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Itís election time and there are NRA board members who need to go
Monachus Lex ^ | February 26, 2013 | John Pierce

Posted on 02/26/2013 8:54:07 AM PST by JohnPierce


Former Texas Ranger and NRA Board Member Joaquin Jackson likes to pose with a lever action rifle. And apparently, if he had his way, that would be practically all that you would be allowed to own.

While Jackson, who has appeared in the popular “I’m The NRA” ad campaign, likes to claim that he considers the Second Amendment to be a fundamental right, he has made comments demonstrating that he is anything but a true supporter of the gun rights of all Americans.

A leftover relic of the ‘hunters and skeet shooters only’ mentality that once prevailed at the NRA, Jackson said in a 2007 television interview that he thinks 5 rounds are all that any firearm owned by “civilians” should ever be allowed to hold.

That’s right. There is a sitting member of the NRA Board of Directors that wants laws more infringing than those recently passed by New York!

He also stated that he does not believe that so-called ‘assault weapons’ are protected by the Second Amendment and should be reserved to military and law enforcement but he would be willing to allow you to own them if you only had 5 round magazines.

“[P]ersonally, I think that assault weapons, ah, basically need to be [only] in the hands of the military and need to be in the hands of the police.. ah, But, ah as far as assault weapons to a civilian. if you- its – its alright if you’ve got that magazine down to five [rounds]. ”

Don’t believe me? Watch the video below to hear his condescending words for yourself.


Following an intense effort to recall him from the Board as well as internal pressure from fellow board members, Jackson recently attempted to redefine what he said in that interview. After watching the video, I will let you make your own determination about whether Mr. Jackson’s words reflect the reality of the situation.

“Some misunderstandings have arisen about a news interview I participated in 5 few years ago. After watching a tape of that interview, I understand the sincere concerns of many people, including dear friends of mine. And I am pleased and eager to clear up any confusion about my long held belief in the sanctity of the Second Amendment.

In the interview, when asked about my views of “assault weapons,” I was talking about true assault weapons – fully automatic firearms. I was not speaking, in any way, about semiautomatic rifles. While the media may not understand this critical distinction, I take it very seriously. But, as a result, I understand how some people may mistakenly take my comments to mean that I support a ban on civilian ownership of semiautomatic firearms. Nothing could be further from the truth. And, unfortunately, the interview was cut short before I could fully explain my thoughts and beliefs.

In fact, I am a proud owner of such rifles, as are millions of law-abiding Americans. And many Americans also enjoy owning fully automatic firearms, after being cleared by a background check and meeting the rigorous regulations to own such firearms. And these millions of lawful gun owners have every right – and a Second Amendment right – to own them.

As a hunter, I take great pride in my marksmanship. Every hunter should practice to be skilled to take prey with a single shot, if possible. That represents ethical, humane, skilled hunting. In the interview several years ago, I spoke about this aspect of hunting and my belief that no hunter should take the field and rely upon high capacity magazines to take their prey.

But that comment should never be mistaken as support for the outright banning of any ammunition magazines. In fact, such bans have been pursued over the years by state legislatures and the United States Congress and these magazine bans have always proven to be abject failures.

Let me be very clear. As a retired Texas Ranger, during 36 years of law enforcement service, I was sworn to uphold the United States Constitution. As a longtime hunter and shooter, an NRA Board Member, and as an American – I believe the Second Amendment is a sacred right of all law-abiding Americans and, as I stated in the interview in question, I believe it is the Second Amendment that ensures all of our other rights handed down by our Founding Fathers.

I have actively opposed gun bans and ammunition and magazine bans in the past, and I will continue to actively oppose such anti-gun schemes in the future.

I appreciate my friends who have brought this misunderstanding to light, for it has provided me an opportunity to alleviate any doubts about my strong support for the NRA and our Second Amendment freedom.”

I personally do not buy his explanation for a minute. If we allow this man to remain on the Board of Directors then we might as well nominate Michael Bloomberg.

So what do we do about it? We vote his elitist butt out of our NRA! He is up for reelection this year and ballots should be arriving even as you read this. If you are a voting member and do not receive your ballot by March 1, then call the membership department and demand a replacement.

The way that NRA elections work is this. There are 29 names on the ballot and you are entitled to vote for up to 25 candidates. Generally, if you want to get someone on the Board, you would vote only for that one person, however, here we want to insure that Jackson does not get reelected so everyone should vote for 25 candidates and make sure that he is not one of them.

The candidates this year are:

1. Joe M. Allbaugh 2. Bob Barr 3. Graham Hill 4. Susan Howard 5. Frank E. Bachhuber Jr. 6. Richard Childress 7. Pete Brownell 8. Marion P. Hammer 9. H. Joaquin Jackson 10. Oliver L. North 11. Larry E. Craig 12. Tom King 13. Johnny Nugent 14. Sandra S. Froman 15. Ted Nugent 16. Willie J. Robertson 17. George Kollitides 18. Dave Butz 19. Karl A. Malone 20. Don E. Young 21. Dwight D. Van Horn 22. James W. Porter II 23. Robert E. Sanders 24. Joel Friedman 25 Carol Bambery 26. Matt Blunt 27. Steven C. Schreiner 28. Jeffrey S. Crane 29. Lance Olson

Remember that ballots must arrive at the NRA no later than April 14th and the results of the election will be announced during the NRA Annual Meeting May 3rd through the 5th in Houston Texas.

Let’s roll gun owners. It’s time to clean house!

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1 posted on 02/26/2013 8:54:11 AM PST by JohnPierce
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To: JohnPierce

I’m a lifer and a voting member.

Is there a better alternative running against him?

2 posted on 02/26/2013 9:05:30 AM PST by Westbrook (Children do not divide your love, they multiply it.)
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To: JohnPierce
Thanks for the reminder.

Banglist (((ping)))

3 posted on 02/26/2013 9:06:57 AM PST by Envisioning (Call me a racist........, one more time..........)
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To: JohnPierce

The NRA is a conundrum - very important to us now, but guilty of a lot of piss poor decisions over the years. They enable a lot of radical Democrats in leadership by supporting so-called “pro gun” Democrats in certain elections - just to prove to the haters how friggin bipartisan they are. Big organization, mostly good, but guilty of many many sins....

4 posted on 02/26/2013 9:07:34 AM PST by C. Edmund Wright
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To: JohnPierce

Yep ..... He needs to be voted off the NRA board along with a few others that have no business there.......

He won’t get my vote.

5 posted on 02/26/2013 9:08:41 AM PST by Squantos ( Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet ...)
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To: Westbrook

There is no direct head-to-head elections for individual positions. The way the NRA election works, it is best to just vote for 25 candidates and make sure he isn’t one of them.

6 posted on 02/26/2013 9:11:53 AM PST by JohnPierce
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To: Squantos

“a few others that have no business there.......”

Yes, who are they? so we can, not vote for them.

7 posted on 02/26/2013 9:12:27 AM PST by 2001convSVT (Going Galt as fast as I can.)
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To: 2001convSVT

I would like to know who else to vote for or against.

8 posted on 02/26/2013 9:21:13 AM PST by oldtimer
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To: JohnPierce
I recently, for reasons that ought to be obvious, swallowed my pride and re-joined the NRA. (Come to think of it, I haven't received my new card or any magazine yet... wonder what's up with that...)

For those who want to vote a 2nd Amendment board, please come on out and name names. I can vote for Nugent and Froman, names that I recognize, but otherwise I'm having trouble separating the shooters from the "Fudds" with their "Fudd" guns.

9 posted on 02/26/2013 9:23:51 AM PST by OKSooner (Godspeed, 3-D Danny.)
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To: JohnPierce

Vote him off.

10 posted on 02/26/2013 9:26:26 AM PST by Red Steel
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To: Squantos
Shame that.

He was on a local radio show a while back talking about his book with Rich Wyatt of American Guns (not impressed with Rich or his snobby shop). He seemed like a cool old ranger with a pretty good life story.

Now I find he is just another law enforcement snob who doesn't think us “civilians” can be trusted with RKBA as written by the founders.

Oh well, the NRA supported leftist dems here in 2010, so I stopped supporting them after 28 or so years.

11 posted on 02/26/2013 9:27:33 AM PST by MileHi ( "It's coming down to patriots vs the politicians." - ovrtaxt)
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To: OKSooner

I haven’t received my magazine (with ballot) either yet. I called them today and they said that if I don’t get it by March 1, then they will send me a replacement ballot.

12 posted on 02/26/2013 10:03:48 AM PST by JohnPierce
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To: JohnPierce

Thanks. I was wondering about who NOT to vote for.

Bump for any further names.

13 posted on 02/26/2013 10:06:50 AM PST by Cold Heart
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To: JohnPierce


14 posted on 02/26/2013 10:09:08 AM PST by ebshumidors
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To: JohnPierce

Thanks for the input because I did not know anything about him. His biography seems okay, but that is only a short snippet. Who else needs to go? My ballot is only a foot away.

15 posted on 02/26/2013 10:17:04 AM PST by Jay Redhawk (Zombies are just intelligent, good looking democrats.)
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To: Jay Redhawk

I am not aware of any particular issues with any other candidates but if anyone does, I would love to hear about it since I have to eliminate 3 more before sending in my ballot.

16 posted on 02/26/2013 11:00:04 AM PST by JohnPierce
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To: oldtimer
Yes, I would like to know who will support the 2nd Amendment like the Founders Fathers original intended it.
17 posted on 02/26/2013 11:16:02 AM PST by 2001convSVT (Going Galt as fast as I can.)
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To: 2001convSVT
Yep....first question to all 28 is: "Do you support legislation that would repeal the machinegun ban for civilians (18 USC 922(o))?

If their answer is NO, kick their ass off the board!

18 posted on 02/26/2013 11:56:43 AM PST by DCBryan1 (Dear Congress Critter: Help create jobs and support RKBA by repealing 18 USC 922 (o).)
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To: JohnPierce
Is Don Young the same guy as the Alaska pol, or someone else.

I know Carol Bambery. She's good.

19 posted on 02/26/2013 12:01:35 PM PST by Darren McCarty (If most people were more than keyboard warriors, we might have won the election)
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To: bang_list; Travis McGee; Joe Brower
If you guys would do me a favor, on your NRA ballot, turn it over and write in:
Little Rock, AR

I'm alot more pro-gun than half the people on this list and can prove it by the first powerpoint slide in my CCW lesson: "This course is Bullshit! You should not have to pay the governement a fee for your God-given right to self defense that is being infringed upon". I have no fear of law abiding citizens with any type of weapons system below....but am terrified of violent felons with a sharpened screwdriver or bat.....and politicians that allow them to breed, vote, and be recidivists.

I also believe that we need to repeal NFA of 1934, GCA of 68, FOPA of 86, etc.

I also believe that we should disband the ATF as an agency, fire every ATF agent and inspector immediately, and furthermore, by legislation, bar anyone ever having been employed or contracted by the ATF from ever holding a law enforcement position at the federal, state, local, tribal, or county level.

As far as what you can own.....If you can bear it, you should be able to walk into a gun store and walk out with it. A Mk 19? No problem....bring a trailer and your buddies.

Grenades? NO problem....just store them properly and don't set them off after 9pm when I go to bed.

Want a tank or APC? No problem....keep it on your side of the road.

Howitzer? No problem.....just don't let your rounds hit my cattle or tear up my fence....and don't wake me up past 9pm.

Nukes and chemical weapons.....sure, if you make them yourself. Store them outside of lethal/residual radius of any occupied structure and test them in the Middle East /sarc

A billionaire wants an aircraft carrier and wing? No problem....just make sure you don't screw up my favorite fishing hole.....

THAT, my friends is the original intent of the founding fathers.

Please write my name in ;)

20 posted on 02/26/2013 12:14:11 PM PST by DCBryan1 (Dear Congress Critter: Help create jobs and support RKBA by repealing 18 USC 922 (o).)
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