), with no consideration whatsoever about the consequences. Her comment will retard the Republican election campaigns. We should not double down on this selfish, puerile and harmful act, by rising to Coulter's defense. We owe her nothing. Nothing.
20 posted on 10/29/2012 5:09:50 PM PDT by USFRIENDINVICTORIA
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