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Sodomites and Power: Either You Let Us Destroy The Church, or We Will Destroy The Church
Ann Barnhardt ^ | 9/15/17 | Ann Barnhardt

Posted on 09/17/2017 12:14:03 AM PDT by LibWhacker

I have received many emails from folks thanking me for discussing the Antipapacy and the ascendancy of the apostate anti-church, and how consoling it is. I hear you. There is much more to say and discuss.

The first thing I want to discuss is a theme that I have been desperately trying to convey for years, namely that “they don’t actually believe any of that Catholic bullshit“. Still, after all of this, so many comment boxes and written commentary simply can’t understand how it is that Antipope Bergoglio, Fr. James Martin, Ethh Jay (the notorious faggot priest who is aggressively pushing sodomy), and all the rest could possibly, possibly be saying and doing the things they are doing, and why other men are NOT doing the things that they SHOULD be doing. After all, the things they are saying and doing (or not doing) are literally destroying the Church and driving souls into eternal damnation.

Um, I’ll go ahead and repeat myself if it will help.

Not only do these men not actually believe what The Church teaches, a significant percentage of them actually hate The Church itself, and they hate God Himself. They are consciously at war with God and His Holy Church. They are consciously trying to destroy it, and to “hurt God” as much as they can. Folks, it is nothing less than this.

I have an anecdote sent in by a friend of the blog who, while on pilgrimage a few weeks ago, was able to have a good conversation with someone who is very close to the liberal religious orders. The contact said, in no uncertain terms, that the aging-to-death religious orders are HAPPY that they are dying out because they HATE the Church and view The Church and their own orders as they were founded as “unjust”. These orders not only do not lament that they have no new incoming vocations, but they consciously, actively drive away any young people who come inquiring, because they consider any young person joining a religious order OF ANY KIND as a “waste of their life”. Needless to say, these auto-destructing religious orders hate with a fiery passion the traditional orders, which have young vocations out their ears, because THEY WANT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH TO DIE. They view young people joining a religious order or even the diocesan priesthood as “the perpetuating of an unjust system”. These groups consider it their vocation to once and for all rid the world of the unjust, patriarchal Catholic Church. Every nun, monk and priest that dies and is not replaced by a new vocation is a VICTORY to these people, an advance, moving them one step closer to their goal of totally eradicating The Church.

But, but, but Ann! If they eradicate The Church, they won’t have a matrix within which to operate!

Ah, this is why what is happening now is a unique historical pivot and not merely “the same-ole-same-ole” corruption that the institutional Church has always suffered. Up until now, corrupt elements in The Church did not desire the destruction of the One True Church, precisely because the One True Church was, in fact, the legitimate entity that they were happy to use as the front for their racketeering organizations. But now, what these people see is that there is a “replacement” for The One True Church being built and prepared, and, they all hope, will soon be unveiled, and The One True Church will be eradicated. The replacement is, of course, the apostate anti-church, which Antipope Bergoglio and his claque of demon faggots are busily preparing, and will serve as the ultimate, perfected racket.

The reason the enemies of Christ and His Church are no longer content to subsist quietly within the One True Church is because they know that a “better” matrix is coming soon – a matrix that will be even more conducive to their agenda of acquiring power, money and sex, and for fighting their unholy war against God Himself. That matrix is Bergoglio’s post-modernist, Freemasonic apostate anti-church.

Let’s now talk more about power, specifically in the context of sexual perversion.

In my research on Diabolical Narcissism, one of the first concepts I came across was the Diabolical Narcissist’s hatred of God. Naturally, given my focus, I was immediately VERY interested in this notion. Why, I had always wondered, would all of these arch-heretic and sodomite priests and nuns become priests and nuns in the first place if they hated God and His Church? It seemed that the answer must lie in the psycho-spiritual pathology of Diabolical Narcissism. Since the Diabolical Narcissist is essentially the human version of a demon, a fallen angel, it makes perfect sense that eventually a Diabolical Narcissist will turn on God, and declare war on Him, because this is the defining action of the demons. There is no greater subject to declare oneself “above” than God.

The demons, when shown the eternal plan for God to incarnate as a Man, a Man born of a woman, were filled with prideful rage at the notion of not just worshiping and serving God Incarnate, but also of having above them, as their Queen, a human woman – the Blessed Virgin Mary. That’s right. It wasn’t just Our Lord that they so resented, it was also His Mother. As a very interesting aside which will someday be its own essay, what we see here is the explanation as to why male sodomites hate and despise good women, and tend to associate with train-wreck women. Male sodomites want to surround themselves with women to whom they can point and say, “See? THAT is why I have sex with other men. Who in their right mind would want to wake up next to that crazy bitch, or ANY woman, every day for the rest of their life?” Good women are kryptonite to fags because good women are a living indictment and reminder of their own crippling depravity. Bad women are a ratification of the sodomite’s depravity. Hence life rule #72 for women: If the fags don’t hate you, you need to examine your conscience.

In somewhat the same vein, albeit on an infinitely higher level, sodomites hate God because God will never, ever ratify their sick, perverted lusts. So, it becomes a power play. The sodomite, hating God, wants to try to gain the upper hand on God. Sound crazy? Let’s put it in the context of what is going on right now inside the Vatican. And let’s personalize it. Let’s take as an example a sodomite priest operating inside the Vatican (of which there are many – it is almost a pre-requisite for the job). He is well-known inside the Vatican and Roman Curia as someone to call for sodomy. Let’s call this priest… just making something up here… Luigi Capozzi. Why in the world would anyone in their right mind WANT to engage in sex acts with such repulsive old men as, say, Cardinal Coccopalmerio, or Cardinal Paglia, or any of the rest of them? These are NOT physically attractive men. What is the draw?


This Vatican sodomite (of which there are many) could write out a list as long as his arm of all of the priests, monsignors, bishops and even cardinals that he has engaged in sodomy with over the years. He could, in theory, by going public, bring down the institutional Church. THIS is his satisfaction. This knowledge that he holds not only these men’s reputations and careers in his hands, but even more than that, that he COULD, if he so chose, rock the entire institutional Church to its very foundations, and God, endowing and respecting every human being’s free will, would be, in a sense, helpless to stop it. In this, the sodomite believes himself to literally have power over God Himself. But power is addictive, and there is never enough. So, very rarely does the sodomite “go public”, because to him, the greatest satisfaction comes not from the sodomitical acts per se, which only last a few minutes, and the orgasm only a few seconds, but rather from the entire LIFE of luxuriating in the feeling of power, not just over other people, but even over God Himself. To characterize the luxuriating in power through potential blackmail as “masturbatory” would be apt.

What about the seminaries? There are a non-trivial number of young sodomite men who enter seminaries with the specific goal of hustling sodomy with the seminary rector and/or professors, the local bishop, and visiting prelates, with the conscious goal of acquiring blackmail power and sodomizing their way into a cushy career, with eventually a new generation of cute boy hustlers lining up to offer themselves to them.

But it isn’t just the Vatican. It is everywhere: government, Hollywood, the business world, anywhere that there is a matrix of power, there are Diabolical Narcissists, both homosexual and heterosexual, looking to leverage sodomy or fornication into power, even if that power is never explicitly wielded, and is used only as a source of Narcissistic Supply. And it isn’t exclusive to homosexuals. There are women who chase and try to seduce priests – they are referred to as “chalice snatchers”. These women luxuriate in the thought that a priest, when given a choice between being a priest of Jesus Christ, and having sex with them, chose to have sex with them. Thus, the woman “beats God”, and sadly today, some of them go out of their way to make sure that no one forgets it. There are women who chase married men. Homewreckers. There are women who chase powerful men within the business world to advance their careers. There are women who chase rich men. Golddiggers. There are women who chase men of a different nationality in order to gain citizenship to said country. Mail order brides. There are women who chase mentally retarded professional athletes. Kardashians.

And, obviously, the power dynamic works the other way with regards to sodomites. Older men will seek out younger, or less-powerful men, in order to feel a sense of power and control over them, and to tell themselves that they are so powerful and attractive that cute, young guys line up to s**k their d**ks. This is why sodomy is rightly called “vampiric”. Men who were raped or sexually abused as children or teenagers will often become sodomites themselves precisely because they want to exert power over others, oftentimes over men or boys younger than themselves (in order to “undo” the powerlessness they felt when they were raped or abused as children or teens), or they will seek out older men in order to feel the sense of blackmail power outlined above in order to avenge the sense of powerlessness they felt when they were abused as children or teens.

So, back to the Vatican. What we see now is a claque of God-hating Freemasons and faggots who, enabled by the silence, fear and inaction of the steadily-dwindling number of believing Catholics inside the Vatican, have brought the chessboard to nothing less than this:

“Either you let us destroy The Church, or we will destroy The Church.”

Either you shut up and go along with our agenda to destroy the institutional Church and establish the apostate anti-church, or we will destroy the institutional Church by exposing that most of the Curia, and more than half of the priests today are faggots, which will destroy the institutional Church.

It is the ultimate catch-22, conceived in the mind of satan himself.

One press conference by one of the few remaining faithful Catholic prelates could change the world in a matter of seconds, and open up a clear path out of the catch-22 described above. But none of them will do it.

Only supernatural intervention can reverse this now.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.

Christ, have mercy on us.

TOPICS: Conspiracy; Politics; Religion
KEYWORDS: catholic; church; destroy; sodomites
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1 posted on 09/17/2017 12:14:04 AM PDT by LibWhacker
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To: LibWhacker

I just said to a friend...I really think Jesus did not have the current Church in mind when he sent His friends into battle....I Love Jesus and God and Mary and the Holy Spirit. I will no longer tolerate the pope, priests, cardinals bishops, reverends, pastors inmans,.etc...ever ever agin. Who the hell are they to tell me how to converse with my Team?? Farg them. And Catholics? listening to man priests who suppress their erections and desires and are counseling people who don’t?. WTH? The hypocritical bunch of them will all end up in hell. Dang, these idiots destroyed my perception of God during my childhood.

I actually hate the system and some of the people in it, perpetuating the fraud of speaking on behalf od God when thet are the exact same humanity that slaughtered His Baby Boy.

2 posted on 09/17/2017 12:29:32 AM PDT by RacerX1128 (Cornered in CA)
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To: RacerX1128

God is still crying

a guy i once knew told me he posited to Big Papa
or one of His Assistants,
he told me he asked in his head:

“Why do tragedies happen?

...and sometimes to good
decent people,
honest people, etc.
and sometimes
the bad guys live to 101 years,
eating 3 squares
a day in ‘public storage’. ”

he then informed me that an answer
came back sort of loud and clear
in his minds eye…
not over
a loudspeaker mind you
or schizo-like
or casper-the-ghost like…

he told me the answer,
was close to the following:

“Because it brings you closer to Me.”

my friend says to himself,

“uh, what? run that by me again
.. please... Sir”

this guy then tells me
he had to “dig to china”
to get to the
true message….


i guess he did…

what he explained to me
in his words was this:

“on the surface, it appears He allows these ‘bad’ events to happen because everybody always seems to find Him when tragedy strikes…

and then forgets about Him
after the wind blows the fog of it

and stay with me on this
one people,
if you dare…” he said,

“a human being in the form
of a man, named Jesus,
arrived on earth and
by the time He passed on
to the next part of The Plan,

He endured
an unimaginable,
horrific, tortuous
a Suffering so severe,
inside his human form
and out...

one man

against the…

...against humanity,

what humanity had become..”

“His loving, immediate support group?

not anywhere to be found,
being held back on the ‘sidelines’,
unable to offer any human contact,
a touch of love…

not even from His Mother

who had to watch
her baby Son die
in front of Her eyes…

…in a manner
any mother
would instantly
disintegrate from.

His Mother,
Her Son,
prevented from
comforting each other…

by humanity…”

“despite what is reported
in one form or another,
most of us
have a chance
to say goodbye to loved ones..

if we were spiritual enough
to handle it,
we’d be saying goodbye
at night,
and hello
every morning,

of our talking lives…”

…..“The Savior of the World
and the Woman
who was
by God
to be His Mother,

who gave birth to Him,

received no such

nothing, nada, zip…

hung up to die
in a manner worse
than the
2 common criminals
on either side of Him…”

“…Papa’s Baby Boy

Little Boy…”

“The Almighty Creator
of Heaven
and the Entire, Endless Universe,

an Unfathomable


we killed
Baby Boy…


“we murdered
Papa’s Little Boy

His Son….

a Son
Whom most
of humanity
and casually
deem as
their Savior….

His Only Son,
A Son
He Divinely

“…and little old,
full of ourselves
as usual,

thinking endlessly
day in and day out
and our individual lives
money and fame and infamy,
the sources of most
of the illusion called earthly power…
so we go out and
acquire useless
our entire lives
only to have
them all
to dust
in a fraction
of His

“and we then apologize
to Him
the day we die
and He Forgives Us…

Invites Us Same
the Descendants of those
who Willfully Slaughtered
His One and Only Son….

He invites us
to Live with Him,

in His House…”

kind friend,
that humanity…

that humanity,

our humanity
the incredibly
insane, selfish
to even inquire
as to

“my heavens dear boy,”
he said,




3 posted on 09/17/2017 12:31:36 AM PDT by RacerX1128 (Cornered in CA)
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To: RacerX1128

The Streets of Jerusalem

what if Jesus were alive today
He was exactly like
what He was like
back then,
when He wandered
the streets of Jerusalem…

no home
no vehicle
no income
no wardrobe
no computer
no cell
no ‘job’
no bathroom facilities
no nail clippers
no toothbrush
no showers

no possessions

just walking through
your local neighborhood
in His robe and sandals
talking to anybody
who will listen..

about God…

claiming His Father was
the Almighty Creator
of the Heavens,
of the Earth..

you pass this Jesus
on the dark street
after leaving your
favorite restaurant
after a lovely evening
spent with your lovely

this Jesus
the Savior
the Jesus
you both
just accepted
into your reborn
hearts and minds

He passes
you by in the night
His Holy Presence
dripping in bitter
human sweat
colliding with
your senses,
His clothes are slightly torn
and tattered
from His wanderings
His Hair
wet & oily from
wiping away
His tears..

would you judge
this Jesus?

would you?

4 posted on 09/17/2017 12:33:02 AM PDT by RacerX1128 (Cornered in CA)
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To: LibWhacker
You are under a strong delusion !

Remember the voice from heaven, saying,
Now ponder this:

So, can you begin to see vaguely through the darkened veil, now ?
5 posted on 09/17/2017 12:36:02 AM PDT by Yosemitest (It's SIMPLE ! ... Fight, ... or Die !)
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To: RacerX1128

The simple truth is that Jesus spoke out against the Pharisses because they made the people a slave to a system in which they could never escape. They needed the priests to offer sacrifices to God and the priests could without access to God for any reason they saw fit. Jesus came so we can seek him directly. We do not need other people to grant us access to God.

6 posted on 09/17/2017 12:42:38 AM PDT by LukeL
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To: LukeL

Like the Pharisees whom Jesus denounced, the Catholics have created a ‘religion’ based on their leadership, and rites, ceremonies, practices, vows, and all of the other trappings. Like the Jews who were blinded by Paheriseical leadership, so too are many Christians deceived by Catholic leadership. Right thinking Christians for years have seen the death legacy of the Catholic church, the evil it has perpetrated through the centuries, the sodomite coverups...can there be any doubt it is a tool of Satan?

None of this seems like news, though I do wonder why FR is so full of Catholic-related articles. Messianic Jews and born-again Christians are unfortunately lumped together with all of secular Jewish and Christian groups, such as the Catholic Church. What a time I have explaining the differences to my non-believing friends. To the real Christians who remain in the Catholic Church, you have my admiration. Keep your faith brothers and sisters, but understand that your organized religion is being used as a tool of Satan.

7 posted on 09/17/2017 2:03:38 AM PDT by Ragnar Danneskj÷ld
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To: Pontiac


8 posted on 09/17/2017 2:40:26 AM PDT by Pontiac (The welfare state must fail because it is contrary to human nature and diminishes the human spirit.L)
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To: LibWhacker

Thanks for posting another good (and disturbing) article from Ann. In these difficult times, I just try and obey Christ’s commands to us, proclaim his Gospel in my actions and words and to continue to pray for God’s Will to be done. “Jesus I trust in You.” God bless.

9 posted on 09/17/2017 3:11:20 AM PDT by Shark24
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To: LibWhacker

I find the term diabolical narcissism very descriptive, accurate, and appropriate.

10 posted on 09/17/2017 3:40:18 AM PDT by Fred Hayek (The Democratic Party is now the operational arm of the CPUSA)
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To: LibWhacker

I love Ann & hope to see more of her posts on FR. I’ve been addicted to her podcasts as well. She says what I’ve been feeling for quite some time.

11 posted on 09/17/2017 3:58:52 AM PDT by surroundedbyblue (Proud to be an Infidel & a deplorable.)
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To: LibWhacker

Ann Barnhardt can sometimes be a little “over the top,” but she’s basically right. She had a good article a few days ago saying that now we have not only an anti-pope but an anti-Church, meaning a parallel and false Church existing side by side with the real Church.

“Anti-pope” is a term that does not refer to heresy or schism, but the proclamation of a pope (in this case, Francis) while the See of Peter is already occupied (in this case, by Benedict). It has happened before in the Church, mostly because of Italian or European political conflicts, and is usually resolved without too much damage to the Church since the situation is generally not theologically based.

However, this time I think we have someone who is consciously an anti-pope, has political and heretical theological motivations, and is trying to build an anti-Church in the shell of the real Church. This also requires driving out any supporters of the true Pope and the true Church, as we see happening now.

12 posted on 09/17/2017 4:04:11 AM PDT by livius
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To: livius

There may be a second wave of Protestantism. The current (unofficial) doctrine of the Catholic Church seems to be Marxism and Perversion. I think a lot of good Catholics are itching to protest that and initiate internal reform.

13 posted on 09/17/2017 4:19:51 AM PDT by ClearCase_guy (Benedict McCain is the worst traitor ever to wear the uniform of the US military.)
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To: LibWhacker

Jesus said He would be with His Church until the end of time and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Any questions?

14 posted on 09/17/2017 4:29:42 AM PDT by jmaroneps37 (Conservatism is truth. Liberalism is lies.)
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To: Yosemitest
Oh, bullpuckey.

The Scripture itself tells you what the "Great City" is -- it's the city "allegorically called 'Sodom' and 'Egypt,' wherein their Lord was crucified".

That ain't Rome, pal. There's only one possible candidate.

The language of Rev 18 echoes that of Jeremiah 25. Compare them! Jeremiah 25 is clearly not talking about Rome.

‘Scarlet’ [is] the color of the Beast and the Harlot, and also of the Dragon [Rev. 12:3], [and] is the color of the Papacy."

The Pope's coat of arms have no scarlet in them; their colors are silver and gold.

The Cardinal’s hats and robes are scarlet.”

The Jewish High Priest wore both scarlet and purple. Look it up.

15 posted on 09/17/2017 4:43:00 AM PDT by Campion (Halten Sie sich unbedingt an die Lehre!)
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To: LibWhacker

At one time, the Western world believed so strongly in its Christian faith, that they banded together to beat back an Ottoman invasion, several times.

At one time, the word ‘no’ was actually uttered in a Christian church, during a sermon covering having sodomites work in the church offices, and no one, I mean no one, questioned it.

Now, I see the Catholic community have a Socialist as a Pope, re-directing all the writings of centuries towards corrupting an institution that was a mainstay. It is beginning to look similar to the ‘universalists’, who are already pictured in a cartoon as a ‘borg’.

Just my two cents.

16 posted on 09/17/2017 4:49:43 AM PDT by Terry L Smith
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To: LibWhacker; All


17 posted on 09/17/2017 5:03:15 AM PDT by PGalt
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To: RacerX1128
I will no longer tolerate the pope, priests, cardinals bishops, reverends, pastors inmans,.etc...ever ever agin.

Here is my simple rule: Never trust a therapist with a toupee, and never trust a man in a dress.

That would include priests, men of dress-wearing civilizations, and cross-dressers.

18 posted on 09/17/2017 5:20:02 AM PDT by Albion Wilde (I was not elected to continue a failed system. I was elected to change it. --Donald J. Trump)
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To: LibWhacker; Bob Ireland


19 posted on 09/17/2017 5:56:52 AM PDT by Bob Ireland (The Democrat Party is a criminal enterprise)
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To: Albion Wilde

The stupidity of freepers never fails to amaze.

20 posted on 09/17/2017 5:57:53 AM PDT by miss marmelstein
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