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Why Leftists Love Unaccountable International Regimes - And Why We Should Be Wary
Free Republic | 06/26/2016 | walford

Posted on 06/26/2016 5:49:38 PM PDT by walford

In the context of the recent "Brexit" referendum in the UK, the following is a discussion as to why the Left is so fond of unaccountable international organizations -- and why we should therefore be wary.

"[Anxiety about the economy, terrorism and mass migration are providing] fertile terrain for reactionary politicians and demagogues peddling xenophobia, nationalism and isolationism." - US Vice-President Joe Biden
Obama Says Brexit Vote Reflects Fears of Globalization

"People are waking up to realize that, look, this is potentially a misguided protest vote, but it is a protest vote, and politics is not working for a lot of people," says Brian Klaas, a fellow in comparative politics at the London School of Economics. He says the results will demand greater responsiveness from politicians, so that frustrations do not drive greater nationalism and isolation.

"In order to break that cycle you need to have statesmen and stateswomen who are willing to show that the rest of the world’s problems don’t necessarily need to be addressed by turning inward," he says. "No matter what walls you build or how many borders you create, [the problems] are here to stay. There is a global society now."

"Germany and France led demands on Saturday for Britain to negotiate a quick divorce from the European Union, with Paris warning that populism will otherwise take hold after the vote to leave the bloc sent shockwaves around the world.”

"Xenophbia...nationalism...isolationism...fear of globalization...populism.”

In this context, ‘populism’ refers to Our Betters’ frustration that the general population still having the ability to exert influence upon leadership and policy as our ‘failing’ to appreciate that a very few who are smarter, well-informed -- and are obviously of better character -- know what’s best.

Elites who are insulated from the consequences of their own policies are not experiencing what havoc ceding our respective national sovereignties to unaccountable international bodies -- and opening our borders to those who do not value our freedoms, culture, people, etc. -- is wreaking upon the general population. We are invested in freedom, the prosperity it brings, as well as preserving a way of life that has led the world technologically, economically and culturally.

Leftists don’t talk about freedom regarding anything they advocate -- including being hell-bent upon relinquishing individual choices to a centralized national regime, which is itself should be subordinate to multinational organizations that are not subject to popular mandate.

Leftists don’t believe in freedom -- particularly for a public they fear and disdain. To them, freedom is hedonism only, which is not the same thing. Real freedom comes with responsibility. Hedonism is more about indulging fleeting urges and then staving off consequences. It is a very dangerous, juvenile mentality in which we are reveling in our power, but do not care so much about how wielding it so recklessly can threaten our future.

Hence, the Left is sold on fostering centralized control in the hands of government officials while encouraging hedonism for the masses. As we indulge in profligate spending at taxpayers’ expense, copulate with whatever moves, abort ourselves to extinction, squabble with each other over spoils, treat our neighbors as if they are means to an end, become increasingly divided upon ethnic, religious, class lines, etc. -- we are more easily distracted from the fact that we are being lorded over by an arrogant, cruel elite.

In an essay I wrote about the UN over a dozen years ago in the context of it's response to America's 2003 ouster of Saddam Hussein, I explained that the Western Left believes that the principle cause of strife in the international arena is the fact that there are separate nations operating in a Hobbesian 'State of Nature.'

Also noted is that a small overlapping cadre also holds that the optimal means to implement a Master Plan for society is via a singular global regime. As True Believers, Leftists cannot tolerate ideological/social competition in debate nor application. The pervasive control and economic degradation that typifies Utopian government is far more difficult for the lumpenproletariat to accept if others are enjoying freedom and prosperity elsewhere.

So this is what underlies the objection that the Leftist elites have to rejections of "globalization" from the general public -- such as Great Britain's people choosing to leave the European Union. It is being fraudulently portrayed as ignorant rubes who are afraid of foreigners, don't think we can compete in a global market and do not see that we are interdependent with the rest of humanity.

It is, in fact, possible to appreciate interdependence and also value national sovereignty -- and accountable governance.

The reality is, national sovereignty makes it so the best aspects our respective ways of life are preserved and allowed to continue improvement. More importantly, it ensures that when a given regime is taxing/regulating too much, if its policies are too oppressive, people can vote with their feet -- and their dollars.

Sovereign nations should have the right to determine who has the privilege to immigrate into our homelands. We should know potential immigrants' actual identities, their backgrounds -- and insist that only those who will respect our ways as well as live peacefully and productively amongst us shall be admitted. That is not racism. That is being resolved to survive and flourish as a people, because we appreciate that Western civilization is, on balance, a force of good for the world.

The Left, however, is hell-bent upon demographically overwhelming our nations with those who do not value our freedoms, culture and people -- and refuse to assimilate. And that means, the protestations of race-mongers notwithstanding, adopting the ways of the host nation, contributing to the culture and participating in creating a richer, stronger, better society for the future. [The fact that immigrants favored by the Left are unaccustomed to freedom and come from places where questioning authority can be hazardous to one's health is an added bonus for the elites.]

Instead, many of these un-digested new neighbors expect us to adjust to their backward savagery in our own homelands. As their numbers increase, so are our women being increasingly subject to sexual assault, disrespect and other mal-treatment. In response, our leaders pedantically admonish us that Western women living in Western countries must adjust their dress and behavior to accommodate a culture that essentially regards them as livestock.

Hence, there is increasing reluctance to accommodate EU demands to take in 160,000 more of such people in their homelands. This is not "xenophobia." This is a justifiable wariness based upon what is going on right now in Europe. The people of the UK have obviously had enough -- and this sentiment is indeed being echoed on the Continent and in the United States as well.

We are seeing in the Western world an increasing backlash from the general population as it experiences the consequences of Leftist policies affecting them economically, socially and with respect to national and personal security. The elites in politics, academia, the media, entertainment industry and large corporations are more alienated from the rest of us than ever as their interests and ours increasingly diverge under the ratcheting fascist plutocracy that collectivism fosters.

They have long gotten away with undermining our ability to support ourselves, degenerating our vital social mores as well as seducing us into trading our freedoms and personal empowerment for the false security of dependency. Two generations of dumbing down, indoctrination and propagandization has borne fruit to some extent as we see the politicians responsible for our suffering being re-elected on tanking economies -- and, fostering via neglect, increasingly unaccountable criminals at home as well as emboldened enemies from abroad.

Despite their disproportionate influence, however, we have been seeing more popular resistance as destructive centralized control within and from outside our borders is increasingly being questioned -- and rejected. We are seeing prospective leaders who are selected for us by the elites eschewed in favor of those who at least appear to be outside that toxic influence.

It remains to be seen just how far the arrogant minority who have lorded over us -- and undermined our ability to fend for ourselves -- will go to retain their disproportionate influence upon policy, and our lives.

In consequential elections and referenda, expect the media to continue distorting what the elites advocate/oppose -- and what those who stand against them do and say. The press has long since abandoned being the watchdog on the people's behalf. It is now part of the Ruling Class and tells us only what they think we should know -- for their benefit, not ours.

Academia will continue enforcing mediocrity and indoctrinating the next generations into going-along-to-get-along under 'benign' tyranny. The entertainment industry will continue showing us a warped mirror of ourselves, fraudulently depicting the 'consequences' of not adhering to Secular Humanist hubris and dogma.

The Courts will continue to rule as if they are the bulwark against popular will when the people, through our elected representatives, don't "get it right" via enacted laws. Large corporations that are more adept at influencing bureaucrats than offering efficient, valuable goods and services, will continue using their political connections to keep their labor forces beholden, underpaid due to union-favoring regulations and a refusal to stop illegal immigration -- and also shield them from smaller competitors who cannot afford to hire lobbyists.

Increasingly, we are seeing that, even with all of this going against us, the Silent Majority is roaring loudly. But will the politicians who are responsible for this degradation on all levels allow themselves to be peaceably removed from office? Will they respect the expressed will of the voters -- even as our ballot boxes are stuffed with votes cast by the dead, non-citizens here illegally, cartoon characters and the like?

The Left certainly sees that our entire civilization is at the tipping point toward oblivion -- and therefore smells blood. Is the next step declaring States of Emergency and suspending elections? They will have to decide whether enough of us have been made ignorant, impoverished and disfranchised enough to avoid touching off a civil war if they do what lies in their heart of hearts: impose a form of medievalism in which leadership is determined by political/economic connections.

We shall see just how far they are willing to go.

TOPICS: Government; History; Society
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My take on Brexit and the larger implications regarding unelected, unaccountable international organizations
1 posted on 06/26/2016 5:49:38 PM PDT by walford
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To: walford

Great post

2 posted on 06/26/2016 6:18:45 PM PDT by Extremely Extreme Extremist (Moderate Muslims are the fans cheering for blood during a hockey game)
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To: sauropod


3 posted on 06/26/2016 6:38:45 PM PDT by sauropod (Beware the fury of a patient man. I've lost my patience!)
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To: walford

I sure hope you write professionally. That was very good.

4 posted on 06/26/2016 9:36:13 PM PDT by lafroste
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To: walford

Sounds like the similar fear among the ruling class about Napoleon.

5 posted on 06/27/2016 4:51:04 AM PDT by bravo whiskey (Never bring a liberal gun law to a gun fight,)
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