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To: jwh_Denver

No, actually, I think that if there's anything fundamental, it's resentment/adversarial attitudes to and about other females.

I THINK -- just generalized best-guessing -- that it has to do with resentment about males who are perceived as not having helped/aided some women (in their troubles with/among other females), not having been shown any favoritism by males (fathers when growing up?), and a sense of feeling betrayed by women (their mothers?), and thus, they gravitate toward other females who suffer the same resentments.

But, it's not friendship, it's just a need for companionship to a certain degree.

I also think -- please don't anyone scream and yell about this, it's just a consideration I'm considering -- that this is the nature/source of that strange obsession by some females about cats: they can't deal with the antagonisms outright, that whole scenario I described, first paragraph, and thus internalize/isolate and supplant the problems that result from that level of psyhcological rage/isolation with cats. Captive animals contained in their homes who are highly sensual (responsive to emotional needs) and yet, who left on their own initiative, would be the wild animals outofdoors that cats are.

I always find it interesting when vets advise (sternly) that cat owners keep their cats indoors. Ask them why, and they roll their eyes: because if you let them out, they'll get into fights and catch diseases and reproduce and...

Meaning, the indoor-captive-cat thing by some females (and some males but it's mostly a common problem of females) is a sortof control mechanism by which they can not deal with the reality of our human world, and that is the female dynamic that harms females.

The "womens' movement" isn't so much about helping women as it is about the same process: avoiding personal reconciliation to the real problem among humanity, where female competition is concerned. Unfortunately, males become the target...but, in fact, males ARE the target, when you think about it.

14 posted on 07/11/2005 4:11:58 AM PDT by BIRDS
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I believe that males and females are cursed with approval by others with women being even more so. If either don't get it they will have problems. Unless they get rid of the notion that they do, though it is a struggle to do so, it must be done. Approval by others with males and females will vary obviously. Women need to feel loved and cherished and when they do they will thrive. But not all women are and I think then they start looking outside themselves and comparing themselves to other women. Some other women are more beautiful, attractive, sexy, etc and thus standards are set up in woman's mind that cannot be reached. The rope they can now hang themselves with and make their lives miserable. I’ve found it very common for women to blow off any kind of compliments they are given but for the woman on her feet accepts them graciously.

"not having been shown any favoritism by males (fathers when growing up?), and a sense of feeling betrayed by women (their mothers?),"

I think you are right here. Kids that aren't shown love by their parents will have problems. This experience will help them the rest of their lives, and that is what I believe they will not settle for less in most cases as they grow older.

"they gravitate toward other females who suffer the same resentments."

This I believe only propounds the problem. This should be turned around to how to help themselves out of what they’re in.

I think your analogy of the cat is quite appropriate. Cats are control freaks which really means, like women, are very security conscious. If they get into a situation that’s not to they’re liking getting away from it is the only way out. Maybe if women did go wild it would more to men’s liking LOL!

Society is running a major campaign to drive both of the sexes away from their bases. Femininity and masculinity are being attacked to the extent both sexes think they want something that inside they can’t handle. A metro man is not what a woman needs. She needs a man to be a man, able to give security and love. A woman that acts somewhat like a man isn’t going to satisfy a man’s inward needs and desires. Geez, what happened to dresses? They are the ultimate in feminine attire in my mind. A short skirt sends the wrong message, and jeans/pants? Freaking everybody wears them.

85 posted on 07/12/2005 5:35:43 PM PDT by jwh_Denver (Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Liberalism; self anger turned outward.)
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