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To: starfish923
One hopes she will have learned something about disputes, arguments and fighting.

Have you?

129 posted on 07/24/2006 8:07:20 AM PDT by wallcrawlr
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To: wallcrawlr
One hopes she will have learned something about disputes, arguments and fighting.
Have you?

I learned about these things a long time ago.

1. This is SUPPOSED to be a discussion thread. It was for quite a while. People are allowed to have different views and if you had bothered to read all the posts, then you would know that I defended my point of view -- which DID start out with "I wonder" -- all along, even silencing the gainsayers.
The civil discussion was finished.

2. It has turned into a bash thread the last several posts, by people who DIDN'T start out to have a discussion by any stretch of the imagination. Their SOLE purpose for being at the end of this thread is to come in at the feeding frenzy of insults to ONE sole, lone poster.
That's the behavior of bullies, cowards and gutless wonders who only venture forth in packs, like howling hyenas, all excited about the kill.

3. People like that are the bottom-feeders of this site. You know that because they have nothing to ADD to the discussion. They have ONLY insults, name-calling and puerile graphics.
That SHOWS their thinking....upbring, manners and character, or lack of them. Their families must be so proud of them. < sarc. >

4. These posters go on my ignore list.

5. The ridiculous and hilarious part is that THEY won't remember months from now.
I will reply to something with which they TOTALLY agree and they will give me the "high fives" and such. It's absurd that they spew their venom and hate with such alacrity and then FORGET whom they insulted. Ricidulous!
They CAN'T be so stupid careless and short-sighted to believe that I won't remember, can they? Rhetorical because they CAN be so.
Naturally, I won't respond because I am more orderly in my thinking. I KNOW where those posters come from, but they scatter their insults and toilet mouths with such frivolity, carelessness and amazing quantity that they FORGET whom they insult.
I don't.
I treat them like poisonous spiders. I avoid them. I keep my eye on them and steer clear but I don't engage.
One doesn't hate these people because what they write is simply part of their nature. They can't seem to be anything else.
Undoubtedly they are more to be pitied than anything else.
As I wrote above, one hopes they don't breed.

130 posted on 07/24/2006 8:35:38 AM PDT by starfish923 ( Socrates: It's never right to do wrong.)
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To: wallcrawlr

Did you see this?

"One can ONLY hope that neither of your breed"
Hey, smartass, was that supposed to say "One can ONLY hope that neither of YOU breed."
Im just checking, I wouldnt want to falsely accuse you of being stupid as well as arrogant.

He corrects MY one error in spelling then shows HIS own FOUR errors in grammar and punctuation.

1. He left out the apostrophe in "I'm" and "wouldn't."
2. He forgot that he asked a question and left out the question mark at the end of "...was that supposed to say...."
3. He has to put either a period or semicolon after "Im just checking" because that is required in English. Perhaps he doesn't even know that one.

It's not carelessness, is it? It's either TOTAL IGNORANCE of grammar or sloth. Perhaps both.

See how silly he seems with his attitude of correcting me? It's downright amusing. I even smiled at this poster. I really ought to THANK HIM for making my point so clearly and succinctly, shouldn't I?

I NEVER correct posters' English grammar, punctuation or spelling because SOMETIMES the poster might be very smart and have incredibly clear, straight thinking, BUT have little or no training in writing. They don't deserve that anyone should call them on their mistakes because it's the content of their communication that means something, not necessarily the style.
Most know that lacuna in their training and most try to get the communication style correct because it IS important to be precise with words. They are powerful.

Finally, you notice that he CONTINUES the insulting.
My, what an ANGRY person. He probably explains his anger and insults with a variety of excuses. Wouldn't be surprised.

Ah, time for my second cup of coffee.

132 posted on 07/24/2006 8:55:48 AM PDT by starfish923 (Socrates: It's never right to do wrong.)
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To: wallcrawlr
Here's another one.

You seem like a classic abuser, and that's why you have your knickers in such a twist. You must have gone too long without kicking a puppy or stepping on a baby chick. Please, go get yourself some professional help. Have you stopped beating your wife yet?

I am a woman, an older one.

People usually insult with what's most prominent in THEIR lives. That shows that this person MIGHT (Notice the conditional use here.) have some REAL serious problems with his anger.
He's the one who seems to need much help. But that's just my opinion. I don't know the person. THANK GOD for small favors.

Oh, another thing about Free Republic.
It's OKAY to insult a person's thinking, ideas and logic. It's NOT OKAY to insult the person. Those are called ad hominem attacks. Supposedly, they are forbidden on this site. No moderators here, I guess.


136 posted on 07/24/2006 9:03:17 AM PDT by starfish923 (Socrates: It's never right to do wrong.)
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