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To: Pinkbell

I understand how frustrating it is to listen to the democrats’ constant lying. It is comforting to hear someone else going through a Clinton speech lie by lie and debunking with rational thought as you have done. I do it all the time in my head. I don’t need the information so much since I already know democrats lie - but the commiseration is welcome!

I’m going to make a suggestion only because I don’t want to see you drive yourself crazy: don’t expect to win an emotionally driven (irrational) argument with truth and reason. The democrats abandoned honesty and reason a long time ago.

Their entire political strategy is based on pandering to the “have-nots” for votes by building a mythology of class divisions and blame, and by pandering to social parasites that feed off the resulting economic disequilibrium. It’s called Marxism. For decades they have constructed a whole language of lies (political correctness and “settled” science) and have enlisted the press, beauracracy, hollywood celebrity crowd, and grant-based academia as their army of liars and brainwashers.

All they do is lie, and the vast pool of democrat voters are either the parasites that benefit from the lies, or the innocent dupes who believe them. Neither of these groups are going to respond to a rational argument or rebuttal from republicans, no matter how reasoned or eloquent.

I think Trump understands that the liars have to be defeated, not by acting presidential and politely debating, but by political warfare: identify weaknesses, vulnerabilities, chinks in their armor. Unannounced sneak attacks. Linguistic kill shots like “crooked Hillary”.

The best weakness Trump has identified is that the democrats’ “solutions” always seem to put America second. This is why from the beginning he focused on borders, terrorism, 2nd amendment, outsourcing, over regulation and over taxation.

I think Trump will win in a landslide not by wasting his energy rebutting their lies and denying he is whatever name they call him - but by saying “America First” over and over again and by exploiting the Democrats’ biggest weakness: they have NOT put America first.

23 posted on 09/04/2016 6:39:45 AM PDT by enumerated
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To: enumerated

Thanks for you kind post. Yeah, that’s the thing with liberalism; it often appeals to emotionalism. I’ve debated liberals, and some of the debates have devolved into name calling. It seems you can put forward a well thought out, constructive argument, and all it takes is for someone to appeal to emotion and give a bumper sticker slogan, and it’s hard to respond. The left knows appealing to emotion works. That’s why they always like to paint our candidates as anti-woman, anti-gay, racist, bigoted, etc. It works in the world of many people (the type of people interviewed on the street by Mark Dice, Jesse Watters, and Jimmy Kimmel), especially youth, and I’m sure there are some voters who will go to the polls thinking they have to vote for Hillary because Trump is a racist and the next Hitler (which is what liberals are painting him as).

I know fully this will have no impact on hardcore Hillary supporters or liberals, but maybe a moderate might stumble on it who is undecided or maybe some of the responses to individual anti-Trump talking points can be used.

Trump gets frustrated with the lies out there about him - no doubt about it. He used to rail against the media at his rallies for a while, but he is now focusing aim on Hillary and policy. He is willing, like you said, to paint her as corrupt, to go for the jugular, in a way that many Republican candidates don’t. That’s the thing about liberals. Sometimes they don’t get into policy - they will paint their opponent as crazy, bigoted, phobic of one group or the other, etc. They will mock the conservative through comedians using shows like Saturday Night Live, Colbert, etc.

I agree with you that Trump needs to keep hammering it home to voters that the policies of the Democrats have not been helpful to America and that his policies will put America before the big banks, corporations, lobbyists, globalism, elite, etc.

I hope you are right and that he does win in a landslide. I don’t know if he’ll do that based on what we have just been discussing, but even if he wins by a mere one vote, that will work for me.

34 posted on 09/04/2016 2:05:43 PM PDT by Pinkbell (Liberal tolerance only extends to people they agree with.)
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