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Open Letter To All 18 Year Olds
Flopping Aces ^ | 06-28-13 | James Raider

Posted on 06/28/2013 6:10:37 PM PDT by Starman417


Congratulations on your arrival to the voter list, and congratulations to all who are graduating.  Some of you are heading into colleges and universities.  Some of you are hitting the streets to knock on doors in search of jobs.  Some of you already have hit those streets and have been successful, while others have  discovered undemanding solace in a particular corner of a parent’s couch.

Whatever your priorities and whatever your circumstance, remember this admonition, you are the first generation, since the founding of this great Nation, which will never retire.  Ever.  Oh, a very few of you will inherit some shrunk fortunes, which will keep declining in lock-step with the shrinking dollar, but most of you will have to make your own way with the tools you have appropriated.

You will spend a majority of your waking moments competing with millions of new arrivals for jobs in a shrinking job market.

You will live under the invasive cloud of the state, manipulated at federal, state and local levels by ideologically entrenched government bureaucracies.   You saw how the power of the IRS was used to attack those who did not support liberal socialist ideologues. If you consider yourselves open minded, how does this brazen assault on your rights correspond with your own common sense?  Are these the actions of a government which you feel comforted by?  Is this Administration designing a country which you believe will be conducive to your enjoyment of successful employment, or to a rewarding personal life?

Are you aware of the changes being implemented in your healthcare system?  Do you realize that you will not be able to find a family doctor for yourself or your loved ones?  When your time comes to need a doctor, you will discover that private practices will have become an institution of the past.  You will be required to consult GPs working out of clinics.  You will wait hours to be served, and when you require serious medical attention, such as an operation, you will wait, and you will wait.  You will not wait a month or two, but a year or two.  As you get older, and older, you will discover that even that mediocre level of service will slowly, but assuredly decline.  The system will not have enough funding to provide you with the medical care you think you have paid for and deserve.  Many decisions will be beyond your control, and your needs will be secondary to the priorities of the ’system’ and its financial viability.  Bureaucrats, doctors and surgeons, will make decisions on your behalf without your input.

You will eventually come to know that the lingering fear in your gut over the long delays for that critical operation, were well founded, and out of your hands.  You will find that many operations will be considered 'elective' even if they are critical to your wellbeing and long term health.  Remember that term. It will one day haunt you and will come to cost you.  The bureaucracy will make most of those decisions for you. But most of you don’t care about doctors and health concerns right now. Such are the concerns of  ‘old people.’  Still, in violation of the Constitution, this President has decreed that you are now forced to purchase health insurance.  Yes, ‘forced.’

(Excerpt)

TOPICS: Government; Politics
KEYWORDS: elections; obama; retirement; scotus; votefreedom

1 posted on 06/28/2013 6:10:37 PM PDT by Starman417
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To: Starman417

Too bad I’m not old enough to have known freedom in this country. Didn’t help that I grew up in NYC, either.

2 posted on 06/28/2013 6:20:04 PM PDT by wastedyears (I'm a gamer not because I choose to have no life, but because I choose to have many.)
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To: wastedyears

Bring back American jobs.


3 posted on 06/28/2013 6:21:09 PM PDT by Cringing Negativism Network
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To: Cringing Negativism Network

Lol I’m the wrong person to be telling that too. But I’ll second your sentiment.

4 posted on 06/28/2013 6:26:46 PM PDT by wastedyears (I'm a gamer not because I choose to have no life, but because I choose to have many.)
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To: Starman417
The unicorn too many people believe in:  photo shitskittles.gif
5 posted on 06/28/2013 6:29:43 PM PDT by dynachrome (Vertrou in God en die Mauser)
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To: Starman417


6 posted on 06/28/2013 6:35:04 PM PDT by cradle of freedom (Long live the Republic !)
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To: Starman417
The cold reality for these 18 year old new voters is that the vast majority were in full throated support for Obunga even if they could not vote.

Peer pressure of course. Being brought up to like inner city negro music rather than what their parents and older siblings listened to. The urbanization of the country is without doubt the cause of the depravity that Obunga exemplifies.

I have no compassion for them and their fate at this point, they wanted this, without bothering to find out anything about it, because someone told them it was "cool".

They also refuse to listen to any opinion not supportive of the regime, have seen that.

7 posted on 06/28/2013 6:42:54 PM PDT by doorgunner69
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To: Starman417

Welcome to the first generation where more people vote for a living that work for a living.

8 posted on 06/28/2013 6:48:45 PM PDT by bigbob
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To: Starman417

And who do these unfortunates have to blame for their misery? Their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents who were too lazy to fight for liberty by reigning in this malignant government.

Good men shed their blood in foreign lands, but no one was watching the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the federal government as they voraciously devoured our treasure, culture and hope.

9 posted on 06/28/2013 6:50:34 PM PDT by txrefugee
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To: Starman417
Good article & very true!

Unfortunately my 3 kids all think that I am just a cranky old conservative when I try to warn them about 0bama & the hideous democRAT party & ideology & practices. I was talking to my 23 yr old son about Benghazi and his response was "what's that"? And he knows nothing nor does he care, of the danger of granting amnesty to 11-30 million illegal aliens. My 2 daughters, 28 & 26, also roll their eyes or beome critical when I talk to them about these things. Of course it doesn't help that my ex-wife, demeaned & downplayed any warnings that I was trying to pass along, prior to our divorce in Nov 2010. I feel sorry for my kids and their kids some day.

10 posted on 06/28/2013 7:53:32 PM PDT by rcrngroup
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To: cradle of freedom

That is exactly what I am teaching my 19 and 17 year olds.
NEVER vote for a dimrat even for a local dogcatcher job.
They are all communists.
And really look hard at those who call themselves repubs.
Most of them are democrats.

Sucks to be an outsider in your own country.

11 posted on 06/28/2013 7:55:31 PM PDT by Texas resident (Watch the other hand.)
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To: wastedyears
Too bad I’m not old enough to have known freedom in this country.

As one who came of age in the 1950s, I feel for you. I was lucky to have enjoyed the real America.

And now it's gone.

12 posted on 06/28/2013 8:06:47 PM PDT by OldPossum
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To: Texas resident

Have you ever seen It is all about illegal immigration issues. I started reading this site about 8 years ago. It has daily updates on all sorts of things related to immigration. The author of this site once said something that has proven to be absolutely true. He said that the illegal alien problem goes right to the heart of what is wrong with America today.

We have this illegal alien problem because the people at the very top want illegals here for their various reasons. The Democrats see them as future voters who will guarantee their party will be the majority party for ever. Some of the business interests want illegals here because they provide an endless source of cheap labor.

I am giving my money to people who vote against illegal immigration and I have found that this is a kind of litmus test about who is for real and who is not. You still have to watch them closely but those who unequivocally want to secure our borders and do not want amnesty are the ones who represent us while those, like Rubio, who double talk around amnesty are the ones who cannot be trusted.

Illegal immigration and even overwhelming legal immigration is what is going to terminate the nation.

13 posted on 06/28/2013 8:57:29 PM PDT by cradle of freedom (Long live the Republic !)
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To: Starman417

My main suspicion is that we’re going to have one hell of a time getting younger voters to veer back to the center. In the past, we used to adhere to the whole “if you aren’t a liberal when you’re young..” axiom, but it seems like cultural programming (brainwashing?) has gotten a heck of a lot stronger.

My family is very Catholic, and very southern in flavor.. but the vast majority of the kids under 30 sound like socialists whenever any political topic shows-up. Making the rich pay more taxes, homo rights, gun control - they sound like Facebook flavor-of-the-month bumperstickers.

And to whomever mentioned urbanization: I have suspicions that you’re onto something. In prior generations, folks in our family much preferred to live out in the country and commute as needed, or at the very least live in a decent, spacious neighborhood out in the suburbs. But now, more and more, the young ones seem to be embracing the idea of living in their hampster-cage-like apartments in the inner city, electing to stay even when they’re done with school and when they begin to have kids.

It adds-up to an entire culture that they’ve bought-into. Small cars (or no cars), city living, fruity/faggy soy mocha lattes, guns are something that’s scaaaary, feel-good rainbow coalition-type fluffy crap politics of little consequence. What color are we changing our twitter profiles this month? And who cares about how the big bill will be paid down the line? Not their problem!

Makes me wonder how in the hell my siblings screwed-up when they were supposed to be instilling values in their kids. The more I think about it, the more I’m glad that I wasn’t born later. At least I got to see a hint of how it was supposed to be in this country.

14 posted on 06/28/2013 9:43:37 PM PDT by MarkRegal05 (Gotta rant. This week has SUCKED.)
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To: Starman417
See my tagline. Many have been ruining this country for about forty years, and they're way beyond 18 years of age.

America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution

The Fragmenting of the New Class Elites, or, Downward Mobility

Environmentalism and the Leisure Class

The New Upper Class and the Real Reason We Dislike Them

Are you a member of the political class?

15 posted on 06/28/2013 10:11:03 PM PDT by familyop (We Baby Boomers are croaking in an avalanche of rotten politics smelled around the planet.)
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