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1 posted on 12/28/2012 4:31:07 PM PST by 2ndDivisionVet
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Been going to the Nation’s Gun Show for at least 10 years. Today, the line was 45 MINUTES LONG just to get in. NEVER seen anything like it. I have NEVER once waited in line for even 10 seconds to get in that show. What does it mean, though? I figure half the sub-human filth standing in that line with me voted for the kenyan.

2 posted on 12/28/2012 4:51:52 PM PST by Doctor 2Brains
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
Will The Real America Stand UP!

The Plattsburgh Daily Republican [NY]Oct (20th?) 1861

“The military strength of our Government was designed by its founders to rest on the militia of the States, which should comprise the whole body of citizens between eighteen and forty-five years of age. For many years after the Revolutionary War, this theory was carried out, and it was reinforced considerably by the war of 1812. But a long peace and universal prosperity made the militia by degrees unpopular, and the laws of the States were modified so as to release the Citizens from their obligations to maintain a vigorous military organization.—

With the exception of a small number of volunteer companies in the cities, the whole system fell into disuse. Young men were discouraged from joining even those on account of the alleged " waste of money and risk of their •morals."

So completely had the Military spirit died out in the other Northern States, that arms are not even found in our houses, and a whole generation has grown up which is ignorant of their use.

'This state of things has stimulated the present great rebellion. Mr. Jefferson Davis, during his residence in New England three years ago, more than once remarked upon it, and even asserted that a well organized military force of 25,000 men could march to any point in the Northern States against any opposition we could make. At the same time, he and all his men from the same school have been encouraging the military education of their own section.

The Mexican war gave it strong impulse and now the Southern states have a great body of men educated in the field and their own schools.

If the government could have called to its assistance two hundred thousand, skilled riflemen last April, or even half that number, it is probable that the contest in the border States would have been, avoided, The existence of such a force might have prevented the rebellion altogether. Such a force could not take the place of the regular army, but it would make a powerful auxiliary force, which, forming around round the army, would make it irresistible.

Considerations like these lead to the conviction that our citizens have still a duty to perform in learning how to bear arms. Thousands during the past few months have joined volunteer associations for drill, and are sufficiently advanced to make as effective volunteer troops as exist anywhere, if they were only promoted in the use of the modern rifle."


a. States have the militias for country defense.

b. voluntary associations for military drilling are legal

b. ...they were promoted in the use of MODERN RIFLE.

Ergo Modern weapons, e.g., ASSAULT WEAPONS are legal

Oh how this country has been and is being raped.

The Plattsburgh Daily Republican, July 12 1933

"The violation of a law, if the authorities have evidence of such violation should suffice in placing a violator behind; prison bars. Criminals have gone on committing crimes, finding loopholes in our laws with the help of lawyers whose only interest was in the big fees that their clients gave them and thus getting off with light sentences and reverting again to careers of crime. A crime is a crime and the perpetrator henceforth must not be let off easily. Society must be protected from the depredations of gangland. It may be necessary for citizens themselves to band together for their own protection, unless the authorities. take steps to curb the lawless elements. Citizens may be forced into forming vigilance committees, after the fashion of the pioneers of the far West."

Essex County [American]Legion Urges Repeal Of Pistol Law, Adoption Of Farm And Home Act, At Recent Meeting

At a largely attended meeting of the Essex County Branch of the American Legion held at Willsboro recently the following resolutions were uanimously adopted; "WHEREAS, laws which seriously restrict the rights of honest individuals in the purchase, possession and use of firearms and particularly pistol and revolvers we opposedto the public interest and

"WHEREAS, it has proved impossible to disarm criminals by such laws, and

"WHEREAS, honest citizens should be permitted freely to possess and use pistols for self-defense, and

WHEREAS, a reasonable and patriotic program of national preparedness requires general familiarity with the use of firearms, and

"WHEREAS, the use of pistols in target shooting and In the woods, and fields affords pleasurable recreation to great numbers of lawabiding sportsmen,

RESOLVED, that the Essex County Branch of the American Legion favor the repeal of the harmful Sullivan Law and the enactment in its places of a reasonable statue on the lines of the "Uniform Law" which, without relaxing the penalties for the criminal use of pistols, will relieve law-abiding citizens of the heavy burdens and offensive restrictions and requirements which the Sullivan Law now imposes upon them, and be it further

RESOLVED, that a copy of the said resolution be forwarded to the State Department of the American Legion and recommend that they take such steps to carry out the provisions as set forth in the resolution, and copies also forwarded to Senator H. E. H% Brereton, and Assemblyman Fred L. Porter

Dec 14 1931

Plattsburgh Daily Republican p 3

CARRYING OF FIREARMS WOULD BE RESTRICTED BY NEW BAUMES BILLS ALBANY, Feb. I8, 1930 New regulations concerning the carrying of firearms are provided in bills introduced in legislature By the Baumes crime commission. Only state troopers, police officers, guards, watchmen, and other assigned to enforce the law would be permitted to “tote” guns. The measure also requires revolvers be carried in open view, or at least with the handle in plain sight. The measure wuld require revolvers be carried in open view, or at least with the handle in plain sight. Private citizens, particularly storekeepers, are expected to join in a determined effort against passage of the bills, which, they claim would handicap them in combatting cnminals.' …

Feb 19 1930 Plattsburgh Daily Republican p1

3 posted on 12/28/2012 5:20:54 PM PST by bunkerhill7 (We`ve been raped!!.)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
AR 15 rifles, uppers, lowers, mags , pmag, ammo , parts kits, barrels and reloading supplies are all sold out nation wide. Seems like a business opportunity to increase the production on guns and supplies.
8 posted on 12/28/2012 10:23:34 PM PST by pterional
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Gun sales boom in NWI
15 hours ago • Rob Earnshaw Times Correspondent

The possibility of new gun control action has spurred sales of the firearms across the country, and Northwest Indiana is no different, according to local gun dealers.

A national debate about bans and restrictions – particularly on assault-type weapons and ammunition – has become heated following several high-profile mass shootings, the most recent at a school in Connecticut.

Roger Blythe, owner of Blythe’s Sport’s Shop in Griffith, said gun “have been really good for a while now.”

“Everyone expects there to be some type of new legislation on guns,” Blythe said. “It’s sparked a lot of sales from people who have never owned a gun before and want some type of home protection and personal defense. And it has sparked the guy who is a gun enthusiast to go out and maybe purchase that gun he’s wanted for a long time because he may not be able to do that in the future.”

Blythe said sales also have risen because there have been an increase in home break-ins. His customers also are buying more safes to make sure their firearms are locked up securely.

Earl Westforth, owner of Westforth Sports in Gary, said guns have been selling out.

“Anything you have, someone will buy it,” he said.

Manufacturers are behind and there are back orders on guns, mostly because people don’t know where gun control legislation will go, Westforth said.

“People think they better get it while they can,” he said.

He also said sales have been strong because “times are tough and people want to defend themselves.”

Westforth said the AR-15 rifle, the same type used in several mass shootings and target of a possible ban, has been the most asked about and requested by customers.

Some gun owners, such as Dave Poteete of Schererville, don’t believe it’s necessary to buy an assault-type rifle or the loaded magazine clips that go with it. He owns a handgun and two rifles and “wouldn’t change anything.”

The only recent change for Poteete is he carries his gun around more because he has a concealed carry permit.

“I view it as having a jack in the back of your car,” he said. “I hope I never have to use it, but if the time did come I’d be really glad it was there.”

Former Cedar Lake resident and gun owner Ralph Labuda said gun sales “are through the roof.” Labuda, who lives now in Lake in the Hills, Ill., where the state Senate this week failed enact an assault-weapon ban, said across the country you can’t find a tactical rifle or extended magazines, and ammunition is running low.

“Good people are fearful the Second Amendment is under attack by people who just don’t understand that only good people with guns can stop bad people with guns,” Labuda said.

13 posted on 01/05/2013 9:03:40 AM PST by KeyLargo
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