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Battle over same-sex "marriage" in Rhode Island Legislature begins today with public hearing. ^ | 01/15//2013 | n/a

Posted on 01/15/2013 6:42:24 PM PST by massmike

The battle over same-sex "marriage" in the Rhode Island Legislature begins today.

Starting today (Tuesday) -- and over the next several weeks -- the same-sex "marriage" issue in the Rhode Island legislature will be boiling over. The state's major political leaders have vowed to push a "gay marriage" bill through the legislature as quickly as possible. The pro-family religious community, including the black and Hispanic churches, has vowed to stop it.

Two years ago the Rhode Island legislature attempted to pass a similar "gay marriage" bill. But after huge pressure from the religious community, including a big State House rally by the Hispanic churches during the public hearings, the legislature backed off and passed a "civil unions" bill instead. (We testified at those hearings, also.) But like everywhere else (as in Illinois now) the homosexual movement was never satisfied with civil unions and began immediately working to push "gay marriage."

Within days after the November 6 election, the homosexual movement announced that Rhode Island would be the next target in New England for a same-sex "marriage" push in their Legislature. They claimed that that they had elected enough pro-homosexual State Reps and Senators to make the passage of "gay marriage" much easier than before. House Speaker Gordon Fox, who is openly homosexual, announced that he would be leading the charge to see that "gay marriage" gets passed there.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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1 posted on 01/15/2013 6:42:31 PM PST by massmike
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To: massmike
House Speaker Gordon Fox, who is openly homosexual, announced that he would be leading the charge to see that "gay marriage" gets passed there.

hit him with his purse!!!!!

2 posted on 01/15/2013 6:54:37 PM PST by terycarl
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To: massmike

For generations, we have given the State the power to create artificial persons, in the form of corporations, foundations, trusts and the like. Nobody is confused by this government-defined fiction. We know that a corporation is not a real human person.

Another government-defined fiction that we have allowed for generations is that the State can also define “marriage” and who is “married” and who is not. But marriage predates any State because it is God who defines not any State. Indeed, any “marriage” a State defines is just as much a legal fiction as when it tells us that a corporation is a “person” that has freedom of speech.

The State attempts to force us to recognize its power. One way is to presume the power to define who is married and who is not. We cede this power in part because we allow the State to tax incomes and estates. To administer such taxing power, the State must define who it considers to be “married” and who is not. Just as when it defines a corporation to be a “person”, as silly as this would be to God, the State does not hesitate to define anyone it pleases as being “married”, totally apart from how God would define them. Sadly, even ministers allow the State’s definition of marriage to be the controlling definition.

Jesus, who was recognized as a prophet by all three monotheistic religions, is quoted in Matthew chapter 19 that from the beginning of humanity, it was God’s intent that marriage would only be one man and one woman. Scripture in many ways and places also tells us that God defines sexual morality and that people who refuse to practice that His morality simply do not qualify for His freely given gift of eternal life. (for example, see Ephesians chapter 5). Of course, people are free to believe whatever they want, but that does not change what God clearly said to us.

If you review the arguments advanced by supporters of same-sex marriage (like at HRC.ORG), you will find that many of them are related to taxation, inheritance and medical issues, all issues controlled by the State. But existing law addresses those and any defects in the law can be easily repaired apart from the issue of “marriage”.

I don’t want a government that can tell me what I may or may not do in the privacy of my own home or relationships. In a secular Constitutional Republic with a provision that prohibits Congress from making any law respecting religion, I have to allow others to have their own beliefs and morality. I can only be an advocate for the morality and beliefs that I think are true. I take my understanding of sexual morality from Scripture and that is where I learn that God considers sodomy to be an abomination to Him.

If a State decides that two (or more) people can marry, if that is all that happened, I could live with that because I don’t have to approve, change my beliefs or what beliefs I pass on to my children.

However, once gays and their supporters have sufficient influence with a State to redefine marriage, they don’t stop there. They use the State to forbid me from acting on my morality and beliefs. In fact, the State in some cases forces me to accommodation in their practices.

If I have children in public school, the State will insist on teaching them that gay marriage is just as normal as God’s definition of marriage. You will be sanctioned as a parent if you attempt to remove your children from such indoctrination. As long as they are enrolled in government-controlled schools, they will be graded on how well they accept the State’s idea of normal, or refuse to reject God’s idea of normal.

If you run a business that could provide services to the public, you will be sanctioned if you decline to treat gays as non-gays. For example, if you run a wedding photography business, you will be sanctioned if you decline to photograph a gay wedding. This has already happened in California and New Mexico [1].

You may lose control of your own property. [2]

You might have to go out of business to stay true to your principles, so as to avoid being fined or sued into bankruptcy. [3]

From the article:

“Wedding vendors elsewhere who refused to accommodate same-sex couples have faced discrimination lawsuits — and lost. Legal experts said Discover Annapolis Tours sidesteps legal trouble by avoiding all weddings.

“If they’re providing services to the public, they can’t discriminate who they provide their services to,” said Glendora Hughes, general counsel for the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights. The commission enforces public accommodation laws that prohibit businesses from discriminating on the basis of race, sexual orientation and other characteristics.”

In short, gays will demand that non-gays accept them as moral equals, which they are not and cannot be. When the State says they are equal it is forbidden for a private citizen to dissent from that status. In doing so, they seek to force me to give them approval for something that I will never approve of. It is that last point that galls gays the most.

Curiously, when advocates of gay marriage are asked if their policy also would allow polygamy or polyandry, they recoil in horror and insist that it does not. However, logic demands that it does. I would ask how same-sex parents are going to react in the future when, for example, Utah public schools officials require that teachers instruct the children that LDS-related polygamy is just as “normal” as same-sex “marriage”. The fact that this will be an issue will show yet again that gay “marriage” is not about marriage at all it is about forcing the rest of us to approve of repugnant sexual immorality, something that LDS polygamists never demanded.

[1] Refusing To Shoot Gay Marriage Is Discrimination, Says New Mexico Appeals Court

[2] Judge Rules Christian facility cannot ban same-sex civil union ceremony on its own premises

[3] Opposed to same-sex marriage, company ends wedding business
Trolley owner says move made to avoid potential lawsuit,0,7100399,full.story

3 posted on 01/15/2013 6:58:49 PM PST by theBuckwheat
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To: massmike

People in RI will do anything required to get a liberal “high”.

4 posted on 01/15/2013 7:20:02 PM PST by Theodore R. ("Hey, the American people must all be crazy out there!")
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To: massmike

you know and I know this is not about marriage, there is a bigger picture here.

My oldest said a freak of a kid , a boy thinks he;s a girl but likes boys has moved down here and the kdis think he;s a weirdo but why move down here if they want marriage?

If these turd feces lovers want their marriage then why do they stay in the south an dother states?

Over a million people marched in France, France of all places for normal marriage, they have showed they have more balls than our side.

Rush, Hannity and the others never discuss this issue or conservative social issues, our so called party are nothing but cowards who can;t even speak up for our rights and let this muppet get away shredding the constitution.

Screw this crap, all of us should be out there demanding that this country back to how it was and what made us great, if that takes a million of us camping out side the white house then so be it.

Egyptians, Northern Irish Prods, French have showed more balls in the last month than our side

I was at a birthday party with many I did not know, many northerns too and I made a point in front of them what marriage was, Guess what?

All but one agreed but all but one would not say it out loud.
We stay silent they pass their feces loving socialist agenda

5 posted on 01/15/2013 7:20:54 PM PST by manc (Marriage =1 man + 1 woman,when they say marriage equality then they should support polygamy)
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To: manc

It’s all about them having the state force you and I and others like us to call them “normal” (through threats of fines,lawsuits,or loss of employment)because they can’t convince THEMSELVES of that!

6 posted on 01/15/2013 7:31:01 PM PST by massmike (At least no one is wearing a "Ron Paul - 2016" tee shirt........yet!)
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To: theBuckwheat

This should not be a complicated issue. Our Rights are God-given, not Satan-given.

Revelation and Natural Law Theory-—both form the underlying principles of our Natural Rights-—Civil Rights. “Rule of Law” means that there is a “Higher Law” (God’s Law) than man made-up law-—which homosexual “marriage” is arbitrary because that behavior is NOT a Right-—Sodomy, a Vice, can NEVER be a right in a government which is Just. Justice is a Virtue. Just Law has got to promote Virtue-—which can Never go against the Laws of Nature (teleological ends of human beings—which is man/woman producing biological offspring—and taking care of their own offspring).

That responsibility is essential to the General Welfare. The government has a DUTY to facilitate marriage of one man to one woman-—for equality reasons and the biological Natural Right of their offspring who are dependent and need nurturing.

The Duty of human beings to take care of their own biological offspring is the most fundamental Right of human beings. The State is evil if it prevents man from doing their fundamental duty. Government needs to facilitate those Natural ends of mankind—never hinder people from doing their duty.

Homosexual marriage makes babies into a commodity. It is evil. They can deny the natural rights of babies—deny them a biological mother or father—who are known to be necessary for normal emotional health and normal sexual development.

Homosexual “marriage” creates an “artificial” unnatural environment which is sexist and denies children a wholesome understanding of Natural Law (Common Sense).

7 posted on 01/15/2013 7:35:17 PM PST by savagesusie (Right Reason According to Nature = Just Law)
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To: massmike

which is an attack on freedom of religion thus the 1st amendment and not only that this is an attack on nature, what is natural and even those which are not even religious but makes them puke thinking a guy can get turned on by feces and trust me that is most guys I know

8 posted on 01/15/2013 7:41:47 PM PST by manc (Marriage =1 man + 1 woman,when they say marriage equality then they should support polygamy)
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To: massmike

foregone conclusion

9 posted on 01/15/2013 8:57:59 PM PST by GeronL (
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