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The List: Obama's Two Hundred and Sixth Week in Office
Nachumlist ^ | 1/4/13 | Nachum

Posted on 01/04/2013 8:46:28 AM PST by Nachum

President Obama's Two Hundred and Sixth Week in Office


Obama and Israel

 The Saga of Hagel and Haifa.. Potential SecDef nominee tried to shut down USO port in Israeli city of Haifa, sources say

MK Shelly Yachimovich: Clinton Strategist coached Israeli Politician runs against Netanyahu

Joltin' Joe Biden

Best of Biden, swearing-in edition: 'Spread your legs - you’re going to be frisked'

Vice President Joe Biden got a little frisky with the wife of Senator Angus King at today's ceremonial swearing-in at the Capitol


Hillary Clinton 'will testify about Benghazi consulate security shambles' despite concussion and blood clot

Libya: Key Benghazi Suspect Remains At Large

A Twist in the Benghazi Saga: Did some Libyan Gov. official assist attackers?

Obama Ethics, Year 4

 White House War on Women Escalates- White House fails to represent women in latest Flickr photo

Holder Brags About Burning 3,000 Bankers At the Stake

Obama Promised Not to Use Signing Statements, but Released One Last Night

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama: Guantánamo camps a waste of U.S. resources

Obama signs defense measure he once vowed to veto

Obama's Staff Use Autopen to Sign 'Fiscal Cliff' Legislation

 Iran Spy Network 30,000 Strong- Pentagon report: Iranian intelligence linked to spying, terror attacks


Geithner Said to Plan Departure Before Debt Ceiling Deal

Harry Reid Threw Obama Proposal Into The Fireplace During Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

How corporate tax credits got in the 'cliff' deal

 Jobless Claims Rise to 372k

ADP: 215K jobs added in December

Obama, Labor Dept. Ship $40 million in Jobs Money Overseas

Community Organizer to the World

As 2d term looms, Obama´s Hope and Change become Fear and Gloom


Obamacare-wary employers not hiring, cutting hours

The White House calls Utah's Obamacare bluff

As 2013 Begins, Get Ready For An ObamaCare Tax Onslaught

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

2012: Guns Sold Increased in 48 of 50 States

We've Always Had Access To Military Firearms

Obama and Egypt

Barack Obama set to give Egypt 10 fighter jets, 200 tanks

Egypt: New Constitutional Provision Allows President Morsi to Prosecute Critics

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptian Magazine: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates Obama Administration

Obama Dead Pool

Conspiracy Theory: Sandy Hook Massacre a ritual killing


Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Obama to 'Quickly' Go for Immigration Reform and Gun Control W.H. pledges action this month

Obama wants ban on assault weapons - 'Skeptica' about idea of guns in schools

Gun sales set record in 2012

FBI Reports RECORD Gun Sales in December

Community Organizer to the World

Obama to supporters: We won, GOP caved

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama Begins Amnesty Push


Flashback Obama 2008: 'I Will Make It Impossible' To 'Slip' Last Minute Pork In Bill

Senators Got 154-Page 'Fiscal Cliff' Bill 3 Minutes Before Voting on It

White House: We Want 'Even More Revenue From The Wealthiest'

Obama schedules potentially 'catastrophic' debt-ceiling 'fiscal cliff II' for February

Fiscal Cliff To Be Fiscal Drag Amounting To 1% Of 2013 GDP

Smaller checks: Payroll taxes rises to 6.2%

Higher Tax on 77% of Households

CBO: 'Fiscal cliff' deal carries $4 trillion price tag over next decade

Obama takes credit for Biden’s fiscal cliff deal

Bait and Switch: In face of fiscal cliff, Obama demands spending boost for 2013  (Daily Caller)

Obama called the bill a "first step" toward deficit reduction, but warned that he will not go through the same battle with Republicans over the debt ceiling

'Fiscal Cliff' Deal Also Doles Out Millions for Hollywood, Railroads, Rum Producers

Issa on Senate deal

Actual cost of Obama return to Hawaii close to $7 million, includes security

Obama Returns to Hawaii Vacation Post-Cliff Deal

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA chief Lisa Jackson suddenly resigned last week because she was convinced that President Obama is planning to green-light the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline

New California regs forcing trucks off the road

EPA's illegal human experiments could break Nuremberg Code- Agency claims unfettered discretion in treatment of test subjects

Attaaaack Waaaatch

Republican House leader John Boehner told Senate´s top Democrat to 'Go f*** yourself' outside Oval Office


Missouri Company Wins Its Battle Against Obama HHS Mandate

Fiscal Cliff Deal Kills Insolvent Obamacare Element: CLASS Act

Obama Ethics, Year 4

NY Times loses bid to uncover details on drone strikes

Press Mum As Renditions Continue Under Obama

Obama's Tax Evaders of the Year

Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

U.S. Building 'Tactical Village' in Beirut; Boost in Lebanese Military Aid Continues.....-Lebanese Intelligence Chief Says Israel is His Country’s Only Enemy


Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama delivered a bizarre statement to the press at the White House...... "I’m going to be president for the next four years. I hope."


House Republicans Fold

Maligned loopholes survive 'fiscal cliff' deal to the tune of $1 trillion

The White House issued a "fact sheet" statement Tuesday declaring the fiscal cliff agreement a victory, though the House has yet to vote on the measure

After Midnight, It's a Tax Cut; Senate Passes 'Cliff' Deal, 89-8

 Late Obama Appearance Ruffled Cliff Talks

Fiscal Cliff Deal: $1 in Spending Cuts for Every $41 in Tax Increases

U.S. Gasoline at Pump Averaged Record High in 2012, AAA Says

Obama´s New Economic Normal: Seven Devastating Facts


State Department Made 'Grievous Mistake' over Benghazi: Senate Report

Hillary Clinton Confirms Brain Crisis.....Doctors..revealed yesterday that she had a life-threatening blood clot near her brain

CNN: Clinton Itching To Testify on Benghazi Issue

State Department Denies Hillary Clinton Injured in Plane Crash ... but- ABC News Report on Emergency Landing of a US Plane in Iran 16 days earlier

Obama and Israel

Report: Israeli Doctors Treat Obama´s Grandmother

Obama and Egypt

Egyptian democracy activist: 'President Obama needs to stop supporting the Muslim Brotherhood' (VIDEO)

Egypt official: Israel will be wiped out in a decade



"Fiscal cliff" deal reached between White House, lawmakers: source

McCain Blasts Obama For 'Fun' And 'Jokes' In Press Conference, Wanting To Go Over Cliff For 'Political Benefit'

Obama's Campaign-Style 'Cliff' Speech Rips GOP For Anti-Tax Stance, Praises Self For 'Responsible' Approach

GOP: Cuts Won't Be Stopped, Despite Dems' Reluctance

Obama's Call for More Revenue Next Year Angers GOP Senators

Fiscal cliff: A deal is within sight but not done, says Barack Obama - live

Obama Scuttles 'Fiscal Cliff' Deal?... Bizarre press conference, mocks congress and hints a tax hikes

As 'Fiscal Cliff' Draws Near, Obama Leaves Negotiations to... Biden

Obama: 'I Cut Spending by Over a Trillion Dollars in 2011'

Obama lists those to blame for the fiscal cliff and he´s not one of them

Brace For an Avalanche of Unfunded Debt

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama signs warrant-less surveillance bill

Hawaii State Registrar Alvin Onaka Has Publicly Certified To AZ SOS Ken Bennett : Barack Obamas HI Birth Certificate Is Legally Non-Valid And The White House Image Is A Forgery.

Did the Obama admin sit on an FDA report for political reasons?

  Barack Obama's Hidden Past - With Bill Whittle (Part 1)


Senate report faults Pentagon, State Dept. over Benghazi deaths ('Flashing Red')

Flashing Red: A Special Report On The Terrorist Attack At Benghazi By Joseph I. Lieberman, Chairman Susan M. Collins, Ranking Member

 The Ansar al-Sharia Threat: Libyan militia behind Benghazi terror attack still operating unimpeded

Latest Senate committee report on Benghazi terrorist attack faults State Department

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

"Gun Nuts" -- Projection, deliberate and otherwise, amongst the hoplophobes. "The whole purpose being to defame the targeted group and further isolate them from the general population."

Obama vs. The U.S. Military

New Army Handbook: 'Ignorance' And 'Lack Of Empathy' Cause of U.S. Deaths

Obama Dead Pool

Clinton Injured, US Navy Seal Killed In Secret US Mission To Iran

Russian Report (rumor?) on Sandy Hook Massacre: Connecticut Massacre Blamed On Son Of Top CIA Analyst

It's 3am and nobody's there

Sandy Victim: FEMA 'Really Hasn't Done Much'

Obama Yawns As Syria Uses Chemical Weapons, Crosses 'Red Line'

Obama promises new immigration plan but keeps endgame close to his vest  (Daily Caller)

Obama signs law countering Iranian sway in Latin America

Chicago Area Bank Robberies Nearly Double Over 2011

Attaaaack Waaaaatch

NY Times Opinion Writer: 'Give Up' On The 'Archaic, Idiosyncratic' And 'Evil' Constitution


Just in Time: Domino's Pizza Founder Wins Obamacare Contraception Ruling

 Judge halts contraceptive mandate for Mich. firm

ObamaCare: Pain 2.0- Health costs on top of tax hikes


Obama Attacks the 2nd Amendment

White House talks don't include NRA: gun group president

Obama hopes to enact new gun-control measures in 2013

Obama wants gun violence measures passed in 2013

Nation running out of ammo

 For attacking NRA, David Gregory's reward is Obama interview

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Obama on Meet the Press: "I'm not driven by some ideological agenda"


Hillary Clinton Admitted to Hospital With Blood Clot Following Concussion

Feinstein: We Knew Something Would Happen In Benghazi But Didn't Do Anything

Obama Blames Benghazi Attack on 'Sloppiness,' Says Investigation Turned Up 'Some Very Good Leads'

Obama on Benghazi: 'This was a huge problem'

Obama and Israel

Top Jewish Leader Says Chuck Hagel Nomination on Monday is "Most Likely"

Obama Vs The US Military

Obama Seizing Sole Authority for US Defense

Fiscal cliff: Industries serving military would lose jobs


Planned Layoffs in US Firms Surge To 3-Month High, And Bloodbath May Not Be Over

Leading Economist Morici: Obama Has "Put a Pistol to the Head of the Middle Class" (Video)

GOP´s insistence on halting tax hikes for the wealthy is stopping fiscal cliff deal

Video: Krauthammer Says Obama's 'Fiscal Cliff' Crisis Executed With Ruthless Skill To Fracture GOP

Obama's NLRB Plays Santa to Unions

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama: US troops sent to aid evacuation of diplomats in Central African Republic

Obama deploys troops to Africa to defend U.S. Embassy

Draft of new U.S. Army handbook must be scrapped

Obama Voter Fraud

How Chicago and Obama Globalized Voter Fraud


The Seventh Circuit Blocks the HHS Mandate for a Private Business

Attaaaack Waaaaatch

Watch a Mash-Up of Celebrities Demanding Gun Control (in Real Life) Gratuitously Using Guns (Onscreen)

Is Obama Gay

Obama Urges Illinois Lawmakers To Legalize Gay Marriage

Obama Defends Chuck Hagel

Obama urging state lawmakers to legalize gay marriage in Illinois



Fiscal cliff update Dec. 29: A Sunday deal in the works

Obama's Bottomline: Spare Only 'Middle Class' from Tax Hike and Extend Unemployment Benefits

First responders 'at risk of electro- cution from hybrid and electric cars after serious accidents'

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

Obama to the Rescue: POTUS to Join David Gregory on 'Meet the Press'

Feinstein: More Power, More Money to ATF to Register All Guns

Feinstein Drops Gun Bill Before Police Give Report on Newtown Shooting

Russia's Pravda: Americans, Never Give Up Your Guns'

It's 3am and nobody's there

Obama To Sit Down On Meet The Press For First Sunday Show Appearance Since 2009

Obama Administration Redefines 'Dangerous' Illegal Aliens


Obama picks his favourite photos of himself for 2012 (not that he likes to show off)

Obama Ethics, Year 4

Sen. Rand Paul Objects To Indefinite Detention Language In NDAA - 12/21/12

Hawaii state registrar Alvin Onaka has publicly certified to AZ SOS Ken Bennett that Barack Obama's HI birth certificate is legally non-valid and the White House image is a forgery.

Obama and Agenda 21

EPA chief Jackson resigns amid transparency investigations


Obama Administration: We Can and Will Force Christians to Act Against Their Faith


Hillary Clinton too sick to testify on Benghazi, not too sick to party

Secret CIA Structure Disclosed – OpEd (Benghazi, Doherty family gets nothing)

Rubio Challenges Clinton To "Explain Why Her Department Failed"



(Video)Obama Lashes Out at Congress Over Fiscal Cliff Talks: Do Your Job!

November milk prices expected to increase 30 cents (NOW EXCEEDS gas in some places)

Saudi bank warning: U.S. debt ratio same as Italy's


Issa notes 113th Congress rules will keep Holder subpoenas from expiring

Obama Attacks the Second Amendment

FLASHBACK: Obama: I Will NOT Take Your Guns Away

Gun group says active killer events quadrupled after Gun Free School Zones Act-...The sponsor of the Crime Control Act of 1990 which included the GFSZA was then-Senator Joe Biden

Let them eat..... kale

Obama Orders Raise for Biden, Members of Congress, Federal Workers


The Boston Herald Editorial: The lying continues

How Obama's Policies Led to Benghazigate

Obama Vs The US Military

White House Botches Schwarzkopf Statement: ...having to upgrade it from a “statement by the press secretary” to one by the president.

Obama Ethics, Year 4

John Kerry's Quest to Communize Central America

Obama and Israel

John Kerry at State: A Disaster for Israel.....that we are serious about Israel freezing settlement activity

Obama and Egypt

New Boss, Old Boss: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Prosecutes Opposition


Hobby Lobby Defies Obama Administration with Civil Disobedience for Religious Liberty

KEYWORDS: list; obama; office; week
It's really no problem to print more money. Now they can do it electronically: Presto~! 16 Trillion

Let me know if you want to be on or off the fiscal cliff er- ping list.

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