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Let's Go No More a Rovin with Karl Rove.
Dan Miller's Blog ^ | February 14, 2013 | Dan Miller

Posted on 02/14/2013 12:41:31 PM PST by DanMiller

The verb "to rove" has a lot to do with Karl Rove and with what he is trying -- successfully -- to do for to the Republican Party.

karl Rove1 copy

A short history of Carl Rove is provided here. I won't repeat it beyond saying that he is screwing what's left of the Republican Party and trying to turn it into the Republican-Lite Party with as few conservatives as possible and none without his blessing. Big tent? Like the circus? Maybe, but first we should get rid of the clowns and send in strong, intelligent and articulate elephants and capable donkey tamers instead. That was part of the thrust of my February 7th article entitled What's Wrong with the Tea Party?

As noted elsewhere,

Yesterday, the New York Times reported that the “biggest donors in the Republican Party” have joined forces with Karl Rove and Steven J. Law, president of American Crossroads, to create the Conservative Victory Project. The Times reports that this new group will dedicate itself to “recruit seasoned candidates and protect Senate incumbents from challenges by far-right conservatives and Tea Party enthusiasts who Republican leaders worry could complicate the party’s effort to win control of the Senate.” The group points to candidates like Christine O’Donnell in Delaware and Richard Mourdock in Indiana as examples of Tea Party primary picks going sideways in major Senatorial battles.

But it is American Crossroads and its ilk that have run the GOP into the ground. Spending millions of dollars on useless 30,000-ft. advertising campaigns during the last election cycle, training candidates to soften conservatism in order to appeal to “moderates,” blowing up the federal budget under George W. Bush as a bipartisan tactic – all of those strategies led the party to a disastrous defeat in 2012. The Tea Party, which may nominate losers from time to time, also brought the Republicans their historic 2010 Congressional victory. If Tea Party candidates lose, it’s because they weren’t good candidates; if GOP establishment candidates lose, it’s because they weren’t good conservatives. The choice for actual conservatives should be easy.

According to Conservative Read,

Rove is no conservative.

If you give him credit for believing in the policies and nominations he helped Bush make and defend, then Rove was wrong on the constitutionally appropriate role of the federal government, wrong on foreign policy, wrong on immigration and wrong on a crucial nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. In 2000, George W. Bush ran for president not as a conservative, but as a “compassionate conservative.” This was presumably because unadulterated conservatives are not compassionate.

But to take the term “compassionate conservative” seriously, one must assume that a person in political office deserves credit for showing compassion when he employs the coercive power of the state to take money from one person and give it to another. (Emphasis added.)

Weekly Standard editor Fred Barnes coined a more candid, if oxymoronic, description of the Bush-Rove approach to government. In a 2003 commentary in The Wall Street Journal, Barnes said Bush was “a big government conservative.” Big government conservatives, Barnes explained, “simply believe in using what would normally be seen as liberal means — activist government — for conservative ends. And they’re willing to spend more and increase the size of government in the process.”

In fact, conservatives believe the proper end of all federal elected officials is to preserve the limits on government that are spelled out in our Constitution and that protect the God-given rights of individuals against an overreaching state. (Emphasis added.)

See also No More Karl Rove Candidates.

Reading a February 13th National Review article, it seems obvious that Mr. Rove does not advance the "Buckley Rule" of supporting "the rightwardmost viable candidate.”

We all understand that it is Karl Rove’s mission to promote the Republican party. It was the mission of Bill Buckley to promote the conservative cause. There should be no confusion between the two.

We seem to have lost what has become a disgraceful modern culture.


Video link

Just saying "good riddance" won't work. We need to find ways to change that culture. Promoting what's left of the Republican-Lite Party will not do that. Fielding and supporting "the rightwardmost viable candidates" -- rather than disparaging them and their kind -- may help to change the culture and at this point we have little to lose. Simply having taken a Republican label is not a sufficient reason to support a Republican-Lite candidate. We neither need nor want Mr. Rove and should no more go a roving with him.


Video link

Here are some lyrics. There are many versions, some more bawdy than others, but this sums up the plot nicely.

In Amsterdam there lived a maid, Mark well what I do say, In Amsterdam there lived a maid And she was mistress of her trade.

One night I crept from my abode To meet this fair maid down the road.

I met this fair maid after dark An' took her to her favorite park

I put me arm around her waist Sez she, "Young man yer in great haste!"

I put me hand upon her knee, Sez she, "Young man, yer rather free!"

I put my hand upon her thigh, Sez she, "Young man, yer awful high!"

I towed her to the Maiden's Breast, From south the wind veered wes'sou'west.

An' the eyes in her head turned east an' west, And her thoughts wuz as deep as an ol' sea-chest.

We had a drink -- of grub a snatch We sent two bottles down the hatch

Her dainty arms were white as milk, Her lovely hair was soft as silk.

Her heart was poundin' like a drum Her lips wuz red as any plum.

We laid down on a grassy patch, An' I felt like such a ruddy ass.

She pushed me over on my back, She laughed so hard her lips did crack.

She swore that she'd be true to me, But spent me pay-day fast and free.

In three weeks time I wuz badly bent Then off to sea I sadly went.

In a bloodboat Yank bound round Cape Horn, Me boots an' clothes wuz all in pawn.

Bound round Cape Stiff through ice and snow An' up the coast of Callyo.

An' then back to the Liverpool Docks, Saltpetre stowed in our boots an' socks.

Now when I got back home from sea, A soldier had her on his knee.

Mr. Rove has been emulating the seductress who, mistress of her trade, gets rewarded while the Republican Party assumes the position of the wayward sailor who only gets screwed. His seduction having succeeded, Mistress Karl moves on to continue granting his favors to more "Reach across the isle" Republicans-Lite candidates and pushing to get them elected or (more likely) re-elected to yield to the next Democrat President and to do as the new massa of the Democrat Plantation directs; its the cool bipartisan way. Even the "legitimate media" may approve. That can provide no solace to conservatives.

A mutually beneficial and lasting relationship? No way, Jose, and that's what we need.

Here's a link to a PJTV Next Generation TV video with LTC Allen West (ret.). During his first appearances at Next Generation, Colonel West sounded unlike himself and looked as though he didn't quite know what to do beyond getting through a memorized speech. He has loosened up a lot. He now sounds and looks almost like the old Allen West, and I hope that he becomes our President before it's too late. I wish I could embed the video here, but it's not yet available on YouTube.

Mad hatter pours tea copy

Karl Rove's view of the Tea (non) Party and conservatives in general.

TOPICS: Government; History; Politics
KEYWORDS: culture; republicans; rove
What do you think of Karl Rove and the future of the Republican Party?
1 posted on 02/14/2013 12:41:44 PM PST by DanMiller
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To: DanMiller
Karl Rove is the greatest political marketing genius who ever lived. No doubt about it.

Here is a man who can spend literally BILLIONS to achieve results that would have any young industrial product manager in the nation with a $10,000 budget canned faster than a Maine sardine. Here is a man who can take Republican money, give it to a Democrat-controlled ad agency, spend millions to produce TV commecials and radio spots that would shame the sleaziest used car dealer in Anytown, USA, and all the while tipping off the Democrats to the campaign plans of the GOP. That's genius.

Here is a man who champions amnesty for illegal aliens in the belief that "Mexicans are The Republicans of the Future." Not only that, he sold the idea to the entire Bush Family! Not even the evidence that those few Mexicans who vote legally, tend to go 70% for the Democrats. Those who vote illegally and apparently often, go 100%+ in that Left direction. Way to call'em Karl, baby. Genius.

Here is a man who routinely torpedoes candidates who drift away from Fabian Socialism and who look as if they might resist the Rovian "Go Along to Get Along Philosophy." His idea of the GOP Base is Single Soccer Moms who want Free Abortions, and Tax-Paid Contraception.

Here is a man who is idolized as "The Architect," by Sean Hannity, a man whose brain addled by years as a rock'n'roll DJ now only serves as a life-support system for an impact-resistant hair-do. Big fan-base on FReep!

Here is a man who is, on a personal level, a no-good four-flushing SOB, with no education, no class, and surely no looks. But then there is the genius part. He gets top Republicans to hire him time after time to work his incredible magic of turning otherwise possibly credible candidates with a great chance to win, into RINO losers.... but only after investing their Billion-Dollar War Chests with good ole Karl. The only thing Karl succeeds in is using GOP money to crush conservative candidates

Must there be a Karl Rove on the GOP Team? If the answer is "Yes," put the SOB in charge of Queer Outreach (another Rove Fantasy) and let him pay for it out of his pocket.

Karl Rove? Let the GD Democrats pay him. He's earned it. Foxtrot Hotel.

2 posted on 02/14/2013 2:04:19 PM PST by Kenny Bunk (The Obama Molecule: Teflon binds with Melanin = No Criminal Charges Stick)
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To: Kenny Bunk

I agree. Let’s get brother Rove out of the loop and proceed as we should.

3 posted on 02/14/2013 2:28:14 PM PST by DanMiller (Dan Miller)
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To: DanMiller
HOW does Karl Rove the Tea Party and "B-O"(barry obama) MIX?...
All in a days work for KR the Mad Hatter...

4 posted on 02/14/2013 3:15:21 PM PST by hosepipe (This propaganda has been edited to include some fully orbed hyperbole..)
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To: DanMiller; Stanwood_Dave; GOPJ; Herbster; butterdezillion; GeronL; All

Let us consider that the GOP is a football team, as follows:

One of the Assistant Coaches is Karl Rove.
Karl’s strong suit is the MBR, which is football code for Modified Buckley Rule: “Support your team mates if : 1) They are RINOs that you really, really like, AND 2.) If you KNOW that they will win the Championship Game.”

[Note: the real Buckley Rule is: “ Support the Rightwardmost Viable Candidate,” authored by THE Bill Buckley.
In the last election the GOP followed the Modified Buckley Rule to the letter and chose Socialist, Father of Romney”care,” never-attack-your-opponent, wussy, Mittens to Kittens Romney.]

Back to GOP Football!
Ass. Coach Rove has picked out his choices for the O-Line, and to a man they agree that there is no sense playing any game this season because there is no way that they can win ANY of the Football Games.

Comments from well-known RINOs follow: “Why even try when you KNOW that you are going to lose? “
“The Opposition has just to many bad things to say and print about us RINOs in their news shows and newspapers, and, - - - well, it is just to darned hard!”
“Besides, Political Football is supposed to be FUN !!!!!”

The sponsors, (you and me), of this GOP Team are tired of the self-defeating Modified Buckley Rule, and want the rule stricken from the books!

We also want Ass. Coach Rove sent back to the locker room where the trainers can beat some sense in ol’ “Turd Blossom” Rove.

Quarterback Boehner does not like some players, and has already sent 3 of them to warm the Rightback Bench.

Q. Boehner is often driven to tears fearing that Middle Line Backer Reid knows all of Q. Boehner RINO receivers passing routes.
“Reid’s team does not play fair! Boo-hoo!”

Earlier this year in the Jarrett-Obama Sequester Bowl, Q. Boehner clutched up, and then called so many time outs that his RINO team had negative yardage due to delay of game penalties.

Quarterback Boehner is still convinced that the upcoming Jarrett-Obama Debt Ceiling Superbowl cannot be won due to statements of smug victory appearing in the Puppet Liberal Agenda Media by Coach Obama and Middle Line Backer Reid.

Quarterback Boehner is considering polling the starting RINOs on his team to find out whether or not he should even bother to try to beat Reid and Obama.

“Sobber-John,” (the D-Line fondly gave him that nickname), Boehner knows that the Puppet Liberal Agenda Media will make his whole team look bad if he tries to beat Reid and Obama and then FAILS.

Public Opinion has ALWAYS been more important to Sobber John than winning a hard fought victory, ALWAYS!

The risk decreed by the Modified Buckley Rule is almost always overwhelming to Sobber John.

The locker room electric tension is comparable to US Senate Democrats feverishly writing their next Federal Spending Annual Budget!

Rumors persist that the RINO Special Team for Bipartisan Cave-Ins have been holding semi-secret Special Team meetings with various gangs of two to eight Democrat Compromise Specialists at Traitor John’s Supreme Bar and Grill.

Although everything is as murky as peering through a darkened watergate, according to sources long associated with known RINOs, the smart money indicates that the RINO team members are leaning toward postponing the Debt Ceiling Superbowl until Reid and Obama start to say nice things about them.

Coach Obama’s outgoing Waterboy Timmy Geihtner, has assured his replacement that RINOs on a team make it VERY easy for Democrats to manipulate the ENTIRE GOP team.

Timmy claims that “All you have to do is hold a Puppet Press Conference and just say NO!”

5 posted on 02/14/2013 3:16:43 PM PST by Graewoulf ((Traitor John Roberts' Commune Obama"care" violates Anti-Trust Law s, AND the U.S. Constitution.))
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