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Sales of assault weapons surge in Maryland, gun sellers say (Brady Bunch endorse O'Malley's actions)
NBC News ^ | April 6, 2013 | Chris Gordon

Posted on 04/06/2013 2:32:43 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet

The sale of military-style weapons in Maryland has skyrocketed because of the concern they'll will be banned once the strict gun control bill passed by the Maryland General Assembly on Thursday goes into effect.

At Engage Armament in Rockville, there are only a few assault weapons left because so many have been sold in anticipation of gun restrictions.

Ammunition has gone up in price -- that is, if you can even find bullets in stock.

"Everything's been bought up and we've had ammunition that came right off the trucks," said A.J. Wynne, an employee at Engage Armament. "They'd say, 'What is that?' I'd say, '9 mm.' [They'd say,] 'I'll take it.' Right before we're even done booking guns in, it's already sold."

Geogre Heffner was in the store Friday, purchasing a handgun that he had ordered months ago.

"When I came here two months ago, there was nothing to be had," he said. "The store was completely empty. I thought someone had come in and robbed it. Nothing on the shelves hardly at all.... Completely sold out."

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence issued a statement saying: "We fully support Governor O'Malley's comprehensive legislation passed by the Maryland General Assembly. His leadership in the area of gun licensing, restricting access to military-style assault weapons and gun magazines will save lives."

In Prince George's County, youth violence is a growing concern. Seven teens have been shot and killed in the county during this school year....

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Business/Economy; Conspiracy; Government; Politics
KEYWORDS: assaultweaponsban; awb; banglist; brady; bradybunch; guncontrol; maryland; omalley; secondamendment
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Vicious raccoons are destroying my garden, therefore we should prohibit the sale of hamsters.
1 posted on 04/06/2013 2:32:43 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

If Ubama is dumb enough to send in his DHS “civilian army” to collect guns from the citizenry, things could go south for his entire regime so fast that he won’t have time to kiss Reggie’s ass goodbye.

2 posted on 04/06/2013 2:35:36 PM PDT by E. Pluribus Unum ("Somebody has to be courageous enough to stand up to the bullies." --Dr. Ben Carson)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Obama has sold more guns than all arms dealer - combined.

3 posted on 04/06/2013 2:42:00 PM PDT by NoLibZone (I predict the exact same Freepers will hate the GOP Candidate for: 2016,2020,2024,2028, 2032.)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet


4 posted on 04/06/2013 2:48:11 PM PDT by SWAMPSNIPER (The Second Amendment, a Matter of Fact, Not a Matter of Opinion)
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To: E. Pluribus Unum

Documentation File on the harmful impact of the Counterculture of Obamanation on America.


Barry Soetoro, aka B. Hussein Obama, first Inaugural quote: “I want to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE AMERICA!”


IMHO, the Counterculture of Obamanation will continue to destroy America for as long as the US Congressional RINOs allow it to, and not one minute more - - - - .

5 posted on 04/06/2013 2:48:40 PM PDT by Graewoulf (Traitor John Roberts' Commune-Style Obama'care' violates U.S. Constitution AND Anti-Trust Law.)
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To: RedMDer

Your wonderful graphic needed here.

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To: E. Pluribus Unum

I’d like to “welcome” them at about 250 yards.

7 posted on 04/06/2013 3:01:49 PM PDT by laplata (The Answer To 1984 Is 1776)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Maryland Legislator have gotten out of hand.

They have passed the point of sanity.

Same sex marriage, an 83% increase in gas Taxes. This gun bill that only a lawyer can read,Increased property taxes, The gas tax supposedly to fix roads will be spent to build public transportation buses and trains in baltimore, Making koney for the Transportation fund and then leaving the door open for it’s theft by the Genreral Fund.

Now we get a congratulatons from the Brady fags.

8 posted on 04/06/2013 3:08:15 PM PDT by Venturer
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Those are Sporting Weapons and Competitive Precision Arms.

What is an Assault Weapon?

9 posted on 04/06/2013 3:25:28 PM PDT by Vendome (Don't take life so seriously, you won't live through it anyway)
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To: Venturer
We need to dismantle all the bridges across the Potomac as fast as possible. Leave this raging pile of craziness for folks in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware to deal with.

Keep Virginia pristine (or at least reasonably so compared to Maryland FREAK state)

10 posted on 04/06/2013 3:29:55 PM PDT by muawiyah
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To: laplata

I’m in Indiana on vacation and stopped by a bait shop in a rural area looking for .22LR. They were sold out, however a customer followed me out to the parking lot saying, “ Did I hear you say you we’re looking for .22?”

He had two boxes of CCI Chootems, 375 rounds each. He wanted $35.00 per. I had no cash on me.....

11 posted on 04/06/2013 3:40:19 PM PDT by Bshaw (,A nefarious deceit is upon us all!)
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Fight the Leftist Gun Grabbers.
Support Free Republic.

12 posted on 04/06/2013 3:42:54 PM PDT by RedMDer (May we always be happy and may our enemies always know it. - Sarah Palin, 10-18-2010)
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To: Bshaw

$0.10 a round for .22? WTF?

13 posted on 04/06/2013 3:44:24 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet (I'll raise $2million for Sarah Palin's presidential run. What'll you do?)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
One of my delegates Kathy Szeliga Weekly Update

Hello and welcome to another Szeliga Weekly Update! This is our last full week in Annapolis and it has been busy with a lot of debate around gun control legislation and driver's licenses for illegal immigrants. In this edition, I will address the 2013 firearms bill, and the so called 2013 Highway Safety Act.

Gun Bill of 2013 - summary

The controversial 2013 Firearms Safety Act passed the House of Delegates this week on a vote of 78-61. This bill restricts our 2nd Amendment rights. Here are some highlights from the bill that passed.

The bill is prospective and not retroactive. Owners of assault weapons can keep their guns. After October 1 they can only sell them to a federal firearms dealer. These firearms may also be passed on as an inheritance when the owner dies.

Copycat weapons are also banned. A copy cat weapon is defined as a centerfire, semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine that has two or more of the following features:

folding stock
grenade or flare launcher
flash suppressor

The copycat also includes;

a semi-automatic centerfire rifle that has a fixed magazine with a capacity of more than 10 rounds.
semi-automatic pistol with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds
semi-automatic shotgun that has a folding stock a shotgun with a revolving cylinder.

Exceptions to the ban include manufacturers, dealers, importers, active law enforcement officers or military folks, testing facilities etc.

Magazine Capacity Reduction - Magazine size for all firearms is restricted to 10 rounds or less. The bill is not retroactive. Any person who possesses a large capacity magazine may continue to do so. The purchase, manufacture, transfer or sale is prohibited. Possession is not a crime. Exceptions include active or retired law enforcement, active military, dealers, manufacturers, importers, etc.

Handgun Qualification License

Any one not exempted from this provision who wishes to purchase a handgun after October 1, 2013 must apply to the Maryland State Police for a handgun qualification license. The initial license will cost $50. The applicant is required to complete 4 hours of hands on firearms training to include classroom and time at a range. The training is a onetime only requirement for the initial issuance of the license. You must also submit fingerprints for a criminal background check. The training and background checks are at the applicant's expense. The background check is approximately $54.00.

You do not need a license if you currently own a handgun or assault weapon. You only need the license if you are going to purchase a handgun after October 1, 2013. The license is good for 10 years and you are not required to take a second training course or submit fingerprints when you apply to renew the license. A renewal fee of $20 is required. Exceptions to the License: Active and retired military and police are exempt from the license requirement but must show valid credentials to a dealer to purchase.

Exceptions to the training component but must still get the license:

someone who completed an MSP approved certified safety course
has completed the DNR hunter safety course
is currently a qualified handgun instructor
is an honorably discharged member of the armed forces or national guard
is an employee of an armored car company who has a handgun permit issued by MSP.
LAWFULLY OWNS A REGULATED FIREARM - this is a big exception. If you already own a gun you do not have to ever complete the training to apply for the handgun purchase license.

Mental Health Provisions - There are several provisos that prohibit folks from possessing or purchasing firearms; voluntary commitment of more than 30 days, involuntary commitment, or certain orders of guardianship.

A more complete assessment will be available next week. Additionally, I will be sure to keep you up to date on any action on a petition drive to get the bill on the ballot in 2014.

Stay tuned...
14 posted on 04/06/2013 3:52:24 PM PDT by RedMDer (May we always be happy and may our enemies always know it. - Sarah Palin, 10-18-2010)
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To: E. Pluribus Unum

The big problem with the “Obama’s DHS army” theory is that the Democrats actually believe their own hate speech nonsense.

That is, they think that soldiers are soldiers because they are too inferior to work in minimum wage jobs. And making it much, much worse, they also think that soldiers will mindlessly obey orders, no matter who issues them.

This matters, because they extrapolate from these weird ideas that they can just take some worthless gang bangers, convicts, and whatever scum, give them each a Glock .40 with a thousand rounds, and they will be able to rule Americans at least as well as the SA brownshirts pushed around Germans.

Because Americans have so very many guns, and know how to use them, the icing on the cake is to issue the scum MRAP armored vehicles, figuring they will be “impervious” to anything the civilians can imagine to do. They also imagine Americans as a disorderly mob, like Occupy demonstrators, easy to push around with brute force.

Of course, the reality is that if the government ever tried such imbecilic nonsense, there would soon be their agents dangling from light poles, the MRAPs commandeered, burning or submerged, and the pitiful cries of the elites to the army to stop the mob met with bad telephone connections on the military posts.

Any officer stupid enough to order his unit to fire on Americans would soon find himself in a bad way.

15 posted on 04/06/2013 3:56:27 PM PDT by yefragetuwrabrumuy (Best WoT news at
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Saw them on CheaperThanDirt for $149 for a brick of 500...

Looks like .22LR will actually be the quarter of the apocalypse.

16 posted on 04/06/2013 3:59:06 PM PDT by Axenolith (Government blows, and that which governs least, blows least...)
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To: muawiyah

To keep Virginia that pristine you better dismantle the bridge across the Chesapeake - please remember there is life east of the Chesapeake -— oh never mind - we don’t want the western shore attitude over her - so please dismantle the Bay Bridge.

17 posted on 04/06/2013 4:01:59 PM PDT by Gabz (Democrats for Voldemort.)
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To: NoLibZone
65.4 Million Guns Bought Since Obama Took Office, 91% More Than Bush's First-Term Total

And in the last two months... (Nov. 2012 and Dec. 2012)

Americans Buy Enough Guns in Last Two Months to Outfit the Entire Chinese and Indian Armies

Four more years of 0bama and firearms manufacturers are going to need about six months rest in a convalescent home.

18 posted on 04/06/2013 4:02:22 PM PDT by TigersEye (The irresponsible should not be leading the responsible.)
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To: yefragetuwrabrumuy
"Soldiers" are probably feeling a lot less sympathetic towards their gooberment betters today than they were yesterday. However much that was.

Feinstein: All Vets Are Mentally Ill And Government Should Prevent Them From Owning Firearms

I did a little internets searching last night and this is definitely going around on vet's forums.

19 posted on 04/06/2013 4:08:24 PM PDT by TigersEye (The irresponsible should not be leading the responsible.)
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To: Bshaw

Wow. Remember when .22 Shorts were about .01 per? LR weren’t much more.

Have a fun trip.

20 posted on 04/06/2013 4:08:59 PM PDT by laplata (The Answer To 1984 Is 1776)
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