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To: dbz77

PC doctrine teaches that only white people have ever committed wrongs on this earth. And far too many are too ignorant of real history to knew any better.

But Prager does present realities now and then that most are too afraid to address.

5 posted on 12/16/2008 9:34:57 AM PST by Will88
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To: Will88

I admit, I’m having trouble getting my arms around the ever growing list of exactly “the right way to think”. What the MSM, our education system and our government (Fuhrer-types) insists is right. I’m probably getting very close to needing time in a re-education camp. Sarcasms involved and intended.

Global warming - has absolutely nothing to do with the sun
“Big” business - just as evil as that other baddy, “profit”
Big government - the bigger, the better, how else can they give us everything
Government money - not to be confused with the people’s money
Living wage - has nothing to do with decisions, responsibility, initiative or merit
For the children - excuses all manner of unconstitutional power grabs, don’t cha know
Military - naturally correlates with rape, torture, mayhem, murder and brutality
Katrina victim - a christened ward of the government for life
White men chasing black women - oppressive in the vein of slave masters
Pelosi’s $33m earmark for America Samoa - husband’s $17m in stock in same irrelevant
Businesses pay taxes - the customer gets off scott free
Minimum wage - needs to be raised to $500/hr so we can all be happy
CEO - all the world’s ills can be blamed here (they have very few votes)
Congress/Senators $5000 wage hike Jan09 - not to be confused with corporate greed
Cultural pride - commendable unless it is southern
Pro Life - bad
Pro (death) Abortion - good
Water-boarding and head panties - torture
Beheading - not an issue, just a religious culture
Jena 6 - poor misunderstood youths oppressed by the racist white man
Guns kill - not criminals (cars, broom handles, rakes, knives, ski slopes, are innocent)
Working man - only those making less than ?? are working men, all others don’t work
Nuclear power - bad for US, good for others, acceptable guise for weapons development
Smoking - cigarettes bad, marijuana good
Fairness Doctrine - must be fair, just look at its name
Religion of peace - ain’t that special, must be true, just look at the record
Profiling - absolute evil, also need to outlaw any form of judgment or reasoning as well
Even playing field - responsibility, accountability, good decisions have no bearing
Disenfranchised vote - term not applicable to uncounted military vote
Every vote must be counted - ignore vote fraud especially if it cancels an honest vote
Minority rule for Africa - bad
Minority rule for America - good
Constitutional - a nuisance term if used against government growth, liberalism, socialism
Right to a job - an inalienable right from birth, just read between the lines of Bill of Rights
Right to health care - see same Bill of Rights mentioned above
Right to not be offended - again, see Bill of Rights (between the lines portion)
Capitalistic - reward based on skill and achievement is just plain evil
Black Congressional Caucus - good and non-racist
White Congressional Caucus - don’t dare go there, you are a bigot to mention it
H.Clinton - the smartest woman in the world, so pretty in pink baking those cookies
S.Palin - an idiot, anyone knows a mere fool could govern the largest state in the union
From each according to his capacity to each according to his need - what am I missing?
Written by a bunch of old white men - must be wrong and evil simply by origin
Black pride- welcomed term, an enlightened view, warms the heart, so soothing
White pride - divisive, hurtful, racist, bla-bla-bla, get your head right or expect to be banned
Embryonic stem cell research - to cite “tax supported” objection muddies the issue
Too Big to Fail - escapes me completely
Illegal alien - offensive term used only by extreme right-wing bigots, get your head right
Entitled to: - a job, a house, an education, food, job security, another man’s money
Political correctness - must learn to think according to the rules of the prolitariat
Diversity training - a meritorious extension of our public education system
Dung filled jar with crucifix - art
Ten Commandments on school room wall - a real no-no taboo
Redneck, cracker, honky, casper, whitea** - terms of endearment with a touch of humor
White men can’t jump - not offensive in the least
Social Security Lock-box - it exists and is safely secure, trust is all that is needed
MSM is unbiased - ye shall believe says Lenin, Marx, Stalin, Hitler and Obama
School vouchers are wrong - Barry and Michelle’s endorsement of public school system
Correlation between black crime & black incarceration - racist thoughts
Obama’s $1,320,000 Freddie/Mac mortgage - a diversion, nothing to see, move along
Islamic foot baths in colleges - tolerance and cultural understanding
Spreading the wealth - not fair that the rich have earned so much and may want to keep it
Christian - a religion of hate and oppression

Unfortunately, I think I am just skimming the surface here but I guess one must first be able to recognize their shortcomings before they can remedy them. /sarc

17 posted on 12/16/2008 12:23:06 PM PST by benasawin
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