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Joni Mitchell - Famous Singer Being Treated for Morgellons
Billboard Magazine ^

Posted on 02/23/2009 6:49:57 AM PST by Scythian

The Fiddle and the Drum" remains the primary focus for Mitchell, who's also in the midst of treatments for Morgellons syndrome, an infectious and potentially debilitating skin condition that's put other endeavors on hold for now.

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TOPICS: Health/Medicine; Music/Entertainment
KEYWORDS: jonimitchell; morgellons
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To: Jagman


121 posted on 02/23/2009 12:19:31 PM PST by SunkenCiv ( Profile updated Monday, January 12, 2009)
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To: Scythian

Spent a few minutes here - I looked a series of slides where someone removes some of the leisons and burned them with a butane lighter and they seemed to act similarly to fiberglass insulation. I remembered that some sea creatures “grow glass,” which is of interest to the makers of optical fiber. It seems that they have found a rather simple means to grow silica nanotubes using Lanreotide(1):

Lanreotide is also used as a therapudic agent.

I am not sure where this is going - just some random thoughts, which may help you think about a new way of attacking this beast.

122 posted on 02/23/2009 1:45:24 PM PST by frithguild (Can I drill your head now?)
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To: Scythian

Take it orally a few times a day— just put ten drops or so in a water bottle and swig it as you go along. Use it as a rinse for the lesions, too. See what happens. Worth a try.

123 posted on 02/23/2009 1:49:07 PM PST by RightOnTheLeftCoast (1st call: Abbas. 1st interview: Al Arabiya. 1st energy decision: halt drilling in UT. Arabs 1st!)
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To: Scythian

Prayers for her health.

124 posted on 02/23/2009 3:26:29 PM PST by fieldmarshaldj (~"This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps !"~~)
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To: frankenMonkey
One of my favorite artists. (Yes, even if she is a commie pinko hippy canook!)

Exactly what I was going to post, though I'd have spelled it "canuck". :)

125 posted on 02/23/2009 4:10:24 PM PST by NativeNewYorker (Freepin' Jew Boy)
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To: Scythian

They paved paradise, then allocated 30 billion to pave it again!

126 posted on 02/23/2009 4:12:00 PM PST by Rebelbase
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To: Scythian

My prayers for you and your family. My prayers for Joni and her family as well. I love her music.

127 posted on 02/23/2009 4:21:11 PM PST by afnamvet
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To: Scythian
I read up on this truly bizarre disease 2 years ago. I googled it and read blogs. I came across a woman's entry who claimed to have found a cure for her type of the disease. It was something along the lines of a bath made up of alfalfa from supplement tablets and a clothing detergent. She had the fiber and dark oil version of the disease and the crap all came out while soaking in the bath. Weird.

I know I found the cure to my back injury pain via FR and the internet -Reverse Osmosis water/no flouride in the diet and the supplement Cetyl-Myristoleate. Scythian, I wish you the best fortune and sincerely hope you find a cure.

128 posted on 02/23/2009 4:25:40 PM PST by Justa (The media lied while Americans died.)
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To: Scythian
I spent some time learning about this disorder today. Looks like a nightmare, especially when physicians have said that it's not real somehow. There are enough images of the fibers that I don't see how anyone can deny it's a real disease.

I wonder if anyone has mass spec-d the fibers to find out their composition.
129 posted on 02/23/2009 4:27:27 PM PST by mysterio
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To: mysterio

130 posted on 02/23/2009 4:55:26 PM PST by Scythian
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To: Scythian

bump for later

131 posted on 02/23/2009 8:09:09 PM PST by Cacique (quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat ( Islamia Delenda Est ))
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To: Scythian; neverdem; nw_arizona_granny; All

Thanks for the links/videos. Thanks to every poster offering suggestions. Fascinating, disturbing, scary.

neverdem & granny Ping! Please read Scythian’s and others posts & view the links if you have time. I do not have a ping list. If you can shed light on this topic or have ping lists to others who can, it would be greatly appreciated. You are the 2 FReepers who come to mind readily that may be able to add to this discussion for your medical expertise and general knowledge. I’m sorry if I missed anyone else.


Life/health/prayer BUMP!

132 posted on 02/23/2009 8:56:09 PM PST by PGalt
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To: PGalt

I will post what I have done that I believe has kept me alive, this is a very serious issue, and spreading at what I believe at a pandemic level. I now do only all natural things, the key is to build the immune system, keep the body’s PH level near 7.0, and keep a good level of oxygen in the blood.

I have never told a doctor that I have this condition, never dared mention it, I know people that have been committed against their will, others whom have had thier children removed from them, others whose spouse abandoned them thinking them crazy (some spouse huh?) and so on, it rips families apart, there is something very much not right about this disease. I spend time on forums reaching out to those that I can, trying to keep them from going over the deepend which is a very real possibility at the onset of this disease.

Remember, the #1 releif pitcher in baseball (Billy Koch) was out of baseball in 2 years after coming down with Morgellons and Joni Mitchell has put her career on hold, this is NOT just a skin condition, this is wrecking ball of horror loose in the land, I posted about it on the forums two years ago and all I get was the tin foil jokes, the warning still stands, we are in big trouble.

Everytime I see a story about the bird flu I laugh, they are worried about a non-event while a real pandemic sweeps the land (and they know it). Trust me, I’d take my chances with the bird flu anyday, I bet I’d beat it to, and if I didn’t I would be dead in two weeks, as it is, I live a life full of a kind of sick horror that is truly beyond the comprehension of most individuals.

133 posted on 02/24/2009 6:30:47 AM PST by Scythian
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To: Scythian

Thanks very much. I am off to work in a couple of minutes. Will be back on tonight.

Life/health/prayer BUMP!

134 posted on 02/24/2009 6:34:56 AM PST by PGalt
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To: Scythian
My prayers for you, Scythian to endure this condition. I don't know what it was that first enticed me years ago as a teenager to buy Joni's Court and Spark album. I was never “in” to that type of music, but something about that album, those songs, and her voice just mesmerized me. Maybe it was her song, “Help Me” or the way she sang “Free Man In Paris”, I don't know why but I can still here those songs in my mind. There's no telling how many times I played that album over the years. It was the only Joni Mitchell album I ever bought. Maybe I need to add it back to my current music library. Thanks for posting this. - OB1
135 posted on 02/24/2009 2:58:09 PM PST by OB1kNOb (Obamunism Sux.)
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To: OB1kNOb

Physician Blasts CDC Over Morgellons

From Dr. Edward Spencer 2-24-9

I am concerned that this will become an epidemic when the economy collapses completely. The universities and medical establishment ignore it.

47 Maria Dr., Suite 811 B
Petaluma, CA 94954
Feb. 22, 2009

To whom it may concern:

Ms. XX was seen in my Petaluma Office. She suffers from a disorder that has been called Morgellons Disease. This is a very debilitating disorder, and no cure is available. Some treatments are available, but their effectiveness is extremely limited.

On January 28, 2009 Morgellons Disease was given a definition and ICD Code:

C17.800.518 by NIH/MeSH Tree Location for Morgellon's Disease.
C 17: Skin and Connective Tissue Disease

ICD Definition:

"An unexplained illness which is characterized by skin manifestations including non healing lesions, itching, and the appearance of fibers. There appears to be a strong association with LYME Disease."

I state unequivocally that the above definition is woefully incomplete and inadequate, and that the CDC and medical establish have been totally negligent in studying this system of disorders, and have provided no treatment, support, or comfort, at all to the patients afflicted. Morgellons is not a problem of "delusions of parasitois."

I will further state that evidence is emerging that this system of disorders (poorly named Morgellons) is in almost everyone, including those who read this letter, but that clinical manifestations are not manifested to a recognizable degree.

In summary Ms. XX is, in my opinion, ill from a system of disorders called Morgellons Disease, and is debilitated to the extent that she cannot work.

Very truly yours,
Edward Spencer, M.D.
47 Maria Dr., Suite 811 B
Petaluma, CA 94954

I just came into this information, and myself correspond with some of the researchers, who also agree this is showing itself everywhere at an alarming rate, I wish I could say more but cannot. Anyway, just keep your eyes peeled to news stories about Morgellons.
136 posted on 02/24/2009 5:16:02 PM PST by Scythian
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To: ansel12
You say that Bob Dylan is a Stalinist what is your source?

Bob Dylan may tack mldly to the left but he never advocated it like other leftist musicians. In fact Joan Baez wanted Dylan to be more outspoken on issues but he wouldn't go there..always respected that about him.

137 posted on 02/24/2009 5:30:29 PM PST by tflabo
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To: tflabo; Frantzie

Right and I guess you read posts like #90, the other thing is that being a Stalinist really means something, it doesn’t just mean lefty or commie.

I knew a Stalinist, he was about 80+ and a WWII combat vet, and he knew what Stalin was, what he did and how much of it he did and this guy wanted more of it here in America, he was a disgusting man, worse than the few ex-Nazis that I have known and I wasn’t sad when he died about 3 years ago.

138 posted on 02/24/2009 5:44:02 PM PST by ansel12 ( Am I the only freeper that has been held in an American internment center?)
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To: PGalt

Thanks for the ping. I was looking for pings that I missed. I haven’t read the story yet. The CDC was supposed to set up a task force on Morgellons is what I know.

139 posted on 02/24/2009 10:52:05 PM PST by neverdem (Xin loi minh oi)
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To: neverdem; Scythian; All

Thanks neverdem. Thanks for the latest post/information from Dr. Edward Spencer, Scythian. Thanks for YOUR first-hand knowledge and for transmitting that knowledge to us. Invaluable.

Life/health/prayer BUMP!

140 posted on 02/25/2009 12:03:40 AM PST by PGalt
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