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Operation Wetback 2014: You Kids Get Off My Lawn ^ | 7/2/14 | Donald Joy

Posted on 07/03/2014 1:15:06 PM PDT by IChing

There are at least two good reasons why I should get away with such a politically-incorrect title for this article.

First, in order to drive a very relevant point about the nature of the current illegal immigration crisis and debate, it’s appropriate that I bring up the actual name (from the true American history most people were never taught) of a long-forgotten, successful U.S. government program, which involved the rounding-up and deporting of well over a million illegal aliens captured near the U.S.-Mexico border during the 1950s and ’60s.

Second, in the modern context of the ongoing hype and falsely, politically-invented controversy over the name of a certain NFL team–a team which happens to represent the headquarters of our federal government today–I believe it’s helpful to draw a contrast between a politically-incorrect name based on skin color (which people just happen to be born with) and a politically-incorrect name based on a specific behavior (over which people have 100% control and free choice).

The Washington Redskins football team was originally named so as to honor and denote the warrior spirit of the storied “red-skinned” tribesmen, believed by most to be aboriginal to this continent.

The original Operation Wetback was named in 1954 so as to denote the fact that so many who breached the border into the U.S. from Mexico did it by swimming across the Rio Grande–highlighting the idea that, their being so freshly arrived upon encountering them, one could figuratively say that the river water had not yet completely dried from their backs.

The former were born, innocently, as “redskins.” The latter made a conscious, willing decision to violate U.S. law and become “wetbacks.”

The original Operation Wetback, begun during the Eisenhower administration and continued beyond, interestingly (and ironically, in light of today’s situation) came about largely because the Mexican government complained to the American government that so many Mexican citizens were crossing into the United States to seek a living, thereby depriving the developing economy of Mexico of a significant segment of a vital resource–human capital and labor.

My, how all-around attitudes have changed.

The world is upside-down now. Now, the Mexican government complains to the American government if we dare to even think about enforcing our already very mild (compared to those of Mexico) immigration laws; if we don’t enable the drain of millions of who they once valued as their human capital.

A few short years ago, Mexico’s president was welcomed into our federal government’s Capitol building, onto the floor of Congress, to stand at the microphone and lecture and berate our representatives and our entire country for not allowing ourselves to be even more rapidly overrun by the unidentified, the uninvited, and the dregs from his abysmally dangerous and impoverished land. His indignant and brazen screed was greeted with wild applause and deranged approval from many among our own politically-correct, corrupted, and culturally suicidal politicians.

Now, Central American countries are so dysfunctionally failed and besieged by organized criminals that they are jettisoning an endless, unaccompanied swarm of their young, Northward up through Mexico and (with the eager assistance of our own government) into the U.S. interior, many of them carrying dangerous and deadly diseases–some diseases which in recent times had otherwise been completely eradicated from within our borders. We are expected to accommodate, feed, and take care of them, regardless of the consequences. Anyone who objects is vilified as a heartless racist.

From a political standpoint, it is plain that those in power have intentionally encouraged and helped to bring this all about. There is documented evidence that they even planned for and orchestrated it, as a way to cynically flood certain areas of the country with countless new welfare cases and create ever more government-dependent constituencies, in order to hasten the collapse of capitalism (and of the personal responsibility ethos), so that outright collectivism can be brought about.

Especially for places like Texas, this strategy is seen as a sure-fire way to erase residual Republican voting majorities by overloading the entitlement and voting rolls with socialism-minded, freshly arrived Democrats, ushering in an era wherein our lost nation will forever forget what it was ever like to have a Republican president, or Republican principles in government. Democrats will lock down a permanent, one-party, nationwide majority not by prevailing in the arena of public policy debates in order to win elections, but by actually just importing and breeding a dependent-minded replacement electorate, largely by augmenting and paying the already exploding legions of unmarried women to have illegitimate children, and winning their allegiance at the voting booth by falsely blaming capitalism for not supplying enough promised and accustomed benefits when the public coffers run dry from all the massively pandering handout programs. [For a more detailed discussion of this, see "The Cloward-Piven Strategy of Orchestrated Crisis" as explained at]

Apart from the humanitarian question, do we Americans (and yes, when I say Americans, I mean citizens of the United States) have any right, any moral justification, to even contemplate having national borders, let alone protecting them and enforcing immigration laws in our interior? After all, as the argument goes, didn’t the historical majority of Americans, essentially white Europeans, really just “steal” this continent from the noble indigenous redskins to begin with? Don’t we creepy-ass crackers actually deserve to be overrun and displaced, killed off and dispossessed, by the swarming, breeding hordes of diversity darkies currently outpacing and picking us off in the biology/street crime sweepstakes? Seeing as it’s our karma and all, you know, because we genocided virtually all of the Indian tribes out of our way, stole the Southwest too, and so on….right?

To this line of thinking, I challenge anyone to convince me that any given tribe or nation of “indigenous” people did not also first conquer some previously existing so-called aboriginal people and thereby “steal” land. For that matter, there is evidence (the Solutrean artifacts/hypothesis) that Europeans populated this continent before the “Indians” did, and were subsequently wiped out by invading tribes of the latter, long before rediscovering the New World in 1492.

The fact is, no anthropologists or archaeologists can definitively prove that–Biblical accounts and allegories aside–any ethnic nation anywhere on the planet in the limitless timeline of history just somehow occurred/existed in a specific area (as in, sprouted up out of the dirt or dropped down out of the sky), and did not also migrate from some other land, to conquer and win territory in battle and otherwise. No one actually knows where any race of people originated, nor can anyone prove that any land undisputably belongs to any. Even the “out of Africa” theory has been blown out of the water in recent years.

Thus, laws concerning territorial boundaries, and people’s occupation/citizenship of countries, immigration laws, are only as good as the willingness of a nation’s government to enforce them. This is why we are losing “our” country. Our representatives simply refuse to do their jobs.

I’m sure that among the now-vanquished native American tribes of yesteryear, there were certain leaders and followers who bleated the “diversity is our strength” mantra.

It boils down to defending turf, then. Somebody has to keep adolescent MS-13 assassins-in-training and other sundry undesirables off our lawns. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and their ilk all have paid henchmen to protect theirs, while they declare ours to be common property, open to foreign invaders and squatters.

The very least we can do is be unafraid to characterize river-crossers according to their actual behavior.

TOPICS: Conspiracy; History; Politics; Society
KEYWORDS: aliens; bordercrisis; illegalimmigration; immigration; operationwetback
Why do we automatically accept the line that it was ever "their" land, anyway? If the so-called native Americans failed to defend it, then there's nothing to that claim, just as there is nothing to the claim that our borders are valid if we fail to defend them.
1 posted on 07/03/2014 1:15:06 PM PDT by IChing
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To: IChing

Yo Momma!

2 posted on 07/03/2014 1:16:42 PM PDT by PapaNew
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To: IChing

Along with LUTFA we need to invoke the GOML doctrine.

C’mom good people of Murietta.

This may be the start of it.

3 posted on 07/03/2014 1:17:27 PM PDT by x1stcav ("The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.")
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To: IChing

eisenhower wasn’t a sodomite muslim commie bent on destroying the country. that’s the difference.

4 posted on 07/03/2014 1:27:54 PM PDT by Secret Agent Man ( Gone Galt; Not averse to Going Bronson.)
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To: Secret Agent Man

That, and it was partly at the insistence of the Mexican government itself that the operation was undertaken!

5 posted on 07/03/2014 1:29:06 PM PDT by IChing
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To: IChing
Get off my lawn photo GetOffMyLawn_zps40879587.jpg
6 posted on 07/03/2014 1:36:06 PM PDT by preacher (I am not a global warming hoax denier.)
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To: preacher


7 posted on 07/03/2014 1:38:43 PM PDT by IChing
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To: IChing

When my daughter was in high school, I was called into the principal’s office because they were going to suspend her for calling another student a “wetback”. Never mind that he called her even worse names, in “fairness” they were not going to suspend him. After a lengthy conversation with the principal (Hispanic) and vice-principal (black), (who got mad and left the room), they decided that all was well and they were not going to suspend my daughter. She told me afterwards that she had warned them that they didn’t really want to talk to me.

8 posted on 07/03/2014 1:40:36 PM PDT by Rusty0604
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To: Rusty0604

Amazing what happens when these ‘educrats’ are confronted by an engaged parent.

I went through this sh!t forty years ago out on Kali. Finally, they left the boys alone.

9 posted on 07/03/2014 1:44:48 PM PDT by x1stcav ("The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.")
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To: x1stcav

“... are confronted by an engaged parent.”

At first read I saw “enraged”

10 posted on 07/03/2014 1:51:16 PM PDT by Rusty0604
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To: Rusty0604

I’m trying to cultivate a more subtle wit as I grow old.

The doosh of an 8th grade teacher was not impressed with my conversational gambits.

What could I say?

I was a former soldier. We express ourselves differently.

11 posted on 07/03/2014 1:56:43 PM PDT by x1stcav ("The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.")
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To: Rusty0604

Bravo! Care to describe what you said to them?

Yesterday I had a long phone conversation with one of my school board members. He had been quoted in the Washington Post, in an article about our county, Fairfax County, VA, in the D.C. suburbs, has schools that are rapidly becoming overwhelmingly non-white, especially hispanic, with kids arriving for kindergarten not even knowing the alphabet, from homes in which Spanish is the only language spoken. Whites are literally disappearing as the county becomes more and more non-white, overrun by foreigners.

In the article, he had first griped about how county taxpayers were being expected to foot the bill to educate all the illegals and fresh-off-the-boat kids of Third Worlders (my words, not his), but in the next quote later on in the piece, he blamed the fact that neighboring Prince William county had in recent years undertaken measures to deal with being overrun by illegals, and that such “intolerance” on the part of Prince William county had driven many illegal families into Fairfax county, where communist congressscumbag Gerry Connolly had announced that they were more than welcome, and would not face any questions from police about their immigration status if they were ever stopped or anything like that.

I called the school board guy and gave him a piece of my mind, about how it was clear that he blamed people trying to do something about lawbreaking for the situation, not the lawbreakers themselves. I harangued him for many minutes about political correctness and how his attitude was destroying our schools and country, etc. He wasn’t even aware of the Immigration Act of 1965, nor did he recognize when I brought up La Raza, La Reconquista, AZTLAN, etc. He actually seemed genuinely interested and intrigued as I described that it is ONLY in majority white countries where all this “diversity” is being deliberately installed as whites are being overrun and essentially genocided out of existence, i.e. London and Malmo, Sweden, both now minority white cities.

He described how his daughters’ classes and classmates were comprised of mostly non-white students, but that they all hung out together and acted as if race and nationality weren’t issues at all....I said that’s all fine as far as it goes, however his claims about how it’s just the way our country is now, and is increasingly becoming, as if it’s some kind of incidental and natural occurence/progression, are nonsense—it’s all due to deliberate policy decisions by people in power who have subverted our immigration policies as part of a consciously anti-white agenda. He seemed honestly astonished and I could tell he had never really encountered anyone who presented a coherent argument that went counter to the politically correct, “diversity is our strength” b.s.

12 posted on 07/03/2014 2:12:30 PM PDT by IChing
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To: IChing

It was a long conversation. At first they told me that they were only suspending my daughter and not the minority child because our society had to make up for the years of discrimination suffered by minorities at the hands of whites. My daughter was sitting in the meeting with us, and I asked them to look at her as an individual and explain to her how it is justice for her to pay for things that happened before she was born. (silence)

Then I explained to them that my kids were never taught prejudice and didn’t even know it existed until they were forced by bus to attend a school where they were a very tiny minority. There they were treated very badly by the students and staff, because they were white and spoke English, and it was in their schools that they learned that some people hate because of the color of one’s skin. They didn’t learn it from me.

I also told them that if they were going to continue to discriminate against my child it would not be the last they heard from me.

13 posted on 07/03/2014 3:12:17 PM PDT by Rusty0604
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To: IChing

“The True History of the Southwest,” by Matthew Bracken, 2014

The fallacies surrounding the history of the Southwest are staggering, chief among them the “Aztlan” fairy tales. What is the truth? How did the Spanish Europeans conquer the Southwest? The “conquistadores” (that means “conquerors”) did it with the lance, and the lash.

For example, in 1541 Coronado entered present-day New Mexico (which included present-day Arizona during the Spanish era) searching for the “lost cities of gold.” One of his first actions upon meeting the natives was to burn hundreds of them alive in their dwellings for not handing over suspected horse thieves. That is how Spain conquered the natives of the present US Southwest—not with hugs and kisses. It was certainly no love-fest between long-lost brown-skinned soul-mates, as it is often portrayed today by the delusional Aztlaners, who spin the “new bronze race of Mestizos” toro-mierda fable.

By 1821, Mexico City was strong enough to overthrow the even more decrepit and ineffectual Spanish colonial rule. However, the distant provinces of the current U.S. Southwest were far beyond the reach of the authority of the independent but strife-torn and financially insolvent newborn government in Mexico City. These distant northern provinces received neither military protection nor needed levels of trade from the nascent Mexican government. Under Spanish colonial rule, trade with the USA was forbidden, but at least Spain provided trade and Army protection from hostile Indian attacks. Under Mexican abandonment and neglect, the Southwest received neither trade nor protection from Mexico City.

For example, Comanches and Apaches ran rampant in the 1830s in the power vacuum created by Mexican neglect, burning scores of major ranches that had been active for hundreds of years and massacring their inhabitants. Mexico City could neither defend nor keep the allegiance of its nominal subjects in these regions. Nor did it provide needed levels of trade to sustain the prior Spanish colonial era standard of living. Mexican governmental influence atrophied, withered and died at the same time that American pathfinders were opening up new routes into the region.

Increasingly, a growing United States of America was making inroads into the Southwest, via ships into California, and via wagon trains of trade goods over the Santa Fe Trail from St. Louis. The standard of living of the Spanish inhabitants of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas subsequently increased enormously, which is why they did not support Mexico City in the 1846-48 war. In fact, the Spanish-speaking inhabitants of the Southwest never considered themselves “Mexicans” at all, ever. They went, in their own eyes, from Spanish directly to American. To this very day, if you want a punch in the nose, just call a Hispanic native of New Mexico a “Mexican.”

So how long did these self-proclaimed (but newborn), free and independent Mexican governments have even nominal jurisdiction over the American Southwest? For only 25 years, during which time they had no effective control, and the area slipped backwards by every measure until the arrival of the Americans. The Spanish inhabitants of the Southwest never transferred their loyalty from Madrid to Mexico City, because all they received from the chaotic Mexican governments was misrule, neglect, and unchecked Indian raids.

Since then, how long has the area been under firm American control? For over 160 continuous years, during which time the former Spanish inhabitants of the region, (all the while full American citizens), have prospered beyond the wildest dreams of the Mexicans still stuck in Mexico. To compare the infrastructure, roads, schools, hospitals etc. of the two regions is to understand the truth. The Mexican government has been mired in endemic graft, corruption, nepotism and chaos from the very start until today. The ordinary Mexican peons have been trampled and abused, while only the super-rich elites have thrived. This is why millions of Mexicans want to escape from Mexico today, to enjoy the benefits of living in America that they can never hope to obtain in Mexico.

And because today Mexico is a corrupt third-world pest-hole (despite having more millionaires and billionaires than Great Britain), we are supposed to let any number of Mexicans from Chiapas, Michoacán or Yucatan march into the American Southwest, and make some “historical claim” of a right to live there? From where does this absurd idea spring?

At what point in history did Indians and Mestizos from Zacatecas or Durango stake a claim on the American Southwest? (2014 update: Add the citizens of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and any other nation who can reach our unguarded border.) Neither they nor their ancestors ever lived for one single day in the American Southwest. The Spanish living in the Southwest in 1846 stayed there, and became Americans by the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. There were no Spanish inhabitants of the Southwest who were marched to the border and driven into Mexico. It didn’t happen. The Spanish in the Southwest welcomed American citizenship, which brought stability, protection from Indian raids, and a vast increase in their standard of living with the increase in trade with America.

In summary, no current inhabitants of Mexico (or Guatemala, etc.) have a claim on even one single inch of the American Southwest. Not one single citizen of Mexico is sneaking into the United States to reclaim property their ancestors were deprived of. Not one. They are criminal invaders and colonizers, pure and simple.
It’s time Americans learned the true history of our Southwest, as a counter to the currently prevalent “Aztlan” fairy tales put out by “La Raza” (The Race), “the Brown Berets of Aztlan,” “MEChA” (the Student Movement for Aztlan, whose very symbol is a lit “mecha” or fuse on a dynamite bomb), and other radical (and usually openly communist) anti-American groups.

2014 post script: The U.S. Constitution, in Article 4, Section 4, still mandates that the executive branch—President Barack Obama—must protect the states against invasion. Instead of protecting the states from invasion, our rogue president and his gangster henchmen are now intentionally and with forethought laying open our national borders, and are encouraging and assisting the invaders.

How is this not treason?

14 posted on 07/03/2014 3:16:04 PM PDT by Travis McGee (
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To: IChing

Decades ago a lot of migrants would come here and work temporarily and then go home. Why did they go home? Because they weren’t citizens and weren’t eligible to receive education for their children, free healthcare, food stamps and subsidized housing. That would have been unheard of back then. How things have changed.

You are correct, this is a deliberate attempt to turn our country into a third world ....hole, financed by the few remaining citizen taxpayers.

15 posted on 07/03/2014 3:34:12 PM PDT by Rusty0604
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To: Rusty0604

Truly excellent way that you handled it! Thank you for describing.

16 posted on 07/03/2014 5:16:47 PM PDT by IChing
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To: IChing

No wonder Americans have been arming up the last few years now.

17 posted on 07/04/2014 3:58:19 AM PDT by Biggirl (“Go, do not be afraid, and serve”-Pope Francis)
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