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Second JFK assassin 'likely'
Herald Sun ^ | 18 May 2007

Posted on 05/18/2007 3:02:33 AM PDT by Aussie Dasher

A NEW analysis of remaining bullet fragments from the 1963 assassination of US president John F Kennedy suggests a second shooter may have been involved.

The findings suggest the prevailing theory that a sole gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, killed Kennedy is wrong, according to a research team that published its findings yesterday.

The researchers "show that evidence used to rule out a second assassin is fundamentally flawed," wrote William Tobin, the main author of the report, published in the latest issue of the Annals of Applied Statistics.

Mr Tobin, a former FBI agent and forensic scientist, teamed with bullet lead analysis expert Cliff Spiegelman of Texas A & M University to re-examine the five bullet fragments recovered after Kennedy's assassination, using new scientific advances.

The findings countered testimony to the House Select Committee on Assassinations hearing in 1978 in which Dr Vincent Guinn said the bullet fragments recovered signalled that two bullets of an unusual kind of ammunition were used.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Conspiracy
KEYWORDS: conspiracykooks; dallas; jfk; kennedyassassination; kooks; kooksnevergiveup; secondassassin; tinfoil
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To: SirJohnBarleycorn


61 posted on 05/18/2007 5:16:20 AM PDT by Shooter 2.5 (NRA - Hunter '08)
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To: drzz

In the Zapruder still you posted, I see a 4 inch disk of bone hanging down on the right, doubling the apparent size of the wound (the wound and the bone below it), and a lot of blood and tissue on Kennedy’s face.

In the first autopsy picture, it looks like the right side of his temple is gone. In the second, you see a disk of bone everted next to his right temple. The first picture shows what looks like brain all over his hair - it looks like there is a wound in the upper right posterior portion of his head but conceivably there could just be a mess of brains smeared on his hair. The lst picture shows an entrance wound on the lower part of his head, just left of center. His hair has been washed.

The pictures don’t seem inconsistant to me.

If there was an Establishment conpiracy to kill him, they could keep it simple - one deadly sniper, no need to fudge with autopsy pictures. Throw in Oswald as the fall guy if you want, but multiple shooters would be a foolish complication on the part of the conspirators.

Mrs VS

62 posted on 05/18/2007 5:55:57 AM PDT by VeritatisSplendor
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To: M.K. Borders
Plus remember that early reports had the scope loosely installed to the gun and they failed to find Oswald’s prints until the Gubmint claimed to find a palm print. I’ve owned a carcano and recently passed on two for $100. as they were not something I wanted nor would use. Even the Discovery channel had to start with 4 that were reduced to two after a gunsmith’s review and then one failed.
I don’t buy the single assassination theory and wonder why the brain and other evidence disappeared.
63 posted on 05/18/2007 6:03:35 AM PDT by mcshot ("Some are inert and some are ert" military training truism from Pvt Benjamin)
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To: Proud_texan
In that vein I read an opinion piece recently and opined that conspiracy theories exist because as humans we don't like the idea that a single pathetic loser like Oswald or Sirhan can have such a impact.

I believe that conspiracy theories exist because there are people who don't have the aptitude to remember facts and would rather use their artistic ability to make up the story as they go. It's like the kid who does a book report on a book that doesn't exist.

64 posted on 05/18/2007 6:19:04 AM PDT by Niteranger68 (Discrimination against Muslims is acceptable if we are to survive.)
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To: Aussie Dasher
I had some friends who were wild conspiracy theorists (or, should I say,"believers?") who showed me an "enhanced" video of the Zapruder tape, wherein the driver of Kennedy's Limo turned around with a chrome-plated pistol and delivered the fatal shot.

I read a book by the son of Sam (Giancana, that is) who said, "Daddy did it."

Contrary to what other poster have said, I HAVE seen demonstrations showing that the three shots could have been delivered by one person in the time frame, and Lee Harvey Oswald was trained by the USMC in marksmanship.

Having said all that, I still am reluctant to believe the "Acted alone" conclusion. But the key word here is "believe." All of the conspiracy "proofs" I have seen are too suspect.

65 posted on 05/18/2007 6:19:56 AM PDT by LantzALot
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To: Aussie Dasher
For later read.

Saw a show where an Aussie marksman went to great lengths to recreate the shot that hit Kennedy and the Governor. He proved pretty conclusively that it could have happened as described.

The marksman posts occasionally on a hunting board I go to, and talked about the show. He seems pretty legit.

66 posted on 05/18/2007 6:33:50 AM PDT by redgolum ("God is dead" -- Nietzsche. "Nietzsche is dead" -- God.)
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To: Aussie Dasher

It took these guys 40 years to figure out what 90% of America already knew about a second gunman? Oy.

67 posted on 05/18/2007 6:35:09 AM PDT by VegasBaby
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To: Darkwolf377

When you have to explain away the testimony of 180 witnesses, conclusions to the contrary will always be suspect. Same with TWA 800. If it was one or two witnesses, that would be a bit different.

68 posted on 05/18/2007 6:39:30 AM PDT by kylaka
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To: Blueflag
and he could not do it in the same time frame/ accuracy as Oswald who was not a trained shooter.

Oswald was a Marine-corps trained shooter, and was quite competent.

69 posted on 05/18/2007 6:41:01 AM PDT by Sans-Culotte
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To: drzz

“... JFK murder is a conspiracy”

You can have more than one shooter without a conspiracy. My view is that there were two or three independent individuals or groups of individuals gunning for JFK in Dallas that day, and at least two of them fired shots.

70 posted on 05/18/2007 6:43:52 AM PDT by riverdawg
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To: Sans-Culotte

“Just goes to show what one motivated Marine and his rifle can do.”

71 posted on 05/18/2007 6:44:45 AM PDT by dfwgator (The University of Florida - Still Championship U)
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To: dfwgator

too funny.!
drill instructor used that one on us in boot camp...only it was in regards to Charles Whitman.

72 posted on 05/18/2007 7:00:16 AM PDT by stylin19a (It's easier to get up at 6:00 AM to play golf than at 10:00 to mow the yard)
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To: Aussie Dasher
I was sitting in 7th grade history class when the principal put this over the school intercom that Kennedy had been shot. We sat there and listened to it the remainder of the day. Did not even change classes any longer. Then, that was all that was on TV until they dropped Kennedy in his grave. Wall to wall coverage. Lord help us if that had happened to JFK today. 400 cable shows an hour. Wait till Slick Willie Klinton hits the dust. They will maul the TV screens of the greatest of all time for two weeks.
73 posted on 05/18/2007 7:03:27 AM PDT by RetiredArmy (America has lost its mind and is on its last days as a free country & Republic.)
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To: Jaysun
According to the late Mr. Hunt it was the Masons...
74 posted on 05/18/2007 7:03:39 AM PDT by BenLurkin
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To: drzz
On Zapruder film, Kennedy has his right temple destroyed with a large part of the head.

The temple was not "destroyed". As the bullet exited, the temple portion of his skull, which was attached to the skin of the temple, fell down like a flap, covering the right eye. In the autopsy photo, the flap has been moved back to its normal position, revealing that the right eye is still intact. What you see in your frame capture from the Zapruder film is the inside of the piece of skull as it flapped over the eye.

Morticians who worked on JFK's body to prepare it for burial actually had done a good job of restoring the head and face with the intent of having an open casket display. Jackie nixed the open casket, but it could have been done.

75 posted on 05/18/2007 7:09:05 AM PDT by Sans-Culotte
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To: drzz

Wow. That’s pretty amazing video and analysis.

76 posted on 05/18/2007 7:11:47 AM PDT by trisham (Zen is not easy. It takes effort to attain nothingness. And then what do you have? Bupkis.)
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To: drzz
Is this why noone can find the autopsy photos of Ron Brown.

The Clintoons learned the lesson?

77 posted on 05/18/2007 7:15:00 AM PDT by BenLurkin
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To: VeritatisSplendor

You are right Mrs. VS. The other shooters would have just increased the number of shooting signatures and increased the Murphy’s Law factor.

The Carcano and Oswald were capable and could have fired the three shots in the time frame. The distances involved were very modest. The multi-shooter theorists always give the distances in feet instead of yards to make it seem that Oswald made longer shots. But the 2nd and 3rd shots (hits) were made at less than 66 yards.

Give me a Carcano with a cheapie scope and I’ll get hits on a pie plate-sized target at 200 yards.

CASE CLOSED is still the best book on the subject.

78 posted on 05/18/2007 7:49:32 AM PDT by Monterrosa-24 (...even more American than a French bikini and a Russian AK-47.)
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To: drzz
Your second 'photograph' is not a photograph, but of a forensic medical illustration of an autopsy photograph.

Kennedy's wound and brain material were cleaned up by that time.

Conspiracists have been trying to establish Lifton's 'Best Evidence' theory using the difference between the Bethesda autopsy photographs and the medical illustrations for decades, just as you're doing now, but gave up quite a long time ago.

79 posted on 05/18/2007 8:11:51 AM PDT by The KG9 Kid
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To: Fresh Wind

I am not saying the facts support or do not support a conspiracy, but if there were a conspiracy it wouldn’t be a surprise that 50 years was ample time to eliminate any of the sealed evidence that might be damning.

80 posted on 05/18/2007 10:29:21 AM PDT by SlapHappyPappy
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