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What Does It Mean to Vote Democrat in 2012?
Illinois Review ^ | November 3, 2012 A.D. | John F. Di Leo

Posted on 11/03/2012 5:38:43 PM PDT by jfd1776

The Democratic Party has undergone many a migration over the centuries; it’s unrecognizable from the party originally started by Madison and Jefferson to oppose President Washington’s economic agenda.

From its inception, though, one thing has never changed: the Democratic Party has always been, in some way, the pro-slavery party.

Defender of slavery for the first century, then the opponent of reconstruction after the Civil War, the Democratic Party has always been a supporter of the elites, and in some way a supporter of the oppression of some group -sometimes the Blacks, sometimes the Asians, sometimes Catholics, sometimes Native Americans.

This much has never changed: the Democrats have never lacked for some group to blame for whatever was going wrong.

As we look to the next election, we can study the policies of either party, and we can analyze them from many angles, but this much is clear: as logical as it is to view the Republican positions as “what do they want to accomplish,” the best way to view the Democrat position is “who do they seek to blame?”

To be a Democrat in 2012:

To be a Democrat today means that you can look at a choice between Democrat Tammy Duckworth and Congressman Joe Walsh, and pick the ranting, pro-abortion extremist, failed-bureaucrat Duckworth, a Blagojevich crony and pure tax-and-spend leftist, over an honorable and independent voice for the Constitution in Congress. Being wrong on the issues has caused Duckworth to rely on bitter character assassination and lies about incumbent Joe Walsh’s record; the abortion-on-demand Duckworth calling Walsh an extremist, for example, for wanting to allow states to reinstate at least some common-sense restrictions on the horror of what Duckworth supports: taxpayer-funded abortion at any point and for any reason.

To be a Democrat is to reward her nasty negative campaign rather than support Walsh’s excellent record as an honorable and Constitutionally-oriented citizen-legislator.

Foreign Policy with a head in the sand:

To be a Democrat today means that such terrorist acts as Al Qaeda’s attack on our consulate at Benghazi in September, and even their attacks on New York and Washington in 2001, should be treated as limited criminal justice matters for the police to handle, rather than recognizing them as part of a global war that we didn’t start, but which we must acknowledge in order to have a pray of surviving.

Today’s Democrats can listen to Nidal Hasan shout “Allahu Akhbar” as he fires on four dozen innocent soldiers at Ft Hood, and dream that his actions are irrelevant to the calls for jihad at his local mosque or madrassah. Today’s Democrat must accept the convoluted idea that this massacre too, like so many others, is just a matter for the police, not a symbol of growing global jihad that America must recognize and combat, if we are ever to regain some semblance of security.

An assault on religious freedom:

To be a Democrat today means attacking religion, in every way they can think of. Democrats threaten the withdrawal of nonprofit status for Christian hospitals, deny Christian groups from operating adoption services, force Catholic hospitals to perform abortions and force Catholic schools to fund them. Democrats deny the right of a Christian pastor to preach the Bible from his pulpit, and threaten to withdraw tax-exempt status from Christian charities if they take a position contrary to the reigning mantra of the secular left.

A vote for destructive leadership:

Even when an individual Democrat doesn’t personally favor these extreme positions, and even when his local State Rep, State Senator, Congressman or US Senator swear up and down to oppose them all, their vote in the legislature will always be in support of these issues. How? Because this traditional conservative-sounding state rep will vote for extremist Michael Madigan in Springfield, for socialist Nancy Pelosi in the nation’s House, for obstructionist clod Harry Reid in the US Senate, empowering these tyrants to do all the things that the local candidate swore he would oppose.

All the platitudes of a local candidate – “I’ll be a fiscal conservative like you; I’ll work to move my party back to where we really want it” – amount to nothing when the cronies meet in conference and cast their votes for the Madigans, Reids, and Pelosis that have infested our state and national capitols.

Voting for a Democrat – regardless of his promises on the campaign trail – is today a vote for the most extreme socialists in the country’s history, because they always vote to move their party further to the left with the construction of their respective houses. No promise on any campaign trail trumps that first vote that they cast after the swearing-in, to select the speakers and majority leaders. That’s the only vote that really matters, and Democrats always do it wrong.

Dependence on foreign energy:

Voting for a Democrat today means joining the extreme environmentalist left in opposing pipelines, drilling, and fracking here in the United States - programs that could have made us energy-independent (and still can, if we just DO IT) – while supporting pipelines, drilling and fracking elsewhere in the world.

Today’s Democrat must feel self-righteously anti-carbon at home, while fully supporting ever more carbon production in Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, and the Middle East… and fully supporting our own growing dependence on those unfriendly foreign lands. Such hypocrisy has become the key ingredient to the political life of any modern American Democrat.

Unprecedented Joblessness:

To vote for a Democrat in 2012 means that anything that would increase long-term employment (such as regulatory and tax reform to encourage private sector expansion) must be opposed… but anything that creates short-term government-supported employment (such as that supported by a government stimulus check) must be supported.

The Obama administration spent a trillion dollars on a stimulus in 2009, and the money evaporated as so much went to companies that ceased to exist shortly thereafter. The focus is often on how much was spent per job – outrageously, $300,000 to a million for every job created – but an even more important issue is that real private sector jobs tend to be reasonably permanent, once created, while these stimulus jobs always end when the federal money funding them runs out, or even earlier, when the recipient companies go bankrupt.

Battery maker A123 is only the latest, and Solyndra only the most famous, of dozens of bad investments into which the Democrats poured hundreds of millions of dollars each, only to see their rotten business models reach their natural conclusion in the bankruptcy court, mere months or even weeks later. To vote Democrat today means endorsing this warped approach to the economy, of costly promises at the expense of real results.

Endangering generations through rampant crime:

To vote for a Democrat in 2012 means to continue to support a criminal justice system that allows gangs to use the local public high school as a jobs fair, recruiting tomorrow’s criminals today with minimal fear of capture or prosecution. Our cities are watching neighborhoods run red with the blood of gangland shootings, domestic violence, fatal robberies, violent rapes. Killers on parole murder their own wives, or girlfriends, even their own children. And the welfare system is designed to increase such risks, as every conservative attempt to weight the judicial system back in favor of the victim is shot down by the modern left.

Chicago, the president’s alleged home town, sees over 400 acknowledged murders a year, and that’s not counting the thousands of attempted murders in which the victims survive. To vote Democrat means continuing to disregard this issue, because today’s Democrats continue to focus so much on so many other issues that they cannot give suitable attention to the most important obligation of any government: the protection of its law-abiding citizens from attack, the security of people, property, and borders.

An assault on jobs and investment:

To vote Democrat today means continuing to drive employers offshore; it means supporting the continued hornet’s nest of taxes, litigation, and regulation that has caused the loss of so much of our manufacturing. The Obama administration itself closed down American lightbulb plants with their mandate of costly Chinese compact fluorescents… the Obama administration closed down production lines at American plumbing manufacturers, with their unexpected ban of any showerhead over 2.5 gpm.

By banning drilling wherever they could, the Obama administration cost us hundreds of thousands of jobs on oil rigs and in oil fields, from the construction of the Keystone Pipeline to the refineries we so desperately need if we are ever to become energy efficient. A Democrat vote today rewards those outlandish choices; it congratulates the Democrats in Washington for driving our neighbors out of work and encourages them to do so even more.

Institutionalized corruption at the highest level:

To vote Democrat today means to endorse an administration of scandal upon scandal. The same party that drove Richard Nixon from office 40 years ago for a minor hotel break-in and the cover-up that followed, has now shamelessly enabled an administration with scandals in virtually every federal department and major agency. The Democrats have refused to investigate as Obama’s Defense Department has seen under-secretaries indicted for sexual harassment… as Obama’s Justice Department has been investigated for gunrunning to support Mexican drug cartels (which have resulted in our guns being used in their murders of American citizens and border agents)… Obama’s Energy Department has come under fire for irresponsible government loans in the tens of billions to bankrupt firms with party connections and campaign donation records that seem to shout “quid pro quo”… the Department of Health and Human Services “passed” Obamacare through Congress by playing fast and loose with the parliamentary rules, and then by making corrupt bargains with congressmen on the fence.

Is there even a question?

To vote Democrat today is all this and more. It’s an endorsement of corruption, the enabling of continued theft, lies and destruction.

We’ve had four long years of 8% acknowledged unemployment, and that’s with the easier modern rules that don’t count people forced to retire, people whose benefits have run out, people with lousy part time jobs who need full time ones, people who’ve simply given up. If we counted unemployment the way we counted it during the Great Depression, our average would have been 15% these four years.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid have been the engines of destruction in this country for too long. No matter how nice, how sweet, how pleasant or likeable your local candidate may be, we must always remember that voting for any Democrat means voting to empower these proven failures, these corrupt and deceitful practitioners of crony capitalism and jackboot politics for these long, painful years.

The Republicans stand for honesty and small government, for the policies that enable economic growth and safer streets and borders. Republican policies don’t make employees dependent upon an annual stimulus check or federal grant; they enable a vigorous economy so that private companies want to hire you, not just for a year for as long as the partnership works out!

Democrats favor the Lily Ledbetter Act, so that a woman unhappy in her job can more easily sue for another 23 cents in pay. Republicans favor economic growth, so that a woman unhappy in her job can quit and get a better job with a better company.

Democrats favor “card check”, so that union shop stewards can harass employees at home until they agree to vote their way on a union vote; Republicans favor the secret ballot, so that the workers are safe from such harassment.

The list could go on forever; as our politics have grown more complicated, the differences between our parties have grown to fill volumes with contrasting positions on thousands of issues.

But it does come down to this, at its core: today’s Republican party supports the economic and cultural initiatives that enable free people to live happy lives, to grow and prosper, and direct their time and energy as they choose.

But today’s Democrats support the economic and cultural suppression of an overgrown government at every level, disregarding corruption by their own party in the ultimate service of a leviathan state.

This transformation, from a flawed but at least largely principled origin to an utterly unprincipled organization of tyrants and henchmen, has rendered today’s Democratic Party utterly unrecognizable when compared to the Democrats of a few generations ago.

Long ago, the Macchiavellian rationalization served their purpose; at least their often messy means served a usually-justifiable end.

But no more. Today, the ends of the Democrats are as miserable as their means. Cronyism is utilized as an agent for more cronyism. Weakness serves the aggrandizement of a powerful ruling state. Unemployment and poverty serve the purpose of building a support apparatus, in which the goal is the creation of jobs for social workers and food distributors.

Newt Gingrich has succinctly summed up the key difference between the modern liberal and the modern conservative thusly: Today’s Democrat measures success by how many people are added to the welfare rolls; today’s Republican measures success by how many people are freed from such dependence.

So to those Democrats on the fence – those who truly wish their country well for the future – you have a choice to make. Do we acknowledge the truth, that the Democratic Party has left us behind and no longer represents us? Or do we stubbornly refuse to acknowledge what has been before our eyes for so many years, and stay Democrat?

There is another option, by the way. To remain generally liberal, to stay true to the principles of Humphrey and Truman, and simply admit that the party needs reform. Such reform will never come if the current practitioners are reelected. For the Democratic Party to have any chance of a rebirth, it must be defeated this year. A good Democrat, one who wants a vibrant and honorable two-party system in this country for the future, must vote against the Democrats of today. Today’s good and principled Democrat must apply the rule of the phoenix to the Democratic Party.

Stand up and shout that Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, Steven Chu, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are NOT our kinds of Democrats. These are not the heirs of Jefferson and Madison, of Truman and Humphrey, of Stevenson and JFK. These corrupt statists are demolishing everything that your heroes built.

And on November 6, they must be defeated, that the nation may be saved, that our culture and traditions of American exceptionalism may be rebuilt, and that even the Democratic Party may once again become an honorable institution.

Copyright 2012 John F. Di Leo

John F. Di Leo is a Chicago-based Customs broker and trade compliance lecturer. A former county chairman of the Milwaukee County Republican Party, his columns appear regularly in Illinois Review.

Permission is hereby granted to forward freely, provided it is uncut and the byline and IR URL are included. Follow John F. Di Leo on LinkedIn or Facebook, and on Twitter at @johnfdileo.

TOPICS: Business/Economy; Government; History; Politics
KEYWORDS: democraticparty; left; liberal

1 posted on 11/03/2012 5:38:51 PM PDT by jfd1776
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To: jfd1776

What does it mean to vote Republican? Romney nominated a preponderance of liberal judges in Massachusetts, supported government run healthcare, etc. We, as a nation, are so screwed. Liberals have a win/win situation whether they know it or not.

2 posted on 11/03/2012 5:44:03 PM PDT by gorush (History repeats itself because human nature is static)
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To: jfd1776

great article

3 posted on 11/03/2012 5:45:24 PM PDT by polkajello (Romney: The Lesser of Two Weasels)
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To: jfd1776

It means that you are mentally defective.

4 posted on 11/03/2012 5:50:37 PM PDT by Paladin2
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To: jfd1776
It's one thing to have a corrupt rogue gov, it's another thing entirely to have a majority vote of the people approving of a lawless nation. If that lawless commie and his party of criminal thugs is re-elected the republic, the Constitution and the concept of the rule of law itself will be nothing more than a pretense. All legitimate basis for those things will cease to exist.

A vote to re-elect 0bama and the DemRat Party is a vote for lawlessness.

5 posted on 11/03/2012 5:53:05 PM PDT by TigersEye ( - OPSEC (give them support))
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To: gorush

“We, as a nation, are so screwed. Liberals have a win/win situation whether they know it or not.”

Well, we can not act like spoiled brats.
We either have Commie lite, or a full blown Marxist/Leninist
America is never again going to be the country that we grew up in.
The takers now outnumber the givers.

6 posted on 11/03/2012 5:56:28 PM PDT by AlexW
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To: Paladin2

“What does it mean to vote Democrat in 2012?”

It means you are a communist heathen and a domestic enemy of the USA.

7 posted on 11/03/2012 5:57:53 PM PDT by MikeSteelBe (Austrian Hitler was, as the Halfrican Hitler does.)
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To: jfd1776
8 posted on 11/03/2012 6:00:41 PM PDT by CMailBag
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To: Irenic


9 posted on 11/03/2012 6:00:48 PM PDT by Irenic (The pencil sharpener and Elmer's glue is put away-- we've lost the red wheel barrow)
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To: jfd1776

It means you are a godless racist, partisan hack, or a white liberal guilt voter. This election will have many former dems vote for Romney. White Catholics are expected to defect from Obama by 20 percent.

10 posted on 11/03/2012 6:01:18 PM PDT by Professional
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To: jfd1776
It means that a democRAT voter is as despicable as a Nazi Party member working in a Third Reich killing camp!
11 posted on 11/03/2012 6:03:18 PM PDT by texican01
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To: AlexW
"America is never again going to be the country that we grew up in."

You are probably right, yet I am not willing concede that. It may take a revolution after the inevitable financial crunch, but I will, at the very least, take out a large number of the enemies of our constitution. I'm old enough that I only have "going out in a blaze of glory" to look forward to.

12 posted on 11/03/2012 6:05:11 PM PDT by gorush (History repeats itself because human nature is static)
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To: jfd1776

It would mean that you’re an imbecile

13 posted on 11/03/2012 6:13:58 PM PDT by clamper1797 (I mourn for the America I grew up in ..fought for ..and loved ..July 4 1776- June 28 2012)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: jfd1776

What does it mean? It means the voter is a Socialist fool and he, his children, and grandchildren are damned to the hell of Collectivism and intellectual stagnation. It means he is voting for doom.

14 posted on 11/03/2012 6:24:28 PM PDT by Ed Story
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To: gorush

15 posted on 11/03/2012 6:45:30 PM PDT by mc5cents
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 2 | View Replies]

To: polkajello

It often means, “I black...I black, I black, I black! Or...I wigger...I wigger, I wigger, I wigger... I slut...I slut, I slut, I slut! :)

16 posted on 11/03/2012 7:24:07 PM PDT by SaraJohnson
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 3 | View Replies]

To: jfd1776
I hate to inject a little historical perspective to this celebration of perpetual Republican political virtue but the Dems were the party of small government and states rights for the first nine decades of their existence. The GOP were the descendants of the northern wing of the Whig party and were the proponents of Clay's so-called ‘American System’ which was basically what the Dems call ‘industrial policy today’. The essence of this system was to be a centralized national banking system to monopolize credit for the benefit of the emerging New York and Philadelphia banking establishment.and lots of pork in the form of subsidies and grants of public lands to connected railroad speculators. The Republicans aside from a not very significant abolitionist wing (I know people like to quote Seward but he was trained by ‘the wizard of the lobby’ Thurlow Weed who was the master of producing flatulent and high-flying rhetoric to cover some deal he was cooking up. Seward was a very apt pupil.) only wanted the South to be politically marginalized and to keep all those darkies down in Dixie while paying most of the tariff burden to give the treasury those dollars to be given to the railroad speculators. The decline of the donkeys from the small government party was started by, of all people Mr. Small town values himself, William Jennings Bryan, who in 1896 was in the forefront of stealing statist planks form the Populist Party platform. So, unfortunately the Party of Lincoln helped a whole lot to get the modern leviathan state launched. The Dems just figured out how it could be altered to a vote buying device for the ‘masses’ rather than the ‘classes’.
17 posted on 11/03/2012 7:34:44 PM PDT by robowombat
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To: jfd1776
What Does It Mean to Vote Democrat in 2012?

The same as placing your finger in front of a snapping turtles face to see what happens.

18 posted on 11/03/2012 8:03:24 PM PDT by BerryDingle (I know how to deal with communists, I still wear their scars on my back from Hollywood-Ronald Reagan)
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