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Ariel Knights - Having The Baby And Suing The Abortion Clinic
Political Realities ^ | 04/02/13 | LD Jackson

Posted on 04/02/2013 4:47:38 AM PDT by LD Jackson

There is just no way I could fail to write about this story I found at Fox News. I am personally against abortion, as I believe it to be the murder of an innocent human being who can not defend itself. Many excuses abound for this murderous practice, but this story really takes the price. Read how it unfolded and see if you agree that it smacks of greed and opportunism.

The story centers around Ariel Knights. She lives in Ohio and when she discovered she was pregnant, she went to an abortion clinic in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Here is her reasoning for having an abortion.

Knights has said she sought the abortion because she has a medical condition called uterine didelphys, resulting in a double uterus with individual cervices, and a doctor had told her that her pregnancy and her life could be threatened because the fetus was carried in an unstable uterus.

Knights tells the Akron Beacon Journal she agonized over the decision to terminate the pregnancy, but felt she had no choice because of her preschool-aged son.

“It was a decision I made because my life was in danger,” she told the paper in an interview March 15. “I was put in jeopardy. And I have a son that I am supposed to be taking care of.”

Ariel KnightsPlease understand, I am not maligning Ariel Knights for seeking an abortion. I will admit I wholeheartedly disagree with her decision, but the courts say she has the right to kill her baby, which she tried to do. That doesn't make it right, but it is legal. Imagine her surprise when she figured out about a week later that the abortion had failed and she was still pregnant. That knowledge disappointed her, so much so that she went to another abortion clinic to have the mistake corrected. That abortion clinic refused, saying they didn't want to get involved in somebody else's mistake. Long story short, Ariel Knights carried the baby girl to full term, living in constant fear while doing so. The baby girl was born and is apparently healthy and doing fine.

Enter the lawyers. (No offense to Steven and Ted.) Ariel Knights is now suing the medical group that owns and operates the abortion clinic who failed in their quest to murder the baby girl. They are guilty of malpractice, or so she says. At the same time, she is claiming her baby girl is a miracle baby. That's the understatement of the year. She obviously didn't want her baby girl to be born and tried to stop it from happening. The first attempt failed and she tried to get someone else to do a second abortion, but they refused. In effect, she tried twice to kill her unborn child. And now she calls her a miracle baby? While suing the abortion clinic for malpractice for failing to kill said miracle baby? For the baby's sake, I hope she never learns just how much of a miracle she really is.

Final question of the day. What does it say about our society when someone can try to kill their unborn child, fail in that attempt, and after carrying the child to full term and birth, sue the abortion clinic who failed in their job of killing said child? Ponder that and see if there isn't something so wrong with the answer you come up with.

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KEYWORDS: abortion

1 posted on 04/02/2013 4:47:38 AM PDT by LD Jackson
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To: LD Jackson

People in OH do really weird things, like electing Boehner and Portman, and now this.

2 posted on 04/02/2013 4:55:02 AM PDT by Theodore R. ("Hey, the American people must all be crazy out there!")
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To: LD Jackson

have read up on this disorder and many many women have sucessfully managed pregnancies

I call BS on “my life was in danger”
If every caution issued to every pregnantt woman was a cause for abortion no children would be born> Many pregnancies are “high risk” but that means needs to be monitired and managed- if the woman has enough love for her child

If she wins the suit against the abortionist maybe he can take back the child

3 posted on 04/02/2013 5:00:30 AM PDT by silverleaf (Age Takes a Toll: Please Have Exact Change)
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To: LD Jackson

greedy *itch

4 posted on 04/02/2013 5:49:37 AM PDT by Shimmer1 (No matter how cynical I get, I just can't keep up.)
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To: silverleaf

“If she wins the suit against the abortionist maybe he can take back the child”.

Makes you wonder what she would say, doesn’t it? If the clinic said, “Okay... hand us the baby and we will do the abortion now”.. would she? Would she say that her “miracle” baby is now wanted (yet she tried twice to kill her in utero?). All I can say is that I pity that poor baby. Eventually, she will get older and find out that loving Mom and Dad not only tried to kill her twice but sued the clinic for not successfully murdering her. Dear G*d, what will she think and how can one process that type of information without having some serious psychological trauma?!

5 posted on 04/02/2013 6:08:49 AM PDT by momtothree
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To: silverleaf

“have read up on this disorder”

Psychopathy? Oh... you mean the double-uterus thing.

6 posted on 04/02/2013 6:27:04 AM PDT by Boogieman
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To: momtothree

The person with the severe psychological trauma is the baby girl.

I do psychological testing on adults which tests their memories all the way back to conception. It’s pretty easy to tell if a child was unwanted when they were in their mother’s womb, or if the father abandoned them. I’ve demonstrated this with subjects who were total strangers who volunteered from from the group attendees at conferences. It’s easy to demonstrate.

I first discovered this about twenty years ago while working this a female university professor who was experiencing severe emotional distress in her life and could not determine what was causing it. When I stimulated the stored memory of her being in her mother’s womb, while I was standing over fifteen feet from her, it knocked her off her feet backward. Her eyes were closed, I did not physically touch her body in any manner and I said nothing, thus I had bypassed all her sensory receptors and her critical mind. I did this about a dozen times with the same result each time, it knocked her over backward.

I asked her why she felt her mother did not want her when she became pregnant with her. Her response was that her mother, who was an excellent caring loving mother her entire life was a professional ballet dancer. When she became pregnant it ended her career. Memories are stored in a person’s soul at what ever was the emotional perception at the time of the original event. Here it was fifty years later and the original trauma to her while she was in the womb was manifesting. Further discussion revealed that she was picking up her mother at the airport in two days as she was arriving to visit for a few weeks from Europe. Thus the uncontrollable emotional outbursts she was experiencing. It only took a few minutes to remove the emotional trauma from the stored memory and the wound was healed.

Even the abandonment issues felt by a baby who is removed from human contact to be placed in an incubator are easily read in adults fifty plus years later.

7 posted on 04/02/2013 6:47:55 AM PDT by tired&retired
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To: tired&retired

It only took a few minutes to remove the emotional trauma from the stored memory and the wound was healed.

How is this accomplished? Does it involve hypnosis? Is there follow-up therapy required?

I vaguely recall seeing references to something like “repressed memory syndrome”. Is this the same thing?

8 posted on 04/02/2013 8:22:23 AM PDT by Bigg Red (Restore us, O God of hosts; let your face shine, that we may be saved! -Ps80)
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To: Bigg Red

Although I am trained in hypnosis, I do not like to use it as it involves the surrender of one’s individual authority or free will to me and I don’t want that responsibility. It’s too easy to cause harm with one wrong statement when you are dealing with the deep emotional sub-conscious reprogramming.Several ways.....

First, it is virtually impossible for anyone to change a stored emotional memory unless they first own it. When i stimulate the stored memory it often reverse bridges right into a person’s conscious awareness even though I have said nothing. If they can pull it into conscious awareness, then forgiveness is the best tool. Prayer is another excellent tool.

Often if they cannot remove it, due to it being a very early memory, I just remove it for them. I always prefer for them to do the work so they can do it on their own in the future.

Most current techniques utilized today merely block the stored memory retrieval but do not heal the root cause.

9 posted on 04/02/2013 9:31:26 AM PDT by tired&retired
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To: Bigg Red

Usually there is no follow up required. However if the wound you are working on is not the first perceptual programming event and there were a series of similar events in the person’s life, the wound will not be totally healed until you heal the original event.

10 posted on 04/02/2013 9:34:21 AM PDT by tired&retired
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To: LD Jackson

Now I understand their desire to kill babies born alive after a botched abortion - what motivates them is a fear of lawsuits.

11 posted on 04/02/2013 9:50:24 AM PDT by Kenny500c
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To: Kenny500c; LD Jackson

I’m all for the lawsuits ,, anything to put the abortionists out of business... the local scumbag abortionist here in my area lost a multi-million dollar suit a year or two ago ...

12 posted on 04/02/2013 2:11:53 PM PDT by Neidermeyer (I used to be disgusted , now I try to be amused.)
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