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What Does The Fox Say?
Political Realities ^ | 01/02/14 | John Bascom

Posted on 01/02/2014 3:07:18 AM PST by LD Jackson

It's New Year's Day eve and I've been nursing a pounding head and fogged brain from last night. No, not from drinking and partying, but from those lame "2013 Year In Review" and "What's Ahead for 2014" rehashed pieces that have been everywhere in the media. Worse yet, I can't get the stupid saying and ditty "What Does the Fox Say?" out of my brain. No, it's not Fox News, but a pop-culture throw-away line and irritating YouTube song asking an enigmatic and never-answered question.

THEN it occurred to me: it's a subliminal message asking me what I think 2014 will hold, having heard all the blather of others. So I dragged out and polished up my crystal ball. The result? These are my predictions for 2014.

1. No, ObamaCare won't be the Dems' Achilles' Heel. After all, everyone is saying it WILL be. But by election time 2014 it will have been sufficiently fixed operationally and vetted to boredom by the media, and the public will accept it just as they did Social Security, Medicare and federal welfare programs. Remember? Everyone was in arms over those, too, when they passed and predicted unforeseeable consequences coupled with financial disaster. And it all came true. Yet, notwithstanding those few who would reform them, the general public fully accepts those programs as facts of life. Sure ObamaCare will add to the deficit, raise costs and cause a move away from employer-provided insurance. But just as the government shutdown of 2013 is in America's rear view mirror as an issue, so it will be with the lovable ACA. Believe me, I say that with no sense of gratification, as I believe that law dangerous and destructive. It's just political pragmatism.

2. Obama will no longer be a liar. Recall that Pinocchio's nose grew due to his fibs, but finally returned to normal as he became a "real boy." So with our Dear Leader: too much time will have passed from the election lies, ObamaCare rollout blues and Benghazi for anyone to care. Didn't the New York Times just write a dandy cover-story for his fudging the facts on the murder of our diplomats in Libya? And wasn't ObamaCare really too complex for anyone to understand what turns it would take in advance ? Poor Obama, he was actually a VICTIM. He needs help, not punishment. No, there will be new crises dominating the news and those things will be long forgotten. Obama's admiration in the public polls will soar.

3. An improving economy will cover the Dems' butts and wipe away their sins. The irony is the economy is improving BECAUSE of Republicans. Democrats have been unable to advance their agenda since the second year of the Obama administration. The Republican led sequester has restrained spending at least a bit while the right has had some successes in blocking big-spending bills and even higher taxes on businesses. The hated "gridlock," it seems, has rescued us and allowed the economy to begin a halting expansion. But as Bush was hung with an economic meltdown not of his making (the mortgage and housing meltdown causing everything started with Carter's Equal Credit Opportunity Act and was advanced by liberal-backed FreddieMac and FannieMae pushing risky lending practices), Obama in turn will take credit for a growing economy in 2014. Pundits (Forbes) agree the economy, stock market, housing market, employment and the dollar will all improve this coming year. A stronger economy and Republican controls on new spending will lower, but not eliminate (by a long stretch) the deficit, and slow the growth of the national debt a tad. With a falling unemployment rate, stable if unspectacular stock market, and low inflation, as always the voting public will be unconcerned with esoteric arguments over fiscal and monetary policy. Like the smoker who gets a checkup, doesn't have cancer, so continues to light up only to contract it eventually. That's the way Obama's policies of economic rot work, too.

4. Republicans will find a way to self-destruct just as they did with the 2012 presidential election, and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The last election should have been a slam-dunk for the right based on Obama's record. But the Romney campaign stood as deer in the headlights as their guy was villainized as waging a war against women, raping corporations over the bodies of their workers, taking health care from people suffering from cancer and closing factories. Of course, nothing was further from the truth as Romney had an excellent record and positive policies for opportunities for women; Bain Capital specialized in starting new and revitalizing dying companies, creating mounds of jobs in the process; and he created the Massachusetts health care law (love it or hate it) designed to help people get access to insurance. In 2014—trust me on this—liberal style immigration reform will fail and Dems will characterize their foes as anti-immigrant (not anti-ILLEGAL immigrants) and anti-Hispanic. Republicans ran strong in 2012 mostly among white men. As this country changes demographically, a candidate for national office cannot win without majority support from more than one faction among Hispanics, blacks, women and gays. Moreover, Repubs are a house divided. Far right conservatives, including the Tea Party and Libertarians, and moderate Republicans are battling EACH OTHER. Already Republican politics sees the right wing trying to oust the incumbent Repubs, NOT the Democrats. Republicans know they cannot win without substantial support from Independents and right-leaning Dems, the old Reagan Democrats. As a result they will try and move to the center. This will intensify infighting and undermine the candidates they do run vis-a- vis the Democratic opposition.

5. So what does the fox say? The Republicans will not retake the Senate in 2014. And the Democrats will be positioned for a strong run for the White House, with Hillary our likely next president. The right will be unable to coalesce around an attractive candidate for president while infighting undermines any election prospects for victory. We will allow "perfect" to once again be the killer of "good."

Of course, this is only a possible set of scenarios based on lots of assumptions and prognostications. Naturally if we can leave the infighting, support incumbents, get behind a candidate who can reach out to the middle, attract independents and Reagan Democrats, and in general act as a team bent on winning rather than being right…well, that's a whole different ball game. It's on us and only time will tell.

My final 2014 predictions are the Tigers will take the Series, the Lions will win the Super Bowl (actually in 2015), the Pistons the NBA and I will win the lotto jackpot. And if you believe all my predictions, I have some swamp land in upper Michigan I'd like to sell you.

Happy New Year everyone.

TOPICS: Politics
KEYWORDS: 2014; democrats; obama; republicans

1 posted on 01/02/2014 3:07:19 AM PST by LD Jackson
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To: LD Jackson

I’m still rooting for Obama’s impeachment. What’s the prognosis for that?

2 posted on 01/02/2014 4:10:28 AM PST by meatloaf (Impeach Obama. That's my New Year's resolution.)
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To: meatloaf
I’m still rooting for Obama’s impeachment. What’s the prognosis for that?

Anything is possible and I'll join you in rooting for that solution while at the same time engaging in some fantasy of the same fate befalling our Dictator-in-Chief as has, at our hands, befallen other corrupt and dictatorial despots upon their unceremonial removal from power.........

3 posted on 01/02/2014 4:33:21 AM PST by varon (Para bellum)
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To: varon

Impeachment may provide the Democrat powers that be with a choice. I’m hoping they think they’ll keep Obama and the plantation vote by throwing Clinton under the bus. Chicago versus Arkansas.

4 posted on 01/02/2014 4:41:01 AM PST by meatloaf (Impeach Obama. That's my New Year's resolution.)
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To: LD Jackson

WOW man....I thought that song was about zoo animals....or the age of aquarius......

5 posted on 01/02/2014 5:01:01 AM PST by showme_the_Glory (ILLEGAL: prohibited by law. ALIEN: Owing political allegiance to another country or government)
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To: showme_the_Glory
....I thought that song was about zoo animals....

You are right!! The zoo is Washington D.C. Guess who the Fox is??

6 posted on 01/02/2014 5:13:33 AM PST by GoldenPup
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To: LD Jackson

I heard a hilarious parody of “What does the fox say?”, that substituted “duck” for “fox”. It was nothing but quacks for what the duck says.

But I haven’t heard it since, and don’t know where to find it.

7 posted on 01/02/2014 7:36:31 AM PST by yefragetuwrabrumuy (There Is Still A Very Hot War On Terror, Just Not On The MSM.
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