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Those were the days.
Dan Miller's Blog ^ | November 15, 2012 | Dan Miller

Posted on 11/15/2012 3:06:20 PM PST by DanMiller

Will anything of them remain? That's up to us.

On November 8th, the day after the election returns were known, The Mad Jewess posted this 1968 YouTube video. She wrote, "It is the song of the once great America, a nation that is now gone with the wind." I felt much the same way and at times still feel that such is our future; but it will not necessarily happen that way unless we allow it to.


Video link. Please watch it.

Those were indeed "the days" and try as I might I haven't been able to get the song out of my head. Toward the end of the video, Ms. Hopkins sings "the dreams are still the same." Some still are, but forty-four years have passed. Those singing along are now fewer and many have different dreams. The dreams of some are the nightmares of others. Some aspects of those days are pleasant to look back on and some are not. Some aspects of today will also be pleasant to look back on and some will not. Citizen apathy, demands for ever more free stuff and for the associated dependence on an allegedly benign Government would not be pleasant memories. Nor would the results of efforts to push the Republican Party ever more to the left until it becomes fungible with the Democrat Party. Reversing those trends, if we can do it, will be among the efforts that we will be able to remember with happiness; even with pride.

It's tempting to give up, lie down and take a long nap; but then the dreams would come and they seem likely not to be pleasant. Almost ten days have passed since November 6th and now is the time to stop mourning and start working for better outcomes in 2014 and 2016. Waiting until early 2014 would bring another disaster.

Although the Republican Party is broken, perhaps beyond repair, it's up to conservatives to do what we can to ensure that the days to come are better, not worse. I offered analyses and reflections on the recent electoral results, a "man made disaster," here and here and suggestions on what we might be able to do here.

The demographics have changed and there is little if anything we can do to change them back. The "ethical" media remain the same and are very likely to continue to favor and support the Obama Administration no matter what happens. We could, perhaps, take advantage of changed demographics by becoming more like Democrats; but what's the good in that? It could put more Republicans in office, but as they morph into Democrats that would not help. We could let the Democrats have their way in hopes that the results might cause their policies and actions to fail abysmally and for them to fall from popular favor. However, as long as the "free stuff" campaign continues and as long as the nation continues to descend deeper into debt -- both are quite likely to continue to happen in any event -- few of those who demand more and more free stuff will be concerned that less and less of it might be good for the nation or that there will be no money some day for the nation to continue supporting them.

Andrew Sullivan wrote today at The Daily Beast to comment on Governor Romney's remarks about the free stuff people. He characterized those remarks as condescending and racist. Then he wrote,

The condescension and unconscious racism in all this prompted one Republican to protest. A member of both demographics, young and minority, Bobby Jindal:
No, I think that’s absolutely wrong. Two points on that: One, we have got to stop dividing the American voters. We need to go after 100 percent of the votes, not 53 percent. We need to go after every single vote. And, secondly, we need to continue to show how our policies help every voter out there achieve the American Dream, which is to be in the middle class, which is to be able to give their children an opportunity to be able to get a great education. … So, I absolutely reject that notion, that description. I think that’s absolutely wrong.

I think Governor Romney had it pretty much right and that Governor Jindal had it pretty much wrong. Governor Romney's remarks doubtless offended some and that may well have been politically unwise. However, the nation is greatly divided and pretending otherwise won't help. Can we go after "100% of the vote?" Only by appearing to be all things to all people, and I hope we neither do nor want to do that.

Whoever was right and whoever was wrong, the uninformed voters had their way and many of them want to continue to be uninformed; ignorance may seem like bliss and the "ethical" media are delighted to help them stay that way. If they ever think about such things, they probably conclude that becoming well informed requires time and effort more pleasantly spent in ways that perpetuate ignorance; that's just fine with the media and other powers-that-be as well.

This is not a happy post and I offer no apologies for that. Nor is it intended to increase our sadness at the expense of resolve and action. I made some suggestions here and won't repeat them; they are still there. Republicans were beat in many ways, but lack of effective local get-out-the-vote and local education efforts were probably the worst failures of all. It's necessary to get our conservative (not necessarily Republican) message out, now, at the local level:

♦ To explain why free stuff cannot last because no national economy can support it indefinitely. Greece and Spain (it may be necessary to explain to some that those are countries in Europe as well as to explain the situations there) are examples of what's to come in their own communities. Will they listen? Probably not if it involves big numbers and arithmetic, but perhaps if it involves what is now happening to real people to whom they can relate. How about Black unemployment? Wouldn't they perhaps feel better about themselves if they could find and get jobs? Mightn't they feel better if they could support their own families? Wouldn't they feel better if they had families?

♦ Freedom of speech, religion and the press? States' rights? Use of domestic surveillance drones? Those are concepts with which most uninformed voters are, and are likely content to remain, unfamiliar -- except to the extent that States' Rights are associated, wrongly, with racism. Otherwise, they don't affect their immediate situations so they don't matter.

♦ Foreign policy stuff? There is little point in focusing on that because unless we have a big war and reinstate the draft to fight it, or until some foreign country drops bombs on a major city in the United States, it won't affect them or their friends personally.

Beyond that, how many uninformed voters know or care where Benghazi is, what happened there or who Ben Benghazi is? Was he Santa Claus' brother? The "Arab Spring?" Isn't that just a bunch of other people who want their free stuff; that's good and they deserve it. Israel? They should stop attacking those poor oppressed civilians in occupied lands who suffer unspeakable privations at the hands of vile Israel. Iran with nuclear weapons? Who cares; that's far away and no matter what happens we will continue to live our lives as we do now. Idiotic? Of course. But most matters of foreign affairs are out somewhere in an ethereal region. Right here and today are far more important.

Can these efforts be made without seeming racist or condescending -- unlike the tone of my article? I don't know, but if not they will do little good and probably will do much harm. Those attempting to do them will need training, at the local level, and those doing that training will themselves need to be trained.

The time for mourning has passed and now we need to get to work. We need happy news celebrating victories. But first there have to be some. We will have to create our own victories and happiness as we go along.

TOPICS: Education; Government; Politics
KEYWORDS: election; future; getoutthevote; votereducation
We had better stop licking our wounds and get to work.
1 posted on 11/15/2012 3:06:24 PM PST by DanMiller
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To: DanMiller; All

Get to work, indeed!

What most refuse to acknowledge is that it was unlikely that ANYBODY could have beaten the voter fraud planned and perpetrated by the Obama machine. They seem to prefer pointing fingers, blaming Romney and blathering on about Patraeus' sex life.

Col Allen West; "I don't want to see America become like Zimbabwe where people don’t trust their electoral process. If we cannot trust the integrity of the voting system then we are no longer a free republic".

Col West has opened the door.

We must fight election fraud.

It falls on ‘We the People’.

Silence is consent

There’s overwhelming evidence of fraud.- Here



>MITT ROMNEY in 2012! ‏@PlanetRomney #tcot The Competent Conservative: Elections Have Not Yet Been Certified. Here’s What You Can Do: - Here

Excerpt from Mitt Romney's reference:

These elections are NOT certified yet. The only way to get this investigated, much less recounted or overturned, is through the Secretary of State of each of the five key states: Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. EVEN IF YOU ARE IN ANOTHER STATE you can help. But it won’t do any good to dilute our effort to challenge California or Michigan or other states. Until a major group gets involved to do more, here is the plan: Contact the Secretary of State of the state in question. See contact information below...

Read the rest- Here


SARAH PALIN speaks out on Twitter about massive Obama machine voter fraud:

>Sarah Palin News ‏@SarahPalinLinks Between suppression of the military vote and voter fraud, Obama stole another election. …DEMAND A RECOUNT! #VoterFraud

>Sarah Palin News ‏@SarahPalinLinks People need to stop pointing fingers within the GOP and investigate the Dems' massive voter fraud and suppression of the military vote.


The website,'Barack Obama Vote Fraud 2012' is keeping a running account of cases of voter fraud and what to do about it:

(Astonishing!) > Visit the site- Here
Obama Voter Fraud on FaceBook- Here

Sign this petition- Here

WND List of voter fraud reports Here
ATLAS SHRUGS voter fraud list. Atlas Shrugs has a list but cannot copy link. Contains video of eyewitness pollwatcher who verifies busload of Somalians. Google 'Atlas Shrugs voter fraud list'

Is There Enough Evidence of Voter Fraud To Merit a Recount? If you wish to add your voice, click here and sign the petition for a recount Here-

< Hannity and Col Allan West slam voter fraud Nov 12- Here

Photo of SOMALIANS brought to Ohio voting stations by the busload, 95% of whom did not speak English, and told to vote for Obama, straight Dem ticket- Here

'Human Events', report pollwatcher eyewitness to busload of Somalians at Ohio poll, spoke no English, told to vote Obama Here


Must watch videos!

VIDEO-- Programmer Testifies About Rigging Elections With Vote Counting- Here

VIDEO- Illegal Aliens Caught Voting and Stealing Elections In Florida In Vast Numbers- Here

VIDEO- MICHAEL SAVAGE: How Obama fixed the 2012 election- Here

VIDEO- Massive voter fraud discovered in April- Here

VIDEO- Whistle blower speaks out about voter fraud- Here


We can not wait for 2014 and 2016 to regroup and figure out new strategies. By then it will be too late. The Marxist/Muslim usurper will have completed his planned distruction of America. That's what people fail to understand.

We must act NOW.

Start with the election. If we let the Rats get away with this massive voter fraud, we're no better than a bananna republic.

We must keep digging and pounding him every day, in every way we can- phony birth certificate, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, his hidden life, records....

We are FReepers. We must fight!

Those who shrug and accept this atrocity without a fight are not worthy to be called Freepers!

Join us!! See thread, 'BARACK OBAMA FRAUD 2012- (MUST READ- MUST GO VIRAL!)' thread- Here

2 posted on 11/15/2012 3:16:57 PM PST by patriot08 (Native Texan)
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To: DanMiller
The original version of "Those Were the Days" was Dorogoi Dlinnoyu (the long road) by Alexander Vertinskii (1926).
3 posted on 11/15/2012 3:52:25 PM PST by Fiji Hill (Deo Vindice!)
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To: patriot08
We must fight election fraud.

I of course agree. The question is how. Contacting the secretaries of state of Democrat States won't do much good, and neither will petitions or appeals to Attorney General Holder.

Perhaps the best, and possibly the only effective, way will be to contact potential voters personally -- starting right now -- with education and then get out the vote efforts. There was an article today at at National Review on line urging that we do that more and better. If enough voters decide that they won't go along with voter fraud to vote Democrat, fewer will do so.

4 posted on 11/15/2012 3:56:57 PM PST by DanMiller (Dan Miller)
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To: DanMiller

My Generation was lucky, My parents had to live throught the recession and the 2nd World War, but my life has been good.

My children and Grandchildren face a falling economy, a weakened military, a country where lazy non-producing grifters have started to outnumber us. They face economichardship and Socialism. I am 70 I will probably have another ten good years as long as I don’t get sick and have to depend on Obamacare, but I fear for my kids and Grandkids.

In my case those were the days when America was celebrating it’s freedoms, people worked, God watched over us.

This generation has left God and it is paying the price.
It may not be as dramatic as Sodom and Gomorrah, and I doubt anyone wife turns to salt, but the payment for todays debauchery is due and will be paid.I wonder how much of this is my own fault for not fighting it harder.

5 posted on 11/15/2012 4:02:51 PM PST by Venturer
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To: DanMiller

We have to do something NOW.
There will be nothing left of the America we love by 2016- and probably not even 2014.

6 posted on 11/15/2012 4:36:36 PM PST by patriot08 (Native Texan)
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To: patriot08
We have to do something NOW.

I agree, and that's what I wrote in the article.

7 posted on 11/15/2012 5:15:31 PM PST by DanMiller (Dan Miller)
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