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To: combat_boots; little jeremiah; PhilDragoo; Fred Nerks; SJackson; vanilla swirl; Candor7; Lmo56; ...

What Matt is describing here in vivid details can be read as the actualization of a “Society of Control,” a termed coined by William Burroughs to describe our immediate future.

Society becomes an open field composed of thresholds or gateways, it becomes a continuous space of passage. Power is tripped into action at key points along the way, at key thresholds. The exercise of power bears on your movement - not so much you as a person. You’re checked in passing. The process is largely automatic, and it doesn’t really matter what you think or who you are deep down. Machines do the detecting and ‘judging’. The check just bears on a little detail - do you have enough in your bank account, do you not have a gun? It’s a highly localised, partial exercise of power that feeds up to higher levels, bottom up.

In a way the real power starts after you’ve passed, in the feed, because you’ve left a trace. Something has registered. Those registrations can be gathered to piece together a profile of your movement, or they can be compared to other people’s inputs. They can be processed en masse and systematised, synthesised. Very convenient for surveillance or crime investigation, and marketing. The checkpoint system allows information to be gathered at every step you take.

Think of how cookies work on the internet. Every time you click a link, you’re registering your tastes and patterns, which are then processed and thrown back at you in the form of flip-up ads that try to get you to go to particular links and hopefully buy something. It’s a feedback loop, and the object is to modulate your online movement.

Now policing works more and more through gatekeeping - detection, registration and feedback. Police action, in the sense of an arrest, comes out of this movement-processing loop as a particular kind of feedback. Instead of passing through the gate, a gun is detected by the machine, and a police response is triggered, and someone gets arrested. Police power becomes a function of that other kind of power, that we were calling control, or movement-based power. It’s a local stop-action that arises out of the flow and is aimed at safeguarding it.

It becomes one big, self-propelling feedback machine. It turns into a kind of automatism, and we register collectively as individuals through the way we feed that automatism, by our participation in it, just by virtue of being alive and moving. Socially, that’s what the individual is now: a checkpoint trigger. Power is now distributed. It trickles down to the most local, most partial checkpoint. There is no distance anymore between us, our movements and the operations of power

The constant security concerns insinuate themselves into our lives at such a basic, habitual level that you’re barely aware how it’s changing the tenor of everyday living. You start ‘instinctively’ to limit your movements and contact with people.

29 posted on 01/07/2013 8:55:22 AM PST by Katechon
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To: Katechon

Ohhh Rahh! Take heed LEO’s and FLEA’s.

Since Heidi Heitkamp (D-sen N Dak) has stated that the portending legislation is so draconian that it won’t pass we have to consider this. So much stuff will be included that it could lead the republicans to a compromise position on fewer (but grossly invasive) rules and regs. If the reps have any cojones left (if barney frank is holding them for everybody) they will refuse to sign on and if smart (oxymoronic I know) they will attach all sorts of things to the bill(s) that there is no way the dems could possibly sign on to them. We just have to wait and see how it plays out. Meantime, inundate your rep and sens so they get the message. Don’t think I’ll be hearing back from mr.reid.

Helping keep mankind warm for 65 years.

35 posted on 01/07/2013 9:14:10 AM PST by rktman
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To: Katechon

You are 100% correct.Of course this inclusdes the last census in which GPS locations of every household were taken along with the name of the head of household, now a descrete data base KEPT by the White House itself ( the last census was removed from the Commerce Dept and placed under the White House directly.).

Also few understand why FEMA is equipped the way it is with large regional concerrtina wire secured camps and thousands of box cars designed to transport humans.

Also if you research some of the stimulus spending you will see that even the most remote of US Canada border crossings now can be closed and secured to keep American Citizens in , with huge girder beam steel gates, concrete bunkers,
and prison ground style illumination for small arms night sighting.

See here:,-67.784615&spn=0.006904,0.013711&hq=Centerville+NB&t=h&z=16

A new law prohibits the use of video or camera equipment at border crossings.Try to take any pictures and if you are caught border agents will confiscate your camera equipment.

Americans freedom of movement on the ground in and out of the country now can be halted with the signature of one presidential executive order, the hardware to lock America IN is now in place.

If a citizen becomes a threat to Obama, he can have a drone over that persons home in a matter of minutes, inputting the GPS data he has on every US household from the 2008 census, and with no one even knowing that the data base is being used in that way ( the real danger). (You have already seen how the left has used data bases and the internet to map out gun owners in New York State).

The government and the left are at war with America. Only a few realize this fact, because the war has been coming and tightening on America gradually.

What we really need are committees of safety organized in every county across the country:

See here:

40 posted on 01/07/2013 9:43:24 AM PST by Candor7 (Obama fascism article:(
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To: Katechon; LucyT; little jeremiah; azishot

“You start ‘instinctively’ to limit your movements and contact with people.”

The point of your poignant post!

The insidious result is that the American unity is broken at the core by pitting Americans against each other. Mistrusting your neighbors, acquaintances and coworkers would be followed by your good friends whom you would start asking yourselves, how “GOOD” are they?

That would progress through a communist dictatorship staple; REPORTING your friends, neighbors, coworkers for financial rewards, protection from “punishment” and appointed in powerful “community” positions by the government security apparatus.

Using our money against us is another double-whammy dictatorship staple. It bankrupt the country by redistributing our taxpayer funds to traitors who are sanctioned by the regime and even won’t have to pay “beloved tax revenue” on this blood money!

For years, we were warned by Americans or residents who lived under tyranny in different parts of the world NOT to elect 0b0z0, precisely because of what’s happening to our beloved Republic in a daily creep.

Unfortunately, what I used to call some misguided 0b0z0 voters, “the 20% of our fellow Americans,” who “ made” a mistake in ‘08 and had the chance to correct it In ‘12, leaving the 30% communists in the dust.

But NOT TO BE, unfortunately. As I said years ago, the hidden and denied “soft” communism of the first 0b0z0 term would turn in the real, in-your-face, harsh communism in a dreaded second term.

Prayers for our beloved Republic and may God protect it.

56 posted on 01/07/2013 10:27:42 AM PST by melancholy (Professor Alinsky, Enslavement Specialist, Ph.D. in L0w and H0lder)
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To: Katechon; EdReform; onyx; AdmSmith; AnonymousConservative; Berosus; bigheadfred; Bockscar; ...

Thanks for the pings Katechon, EdReform, and onyx.

115 posted on 01/07/2013 7:13:02 PM PST by SunkenCiv (Romney would have been worse, if you're a dumb ass.)
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