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Taglinus FreeRepublicus - 43rd Edition
FreeRepublic ^ | September 1 -> Christmas Day, 2004, A.D. | Numerous Freepers

Posted on 12/26/2004 7:49:15 AM PST by jigsaw

Taglinus FreeRepublicus (43rd Edition)

Recent taglines exhibiting Freeper wit, compassion, curiosity,
brilliance, etiquette, modern fonts, proper kerning, etc.

The tagline has really blossomed into a new form of literature.   ~PoorMuttly

God bless Senator Zell Miller.    DaughterOfAnIwoJimaVet, 09/01/04

I fought at the Battle of Kimchi Ridge. The gas...the was HORRIBLE!    donozark, 09/01/04

I'm Bill Clinton, and I'm reporting for booty!    TheBigB, 09/01/04

John Kerry is PeeWee Herman in a Frankenstein costume.    CurlyBill, 09/01/04

Kerry is French for toast.    Drango, 09/01/04

Our kids sleep soundly because soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines stand ready to die for us.    groanup, 09/01/04

The Founding Fathers wanted disagreements as long as we all agree America kicks as* ~Eric Cartman.    Rise of South Park Republicans, 09/01/04

The only 180 that Kerry hasn't done is the one that would release ALL his military records.    George Smiley, 09/01/04

Who knew it would be so much fun to watch a baby learn to grab her toes.    Professional Engineer, 09/01/04

Advantages are taken, not handed out.    Phantom Lord, 09/02/04

I’m Mad as Zell, and I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore.    Congressman Billybob, 09/02/04

If you liked Axis Sally and Tokyo Rose, you'll love Hanoi John Kerry.    T'wit, 09/02/04

Kennedy's float, Mary Jo's don't!    pepperhead, 09/02/04

Kerry, backed by, supported by, lead by, funded by, admired by, COMMUNISTS! It's about VVAW.    stockpirate, 09/02/04

Liberals say they're "Progressive". So is cancer.    babaloo999, 09/02/04

Spitball veteran for Bush.    fhayek, 09/02/04

Three can keep a secret if two are dead.    chalkman, 09/02/04

Yeah, I am a Vietnam Vet, not a War Criminal.    Stashiu, 09/02/04

Executing assigned posting duties flawlessly -- ZERO mistakes.    xrp, 09/03/04

How can the median price of a home in CA be 450,000 dollars? How? Where is the money?    Porterville, 09/03/04

In politics, as in fishing, you don't have to be a genius. You just have to be smarter than the fish.    deport, 09/03/04

Speedy architect of perfect labyrinths.    js1138, 09/03/04

It ain't over till the TRex throws out TF'n.    ProudVet77, 09/04/04

Kerry, the unmitigated Gaul.    evolved_rage, 09/04/04

Where I come from, deeds mean more than words. ~Zell Miller.    ride the whirlwind, 09/04/04

Dick Morris; Before he spoke, supporting Bush was a duty one owed to the fallen. Now, it is an honor.    stockpirate, 09/05/04

Freepers are Frabulous !!!    Texas Termite, 09/05/04

Globalization “is the economic treason that dare not speak its name.”    neutrino, 09/05/04

Hillary becomes the RAT candidate on October 9. You saw it here first.    Jim Noble, 09/05/04

I don't have to know what it looks like to know what it looks like.    Fintan, 09/05/04

The heart is smarter than the head.    Do Be, 09/05/04

The Kerry's paid $677K in taxes $5.49 million of income in 2003 - THAT'S 12%.    Baynative, 09/05/04

Beslan -- the true face of Islam.    Pearls Before Swine, 09/06/04

BREAKING: PETA OUTRAGED, Kerry to use hampsters to fire spitballs.    alisasny, 09/06/04

CEO, VRWC: When you think treason, don't think Benedict Arnold - think JOHN 'Buzzard' KERRY!    DaveMSmith, 09/06/04

CNN's New Slogan: We Distort. You Comply!    The Great Yazoo, 09/06/04

GEORGE WASHINGTON is nothing like HO CHI MINH as stated by Kerry.    HuntsvilleTxVeteran, 09/06/04

Guess what? Your 72 virgins look like Michael Moore!    WhyisaTexasgirlinPA, 09/06/04

I've posted nothing but BTTT over 1000 times!!!    spodefly, 09/06/04

KERRY FLED . . . WHILE GOOD MEN BLED!!    RaceBannon, 09/06/04

Kerry lied, The NYT lied, and 1,800,000 Cambodians DIED    SpeakingUp, 09/06/04

Liberals want "anyone but Bush." Tell them you're voting for Ashcroft. Watch them cringe.    Terpfen, 09/06/04

My name is Timeout....and I'm a blogaholic.    Timeout, 09/06/04

Noise is a byproduct of inefficiency.    NCnodeLOGICBOMB, 09/06/04 I supposed to read the article???    Fintan, 09/06/04

They knifed babies, They raped girls, They forced children to drink their own urine.    Nov3, 09/06/04

US forces armed with what? Spitballs??    alnick, 09/06/04

Wow is wow spelt backwards.    Drango, 09/06/04

AOII Mom -- Oklahoma is Reagan Country and now Bush Country -- Win Another One for the Gipper!    PhiKapMom, 09/07/04

Bling... Bling... It.... On....    Vision Thing, 09/07/04

Have you hugged a Swiftee today?    shezza, 09/07/04

If the Cambodia "lie" 100% discredits John O'Neill, what do 50 Cambodia lies do for Kerry?    Mr. Silverback, 09/07/04

Pick a booger. Vote for Kerry.    jigsaw, 09/07/04

Pooping that hot spicy Thai food this morning was SEARED, SEARED into my brain, I tell you.    gunnygail, 09/07/04

Sorry Kerry, you're 3 decimal places adrift: 3,000,000 not 3,000 "displaced"/murdered SE Asians.    TeleStraightShooter, 09/07/04    Straight Vermonter, 09/08/04

I actually did have a tagline, before I erased it.    Chewbacco, 09/08/04

John Kerry has Designer Genes, doncha know!    jigsaw, 09/08/04

Kerry is a self-made man. He created a doofus.    Samwise, 09/08/04

McBride fell 12 stories, hitting the pavement like a Hefty bag filled with vegetable soup.    Chad Fairbanks, 09/08/04

Pacifism is the haven of many scoundrels.    Helm, 09/08/04

This should be pursued aggressively.    Buckhead, 09/08/04

Abortion: The American Holocaust.    EternalVigilance, 09/09/04

Al Gore: I am Irrelevant, hear me Roar.    WoodstockCat, 09/09/04

Amateur curmudgeon, equal opportunity annoyer.    BucketButt, 09/09/04

Buy Unfit for Command. Donate to It's your American duty.    Jenya, 09/09/04

Can The Ban - let the AWB sunset • •    2nd amendment mama, 09/09/04

CBS - The new Democrat 527.    narby, 09/09/04

Civilization and freedom are only worthy of those who defend or support defending It.    Charlespg, 09/09/04

Harley Riders against Elton John.    ElRushbo, 09/09/04

History teaches that wars begin when governments believe the price of aggression is cheap.    Hurricane Andrew, 09/09/04

I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not too sure............" ~John Kerry.    soozla, 09/09/04

If I don't look busy, it's because I did it right the first time.    SuperSonic, 09/09/04

If you decide to kick the tiger in the'd better be prepared to deal with the teeth.    Bloody Sam Roberts, 09/09/04

It's starting to look like the Poodle has finally screwed the pooch.    Egon, 09/09/04

Kerry is stupid beyond belief!    basil, 09/09/04

Memo to John F'n Kerry - Russia Too Believes in Preemption.    Helms, 09/09/04

Oxymoron is an oxymoron. Oxys=Sharp, keen + Moros=foolish --> moron = oxymoron.    Keith in Iowa, 09/09/04

The enemy is among us; he is us; we know it, we dare not say it - someone will be offended.    Old Professer, 09/09/04

The Log Cabin Republicans AREN'T.    Prime Choice, 09/09/04

The probability of someone watching you is proportional to the stupidity of your action.    Jaysun, 09/09/04

This Message Paid for by United Liberal Cretins of America.    Free ThinkerNY, 09/09/04

VICTORY...........brings peace.    goodnesswins, 09/09/04

Who has yellow cake? I want to weaponize my spitballs.    doug from upland, 09/09/04

You don't create terrorists by fighting back. You defeat the terrorists by fighting back. ~GWBush.    NEBO, 09/09/04

@I Can't Think Of Any Way Rather Will Be Forced to Reveal His Sources or his    YaYa123, 09/10/04

Can Lincoln expect to subjugate a people thus resolved? No! ~Sam Houston, 3/1863.    GOPcapitalist, 09/10/04

FONTGATE: The Media's New Clothes.    Alouette, 09/10/04

Forgive me this day, my daily typos...The Truth is not a Smear!    handy, 09/10/04

Hitlery does not have fat ankles. That's where the hooves show through above the foot.    GeorgiaFreeper, 09/10/04

I'd like to volunteer to build a barn and take you press guys out behind it and kick your asses.    Petronski, 09/10/04

I'm FredZarguna, Founder and President of Fathers United to Counter Kerry.    FredZarguna, 09/10/04

John F. Kerry Timeline -    christie, 09/10/04

John Kerry is really Janet Reno dressed up as a man.    DarthVader, 09/10/04

Justice of the piece: cBS -all your forgeries are belong to us.    Rakkasan1, 09/10/04

Kerry-Edwards or Bury Vets' Words or Verry Leftwards.    hispanarepublicana, 09/10/04

Kerry: Up-the-Mekong-without-a-paddle. ~Mark Steyn.    Maigrey, 09/10/04

Open your Mind, Close the Borders.    RepublicanReptile, 09/10/04

Peace is only halftime !    bert, 09/10/04

People never like what they don't understand.    Calpernia, 09/10/04

President Bush - Four more years! Thanks Swifties.    plushaye, 09/10/04

Society is always taken by surprise at any new example of common sense.    tapatio, 09/10/04

Somewhere, Richard Nixon is smiling.    Roscoe Karns, 09/10/04

Start a call, writing, fax, and e-mail campaign to discourage CBS advertisers.    woodb01, 09/10/04

Sycophantic kerry koolaid sucker. ~ S. Hannity.    mlbford2, 09/10/04

Two Heads Are Better Than One...Unless They're On The Same Person. ~Andy Sipowicz.    joesnuffy, 09/10/04

What's the Font Spacing, Kenneth?    Howlin, 09/10/04

What's the provenance, Kenneth? Where did the forged SeeBS memo come from?    weegee, 09/10/04

9/11 is what matters, not 3 Purple Hearts.    ProudVet77, 09/11/04

At CBS - We don't just report news - we make it.......up.    Keith in Iowa, 09/11/04

Bush Democrats = Zell's Angels.    hoosiermama, 09/11/04

Bush is a God-fearing man with a good heart and a spine of tempered steel. ~Zell Miller.    CyberAnt, 09/11/04

Chris Matthew is Zell Miller's b*tch!    mattdono, 09/11/04

END the 'dnC'BS "news" trash... - GIVE THE STORY LEGS!!!    woodb01, 09/11/04

Funny how militant environmentalists always ruin the lawn.    JennysCool, 09/11/04

I believe a person can be honest and lie about any number of things. ~Dan Rather.    Republican Wildcat, 09/11/04

If only the Pentagon had run those WMD memos past FReeper Buckhead.    TaxRelief, 09/11/04

It's the soldier, not the reporter who has given US freedom of the press.    OldFriend, 09/11/04

JohnKerry deserves to be the last casualty of the Vietnam War.    onyx, 09/11/04

Keep Marriage Normal.    libertylover, 09/11/04

Kerry's new slogan "IT'S NOT THE STUPID CANDIDATE SO STOP SAYING THAT."    Texasforever, 09/11/04

Kerry/Edwards - Forging a New Reality.    Socratic, 09/11/04

Limousine Liberal--a man who has his cake, eats his cake, and complains that other people have cake.    stands2reason, 09/11/04

Thank you Rush Limbaugh-godfather of the New Media.    Jeff Chandler, 09/11/04

Watch for a CBS employee in a trench coat going by DeepWord.....    mabelkitty, 09/11/04

We'll cross all our tee's and dot all our.....lower case j's.    JPJones, 09/11/04

Zydecodependent.    martin_fierro, 09/11/04

Father in Heaven, take command of America and her Mission, her leaders, her people, and her troops!    TEXOKIE, 09/12/04

It is the black heart of Islam, not its black face, to which millions object.    LibWhacker, 09/12/04

Jesus, I don't have anything to give you today, but just me. I give you me!    The Mayor, 09/12/04

John Kerry--three fake Purple Hearts. George Bush--one real heart of gold.    Dont_Tread_On_Me_888, 09/12/04

My font's bigger than your font....    saluki_in_ohio, 09/12/04

Then, in a clattering crescendo of keystrokes, the issue exploded in cyberspace.    arbee4bush, 09/12/04

There are thousands of men of higher moral character than Hanoi John Kerry waiting on Death Row.    editor-surveyor, 09/12/04

They are all Mike Spanns.    patriciaruth, 09/12/04

This message prepared with MS-CBS Word 72 software.    atomic conspiracy, 09/12/04

/wearin' my jammies!    DietCoke, 09/13/04

Always remember the Lord, Never forget the Lord.....    Jivana108, 09/13/04

Authenticity of this tagline verified by Dan Rather.    catpuppy, 09/13/04

Dolphin free tuna tastes like crap.    shotokan, 09/13/04

Even Jane Fonda apologized. Will you, John?    Luis Gonzalez, 09/13/04

I once forged my school report card....Boy!!! Did I get beat!!!    Focault's Pendulum, 09/13/04

It Takes A Zippo To Raze A Village: The John Kerry Story.    Big Guy and Rusty 99, 09/13/04

It's not about Vietnam- it's about John Kerry's lies about Vietnam.    lawgirl, 09/13/04

John Kerry Says He Can Do a Better Job of Implementing President Bush's Policies.    MJY1288, 09/13/04

Kerry could have left 'Nam within a week if Purple Hearts were awarded for shots to the foot.    dirtboy, 09/13/04

Kerry, Kerry, quite contrary-is that manure making your garden of blooming useful idiots grow?    F.J. Mitchell, 09/13/04

Kerryquiddick - It's all about forging documents and selling out America!    Tacis, 09/13/04

Read governsleastgovnersbest, and leave the acid reflux to us.    governsleastgovernsbest, 09/13/04

Specializing in unnecessarily harsh comments.    BadAndy, 09/13/04

The internet is the newspaper of record.    Savage Beast, 09/13/04

There are no solutions, only trade-offs.    Conservomax, 09/13/04

Twenty years of votes can tell you more about a man than twenty weeks of campaign rhetoric. ~Zell.    exhaustedmomma, 09/13/04

Vietnam-era Vet - Still fighting Hillary's half-vast left-wing conspiracy.    SmithL, 09/13/04

We need socialized healthcare... the dum-o-rats have run out of prozac.    backinthefold, 09/13/04

With fire, sword, and stinging whip I drive the Rats in terror before me.    A Balrog of Morgoth, 09/13/04

Zell Miller for Secretary of Defense against liberals! [jeez spitballs.. now thats funny!]    Americanwolf, 09/13/04

A hugh series Stuned beeber user since 08/04 .    codyjacksmom, 09/14/04

After all these years, Jim Robinson, AT LEAST, owes me a new car...    Libloather, 09/14/04

America is an idea, not an address.    Woahhs, 09/14/04

An Khe, Pleiku, DakTo 68-69.    Unruly Human, 09/14/04

As herself, a "strainge wuhmmuhn taken wit' lyin' in ponds distributin' swords..."    Watery Tart, 09/14/04

Bush-Bad, Kerry-Worse. Don't go from Bad to Worse...    null and void, 09/14/04

CBS - All The News That's Fit to Fake.    Professional Engineer, 09/14/04

Eliminate voter fraud = Eliminate demonrats!    Good.V.Evil, 09/14/04

Emperor Dan Has No Pajamas.    jigsaw, 09/14/04

Here's to swimmin with bow legged women!    feinswinesuksass, 09/14/04

Hey, hey, ho, ho ... Kerry, sign the one-eight-oh!    NonValueAdded, 09/14/04

I Rather Know when I See BS.    Chummy, 09/14/04 n. Gatekeeper of the new media.    Noachian, 09/14/04

It is easier for logical men to appear barbarous than for barbarous men to appear civilized.    Radix, 09/14/04

John Kerry reporting for spitball and typewriter duty.    ladyinred, 09/14/04

Live as a bastion of freedom and democracy in the midst of the heart of darkness.    Tragically Single, 09/14/04

Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.    NRA2BFree, 09/14/04

Please feel free to blame my poor spelling on the public school system.    camboianchristmas, 09/14/04

Proudly wearing Free Republic pajamas, just to piss off Dan Rather.    blackdog, 09/14/04

Savor the present as the days of Kerry's whine and poses. It'll be a nice memory when you are old.    WorkingClassFilth, 09/14/04

STOPP Planned Parenthood    Coleus, 09/14/04

The common man doesn't look at me as some rich witch. ~Teresa Heinz Kerry.    JohnnyZ, 09/14/04

The Heavens proclaim His glory!    reagan_fanatic, 09/14/04

This tagline uses IBM Selectric kerning!    Loyalist, 09/14/04

Two-thirds of CBS is BS.    jigsaw, 09/14/04

What America really needs to know about the Candidates is: the age each mastered potty training.    F.J. Mitchell, 09/14/04

<font type=1972 IBM>I am Buck<change typeballs>he<change typeballs>ad    freedumb2003, 09/15/04

A Free Republic, not a "democracy" [mob rule.]    Weirdad, 09/15/04

A life lived for God will count for eternity.    The Mayor, 09/15/04

A proud member of the PAJAMA POSSE - the New Network Media.    Baynative, 09/15/04

A-10 Warthog: World's fastest distributor of T-80 tank parts.    SAMWolf, 09/15/04

And guess who sighs his lullabies, to nights that never end...    Bonaparte, 09/15/04

Ann Coulter was right.    jocon307, 09/15/04

Be vwey vwey quite! I am hunting DU Trolls! ~Elmer Fuwd Free republic member and cartoon icon.    Americanwolf, 09/15/04

Blogosphere ... the 21st Century Revolution.    HoustonCurmudgeon, 09/15/04

CBS collaborates with DNC/KerryKamp.    maica, 09/15/04

CBS Lied and the DNC Cried.    politicalwit, 09/15/04

CBS: Arrogance and Hubris personified.    Darksheare, 09/15/04

Celebrate Scotchtoberfest!    Taquito, 09/15/04

Cream rises to the top, but in a secular culture, so does the slime.    HisKingdomWillAbolishSinDeath, 09/15/04

Dan Rather don't need no stinkin facts, he is a journalist and therefore above reproach.    Conspiracy Guy, 09/15/04

Democratic National Committee --- Forging on for America.    JazzX, 09/15/04

Dick Cheney is MY dark, macho, paranoid Vice President!    Tax-chick, 09/15/04

DNC and John Kerry: Forgers R' Us.    WoodstockCat, 09/15/04

Free Republic - Only as "free" as those that post on it want it to be!!!    MikeinIraq, 09/15/04

Here's hoping Dan Rather chokes on a font ball.    AmericanInTokyo, 09/15/04

I love I can count Dan Rather's sweat beads.    SerpentDove, 09/15/04

I need a new screen name - it’s left over from my Doom/Quake playing days.    MagnumRancid, 09/15/04

I trust NOBODY BUT BUSH! Take W-04....Across America!    JulieRNR21, 09/15/04

I'll vote Republican till the day I die then I'll vote democrat.    Rightly Biased, 09/15/04

I'm on the "democrat diet". I only eat when the democrats say something good about America.    snopercod, 09/15/04

Islam: Men defend most violently, not what they know to be true, but what they fear may be false.    Lonesome in Massachussets, 09/15/04

Islamo-Jihadis and Homosexual-Jihadis both want to destroy civilization.    little jeremiah, 09/15/04

John Kerry found a way to legalize desertion. ~B.G. Burkett 9/12/04 .    Use It Or Lose It, 09/15/04

John Kerry is still facing pajama-clad warriors, and receiving self-inflicted wounds...    Chad Fairbanks, 09/15/04

Kerry's convoluted speaking style correlates with his convoluted thought processes.    Samwise, 09/15/04

Lady of the Rain-slicked Tarmac, She who Sharpens the Vorpal Hockey Stick.    Watery Tart, 09/15/04

Less carrot, more STICK!    FreedomFarmer, 09/15/04

Liberalism - a narrow tribal outlook largely founded on class prejudice.    Happygal, 09/15/04

Liberals love America the way teenagers love an unlocked liquor cabinet...    Zhangliqun, 09/15/04

Member of the semi-naked blogger Political Operative Brigade. To H#ll with pajamas!    Maigrey, 09/15/04

Member: Fathers Against Rude Television.    steveo, 09/15/04

Miss Free Republic High School-1986.    hispanarepublicana, 09/15/04

Morologus es!    netmilsmom, 09/15/04

Most 1973 typewriters didn't, and in the 21st. century this tagline still won't superscript!    Dave in Eugene of all places, 09/15/04

Native American pleading for Truth!    IndianPrincessOK, 09/15/04

Pajamarazzi power!    Petronski, 09/15/04

Part of the proud pajamahadeen since April 2003!    mplsconservative, 09/15/04

Polls are for topless dancers.    fhlh, 09/15/04

Pommie Kinkos!    over3Owithabrain, 09/15/04

Public Enemy #1: Network News!    clyde260, 09/15/04

sKerry shouldn't be playing any sports without a helmet, especially running for office!    alwaysconservative, 09/15/04

Terror Alert - Kerry/Rather Implosion! George W. Bush will protect us - AGAIN!!!    LakeLady, 09/15/04

There are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit and the water and the blood. ~1 John 5:8    D Edmund Joaquin, 09/15/04

Trolls, I've seen toothpicks sharper than your minds!    Darksheare, 09/15/04

War is not fought for peace. War is fought for victory.    jbstrick, 09/15/04

You do know that the Tasmanians, who never committed adultery, are now extinct, don't you?    upchuck, 09/15/04

<fontface="Rather Not">    rdl6989, 09/16/04

A vote for Bush is a vote for security and prosperity!!!!    HowardLSmith.ô¿ô, 09/16/04

BARTENDER: Why the long face? HORSE: Ha ha, old joke. BARTENDER: I was talking to Kerry!    gridlock, 09/16/04

Being humble doesn't mean thinking less of yourself. It means thinking more of others.    fnord, 09/16/04

CBS - We invent, You decide!    IncPen, 09/16/04

Didn't Kerry say in his book he was willing to DIE for his country? Well?    BookaT, 09/16/04

Does a clean house indicate that there is a broken computer in it?    netmilsmom, 09/16/04

Edward R. Murrow, call your office.    Semi Civil Servant, 09/16/04

Even John Kerry's recreation depends on which way the wind is blowing...    kenth, 09/16/04

Founding member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. [I operate the minigun, more fun.]    gunnygail, 09/16/04    boxerblues, 09/16/04

Hurricanes and Kerry/Edwards have 2 things in common - hot air and destruction.    Gabz, 09/16/04

I didn't play Dungeons and Dragons all those years and not learn a little something about courage.    Buttaboom, 09/16/04

If I had a Buckhead moment would I know it?    GVgirl, 09/16/04

In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act. ~George Orwell.    bear11, 09/16/04

Let me repeat this: the web means never having to swallow leftist garbage again. Got it?    OpusatFR, 09/16/04

Let's put flowers & a copy of Post #47 on Nixon's grave. He'd be proud of Buckhead, and most amazed.    AmericanInTokyo, 09/16/04

Memo Depot: where trusted news anchors shop.    an amused spectator, 09/16/04

Mr. Blather... tear down this STONEWALL!!    Stonedog, 09/16/04

Still waiting for one reason to support John Kerry...    anonymous_user, 09/16/04

The FreeRepublic Pajama Press!    demlosers, 09/16/04

The struggle to get the truth has created the success of the new media.    Texan For Truth, 09/16/04

USMC 2D Combined Action Group Viet Nam 70-71.    chesty_puller, 09/16/04

VOTE! NOV 2, 2004 is VETERANS DAY! VOTE!    longtermmemmory, 09/16/04

Wake me up when a liberal has an original idea that does NOT involve raising taxes. ~gunnygail.    aBootes, 09/16/04

Yes, I see things differently, I was a breech birth, I entered the world with a vertical smile.    backinthefold, 09/16/04

Kerry & Edwards: A rich widow chaser and an ambulance chaser...making money the scam fashioned way.    Dahoser, 09/17/04

Liberal Motto: Free Speech for thee only if you agree with me.    boxerblues, 09/17/04

Post #47 - A reply that will live in infamy.    Flyer, 09/17/04

The current Democratic Party would've made Freud quit the business.    WestVirginiaRebel, 09/17/04    Defendingliberty, 09/17/04

A bitter, sour old woman is the crowning work of the devil.    Wiser now, 09/18/04

Dammit, Jim, I'm a FReeper, not a blogger! </bonesvoice> || VRWPJC    Watery Tart, 09/18/04

Dan would RATHER lie.    EllaMinnow, 09/18/04

Tagline Tipoff Hotline.    Darksheare, 09/18/04

Taxation WITH representation isn't so hot either.    Jaysun, 09/18/04

The Religion of Peace ISN'T.    Prime Choice, 09/18/04

Weren't there a couple of giant Buddhist statues in Afghanistan? What happened to them?    broadsword, 09/18/04

Where is that number for FReeper addiction?    endthematrix, 09/18/04

Why do I use spell check when my only reply is ROTFLMAO?????    codyjacksmom, 09/18/04

You get more with a gun and a smile than just a smile itself!    Attention Surplus Disorder, 09/18/04

Free Martha Mitchell......... and Jail Teraaaaaayza - let them run around naked, at least the kids.    beyond the sea, 09/19/04

Hanoi John Forgery le Kerrie was here.    Wardawg, 09/19/04

I was born naturally but raised Cesarean.    Hillary's Lovely Legs, 09/19/04

I wouldn't want to be a liberal’s caps lock key on election day.    lowbridge, 09/19/04

Proud, card-carrying member of JAMMIE NATION.    Timeout, 09/19/04

The Final Score: Buckhead 1, Talking Head 0.    L.N. Smithee, 09/19/04


New Rather sign-off: "Sewage."    Charles Henrickson, 09/20/04

Shouting, spitting, and clamoring for attention.    Charles Henrickson, 09/20/04

Thank you from the bottom of my cubicle.    Quilla, 09/20/04

If they pull the great electronic plug, where will all the ones and zeros go?    pipecorp, 09/21/04


Just thinkin' about women and glasses of beer.    Warren_Piece, 09/21/04

Pay no attention to the Nattering Newbies of Negativism.    Tijeras_Slim, 09/21/04

A FReeper in PJ's beats a CBS anchor in a suit every time.    EDINVA, 09/22/04

Democracy is a process not a product.    F14 Pilot, 09/22/04

Grand Poobah~Benevolent & Protective Order of Irascible Fellows. That's right, I'm a Curmudgeon.    Professional Engineer, 09/22/04

If you shoot from the hip enough times, eventually you'll shoot yourself in the a$$......    Red Badger, 09/22/04

More than two iterations of thought on the same subject is mental masturbation.    rvoitier, 09/22/04

Rather calls Saddam "Mister President" and calls President Bush "Bush".    HuntsvilleTxVeteran, 09/22/04

God answers all prayers. Sometimes the answer is ,"No".    airborne, 09/24/04

Have pajamas. Will FReep.    The G Man, 09/24/04

If not Normal, Spin it.    NormalGuy, 09/24/04

John Kerry is Flakier than a Crisco Pie Crust.    The Real Eddie01, 09/24/04

Kerry Campaign: An army of pompous phrases moving across the landscape in search of an idea.    Richard Kimball, 09/24/04

PJs? Never. FReep in the "Buff".    Drango, 09/24/04

Take the first step in the war on terror - defeat John Kerry.    ClintonBeGone, 09/24/04

They care about what THEY perceive serves THEM and everything else is neither RIGHT nor WRONG just better or worse.    sirchtruth, 09/24/04

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.    boojumsnark, 09/24/04

Yo! sKerry: "Live by the flip, die by the flop." ~Frank_Discussion.    King Prout, 09/24/04

Lone conservative teacher.    Scarchin, 09/25/04

You will NEVER convince me that Muhammadanism isn't a veil for MASS MURDERS. Save your time...    ApesForEvolution, 09/25/04

50 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq now have the chance to live in FREEDOM.    Califelephant, 09/26/04

A bunny-slippered operative in the Vast Right-Wing Pajama Party.    spodefly, 09/26/04

Anaerobic Putrification is my favorite funeral term...    baltodog, 09/26/04

Brothers of the Pajamajahadeen, I declare a pajama fatawa against CBS.    mlbford2, 09/26/04

Fake but accurate ... it’s like saying a body in a pine box is “dead but lifelike.” ~Lileks.    JesseJane, 09/26/04

Free Republic is 21st Century Samizdat.    FormerACLUmember, 09/26/04

I'm a man...I can change...If I have to...I guess.    skip_intro, 09/26/04

John Kerry... Almost as presidential as Jane Fonda.    HairOfTheDog, 09/26/04

Maintain a Questioning Attitude.    rm3friskerFTN, 09/26/04

So SeeBS must think it's OK to plant evidence if you think -- or at least hope -- someone's guilty.    FreeKeys, 09/26/04

Try to avoid the Yahoo! John F. Kerry for president campaign [read: "Yahoo! Election News"]    TitansAFC, 09/26/04

Vegetarian: American Indian term for "Bad shot."    Go Gordon, 09/26/04

When Kerry Farts, You Can Hear McAuliffe's Voice And Smell Lockhart's Breath!    Tacis, 09/26/04

Even a fish on the dock stops flipping eventually. ~James Lileks.    Aeronaut, 09/27/04

I just want to make ignorance painful.    politicalmerc, 09/27/04

I never add to the confusion, I just enhance it.    MoJo2001, 09/27/04

I [John Edwards] will unite a country divided between non-aerosol hair spray and hard-to-hold styling gel.    Liz, 09/27/04

Proud Member of FreeRepublic 's "Pyjama-Hadeen".    theDentist, 09/27/04

Send donations to    PigRigger, 09/27/04

The man who establishes the reputation of rising at dawn, can sleep til noon.    Liz, 09/27/04

This space reserved for GWB to sit beside me.    Carolinamom, 09/27/04

What's the difference between Joseph Goebbels and Michael Moore? About 150 pounds.    CrazyIvan, 09/27/04

When the elites speak their power to our truth, they have given us cause for revolution.    reformedliberal, 09/27/04

Gay means happy and carefree not an abomination.    montomike, 09/28/04

I only eat dolphin-safe veal.    hchutch, 09/28/04

I'm a newbie here, but not to life. Don't even think of imposing your seniority on me.    Jenya, 09/28/04

If you are a liberal, what difference do facts make?    MistyCA, 09/28/04

John Kerry - Lt. Clueless, Junior Grade.    MortMan, 09/28/04

The Democrats: 9/10 girlie-men in a 9/11 world.    TBarnett34, 09/28/04

Truth is the light of the World, shine it everywhere.    DSBull, 09/28/04

Vikings plundered my last tag line.    Redcloak, 09/28/04

I lied, but I lied about the truth. ~Dan Rather.    Conspiracy Guy, 09/29/04

Member of 3rd Pajamahadeen Division, 2nd Boxer Shorts Brigade, 4th Bunny Slipper Battalion.    TXBSAFH, 09/29/04

Thanks to all Veterans for their service to our Country.    Raffus, 09/29/04

The homogeneity of agreement is self-defeating in its monotony.    TaxRelief, 09/30/04

Abortion; Euthanasia; Fetal Stem Cell Research; Human Cloning; Homo Marriage - NON-NEGOTIABLE ISSUES.    Antoninus, 10/03/04

Always ask yourself, does this pass the Global Test?    jwalsh07, 10/03/04

Exuding grim purpose and resolve since 1958.    jocon307, 10/03/04

Mr Kerry, how did we ever get along without you?    mystery-ak, 10/03/04

Rat mantra: "Facts are meaningless! You can use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!"    NewJerseyJoe, 10/03/04

The Clinton poll is 2 to 0 against a Kerry win. All other polls are irrelevant.    Balding_Eagle, 10/03/04

The media will need a stepstool to rise to the level of used car salesmen. ~Ted Koppel.    Tamsey, 10/03/04

Watching Heinz and Kerry show affection is like watching two lobsters in a kung fu movie.    Petronski, 10/03/04

Why are we in Iraq? Just point the whiners here:    newzjunkey, 10/03/04

A vote for Kerry is a vote for a well-manicured gas bag.    syriacus, 10/04/04

Beware of the Politically Ignorant.    BiscuitEater, 10/04/04

cBS- Fourth Column, Fifth Estate, Disinformers.    mnehrling, 10/04/04

First we were digital brownshirts then we were pajamahadeen, now we're the piranha of the internet.    Judith Anne, 10/04/04

How do you ask a hamster to be the last hamster to die for a mistake?    Chad Fairbanks, 10/04/04

International [Global] Test to begin. Please take out your #2 pencils.    borntobeagle, 10/04/04

John F'em Kerry - I was for outsourcing assassinations before I was against it.    steveegg, 10/04/04

Liberalism: The irrational fear of self reliance.    Straight Vermonter, 10/04/04

Live near a liberal college? Want to demoralize Dems? FRmail me to join in Operation Reverse Moby!    Nakatu X, 10/04/04

Orange is Kerry's color. RED + YELLOW = ORANGE. Nuf said?    DollyCali, 10/04/04

There are four candidates in the 2004 presidential election - Kerry, Kerry, Kerry, and Bush.    RockinRight, 10/04/04

What`s the difference between Windows XP and John Kerry? Windows XP works once in a while.    Imaverygooddriver, 10/04/04

Get with the program, Troops don't need body armor against spitballs.    armymarinemom, 10/05/04

John Kerry, better living through multiple choice since 1972.    TheLurkerX, 10/05/04

Mt. St. Helens is nothing compared to the stuff Kerry spews.    oceanperch, 10/05/04

Steve Pitkin: Kerry coached me and others to lie about atrocities.    lysie, 10/05/04

The police never think it's as funny as you do.    DaughterOfAnIwoJimaVet, 10/05/04

Trial lawyers are Endangering Every Patient in America.    gas_dr, 10/05/04

What turns orange in Sept., is carved up in Oct., and is thrown out in Nov.?    Radix, 10/05/04

Before God makes you greedy, he makes you stupid.    RexBeach, 10/06/04

Bender : This is the worst kind of discrimination. The kind against me.    InvisibleChurch, 10/06/04

HEINZ-KERRY - LIFESTYLES Of The RICH & FLAMING! -    devolve, 10/06/04

I hate THe freakin TH keys. I THink I THought....THey THuck!!    zarf, 10/06/04

It's getting hard to see through all of the "white out" on my screen.    Jaysun, 10/06/04

Joined FR as a response to Dan Rather's great blunder.    kfowler1, 10/06/04

Scratch a Democrat, find a traitor.    Bombardier, 10/06/04

sKerry's idea of giving the Iranian ayatollahs nuclear fuel is NUTS -- insanity of the worst order.    FreeKeys, 10/06/04

Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called "walking. ~GWB.    tsmith130, 10/06/04

Somewhere, over the rainbow... Skies are blue...    KiloLima, 10/06/04

Terrorists will "global test" us right off the planet.    JustaCowgirl, 10/06/04

The right wing conspiracy isn't really so vast -- we just work overtime.    Madstrider, 10/06/04

The use of intoxicants is one of the distinguishing marks of the higher types and races of humanity.    feinswinesuksass, 10/06/04

They call me tater salad...    Armedanddangerous, 10/06/04

Wanted: Laura Ingraham's leopard miniskirt picture. Links welcomed!    Terpfen, 10/06/04

What we have lost will not be returned to us.    snopercod, 10/06/04

Winners don't need to hijack airplanes. Winners have an air force. ~P.J. O'Rourke.    Huck, 10/06/04

Dubya - Right Man, Right Job, at the Right Time!    Perdogg, 10/07/04

I exist in the fevered swamps of traditional arcana. ~Cardinal Fanfani.    sinkspur, 10/07/04

I was the kid next door's imaginary friend. Doing my best to piss the liberal heathen off.    xtinct, 10/07/04

I will not amend my beliefs according to someone else’s politically correct straight jacket.    BellStar, 10/07/04

INTEGRITY--Democrats 0, Liberals 0, MSM 0.    gaba, 10/07/04

Kerry-Edwards: Tax & Sue Liberals!    Enduring Freedom, 10/07/04

NPR-When government funds a "news" outlet that has a's no longer's propaganda.    Drango, 10/07/04

Remember: the Lord loves a workin' man, don't trust whitey, see a doctor and get rid of it.    ovrtaxt, 10/07/04

The really great men are always simple and true.    Hildy, 10/07/04

To trust John Kerry is to hate America!    Prost1, 10/07/04

Dan Rather is Geraldo without the humility.    altura, 10/08/04

GLOBAL TEST? Kerry can't even pass the SMELL TEST.    etradervic, 10/08/04

Hand me the duct tape before my head explodes...    DJ Frisat, 10/08/04

I pause to state the obvious- the Democrat Party has devolved into nothing more than a toilet full of hate-pimps.    Armigerous, 10/08/04

I'm commanded to LOVE appeaseniks, but I don't have to VOTE for one as Commander-in-Chief.    syriacus, 10/08/04

Kerry believes that if you rob Peter to pay Paul, Paul will vote for you.    bitt, 10/08/04

Kerry has been shown to be the most liberal Senator in the Senate. That took a lot of hard work. ~GWB.    Aquamarine, 10/08/04

Kerry throws away someone elses medals, drives someone elses SUV, marries someone elses wife, inherits someone elses money, we should vote for him to be P. of someone elses country.    winodog, 10/08/04

KERRY'S GLOBAL TEST: Pleasing those who were bribed by Saddam.    Petronski, 10/08/04

Learn to analyze rationally and extrapolate consequences..they don't teach that in school now.    Ruth C, 10/08/04

May God have mercy upon my enemies, I won't. ~Gen G. Patton Jr.    Condor51, 10/08/04

PRAVDA Means "Truth" in Russian...kinda like NY TIMES Means "News" in English.    goodnesswins, 10/08/04

Proudly FReeping in my invisible pajamas.    Steel Wolf, 10/08/04

Suffering from DITS [Democrat Induced Tourette's Syndrome] since 1992.    pubmom, 10/08/04

Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish. ~Euripides.    MaineRepublic, 10/08/04

Unfit For Command is full of lies... it quotes John Kerry.    tdadams, 10/08/04

W is the Peoples' President ; Kerry is the Elite Establishment's President.    mabelkitty, 10/08/04

We could certainly slow the aging process down if it had to work its way through Congress. ~Will    AZamericonnie, 10/08/04 - See Vietcong Vets for Kerry stuff here!    Seeking the truth, 10/08/04

Need Some Wood?    Porterville, 10/09/04

Opinions~$1.00 Todays Special: Halfbaked~50. cents.    mylife, 10/09/04

Give that man a wand and slap a pair of wings on his back: John Kerry is running for fairy godmother.    Samwise, 10/10/04

I suck at my current job, so PROMOTE me. ~Peter-Principle Kerry.    intolerancewillNOTbetolerated, 10/10/04

If I wanted to see Horsesh*t, I could go out to the barn and see it for free.    A. Morgan, 10/10/04

Let's get dangerous.    darkwing104, 10/10/04

Beware MSM here come the Freepers in Sleepers!    marktuoni, 10/11/04

Burger-Eating War Monkey.    Constitution Day, 10/11/04

Here's my strategy on the Cold War: We win, they lose. ~Ronald Reagan.    yoe, 10/11/04

I think Iraq is the most serious and imminent threat to our country. ~John Edwards.    swilhelm73, 10/11/04

John Kerry is really Joe Isuzu in disguise. Pass it on...    Laptop_Ron, 10/11/04

John Kerry was the only hero from Vietnam; the rest of us were war criminals.    x1stcav, 10/11/04

Let US commanders run the war on terror in iraq.    luvbach1, 10/11/04

Only Arnold would have the stones to say Nixon was the reason he was a Republican.    MattinNJ, 10/11/04

Pobody's Nerfect.    Jersey Republican Biker Chick, 10/11/04

Prevent outsourcing of national defense to France- Vote Bush Cheney.    Scales, 10/11/04

THE MAN will keep you down, until you become a MAN.    UCANSEE2, 10/11/04

These guys really make us work to kill them, but in the end, they're dead. ~Lt.Col. Myles Miyamasu.    Ro_Thunder, 10/11/04

When will the ABCNBCBS lunatic libs stop Rathering to Americans? Answer: NEVER!    Grampa Dave, 10/11/04

X marks the spot... where Charley, Frances and Jeanne crossed paths and where I live!    DocRock, 10/11/04

A Fair and Balanced Decision - GWB in 2004.    Lando Lincoln, 10/12/04

A torpid disinclination negates the inclusion of a tagline with this post.    spodefly, 10/12/04

BREAKING NEWS for MSM! Republican activists participate in conservative forums!    OneLoyalAmerican, 10/12/04

Do Americans Need A Slick Debator or a Bold Defender?    harpo11, 10/12/04

I think John Kerry should be President.........of the European Union.    Choose Ye This Day, 10/12/04

Of all the things I have lost in my life, I miss my mind the most.    stylin19a, 10/12/04

Politically, Saudi Arabia is 18th century France with 16th Century Spain's flow of gold and no art.    Einigkeit_Recht_Freiheit, 10/12/04

Prayers 4 Pres, Family, Advisors and Our Republic In Oct May Be Vitally Crucial.    Quix, 10/12/04

Reputation is what men and women think of us. Character is what God and the angels know of us.    tapatio, 10/12/04

Save time! Boycott everything!    TheBigB, 10/12/04

The left is willing to masquerade as a poached egg if necessary to maintain or regain power.    The Great Yazoo, 10/12/04

The Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.    The Mayor, 10/12/04

Blue Fairy, please make Dan Rather a real boy!    paulklenk, 10/13/04

Dan Rather, "I lied, but I lied about the truth".    Conspiracy Guy, 10/13/04

Ignorance and bigotry are two of the floor joists in the democratic platform.    Conspiracy Guy, 10/13/04

Democrats: The blind leading the stupid enabling the evil.    LiberalBassTurds, 10/14/04

From one of my 13 yr old's friends: "If Kerry is the question, the answer is Stupid."    ozaukeemom, 10/14/04

I'm out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message...    AZamericonnie, 10/14/04

The LORD watches over all who love him, but all the wicked he will destroy. ~Psalm 145:20.    ninergold3, 10/14/04

The simple lie always conquers the more complex truth. [propaganda]    ladyinred, 10/14/04

Toilet paper medicated with aloe is the greatest invention since the electric light!!    zarf, 10/14/04

We will crush Al Qaeda. ~Silky Pony.    Rebelbase, 10/14/04

Without your pretty face that makeup wouldn't have a chance.    fritzz, 10/14/04

Benedeict Arnold was wounded in battle fighting for America, but no one remembers him for that.    NavVet, 10/15/04

Dan the NewsMan says, "Karma sucks, but Nixonian Karma?...that's a B*tch!"    CaptSkip, 10/15/04

Got a lump of coal? Tell Mary Mapes to 'shove it' - in 2 weeks you'll have a diamond.    asgardshill, 10/15/04    OXENinFLA, 10/15/04

If you destroy that machine, you will have to answer to the Pepsi Corporation!    Central Scrutiniser, 10/15/04

Islam. Religion of peace, and they'll kill you to prove it.    Crazieman, 10/15/04

John Kerry: "I'm Oprah! EVERYONE gets a tax hike!"    weegee, 10/15/04

Professional Journalism "Can you smell what a crock they're cookin'?”    Dutchgirl, 10/15/04

When I was born, I was so surprised I couldn't speak for a year and a half !    Baynative, 10/15/04

When the 'Rats break out switchblades, it's no time to invoke Robert's Rules.    guitfiddlist, 10/15/04

Integrity, integrity, integrity. Even Kerry's dying mother knew he didn't have any.    SerpentDove, 10/16/04

It's not a plan, it's an echo.    Dolphy, 10/16/04

John Kerry believes in a right to privacy and in gay rights............ ask Mary Cheney.    GeronL, 10/16/04

The Democratic machine in this country is putrid. ~Teresa Heinz Kerry.    cgk, 10/16/04

Four boxes to be used in defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, ammo in this order!    ArmyBratCutie, 10/17/04

Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh/Loves John Kerry so vote him in!    Homer_J_Simpson, 10/17/04

I own a timber company? That's news to me!! ... Ya need some wood?    spokeshave, 10/17/04

The Leftists think they can tax us into "prosperity" and regulate us into "liberty."    Prime Choice, 10/17/04

John F. Kerry, Man of the people: "Sometimes I drink.............tap water."    Michael.SF., 10/18/04

No More Peace For Oil!!! Down With Tyrants, Terrorists, and Timidcrats!!!! [3-T's For World Peace.]    coconutt2000, 10/18/04

Author: "Bargained for Exchange", "Art & Part", "A Grave Breach"    jim macomber, 10/19/04

Boycotting movies since 1988.    proudofthesouth, 10/19/04

Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; They are our teeth for Liberty.    B4Ranch, 10/19/04

Great intelligence, talent, or fame has no relation to knowing right from wrong or applying it.    fleur-de-lis, 10/19/04

Hey Kerry, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?    leadpencil1, 10/19/04

I have to march because my mother couldn't have an abortion. ~Maxine Waters [D-California]    SquirrelKing, 10/19/04

Kerry is just WRONG period. The wrong man, at the wrong time, in the wrong place.    donnab, 10/19/04

Kerry says "Vote for me I have a plan" - I'm voting for Bush, 'cause he's da MAN!    Theresawithanh, 10/19/04

On November 2, keep in mind what mattered most on 9-11.    JesseJane, 10/19/04

Only losers look for exit strategies. Winners figure out how to win.    kanawa, 10/19/04

So many little bandwidth..................    EggsAckley, 10/19/04

Take responsibility for your life. Vote Republican.    rabidralph, 10/19/04

The most dangerous place in the world today, is in a womb waiting to be born.    Banjoguy, 10/19/04

Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is that they know so much that isn't so.    MikeAbboud, 10/19/04

What if there was something I should have worried about last week?!    Drawsing, 10/19/04

A Lawyer is nothing but a Politician in Larval Form!    50 Cal, 10/28/04

A strong America = a strong world!    RedLightBob, 10/28/04

A vote for Kerry is a vote for his boss, George Soros, supervillain.    Outland, 10/28/04

As one Vet said -- When John Kerry loses, it will be the parade the Vets never had.    Trout-Mouth, 10/28/04

Dan Rather, the most busted man in America.    Brett66, 10/28/04

Don't bother giving me liberty: I'll take it for myself, thanks.    SlowBoat407, 10/28/04

For my stand on any issue, please see "The Complete Works of Ann Coulter."    NYCslicker, 10/28/04

How do you ask a goose to be the last goose to die for the Kerry campaign?    Question Liberal Authority, 10/28/04

John FnKerry........making the truth irrelevant !!!!!!!!    MadelineZapeezda, 10/28/04

John Kerry takes Viagra to improve his posture.    TheLurkerX, 10/28/04

Kerry hunting is like Bush going to a gay disco just to prove he's not homophobic [thanks QLA]    Rebelbase, 10/28/04

Kerry is a Nuanced Nuisance!    Fledermaus, 10/28/04

Look out! He has a bad idea and isn't afraid to use it!    Darksheare, 10/28/04

Republicans - We work so *you* don't have to!    RedBloodedAmerican, 10/28/04

The Fate Of Our Constitution Depends On The Judges “W” Apoints. Vote For “W” !!    NRA2BFree, 10/28/04

The more attracted we are to Christ, the less we'll be distracted by the world.    The Mayor, 10/28/04

Truth, Justice and the Texan Way.    Centurion2000, 10/28/04

We need a leader, not a weather vane. ~Laura Armstrong.    Cagey, 10/28/04

A Monday morning quarterback has never led any team to victory.    Petronski, 11/01/04

Every thought that enters my head requires its own vanity thread.    flashbunny, 11/01/04

I don't worry about Muggers. My biggest fear is Poachers. ~Elizabeth Edwards.    Chad Fairbanks, 11/01/04

I'll keep posting it until you READ IT. Pay attention!    cgk, 11/01/04

Inflation, it's how wars are paid for.    snopercod, 11/01/04

Omitting sarcasm tags gets me in lots of trouble.    txflake, 11/01/04

The fires of life will not destroy you if you're watered by the River of Life.    The Mayor, 11/01/04

They can't riot if they're stuned in disbelief.    pharmamom, 11/01/04

22 year veteran of the Army, AIr Force, Navy. Where I found my best friends.    Piquaboy, 11/02/04

3 Purple Hearts in 4 months w/o missing a day of work? He's either John Rambo or a Fraud.    Fenris6, 11/02/04

AFL-CIO - Where organized labor becomes organized crime.    Ex-Dem, 11/02/04

Certified southern right wing hillbilly nutjob.    jneesy, 11/02/04


I am the FEMALE ALPHA DOG POLITICAL ACTIVIST OF THE CENTURY! I hunt & tree demonRATS... WOOF! WOOF!    LakeLady, 11/02/04

Indiscriminate reprisals strengthen the terrorists. Targeted ones weaken them. Aim is everything.    Rebelbase, 11/02/04

Random Childhood Memory #8: "We can rebuild him. We have the technology."    Tanniker Smith, 11/02/04

Tagline temporarily out of commission due to excessive intake of gin-soaked raisins.    dirtboy, 11/02/04

Vote Or Die means so much more when John Kerry is running.    Petronski, 11/02/04

Voting in NY is like spitting in a sewer.    ken5050, 11/02/04

The Italians have had two thousand years to fix up the Forum and just look at the place. ~P.J. O.    DameAutour, 11/03/04

There is no victory until the will of your opponent is broken.    lavrenti, 11/03/04

Think of who is pithy, yet so attractive to women.    lavrenti, 11/03/04

A weak peace is worse than war. ~Tacitcus.    Dallas59, 11/04/04

Ask not for whom the Freeper freeps, they freep for thee........    Red Badger, 11/04/04

CBS - We Distort, You Deride.    Chad Fairbanks, 11/04/04

Hard to believe that the state of Paul Revere and the Tea Party eventually decided that they preferred a monarchy after all.    edskid, 11/04/04

He's the kind of guy who would fight a rattlesnake and give the snake a two-bite head start.    Eaker, 11/04/04

Honor does not go out of style.    Ramonan, 11/04/04

I'm usually either right or wrong...    beezdotcom, 11/04/04

John Kerry would just be a plain hamburger if it weren't for the Heinz!    voicereason, 11/04/04

Let's face it. Democrats do not deserve to lead America.    JakeWyld, 11/04/04

Michael Moore = a culinary Pinocchio ---- tell a lie, gain a pound.    doug from upland, 11/04/04

My Capitalist Pig FRiends are about to start fleecing the treehuggers of their hard earned penny.    Professional Engineer, 11/04/04

Next order of business: CBS, Viacom, and the RICO statutes.    edskid, 11/04/04

Oh darn, now we'll never know Kerry's 'plan'.    Baynative, 11/04/04

Perhaps he [Arlen Specter] got the message he'd better play ball or have the bat delivered like a suppository...    Keith in Iowa, 11/04/04

Reeling from re-election rapture!    SE Mom, 11/04/04

Sgt. Wanda Dabbs, 22, of the 230th, called out, "That's my president, hooah!" and there were cheers.    Boomer Geezer, 11/04/04

Stay together, pay the soldiers, forget everything else. ~Lucius Septimus Severus, to his sons.    SMARTY, 11/04/04

Terrorism is the Black Heart of Islam, not the fringe!    Free Trapper, 11/04/04

Thanks to Swifties, never enough thanks to Swifties.    Taiwan Bocks, 11/04/04

The Democrats-The unlawful and corrupt leading the uneducated and blind.    JoeV1, 11/04/04

The left would RATHER lie.    RecallMoran, 11/04/04

The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson.    Zacs Mom, 11/04/04

W-innesota ________________ NOT!    wallcrawlr, 11/04/04

We've found more WMDs in Iraq than we've found disenfranchised blacks in Florida. ~Ann Coulter.    King Prout, 11/04/04

Why didn't McCain support the Swift Vets and POW's?    weenie, 11/04/04

Deprogramming the left, one truth at a time.    Sisku Hanne, 11/05/04

Digital Minuteman.    Publius, 11/05/04

FOUR MORE BEERS! FOUR MORE BEERS! FOUR MORE BEERS! ~Teresa Heinz Kerry.    Redcloak, 11/05/04

Hey libs!! Go peel your stupid bumperstickers! You lost!    NaughtiusMaximus, 11/05/04

His hopes were daschled.    Charles Henrickson, 11/05/04

History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or timid. ~President Dwight Eisenhower.    capydick, 11/05/04

I'm John Kerry and I'm relieved of duty.    killjoy, 11/05/04

NYT Headline: "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of CBS", Fake But Accurate, Experts Say.    Lonesome in Massachussets, 11/05/04

NYT/Cbs: "It's fake but true!" | Iran Azadi | Traditional Anglicans:    sionnsar, 11/05/04

Resistentialism - seemingly spiteful behavior manifested by inanimate objects.    Darkchylde, 11/05/04

Support, Prayers and Thanks to our Troops!    GodBlessUSA, 11/05/04

We are swimming and splashing gaily in a pool of the left's bitter tears. [Thx to AppyPappy.]    TheBigB, 11/05/04

We don't need no stinkin' rules of engagement...    astounded, 11/05/04

11/2/2004, the good guys win, power to the people.    Mister Baredog, 11/06/04

Dan Rather plans to spend the winter in Valley Forgery. ~hflynn.    ABG[anybody but Gore], 11/06/04

How many men in their 50's need reminders from mom about integrity?    Tamsey, 11/06/04

Howard Dean's reaction to last Tuesday: GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Do not dub me shapka broham, 11/06/04

It's 10 PM on November 2nd, 2004 - DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR VOTES ARE?    Happy2BMe, 11/06/04

Kneel to heaven with it all !!!    restornu, 11/06/04

Mandate + Senate Majority + House = A Changing America.    NorCal Patriot, 11/06/04

Senate majority - use it or lose it.    G.Love, 11/06/04

1969'ers telling us how to run our government are like 1929'ers telling us how to land on the moon.    JennysCool, 11/07/04

I can't even make a tagline because I'm a GIANT IDIOT!!!    The Hollywood Conservative, 11/07/04

The US is not CEO of the world. We are just the strongest among friends and need to act like it.    Einigkeit_Recht_Freiheit, 11/07/04

This is the best election night in history. ~DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe 11/2/04 .    bikepacker67, 11/07/04

Any man, gay or straight, can marry a woman. That's equal treatment under the law.    Huck, 11/08/04

Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.    b4its2late, 11/08/04

Federal Creed: If it moves tax it. If it keeps moving regulate it. If it stops moving subsidize it.    Moonman62, 11/08/04

For most Americans nowadays, 'under God' means that religion is over their heads.    tm22721, 11/08/04

Get your Viking Kitty patches at    visualops, 11/08/04

Greetings from Militiagan.    cripplecreek, 11/08/04

He's a barf. ~Sophia T., Age 4, on John Sawed-Off Baldrick "I have a cunning plan" Kerry.    Conservatrix, 11/08/04

Liberty is not America's gift to the world, it's the Almighty's gift to humanity. ~GW Bush 4/12/04 .    Heff, 11/08/04

We voted like we prayed.    mariabush, 11/08/04

Where do bigots get the idea that God is as close minded as they are?    trubluolyguy, 11/08/04

Your car's not as cool in person as it is on TV.    rabidralph, 11/08/04

A ‘q’ should always be followed by a ‘u’. I don’t make the rules, Iraq, but I will enforce them.    Mike Fieschko, 11/09/04

I shop for my fillet mignon at Walmart.    najida, 11/09/04

I'm George W. Bush, and I approved this ass-whoopin'!    TheBigB, 11/09/04

If a miserable failure defeated the libs, what does that make the libs?    leadpencil1, 11/09/04

Remember: pingDimocRat lies told often enough became truth to 42% of Americans.    zip, 11/09/04

You can just see the horns sprouting up through that Technicolor hair. ~Zell Miller of Maureen Dowd.    kattracks, 11/09/04

Envision getting off your hippie butt and getting a job.    HungarianGypsy, 11/10/04

I have post-election elation syndrome.    AirForceMom, 11/10/04

I traded freedom for security and all I got were these damned shackles.    gnarledmaw, 11/10/04

It's the "Statue of Liberty," not the "Statue of Security."    FreedomCalls, 11/10/04

Liberty can change habits. ~President George W. Bush 10/08/04 .    texasflower, 11/10/04

Poverty has no causes. Only prosperity has causes. ~Jane Jacobs.    traviskicks, 11/10/04

The Left was beaten by Pres Bush twice & will never have another shot at him... who's dumb?    cgk, 11/10/04

The merit of our Constitution was, not that it promotes democracy, but checks it. ~Horatio Seymour.    joesnuffy, 11/10/04

W's 3.5 million pop vote isn’t a mandate, but algore’s .5 million is??    cardinal4, 11/10/04

Arab Media pulled out of Fallujah; Could we get the MSM to pull out of America??    RaceBannon, 11/11/04

Having more children does not divide your love, it multiplies it!    Westbrook, 11/11/04

Islam is a religion of peace. Strange every murdering psychopath in the world is attracted to it.    LiberalBassTurds, 11/11/04

MSM is RIP.    akorahil, 11/11/04

Nobody who campaigns with Ben Affleck at his side has the right to call anybody an idiot. ~Mark Steyn.    Gritty, 11/11/04

Some people see the world as they would want it to be, effective people see the world as it is.    Luis Gonzalez, 11/11/04

Tell Bush to run up a deficit on his political capital.    Captainpaintball, 11/11/04

We can never repay our veterans...NEVER. Thank you all who served our great country.    DollyCali, 11/11/04

When in doubt hit the throttle. It may not help but it ends the suspense. ~A.J. Foyt.    oldtimer2, 11/11/04

We Fought Zogbyism November 2, 2004 - 60 Million Voters versus 60 Minutes - BUSH WINS!!!    weegee, 11/12/04

All I have seen teaches me trust the Creator for all I have not seen. ~Emerson.    SunkenCiv, 11/14/04

A Kennedy speaking, and the wind from me arse, bear suspicious resemblance..    45semi, 11/15/04

First we had all the money, then we got all the votes, now we have all the fun!    Tax-chick, 11/15/04

If Roe is not overturned, no unborn child will ever be protected in law.    sitetest, 11/15/04

A war mongering, UN hating, military industrial complex loving, Al Qaeda incinerating American.    G.Mason, 11/16/04

If I'm dead, why do I still have to go to the bathroom? ~Thomas Dewey, 1948.    BroncosFan, 11/16/04

If stupidity were painful, the Democrats would NEED paid health care...    irishtenor, 11/16/04

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock. ~Jefferson.    Zacs Mom, 11/16/04

My days of taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.    Dead Corpse, 11/16/04

Never launch a vast project with a half vast plan.    Monkey Face, 11/16/04

The last time Democrats wanted to secede, it was because they wanted the right to own black people.    AbercrombieChick, 11/16/04

Allah is allah outta virgins.    GunnyHartman, 11/17/04

Before you can win the peace, you have to win the WAR!!!    Spanaway Lori, 11/17/04

Blessed be He who by His love has given life to all. ~Final prayer of St. Charbel.    NYer, 11/17/04

Fascists Unhappy Concerning Kerry's Election Defeat.    Chad Fairbanks, 11/17/04

In a just world, Arafat would have died at the end of a rope.    KarlInOhio, 11/17/04

Learn from the mistakes of others. You’ll never live long enough to make them all yourself.    cuz_it_aint_their_money, 11/17/04

Make everyday Veterans Day.    Conspiracy Guy, 11/17/04

Rule #1: There is a God. Rule #2: It isn't you.    paladinan, 11/17/04

Take out the 'dnC'BS "news" trash... SEE --->    woodb01, 11/17/04

The rule of law has become confused with - indeed subverted by - the rule of judges. ~Robert Bork.    newzjunkey, 11/17/04

We did not waver; we did not tire; we did not falter; and we did not fail!! GWB Won!!!!    LUV W, 11/17/04

Don’t fire until you see the whites of the curtains they are wearing on their heads !    JediForce, 11/18/04

Freedom... Protected by the brave so the meek and lazy don't have to get off the sofa.    Americanwolf, 11/18/04

From the Netherlands, who are undefeated in wars against France.    William of Orange, 11/18/04

The apprehension of beauty is the cure for apathy. ~Thomas Aquinas.    Californiajones, 11/18/04

When does it cease to be "Freedom of the Press" and become outright SEDITION?    alancarp, 11/18/04

Big Bang Theory: In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.    FightforFreedomCA, 11/19/04

False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil. ~Plato.    Former Dodger, 11/19/04

Hey, it didn't hit a bone, Colonel. Do you think I can go back? ~U.S. Marine.    endthematrix, 11/19/04

If everyone was healthy the economy would collapse.    American Vet Repairman, 11/19/04

No more obstructionist Senate! Sixty in 06!    Jim Robinson, 11/19/04

Should be called Oil for Fraud and not Oil for Food.    Mo1, 11/19/04

STFU ACLU.    Prime Choice, 11/19/04

There will be no Trolls in heaven.    streetpreacher, 11/19/04

Those who advocate robbing [taxing] Peter to pay Paul...will always have the support of Paul.    Drango, 11/19/04

George W. Bush -- The Terror of the Terrorists.    BlessedBeGod, 11/20/04

Half the Babies aborted would have grown up to be women. What about their "RIGHT TO CHOOSE"??????)    gooleyman, 11/20/04

The left hates the Constitution. Islamic Fascism hates America. Natural allies.    Enterprise, 11/20/04

See the ANTI-DNC Web Portal at --->    woodb01, 11/21/04

The media needs to remember which country provides them with freedom of the press...    Blue Scourge, 11/21/04

Booo Hooo Hooo ... The new liberal battle cry!    LesbianThespianGymnasticMidget, 11/22/04

We cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love. ~Bl. Teresa of Calcutta.    BizzeeMom, 11/22/04

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam - I will either find a way or make one.    Steel Wolf, 11/23/04

Free markets. Free Speech. Free Minds. But no Free Lunch.    FredZarguna, 11/23/04

From Ku Klux Klan to the modern era of the Koo Kleft Klan...the true RAT legacy.    WorkingClassFilth, 11/23/04

Humanity has a poor track record of predicting its own future.    APFel, 11/23/04

It wasn't the GOP who ran sKerry for President and Dems want to think they're the smart ones? LOL!    alwaysconservative, 11/23/04

That "understanding Islam" thing didn't work so well for Margaret Hassan, DID IT?    Baynative, 11/23/04

Warning: FReeping can be addictive and helpful to your mental health.    Just another Joe, 11/23/04

When you are driving toward a wall, you probably should not accelerate.    Einigkeit_Recht_Freiheit, 11/23/04

You can drive from coast to coast and never pass through a single county won by Kerry.    Finalapproach29er, 11/23/04

[[[[[[[[[[[ This tagline closed until further notice- Homeland Security Dept. ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]    GeronL, 11/23/04

If you were still in the womb, would you trust your life to Specter?????    F.J. Mitchell, 11/24/04

I know a great deal about the Middle East because I’ve been raising Arabian horses. ~Patrick Swazey.    Psycho_Bunny, 11/25/04

Ignoranus: A person who's both stupid and an a**hole.    Graybeard58, 11/25/04

Marxism-the creationism of the left.    RightWingAtheist, 11/25/04

I like Democrats, too. Let's exchange recipes.    Prime Choice, 11/26/04

I'm only Left Wing when I play hockey.    Betis70, 11/26/04

GRACE = Gods Riches At Christ’s Expense.    The Mayor, 11/28/04

Islam is as "dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog. ~Churchill.    weenie, 11/28/04

He's with me! And I'm with W.    mad puppy, 11/29/04

If you teach what your history teachers taught you, you will be corrected...    Prost1, 11/29/04

Never piss off a guy who buys his pixels by the terabyte.    martin_fierro, 11/30/04

Oh bother! said Pooh, as he chambered his last round.    tacticalogic, 12/02/04 = Give, you will feel better.    KiloLima, 12/02/04

A city holy to a people who condone and applaud the murder of innocents is a temple of demons.    pa_dweller, 12/03/04

A plan is not a litany of complaints.    JennysCool, 12/03/04

Anyone who has observed pathogenic cultures in a petri dish knows the true nature of islam.    SpaceBar, 12/03/04

Bigger government means clinton won. Less freedom means Osama won. Get it?    snopercod, 12/03/04

DO IT NOW, if you haven't put up a flag on your FR homepage yet,PLEASE.    Mister Baredog, 12/03/04

Remember and pray for Spec.4 Matt Maupin - MIA/POW- Iraq since 04/19/04 .    Graybeard58, 12/03/04

Being tolerant of the intolerant is pretty stupid actually.    RtWngr, 12/04/04

If I were two faced, would I be wearing this one? ~Abe Lincoln.    mass55th, 12/04/04

WARNING: Persons denying the existence of Robots may be Robots themselves.    Petronski, 12/04/04

Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. ~Will Rogers.    fritzz, 12/05/04

Headline of the year: "The Painful Truth: All the World Terrorists Are Muslims!"    JellyJam, 12/05/04

I use the term Blue Cities, not Blue States. PA is red except for Philly, Pgh & Erie.    Ciexyz, 12/05/04

If God doesn’t destroy Hollywood he owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.    sgtbono2002, 12/05/04

Note to GOP: "Deliver or perish" Re: Specter I guess the GOP "chooses" to perish.    Mark in the Old South, 12/05/04

The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they're going to be when you kill them.    DameAutour, 12/05/04

Conservatism begins at home. Security begins at the border. Please, someone, secure our borders.    NJ_gent, 12/06/04

Is it time for "Cowboys and Muslims" yet?    Little Pig, 12/06/04

No kittie! That’s my pot pie!    537cant be wrong, 12/06/04

The day will come when liberals will complain that chess is too violent.    Huck, 12/06/04

The natural progress of things is for government to gain ground and for liberty to yield. ~Jefferson.    Richard-SIA, 12/06/04

This ‘teacher’ is not qualified to teach anything beyond remedial nose picking, and even at that I would want to make sure the cretin had a mining permit.    537cant be wrong, 12/06/04

You will NEVER convince me that Muhammadanism isn't a death cult that must end. Save your time...    ApesForEvolution, 12/06/04

A Freeper is the real man a liberal's girlfriend wishes she had.    Jonah Hex, 12/08/04

I don't know what I said yesterday, but I know what I think, and I assume that's what I said. ~Rummy.    JustaCowgirl, 12/08/04

Pajamahadin Neocon footsoldier of the Haliburton Death squad Digital brown shirts.    edchambers, 12/08/04

The universe is not what it appears, nor is it something else.    zencat, 12/08/04

When encryption is outlawed, rwei qtjske ud alsx zkjwejruc.    newgeezer, 12/08/04

Al Quaqa hits fan, Kerry splattered.    moonhawk, 12/09/04

Democrats are to Diversity and Tolerance as Islam is to Peace.    moonhawk, 12/09/04

Unemployed intellectual...will act like a pompous ass for food!!    trussell, 12/09/04

A mind not centered in God is a mind unhinged.    T'wit, 12/11/04

American by birth. Patriot by choice. Christian by grace.    TonyRo76, 12/13/04

Enrage a liberal- "Happy Birthday Jesus!"    Owl_Eagle, 12/14/04

Half of my heart is in Iraq.    AQGeiger, 12/14/04

It is not true that life is one damn thing after another - it's one damn thing over and over. ~ESV.    Pan_Yans Wife, 12/14/04

Mud slung is ground lost.    Safetgiver, 12/14/04

T'was the night before a non-denominational winter holiday. ~Blue Collar TV.    Brian328i, 12/14/04

Having children is like getting a bowling alley installed in your brain. ~Martin Mull.    glock rocks, 12/15/04

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.    Hildy, 12/15/04

When [not if] Christianity is outlawed, will they have enough evidence to convict you?    OB1kNOb, 12/16/04

I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury.    beyond the sea, 12/17/04

Report illegals and their employers at:    FBD, 12/17/04

The List-O-Links for evolution threads is at my freeper homepage.    PatrickHenry, 12/17/04

There are no converts in Islam... only hostages.    Nakatu X, 12/18/04

Check out my updated website at PERFECT gift for any mom!    homemom, 12/19/04

Politics is a religion substitute for liberals and they can't stand the competition.    hlmencken3, 12/19/04

A desire not to butt into other people's business is eighty percent of all human wisdom.    steve-b, 12/20/04

Dowd wrote that Kerry was defeated by a "jihad" of Christians...Finally – a jihad liberals oppose!    swilhelm73, 12/20/04

Cost of the ink in a signature: .016 cent. A fallen American soldier's life: Priceless.    asgardshill, 12/21/04

Faith is not believing God can. It is knowing God will.    KJacob, 12/21/04

Who is General Chat?    Rebelbase, 12/21/04

"Supporting the Troops" means you want them to WIN.    Choose Ye This Day, 12/22/04

Opinions freely dispensed as advice.    Veto!, 12/22/04

Washington DC RINO Hunting Guide.    bmwcyle, 12/22/04

Quinn's Law: Liberalism always produces the exact opposite of its stated intent.    superskunk, 12/23/04

The difference between Mohammed and Charles Manson is... well... exactly WHAT?    broadsword, 12/23/04

I went to school for 20 years, well I went to the 10th grade twice.    HuntsvilleTxVeteran, 12/24/04

And now you can say -- I read it on the internet so it must be true.    Bob, 12/25/04

He is a very shallow critic who cannot see an eternal rebel in the heart of a conservative. ~GKC.    RosieCotton, 12/25/04

HERTZ: We're #1 ----- AVIS: We're #2 We Try Harder ----- CBS: We're #3 We LIE Harder.    Doctor Raoul, 12/25/04

(Taglinus Note: lowbridge’s tagline here cannot be seen because it is written in invisible ink. Why? To quote lowbridge, “If you saw it, you'd die laughing. Hence the need for the invisible ink.”)    lowbridge, 12/25/04

VISUALIZE 62,019,003 Bush fans.    ChadGore, 12/25/04

Wish me a Merry Christmas! I won't report you to the ACLU.    Right Wing Assault, 12/25/04

With a QB named Kerry, is it any wonder the Raiders are 5-10?    GOP_Raider, 12/25/04

Semper Fi ...... The War on Terrorism is the ultimate 'faith-based' initiative.    NormsRevenge, 12/25/04

Merry Christmas and a happy new term.    AVNevis, 12/25/04

Silent Night, Holy Night, all is calm, all is bright...Jesus, Lord, at thy birth.    NautiNurse, 12/25/04

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1 posted on 12/26/2004 7:49:15 AM PST by jigsaw
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To: jigsaw

it's like "The Year in Review" !!!!

2 posted on 12/26/2004 8:09:07 AM PST by bitt
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To: jigsaw

Yippeeeeee - I made the list! Yeah baby, gotta get a new hat, the old one's too small.

3 posted on 12/26/2004 8:33:12 AM PST by Enterprise (The left hates the Constitution. Islamic Fascism hates America. Natural allies.)
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To: 2nd amendment mama; 45semi; 50 Cal; 537cant be wrong; A Balrog of Morgoth; A. Morgan; ...

Thy tagline is above. Merry Christmas!

4 posted on 12/26/2004 9:24:33 AM PST by jigsaw (God Bless Our Troops.)
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To: camboianchristmas; Captainpaintball; CaptSkip; capydick; cardinal4; Carolinamom; catpuppy; ...

Thy tagline is above. Merry Christmas!

5 posted on 12/26/2004 9:25:19 AM PST by jigsaw (God Bless Our Troops.)
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To: evolved_rage; Ex-Dem; exhaustedmomma; F.J. Mitchell; F14 Pilot; FBD; feinswinesuksass; Fenris6; ...

Thy tagline is above. Merry Christmas!

6 posted on 12/26/2004 9:26:23 AM PST by jigsaw (God Bless Our Troops.)
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To: jigsaw; SAMWolf

What a nice surprise! Thanks and Merry Christmas jigsaw.

7 posted on 12/26/2004 9:27:04 AM PST by snopercod (Bigger government means clinton won. Less freedom means Osama won. Get it?)
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To: JazzX; jbstrick; JediForce; Jeff Chandler; JellyJam; JennysCool; Jenya; ...

Thy tagline is above. Merry Christmas!

8 posted on 12/26/2004 9:27:17 AM PST by jigsaw (God Bless Our Troops.)
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To: NCnodeLOGICBOMB; NEBO; netmilsmom; neutrino; newgeezer; NewJerseyJoe; newzjunkey; ninergold3; ...

Thy tagline is above. Merry Christmas!

9 posted on 12/26/2004 9:28:07 AM PST by jigsaw (God Bless Our Troops.)
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To: sionnsar; sirchtruth; Sisku Hanne; sitetest; skip_intro; SlowBoat407; SMARTY; SmithL; snopercod; ...

Thy tagline is above. Merry Christmas!

10 posted on 12/26/2004 9:28:56 AM PST by jigsaw (God Bless Our Troops.)
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To: All

Thou art all most welcome! Enjoy!

11 posted on 12/26/2004 9:29:44 AM PST by jigsaw (God Bless Our Troops.)
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To: jigsaw

WOW! I made two of them. Thanks for the kudos. That second one was just before my most recent suspension, too!

Weren't there a couple of giant Buddhist statues in Afghanistan? What happened to them? broadsword, 09/18/04

The difference between Mohammed and Charles Manson is... well... exactly WHAT? broadsword, 12/23/04

12 posted on 12/26/2004 9:38:59 AM PST by broadsword (Can't we all just get along like back at the DU?)
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To: jigsaw
I am honored to be in such great company.

Now if I could develop to the point where I could write replies that are worthy of reading ... well one step at a time. ;)

13 posted on 12/26/2004 9:41:10 AM PST by G.Mason ("The foundation of morality is to have done, once and for all, with lying" Thomas Henry Huxley)
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To: jigsaw

I feel honored, this is two times I have made the list.

Kerry, backed by, supported by, lead by, funded by, admired by, COMMUNISTS! It's about VVAW.

And ain't it the truth!

14 posted on 12/26/2004 9:41:36 AM PST by stockpirate (Check out my homepage and learn about sKerry and his Socialist friends.)
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To: jigsaw

Thank you & Merry Christmas to you & yours Jigsaw!

15 posted on 12/26/2004 9:41:42 AM PST by AZamericonnie
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To: jigsaw

You missed one by "A NY GOP GAL" whose freep name I no longer recall:

"Chris Matthews is a Sitzplinker."

And my current one.

16 posted on 12/26/2004 9:42:43 AM PST by Lonesome in Massachussets (Uday and Qusay are ead-day.)
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To: jigsaw

WOW - what a lot of work that took!!!!!

Great job - thanks!

17 posted on 12/26/2004 9:44:08 AM PST by Gabz (Merry Christmas)
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To: jigsaw

Thanks for the nod and the notice!

18 posted on 12/26/2004 9:44:37 AM PST by SlowBoat407 (Couldn't you have stopped shooting at us and watched your baby grow instead?)
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To: jigsaw
Thanks for the recognition. I am thrilled that "RED" thought so also:

19 posted on 12/26/2004 9:45:51 AM PST by Dont_Tread_On_Me_888 (John Kerry--three fake Purple Hearts. George Bush--one real heart of gold.)
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To: jigsaw

Good job!

20 posted on 12/26/2004 9:48:20 AM PST by winodog (We need to water the liberty tree)
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