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U.S. Betrays Military Men Who Protected Brazil from Communist Threat
Last Days Watchman ^ | Julio Severo

Posted on 08/04/2014 8:40:07 AM PDT by juliosevero

U.S. Betrays Military Men Who Protected Brazil from Communist Threat

By Julio Severo

Henry Kissinger once said, “In this world it is often dangerous to be an enemy of the United States, but to be a friend is fatal.”

Brazilian military officials, who made significant sacrifices to protect Brazil from the massive Soviet, Chinese and Cuban communist threat in the 1960s and 1970s, will know what Kissinger meant.

According to the Brazilian paper O Globo, by a resolution of President Barack Obama, the U.S. government has created a task force to identify documents produced between 1964 and 1984 regarding the “crimes” committed by the Brazilian military to repress communism.

This task force will help the “Truth Commission” created by a Brazilian government laden with “former” communist terrorists intent on revenge against military men.

The O Globo report said that U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden has delivered 43 U.S. documents to the Brazilian government under Marxist Dilma Rousseff, who was a member of a communist group that committed slaughters, bank robbery and terrorist attacks in the 1960s.

The Brazilian Armed Forces, which during that time received U.S. assistance against the communist threat, have been under increasing attack from the ruling Left. However, whereas their counterparts in other Latin American nations have been condemned and jailed, they have barely been able to survive the massive government and media onslaught from the Left. Now, with the official assistance of the U.S. government, they will be condemned for saving Brazil from Soviet, Cuban or Chinese “democracy.”

The Brazilian Armed Forces were not perfect, and definitely, they were not representative of a genuine democracy. But without them, Brazil would be today a communist hell, a gigantic Cuba. It is not so because of them and American assistance.

America was not perfect either. John F. Kennedy, for example, was more focused on his lovers supplied by the Mafia than on the Soviet Union and communism. Even so, we supported him, because the Soviet menace was vastly more dangerous than his immoral lifestyle.

According to O Globo, the U.S. Embassy in Brazil is in constant touch with the Brazilian socialist government to provide more U.S. papers against “crimes” by the Brazilian Armed Forces against communist militants.

Reportedly, according to the leftist New York Times, “One of the most egregious cases of military abuse was the destruction of a rural guerrilla group in the Amazonian region of Araguaia in 1972. A small band of 62 anti-military combatants was wiped out—there were no prisoners or survivors; no information whatsoever was ever provided to their families.”

In 2009, I talked to an old evangelical minister from Araguaia. As he told me, about 3,000 recruits had been sent by their commanding officer, who expected to face a militarily inexperienced communist force. They were mistaken. The recruits, mostly 18 and 19-year-olds, were decimated. Corroborating the minister’s narrative, a Lutheran told me that one of these recruits was from his Lutheran church in Brasília, Brazil. The young man was sent to Araguaia and never returned.

What the Brazilian Army did not know was that the militant Araguaia guerrillas had been trained in China and Cuba. After all, they were members of the Communist Party of Brazil. After the massacre, special military forces were sent to Araguaia, and the communist guerrillas were treated the same brutal way they treated the young recruits.

Today, Brazilian socialists — including Dilma Rousseff — do not point out the communist threat to Brazil. They just say that they wanted to bring “democracy” to Brazil — the same ideological tyranny ruling in Cuba and the Soviet Union.

Undeniably, Brazil did not have a democracy, and for democracy, I mean the political system America’s Founding Founders had envisioned — without Masonry and its schemes of New World Order, of course. But at least Brazil had a military rule that protected the basic rights of its people. My mother accepted Christ during this time by hearing Billy Graham and next she was spiritually encouraged by the preaching of Rex Humbard and Pat Robertson. All of these American preachers were present on Brazilian television, some daily, while the Brazilian Army was protecting Brazil from an ideological threat that would have exterminated the Brazilians’ freedom to hear the Gospel.

While Brazil was solving the Araguaia guerrilla problem in the early 1970s, Henry Kissinger was preparing his infamous NSSM 200 (National Security Study Memorandum 200). According to Dr. Brian Clowes, who wrote an excellent essay, “Exposing the Global Population Control Agenda,” the primary purpose of the massive U.S.-funded population control efforts has been to maintain access to the resources of less-developed countries, and Brazil was included in the NSSM 200 as specially targeted.

Dr. Clowes said, “NSSM 200 is critically important to pro-life workers all over the world, because it completely exposes the unsavory and unethical motivations and methods of the population control movement.”

According to Clowes, NSSM 200, also known as the “Kissinger Report,” was the result of collaboration among the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Departments of State, in an effort to reduce the world population, through the United Nations and other international agencies, to meet the strategic interests of the U.S. government.

I doubt much that the Founding Founders had envisioned a nation exploiting others. I doubt that they would have called it a democracy.

Kissinger was right: It is fatal to be a friend of the United States — this is, of the U.S. government. Now the U.S. government is helping the Brazil Truth Commission to condemn the Brazilian military men who, despite their imperfections, kept the communist threat out and Billy Graham, Rex Humbard and Pat Robertson in Brazil.

I could add that it is equally fatal to be a friend of the World Council of Churches (WCC), which has worked for many years to defend Brazilian communists and is helping the Truth Commission too. The WCC behavior, in its socialist passions, is a betrayal against Christian brothers and against the Gospel.

Yet, it has never been fatal to be a friend of Billy Graham, Rex Humbard, Pat Robertson and other American followers of Jesus Christ. In my case, I have been greatly blessed by my friendship with American followers of Christ, and I can say that during the military rule the greatest blessing Brazil ever experienced was the public and free preaching of Billy Graham, Rex Humbard, Pat Robertson and many others.

The Brazil Truth Commission, now helped by the U.S. government, will perpetuate the lie that communists wanted just to bring “democracy” — which means now, for the current socialist White House, to impose the gay agenda around the world, and which means, for the current socialist government in Brazil, to mimic it.

If the Truth Commission were really about truth, it would confirm that there was a communist threat. It would also confirm that during the military rule in Brazil, different from communist tyrannies, there was total freedom for the greatest Truth: the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The biggest socialist threat today is the imposition of abortion and the gay agenda. As ever, the preaching of the true Gospel is the biggest hindrance to this threat.

Human beings, even nations, cowardly betray — as shown by Kissinger. But Christ never betrays.

The betrayal against Brazil did not begin with Obama. In the 1970s, Jimmy Carter was supporting WCC in its efforts to help communists in Brazil. Some of them, including socialist Presbyterian ministers, were exiled to Geneva, the WCC headquarters, others to the U.S. Then papers were produced by both against the Armed Forces in Brazil. Now the Obama administration is delivering these and other materials as a final blow.

And, of course, NSSM 200 is the biggest U.S. betrayal against Brazil, and other nations.

I hope that the Brazilian military men who are being treated as criminals by the Brazilian and U.S. socialist governments accepted Christ after hearing Billy Graham, Rex Humbard and Pat Robertson, because only Christ can help them now.

Portuguese version of this article: EUA traem militares que protegeram Brasil de ameaça comunista

Source: BarbWire, via Last Days Watchman

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KEYWORDS: biden; billygraham; brazil; military
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1 posted on 08/04/2014 8:40:07 AM PDT by juliosevero
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To: juliosevero

The left are the puppets of the devil.

2 posted on 08/04/2014 8:45:29 AM PDT by dragonblustar ( Psalm 103, Psalm 37:7, Ephesians 6:12)
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To: juliosevero

ISIS is rounding people up and shooting them in the head and we see little if anything in the media about that and it’s happening right now.

Islam, communism, marxist’s, nazis. All the same.

3 posted on 08/04/2014 8:45:55 AM PDT by isthisnickcool (NO MORE IRS!)
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To: juliosevero

The more I learn about this administration the more I hang and shake my head in disbelief that this has happened to this once great country.

4 posted on 08/04/2014 8:49:37 AM PDT by rhubarbk (It's official, I'm suffering from Obama fatigue!)
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"Is freedom anything else than the right to live as we wish?
Nothing else."


God bless this site, this Free Republic.
Please click the pic

5 posted on 08/04/2014 8:50:20 AM PDT by trisham (Zen is not easy. It takes effort to attain nothingness. And then what do you have? Bupkis.)
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To: juliosevero

Expressing my reaction to this news right now would get me arrested for sure.

6 posted on 08/04/2014 8:52:01 AM PDT by skeeter
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To: juliosevero

Documentation File on the 2014 Impeachment of B. Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro a former Foreign Student from Indonesia, and still a legal Citizen of the Sovereign Nation of Indonesia.

7 posted on 08/04/2014 8:57:51 AM PDT by Graewoulf (Democrats' Obamacare Socialist Health Insur. Tax violates U.S. Constitution AND Anti-Trust Law.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 1 | View Replies]

To: juliosevero
U.S. Betrays Military Men Who Protected Brazil from Communist Threat

Under the current regime, we betray our own MILITARY on a daily basis, so what are the prospects we'll keep our word for others?

8 posted on 08/04/2014 9:01:36 AM PDT by The Sons of Liberty (Deliver us, oh LORD, from the EVIL that has befallen our once Great GOD fearing land!)
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To: juliosevero

Doesn’t this tell you what they really are?

9 posted on 08/04/2014 9:09:34 AM PDT by dalebert
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To: The Sons of Liberty
so what are the prospects we'll keep our word for others?

10 posted on 08/04/2014 9:13:24 AM PDT by UCANSEE2 (Lost my tagline on Flight MH370. Sorry for the inconvenience.)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 8 | View Replies]

To: juliosevero

Obama may just walk away when his term is over, but the puppeteers that pull his strings are here to stay.

11 posted on 08/04/2014 9:16:12 AM PDT by oldbrowser (We have a rogue government in Washington)
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To: juliosevero
“crimes” ... against communist militants.

No such thing. The only good communist is a dead communist.

People here are fixing to find out why places like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and a whole truckload of even less fortunate former nations, have experienced deaths in the tens of thousands every time the pendulum swings between communist and something resembling freedom.

Our differences are not reconcilable. Free citizens are willing to live in peace. Communists will not, and cannot, allow that. The very existence of a communist is dependent on leeching the lifeblood from productive humans, something they will never be.

12 posted on 08/04/2014 9:31:16 AM PDT by meadsjn
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To: juliosevero

Thank you for this.

13 posted on 08/04/2014 9:49:24 AM PDT by frog in a pot (We are all in the same pot.)
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To: juliosevero
The Brazilian Armed Forces were not perfect, and definitely, they were not representative of a genuine democracy.

In other words--to cut to the chase--they agreed with James Madison, recognized as the "Father of the Constitution"--that "democracy," was the major threat to liberty. (See Federalist Paper #10.)

Frankly, one of the most compelling testaments to the abject moral corruption of much of our mass media, is that they continually babble about "democracy," "democratic," etc., without the slightest reference to what the Founding Fathers actually thought about that malaise--i.e., the various forms of mob rule.

There is no way that the pretense that it was our purpose to promote "Democracy," can be justified on the anvil of truth. None! Nor can moral values ever depend upon a mere counting of noses, as to who believes what. There is truth, and there is duty; solemn oaths & personal honor. And there is no way that the Leftist pretense of virtue will ever find credibility among those who care for truth, duty & honor.

William Flax

14 posted on 08/04/2014 10:30:16 AM PDT by Ohioan
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To: juliosevero


15 posted on 08/04/2014 10:34:58 AM PDT by McGruff (Seems like some are more interested in protecting Ukraine's border than ours)
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To: juliosevero

thanks for posting,

is there no limit to where this administration will go to extend its evil,

Its coming America, brace yourself, you voted for it, not once but twice,

16 posted on 08/04/2014 12:11:38 PM PDT by captmar-vell
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To: Ohioan

Due to the imposition of universal suffrage via constitutional ammendment, have we not become a de facto Democracy?

If all of the groups that have been enfranchised by ammending the Constitution still weren’t allowed to vote, the marxists would not hold a single office.

The Founders didn’t put a right to vote in the constitution for a reason.

You can still call the USA a Republic, but when imbeciles have the vote, democracy is in effect.

They marxists are even now trying to abolish the electoral college, and have succeeded in implementing direct election of Senators.

17 posted on 08/04/2014 1:46:50 PM PDT by Rome2000
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To: juliosevero

Some files are better SHREDDED when a bunch like this administration is about to take power. I remember Clinton’s people SHREDDING EVERYTHING in sight before Bush-43 took over...not that they had anything to fear, unfortunately.

18 posted on 08/04/2014 7:31:11 PM PDT by BobL
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To: captmar-vell

These betrayals started soon after the Cold War ended. The arrest of Noriega, the falling out with Saddam Hussein, these were military leaders we no longer needed to contain communism. Before that the desertion of Argentina’s military leaders (in the Falklands War) was an omen of things to come once we no longer feared communism in a particular area.

These countries were called “Cold War orphans”; they are mostly in the Third World, and when the Cold War ended so did our political and financial support for their anti-communist governments.

19 posted on 08/05/2014 3:27:22 AM PDT by kearnyirish2 (Affirmative action is economic warfare against white males (and therefore white families).)
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To: kearnyirish2

Thanks, and don’t forget Mubarak,

The USA has been ill served since Bush 1, and its been downhill ever since,

They have all been NWO globalists and future dupes actively working to enable the evil spirit that’s coming,

I have little confidence that no matter who is elected, they will continue with this downward trajectory to hell until we fall victim to it ourselves,

20 posted on 08/05/2014 6:38:54 AM PDT by captmar-vell
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