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Manifesto of free citizens of Ukraine and Russia
Manifesto ^ | 03 04 2014 | Free Russians & Ukrainians

Posted on 03/04/2014 12:01:49 PM PST by Leo Carpathian

Manifesto of free citizens of Ukraine and Russia

We, Russians and Ukrainian have nothing to share except a desire to see each other to live in prosperous countries. Between us there are no linguistic, historical and territorial issues that politicians stirr up. We believe in a future in which Moscow and Kyiv are not usurped by Soviet dreamers, players with geopolitics or the usual fraudulent scams. We condemn any attempt of former KGB regain power in the sovereign nation-states.

Free Ukrainians with their tragic example have shown, what is the price of freedom. They showed how to cleanse their land of thieves, liars and murderers. The whole world saw how pathetic people who see themselves as dictators, like crows, dragged to their nests loot, hiding behind police. Police officers from all over the world have seen their colleagues betrayed, sicking them on peacefull protesters to simply immerse them into provoked a deadly confrontation. Free citizens of East and West Ukraine only want peace and prosperity in their borders, they do not want to hear no lies from Kyiv or Moscow, they can not be victims of manipulated historical facts. Free Ukrainians will continue to resist any attempt to subordinate their will to the interests of any dictators who will appear again on their land.

Free Russian are sick of the propaganda of the collective guarantee of the former communists, who consider themselves Tsars of their post-Soviet republics. Free inhabitants of Russia are resisting the Kremlin's desire to restore ugly Soviet empire by force, deceit and by bribery of vassals. They do not want their country and neighboring countries to be guided by irresponsible Kremlin directives. Free Russians perceive as a nightmare reality in which a man who imagines himself the "father of the nation" irresponsibly administers the fate of people, who with arms will be forced to act as puppets in his private theater. Free Russians do not need tyranny, for them it is foreign to ignore another's legal rights and the disregard for the laws of economic prosperity. Russians, who are used to build relationships with free neighbors, on the base of the friendship and cooperation, do not need an empire built on spilled blood and agression.

Our total pain - a bloody communist regime, the gulags and famine. Our common hard heritage, is uncompetitive manufacturing and people whose free thinking was distorted by decades of hopeless propaganda. Our common misconception is that after major joint victory in 1991, we have allowed politicians more than for two decades, to consume our freedoms like parasites. From now on we refuse to tolerate the pain, we will not allow errors, our descendants will inherit a prosperous and friendly with each other - free Russia and Ukraine.

Our common way - is economic cooperation, mutual respect for property rights and the desire to succeed, demonstrating to the world the best technology and products, and not full of junk of luxurious palaces of those who consider us their slaves. We refuse to engage in senseless struggle that is imposed by the Kremlin's madness.

We are often called brothers simply because we live close by and speak similar languages. But we believe that our fraternity can exist only on the basis of freedom - personal freedom of each of us, economic freedom and cooperation with each other. And there can be no choice between Western and Eastern worlds, there can only be free choice between sensible free coexistence or the barbaric stagnation on the ruins of the bloody empire. And we choose the first one.

Free Russians and Ukrainians.

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KEYWORDS: freedom; kgb; russia; ukraine
1 posted on 03/04/2014 12:01:49 PM PST by Leo Carpathian
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To: Leo Carpathian

I hope they know where Free Republic is...


2 posted on 03/04/2014 12:06:19 PM PST by DoughtyOne (Immigration Reform is job NONE. It isn't even the leading issue with Hipanics. Enforce our laws.)
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To: Leo Carpathian

Please pass it to media. People crave freedom and when pushed to extreme the will risk their lives. Enough of sick, misguided, corrupt politicians to control free population.

3 posted on 03/04/2014 12:06:52 PM PST by Leo Carpathian (FReeeeepeesssssed)
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To: DoughtyOne

It would hurt them to come here. It would hurt them to see so many boobs praising the nut job Putin who shares an Obama statist vision as severe as Obama would want.

4 posted on 03/04/2014 12:10:01 PM PST by elhombrelibre (Free Ukraine. Free Venezuela. Free Syria. Free Iran. Free the USA.)
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To: Leo Carpathian

I crave the freedom of my country not to feel responsible for every disturbance anywhere in the world.

5 posted on 03/04/2014 12:10:29 PM PST by Colonel Kangaroo
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To: Leo Carpathian

The best show of support to Ukrainians is a manifest of our own. Lets put our dictatorship on notice.

6 posted on 03/04/2014 12:30:00 PM PST by DeWalt (Times are more like they used to be than they are today.)
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To: elhombrelibre

Look, I understand what you’re saying. I don’t think folks place the right emphasis on Putin. Yep, he’s a real problem.

Did we do anything to mitigate the problem? Did we reach out to him? Did we try to develop a better relationship with Russia. Did we continue to treat Moscow’s leadership with respect, in the aftermath of the Cold War?

We could have done so much more to toss them a bone once in a while, treat them as global players. Instead we just laughed as it went through it’s unavoidable growing pains after the fall of the U. S. S. R.

We could have held summits. We could have had exchanges. We could have pushed the idea that Russia and the U. S. has much more in common with our peoples, than Russia and China?

Yes I think Putin is problematic. If we had a Reagan in the office, he could have been handled so much better, and I think it would have made a better global player out of the guy.

Granted, he would have had to have been kept on a short leash, but that’s better than what’s taking place now.

It has been over twenty years, and one president after another has ignored Russia. Now we get this idiot stick, and Russia acts out. Who didn’t see this coming.

7 posted on 03/04/2014 12:33:05 PM PST by DoughtyOne (Immigration Reform is job NONE. It isn't even the leading issue with Hipanics. Enforce our laws.)
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To: DoughtyOne

Worse yet. The Russians are stuck with him after his fourteen years of playing the President for Life Third World role. It’s not our fault though. Really. Don’t lapse into all faults in the world are ours thinking. I don’t blame America first because a former KGB Colonel aspired to take over Russia to seek a revanchist dream. I mean how is he different than Milosovic who went from Commie to extreme Ultra Serb Nationalist? He’s not. He needed a theme. I’m sure he’d agree that Russia’s pride was wounded by the world not treating Russia like it was a success story, but it’s a failure because of the Tsar, the commies, and the Putinistas, not because of anyone else. You might as well say when Obama’s policies fail that we should ignore that and treat him as a success because his dad’s was from Africa. Irrelevant.

8 posted on 03/04/2014 1:01:22 PM PST by elhombrelibre (Free Ukraine. Free Venezuela. Free Syria. Free Iran. Free the USA.)
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To: elhombrelibre

I think you’re missing my whole point. I do think you touch on important issues. I am not blaming the U. S. first here. There as been a void between us, and I think a sharp cookie president would have tried to develop a better relationship with Russia to stave off things like this Ukraine adventurism.

I don’t think Russia is particularly enamored with China. None the less, it has chosen to snuggle up close with China to counter-balance the U. S. That alone makes it pretty damned clear that our relations with Russia are far worse in their eyes, than they actually are. We could have avoided that.

Are we the main problem with Putin? No. Putin IS ex KGB. None the less I think a Reagan could have handled him much more productively. There’s nothing Anti-U.S. in that stance.

I don’t think we’ve had a Secretary of State, or a State Department that had half a clue since Reagan either. For all the talk of Condi Rice, she seemed too comfortable in the globalist world view for my taste. Her comments against Israel were just plain numbskull material.

Man, I have seldom seen someone miss the intent or content of a post more, than you have missed mine.

Where did I say that Putin’s failures were the West’s fault? Where did I say that Russia’s failures were the West’s fault?

How is he different than Milosovic? Please, copy and past anything much I said about Putin being some sort of wise leader. I spoke of him being handled better. I don’t know how that translates into him being anything other than what you seem desperate to describe him as.

9 posted on 03/04/2014 1:49:07 PM PST by DoughtyOne (Immigration Reform is job NONE. It isn't even the leading issue with Hipanics. Enforce our laws.)
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