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Muslims Killing Muslims In Iraq
me ^ | 02/19/05 | me

Posted on 02/19/2005 6:14:41 AM PST by ElisabethInCincy

Freepers : Has anyone compiled a list of links of all the murders done by muslims towards muslims esepcially in Iraq.. Daily we hear of them killing eachother. I would appreciate if anyone can help me Thanks. :)

KEYWORDS: iraq; suicidebombings; terror

1 posted on 02/19/2005 6:14:42 AM PST by ElisabethInCincy
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To: ElisabethInCincy

Are you looking for the number of Iraqis killed since the beginning of the war?

2 posted on 02/19/2005 6:18:34 AM PST by nuconvert (No More Axis of Evil by Christmas ! TLR)
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To: ElisabethInCincy

I have seen no list..I imagine one would have to do search and add them up...Have you done a google search? Some newspaper may have it.

3 posted on 02/19/2005 6:18:48 AM PST by MEG33 (GOD BLESS OUR ARMED FORCES)
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To: ElisabethInCincy

Dunno the exact numbers, but it seems to me we must be approaching 200 since their election day.

4 posted on 02/19/2005 6:20:13 AM PST by anniegetyourgun
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To: ElisabethInCincy

The more I see what is going on over there, the more the insurgents remind me of our own Democrats. Our Democrats were all talk about "fairness," "opportunity," "equalitity,"
then they fell out of power and now are nothing but nonstop fountains of hate and obstruction. They revealed their true selves and all they ever wanted was a hold on power.

The Iraqi insurgents were the same way. "Allah this." "Allah that." "Kill the infidels!" All of that silly crap. When this failed to win anyone over, they turn on other Muslims. It is all about power hiding behind the facade of a barbaric religion.

5 posted on 02/19/2005 6:23:32 AM PST by speed_addiction (Ninja's last words, "Hey guys. Watch me just flip out on that big dude over there!")
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To: ElisabethInCincy

It's Sunni Muslims killing Shi'ite same as they did under Saddam. When has a Sunni mosque or religious gathering ever been bombed? Sunni psycho killers at work who hate Shi'ites and consider any Muslim who cooperates with the Alawi government to be an apostate.

In the Muhammadan world, death is the punishment for apostasy

6 posted on 02/19/2005 6:27:36 AM PST by dennisw (Seeing as how this is a .44 magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world .........)
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To: speed_addiction
"The Iraqi insurgents were the same way. "Allah this." "Allah that." "Kill the infidels!" All of that silly crap. When this failed to win anyone over, they turn on other Muslims. It is all about power hiding behind the facade of a barbaric religion."

"The savior who wants to turn men into angels is as much a hater of human nature as the totalitarian despot who wants to turn them into puppets."

"There are similarities between absolute power and absolute faith: a demand for absolute obedience, a readiness to attempt the impossible, a bias for simple solutions--to cut the knot rather than unravel it, the viewing of compromise as surrender, the tendency to manipulate people and "experiment with blood." Both absolute power and absolute faith are instruments of dehumanization. Hence absolute faith corrupts as absolutely as absolute power." --E. Hoffer
7 posted on 02/19/2005 6:50:06 AM PST by RunningJoke
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To: RunningJoke
" Both absolute power and absolute faith are instruments of dehumanization. Hence absolute faith corrupts as absolutely as absolute power." --E. Hoffer

Only if you impose that faith on others.

I rather like the simple version.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

8 posted on 02/19/2005 7:42:52 AM PST by Earthdweller (US descendant of French Protestants)
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To: ElisabethInCincy

this is not exactly what you are looking for,
but it should get your started

January 6, 2004
Two French nationals working in Iraq were shot and killed after their car broke down in Fallujah.

January 9, 2004
Five people were killed and dozens more injured when a bomb exploded near a mosque in the
central Iraqi town of Baquba.

January 18, 2004
A suicide bomber detonates a pick-up truck laden with 1000 lbs. of explosives at the main gate of
the International Zone, killing at least 20 people and injuring more than 100.

January 31, 2004
Twelve people died and at least 50 were injured in two attacks by Iraqi insurgents in northern Iraq.

February 1, 2004
At least 67 are killed and 247 wounded when two suicide bombers blow themselves up at the Irbil
offices of the two main Kurdish factions in northern Iraq.

February 11, 2004
At least 36 Iraqis were killed in a suicide car bomb attack on an army recruitment center in

February 14, 2004
Iraqi insurgents launched an organized raid on a police station in Fallujah, killing 23.

February 18, 2004
Thirteen Iraqis were killed, and many civilians and coalition troops injured, in an apparent suicide
attack when two explosive-laden trucks were driven toward a Polish military camp in Hilla.

February 23, 2004
At least 13 people were killed when a suicide bomber rammed an explosives-laden car into a
police station in Kirkuk.

February 23, 2004
Insurgents assassinated the deputy police chief of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

March 2, 2004
Iraq suffers its worst day of violence since the war's end, when its majority Shia community was
targeted in a series of sophisticated and simultaneous attacks that killed as many as 223 people.

March 17, 2004
An explosion destroyed a hotel in central Baghdad, killing 27 people and injuring 40.

March 23, 2004
Nine Iraqi police officers and trainees died when gunmen sprayed bullets into a minivan in which
they were traveling south of Baghdad near the town of Mussayab.

March 31, 2004
Four US contractors were attacked in Fallujah and their bodies burned, dragged by cars and strung
up from a bridge by a mob. Five US soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb outside Fallujah.

April 6, 2004
Coalition forces (British, Italian and US) fought Shia and Sunni insurgents on several fronts that
resulted in the deaths of dozens of Iraqis, and at least 15 coalition soldiers.

April 8, 2004
Widespread fighting left 460 Iraqis and 36 US soldiers dead in Fallujah. Three Japanese civilians
were taken hostage.

April 9, 2004
Nine US civilians were killed in a convoy near Fallujah.

April 14, 2004
An Italian security guard became the first hostage to be murdered. Three Japanese hostages were
held for a week and then released.

April 16, 2004
Five foreign hostages were freed but two more were seized, and the insurgency claimed another 30
lives in attacks in Fallujah and other cities.

April 21, 2004
At least 68 people, including Iraqi police recruits and children on a school bus, were killed in a
series of bomb attacks Basra.

May 6, 2004
Six Iraqis and one US soldier were killed when a car bomb exploded at a checkpoint on the edge
of the International Zone in Baghdad.

May 11, 2004
Nick Berg, a US hostage in Iraq, was shown being beheaded by Islamic militants in a video
released on a website sympathetic to their cause.

June 14, 2004
A car bomb ripped through a convoy of vehicles carrying western contractors in central Baghdad,
killing at least 13 people.

June 24, 2004
Insurgents launched coordinated car bomb and grenade attacks in several Iraqi cities, killing at
least 69 people and injuring 270.

July 28, 2004
Sixty-eight people were killed when a suicide car bomb exploded outside a police recruiting center
in central Baquba. Near Baghdad, 35 insurgents and seven Iraqi police were killed in clashes.

August 12, 2004
At least 68 people were killed when US war planes and Iraqi police attacked militia fighters in

August 28, 2004
An Iraqi militant group kidnapped two French journalists and gave the French government 48
hours to end a ban on schoolgirls wearing Muslim headscarves.

September 16, 2004
Americans Jack Hensley, Eugene Armstrong, and Briton Kenneth Bigley were kidnapped in
Baghdad. All three were eventually killed.

September 22, 2004
At least 21 people were killed and 150 injured as two suicide car bombers struck in Baghdad. The
first car bomb attack was aimed at men applying to join the Iraqi National Guard.

September 27, 2004
Dozens of children were killed when three car bombs exploded in a coordinated attack in Baghdad
leaving 44 dead and more than 200 injured. A health ministry official says at least 34 of those
killed were children.

October 4, 2004
At least 21 people were killed and 90 wounded in three car bombings in Iraq.

October 13, 2004
A US-led team of investigators working in northern Iraq discovered a mass grave containing
hundreds of bodies, including that of an infant with a gunshot to the back of the head.

October 14, 2004
Insurgents killed five people and wounded 18 others in attacks at a market and a restaurant in the
International Zone.

October 18, 2004
The death toll from suicide car bombings in Iraq continued to rise with at least 13 people killed in
Baghdad and Mosul.

October 19, 2004
The humanitarian aid group Care International announced that Margaret Hassan, the British-born
head of its Iraqi operation, was kidnapped in Baghdad.

October 25, 2004
The militant group led by the Jordanian extremist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi signaled a fresh
escalation of the Iraq insurgency crisis by claiming responsibility for the massacre of about 50
members of the national guard found dead on a remote road in eastern Iraq.

November 8, 2004
Six Iraqis died in a vehicle-borne explosive device detonation outside the Yarmouk Hospital in
south central Baghdad. Five of those killed were Iraqi police, one was an Iraqi civilian. Twenty-six
Iraqi civilians were also wounded in the attack.
The attack on the hospital followed two earlier car bomb blasts in the area. Victims of the first two
attacks were being treated at the Yarmouk Hospital when this third car bomb detonated.

November 11, 2004
ISF and MNF units entered the National Islamic Resistance Headquarters in Fallujah and found
evidence that the building had been used to plan and coordinate attacks and used for abductions of
individuals working with Coalition forces. Video documentation of four separate beheadings was
found in a computer lab as well as several military training videos. The building’s basement was
used to torture kidnapped Iraqi hostages, evidenced by blood stained walls and floors, distinctive
bloody handprints from the victims, bags of bloody sand used to soak up the enormous amounts of
blood from the victims.

November 16, 2004
The family of Margaret Hassan accepts she has probably been murdered, after analysis of a video
showing a masked gunman shooting a blindfolded woman in the head.

November 24, 2004
ISF and Multi-National Forces discovered a chemical lab in Fallujah containing sodium cyanide,
ammonium nitrate and hydrochloric acid. Also found at the chemical lab was a Mujahadeen “How
to Cook Book” that included anthrax formulas, chemical blood agent formulas and formulas for
making conventional explosives.

December 5, 2004
Seventeen civilian workers at an ammunition dump near Tikrit were killed by AIF.

December 13, 2004
A suicide car bomber attacked a checkpoint to the International Zone in Baghdad killing 12

December 15, 2004
Near the Imam Hussein mosque in Karbala, an IED exploded killing Sheikh Abdul Mehdi al-Karbala,
an aide to Sistani, and nine others.

December 19, 2004
A suicide car bomber killed 55 people in a funeral procession in Najaf.
In Karbala, a suicide car bomber attacked a police recruitment center next to a bus station, killing
14 people.
On Haifa Street in Baghdad, gunmen stopped a car carrying four election workers. They forced
them onto to their knees and executed three of them by shooting them in the head.

December 27, 2004
Terrorists attacked the home and offices of SCIRI leader Abdelaziz al-Hakim in Baghdad, killing
15 people.

December 28, 2004
Anti-Iraqi forces stormed a police station in Dijila, killing or executing 12 Iraqi Police officers.

9 posted on 02/19/2005 6:04:41 PM PST by Bob Hyneman
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To: Bob Hyneman

Can I subscribe to your news service? Well done!

10 posted on 02/19/2005 7:32:43 PM PST by Mother Goose
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